• Cardigan - Deep Trance    
    This induction relaxes your body and mind gradually and installs a trigger that you can use to go instantly back into trance - without lengthy inductions.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (99)
    Length: 13:56
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    This file has worked since the first time I've used it. Although I would have liked to have a trance trigger that was a word rather than an action, it's still very effective. I highly recommend this file, especially to anyone who is having difficulty going into trance. I use this before listening to EMG's files.
    Well, I've just made two new files, that make going into trance much, much quicker. Cardigan - Induction - Superfast and Cardigan - Instant Trance. You have to have experience with Deep Trance first. Then you use the method it teaches you to go quicker into trance with Induction - Superfast. That induction plants a trigger in your mind, that you use Instant Trance to use.
    Worked very well for me on the second attempt. And I continue to use it. Will probably change to the next step in the Cardigan inductions in a short while and eventually move up to the fastest induction
    Worked VERY well with my on the first try! Absolutely fantastic file! It put me out just after it told my legs to relax, and my mind came back just in time for an explanation on hour to trigger this again. Thank you, Cardigan! Another great file!
    Great file!! Absolutely recommendable. Got to my first trance thanks to you!
    Fascinating. I enjoyed it very much. Nice pictures you described, e.g. the garden, the doorway.I relaxed absolutely. Thanks Cardigan
    Love it and it works so well, trance every time with this ... and I tried the trigger by myself and it works too ..... thanks
    I remember nothing beyond tired heavy arms, until the wake up. Great work.
    My review is actually only relevant to females! \n\nThis might sound a bit strange but it helped with my menstrual cramps. I was having the worst kind of cramps today and I do mean worst. I was having nausea, feeling ill and sweating. I decided to have a lie-down and do some meditation to lighten my day when I got a better idea. As I\'m new to this whole hypno thing I then decided to try this out instead. \n\nWhat amazed me the most is how relaxed I became from feeling so nauseas. The cramps started to fade as I listened to the recording and when it was time to step out of the trance the cramps had almost disappeared completely. They haven\'t returned yet and it\'s been over an hour. Strange how things work out sometime. I\'m going to thank you Cardigan for helping with my cramps when my doctor has had trouble easing it without the help of medication. So, thank you.
    I rate this as a 5 because I believe that this file deserves it. You are very good!\n\nI\'ve listened to it for the last 5 nights. I still don\'t know what the trigger is. Maybe I\'ll find out tonight. Or maybe not. I know I could just listen to it to find out, but I don\'t want to.\n\nIf anyone else is new to hypnosis and wants to get into a trance state, give this one a shot. I bet that you don\'t regret it.
    I\'m kinda new to the whole hypnosis thing, but I must say that so far this file has made me go deeper down than any yet.
    I\'ve had great success with this file. I use it when I get off work and need something else to think about, the spot on the wall.
    This has worked great for me as well. I think it even worked to help me be hypnotized through chat as well. I just do the trigger right when the hypnotist types that he is ready to begin.
    Wow. I\'m not sure what exactly about this file is so special, at least for me, but I can feel myself going even deeper each time I\'ve listened to this. I haven\'t really noticed changes from other files yet, and I think it probably was that I wasn\'t really going into trance. But I look forward to seeing how other files work after this!