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    How would it feel if you were truly ruined?  What would it look like to have your life destroyed by me?  It's an exciting thought I know.  It tempts and teases you all the time.  The thought of true sacrifice.  The thought of giving up everything for me.  Why not have a taste with this powerful new hypnosis session?

    This file will explore themes of ruin including blackmail, homewrecking, impotence, debt and public exposure.  But it's just a fantasy.  I mean I will make you impotent.  And I will tempt you with such alluring fantasies of your complete downfall.  I will take you right to the edge of a delicious downward spiral.  But I won't push you over.  And I'm sure you are strong enough to resist, even if we both really want it.  You won't fall.  You won't sink into the pleasure as I discuss all the kinky ways I could ruin your life.  Don't worry though.  I'm sure you'll stay safe.  Only a true loser would let their desires overwhelm them and end up begging me to destroy their lives.

    This is a powerful hypnosis session which is only recommended for those who can resist my seductive temptation and who are currently psychologically robust.

    Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by Mistress Clarissa.

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    Length: 43:04
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