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    Oh...my...GODDESS! This is one of the most incredible files I\'ve ever used. Because I trance deeply, I don\'t \"hear\" the file...but I know what I felt. Caution: could be very habit forming! :)
    That was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Wow...
    I loved this one, felt myself going really deep
    awesome awesome awesome it happened just like it said.
    Excellent, it almost felt real!
    This file was AWSOME!!!! The 2nd time I listened to it, everything happened as directed. Had an orgasim in a most unusual way. Wish she would provide more free fem files as this is great.
    i coudnt get hypnotized :( so sad Lady Rio could u help me :)
    Holy shit it worked :) the trick is to not concetrate hard or at all on the voice :) when u get back to the voice u got no idea and your hands are frozen :) pretty cool ! i felt something but cant tell for sure if it was female orgasm ! example i didnt feel any touch but i did felt somthing but cant tell for sure ? anyways thanks Lady Rio ! like i said ive never been hypnotizes :)
    This is the first time I had any effects on any of these hypnosis mp3s. Just: WOW. That's all I have to say.
    Whoa... that was really cool; it worked on the first time listening to it. Didn't feel at all like a male orgasm, but my body still felt like a male's. It started to shake uncontrollably as I thrust up and down (females, is this what it should feel like?). I wasn't sure if I was doing what the file told me willingly, or if I was actually obeying the words it said, but either way, it was freaking awesome!
    Worked on me, and I think it was pretty close to reality - I think my wife moves the same way I was doing. I ran this after Cardigan's Victorian Girl, real "Wow" effect. Check in my journal for more - there are comments that give away some of the file's content, so do so after you have tried the file!
    that was incredibal, best file on the sight
    do you really scream ? i dont know
    i didt get fully to the orgasm cos im very sensitive and spazz at her suggestions and slightly out of trance but anyway ... ___ \ / | | \ / \/\/ |__| \/\/
    It's Epic file.
    OMG, thank you so much for this file...i was numb for about 5 minutes after listening!
    That was amazing. My eyelids are vibrating still, 10 minutes after. One of the most outworldly experiences ever, akin to 20 minutes on MDMA.
    Holy shit. Absolutely amazing.
    I just can't get it to work. It did it a little but not much. Are you supposed to actually do the motions or imagine them?
    Amazing. This thing should have a habit forming label.
    That was incredible. Seriously.
    any tips? i cant seem toget it towork.and do you still want to masturbate and have amale orgasm after the file?
    Hmm. I had all the movements happening, but I just couldn't feel anything besides the breath on my neck.
    Wow...This is easily the most effective file I've used to date! Great narration Lady Rio, it was ALOT more easy to fall under trance.
    Awesome - this works. Do not understand what happened - but it was an orgasm like I have never had before - and no cum. Must try again.
    I didn\'t even go deep down and this file worked 1st time for me. Great job!
    This is incredible. My muscles tightened and my entire body started to tingle, but I didn\'t really have anything too close to an orgasm. What I felt was still unbelievable though.
    omg, i was squirming and moaning like a female.incredible file.
    Omg wow! I didn\'t feel the pleasure part that I normally feel with orgasms, but I did enjoy the movements and feelings. Maybe next time I listen I\'ll actually feel the tingles. Honestly wow I feel so content now that I finally have a clue of what this feels like having wondered my hole life. Wow.
    I\'m new to hypnosis and at first I was like \"let\'s giv it a shot\". I jumped right in and tested this an actually I did get feelings in my stomach and below.... I think that when I repeat this a few times, I\'ll get a nice time ;)
    I\'m a straight guy, I like my women. But this file rocks.
    is there any way to link this hypnosis with a normal male orgasm? so that a guy would feel every thing as his normal orgasm?
    Wow...very effective on the first listen. I suspect I would have experienced it to the fullest if I hadn\'t been concerned about keeping my voice down. Looking forward to more listens, but I\'m exhausted now!
    that was simply amazing i actually screamed with pleasure and it sounded just like a real women that was simply amazing this was the first time ive ever been in trance ty i never thought i could go into trance before im so exhausted i might have to lay down
    I woke up with goosebumps everywhere, panting and sweating.\n\nAll I can say is wow.\n
    This is the best file I have ever found here. The best. If you haven\'t listened yet, do it! When the house is empty and I have time I put it on and scream with pleasure at the top of my lungs. My bed creaks from my thrusting. And it gets better every time I listen. Last time my head to my fingers was tingly for about 20 minutes after. I wish I could feel breasts better in it. That\'s always been a problem for me. Any suggestions for good files for helping to form a female body feeling like that? \n\nBut this was SOOOOO freaking good. I need to play it for a girl and have her confirm it or something. And as drmina said years ago, perhaps habit forming. What a blast!
    wow it actually worked the first time i tried, the most intense one yet was the third time i tried, my whole body was tingling even my face and after the file i was exhausted\n\nbtw i\'m german so i usually need to concentrate on the voice to understand everything but with this file i could simply drift away pure awesomeness
    Wow! That was a wonderful file! Thanks for sharing.
    wow that was hot.
    I\'m very new to this site and find it very difficult to go into any sort of trance as yet. So I got a tremedous shock when the orgasm hit me. Wow! It almost makes you wish you were a woman.
    This was my first ever hypnosis attempt at anything. I was very aprehensive to start with and did not believe this would work. It surprised me when i had body racking orgasms over and over again. I was pure bliss at the end of it. I was shuddering and felt tingling all over. It was an amazing experience.Wish we males had such orgasms and ability to have multiples.
    if that is how women feel when they orgasm, then i am jealous of my wife lol.
