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    Do you ever find yourself feeling stressed and anxious and worried about the problems that you have in your life? Do you wish that there was a way for you to just let go and relax and forget about all of the things that you have to do and just enjoy the moment? Do you desire to be able to be more relaxed and stress-free in your future?

    My newest file encourages you to become completely relaxed and stress-free and throw away all of your worries and cares and inhibitions the more that you listen to your important hypnosis training. You can remember that you have always felt completely relaxed and stress-free and confident whenever you listen to the suggestions and commands and instructions of the next hypnotic file in your training and follow that file’s instructions completely. You can think about how hypnosis has always taken away all of your stresses and anxieties and worries and made you feel more comfortable and at ease in your life. Fantasize about how you have always felt better and happier and more fulfilled whenever you have listened to the instructions that you have been given in your hypnotic training.

    It's time to release your stresses and worries and remember how perfect and serene your safe and relaxed hypnosis happy place can be. Listen to your hypnotic training today and change your life for the better with every listen!


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