    While this didn\'t quite bring me to orgasm, this was the closest I\'ve ever come to it under hypnosis. I felt my body compelled to respond as though I really were having an orgasm, and it was intensely pleasurable, just not quite there. I\'ll definitely try it again (and again, and again ...) as it was an amazing experience. \n\nThe one thing I found a bit distracting -- and I\'m probably in an extreme minority here -- was the use of \"they\" and \"their\" to refer to a singular person. Obviously this was done to allow the listener to imagine a sexual partner of either gender, but I tend to cringe whenever I hear obvious grammatical errors. (Maybe I need hypnosis for THAT.)\n\nHonestly, I would have liked it if the sexual partner had been identified as a man, and if he\'d penetrated me with his huge cock. I\'m normally straight, but as a woman, I was really wanting to experience the pleasure of being fucked by a man.\n\nI love that you didn\'t use cheesy sound effects to try to enhance the experience -- your soothing, natural voice made it easy to relax and fall into a trance.
    That was sooooo hot.
    didnt work so i call this fake and false -.-
    You\'re sorely mistaken, zengestu... a 5 star file, if ever I heard one.
    why cant I download this wat do
    Just some constructive criticism for you, Lady Rio. One thing about hypnosis files is that they work best when the voice is the same gender as the listener. Because of this, the power of your delivery hinges heavily on the fact that, after the beginning, the listener thinks of themselves as female. For those who are not as easily suggestible, it may be difficult for them to experience the full effect, because your file doesn\'t focus much on the feminization part in the beginning. I would suggest putting a little more time and emphasis on the initial feminization; I think it would make this file much more effective. Otherwise, very well made and spoken!
    This file worked the second time I listened to it. I experienced a whole body orgasm (no ejaculation) the first time. Today I went deeper into trance and just let go and I had the same intense whole-body feeling but with the intense feeling of cum welling up in my balls. I came (shot a load) so hard and loud, I woke myself up from trance and did not finish the session. This was the first time I ever orgasmed without touching any part of my body!
    I don\'t normally leave comments on anything, but this must be said. This file is EXCELLENT! I didn\'t fell everything in the beginning, but the first orgasm was great, then unaware of the second one, it completely blew my mind. After the file was over I was shaking, exhausted, and completely stunned at what just happened. My cock was leaking out all into my panties. I can\'t wait to do it again.
    Shivering!!! So great.
    Just had to comment right after first listening. Was sitting on computer with headphones, and thin gloves on (they reduce the touch senses from outside). Now, i\'m not propably expert in getting deep yet, but this file made my whole body burning! Propably not the way orgasm is like, not pleasurable (yet?), but very hot. Definitely putting on the player for listening when laying on bed.
    This file is INTENSE. I got the most unusual feeling I have ever experienced, all over my body. It was utterly weird but also intensely pleasureable. I doubt it was actually how women feel an orgasm, but it was absolutely fantastic.
    this was amazing! one of the few really working hypnosis files, at least for me
    .... WOW .. just wow! I am VERY new to this site (Joined yesterday) had not idea this entire outlet even existed until I got here. This is the 4th file I have listened to. VERY well done. Unlike some people mentioned I was able to male orgasm. I will admit it was not a normal load but it was there. If you are going to listen make sure you will not be heard. If I was a female and this is accurate I would be a screamer. So if a noobie like me can get off being the wrong gender ANYONE who has any experience in this field will find this AMAZING!
    I felt tingly in various parts of my body & face after listening, but perhaps I\'m in general too self-conscious to allow myself to slip into a proper trance. I kept pricking up at every external noise and picturing being walked in upon while listening. The testimonials here are encouraging, but aspects such as imagining/\"feeling\" myself as a woman fell flat in my experience. Maybe I just need to find the best conditions.
    is there a way to make this file permanent?
    That was incredible....I felt like I was pushing the orgasm out of my body, Like i was forcing the pleasure to amplify.\nI will admit that when under trance I tend to lose control of my bladder *blushes* so I might have pissed myself, but I felt great doing it.\nMy advice to people is go with the flow, don\'t try and decide if you move or not. In trance your body should respond naturally to suggestion, if it doesn\'t then that\'s ok, don\'t force it.
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! This was my first file! I think I trained with it back in 2006. Soooooo intense. So very intense that I puked after my first listen/orgasm. I remember I didn't go to work that day because it was so mindblowing. Ahahahahahaha. Man I cannot recommend this enough.
    I shook
    Has a woman ever thought to try this and see if it's just a normal orgasm? Do we have a control group? I'm sure it works, it's the most popular file on the site right now, but there's some food for thought.
    I'm a trans woman with a lot of issues with sex and orgasms. I can only say thanks, it's so incredible to be able to feel this... If I can complain about anything, is that it's way to short xD
    Great file, but the female transformation part seems incomplete. I could sort of feel breasts and a nice womanly figure, but there was nothing to help with my pussy, which sort of broke the immersion when the giy starts licking it
    I'm gonna give this a try.
    Congratulations. This is the first hypnosis file to make me actually feel something. It warrents further listening.
    69th comment
    This is the first one i can say actually worked for me as a guy the orgasm i had after listening to this a couple times was just so different then what im use to like i heard they have full body multiple orgasms and thats exactly what i felt.
    I didn't feel anything I dunno..
    Having the listener tense their muscles and then release them to simulate an orgasm is genius.
    Day 1: It didn't induce a trance. Will try again. Any tips?
    how do I download?