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    Don\'t worry, darling. This recording won\'t change your sexual preference. If you\'re a young strapping heterosexual male when you start listening, you\'ll still like girls when you take off the headphones. And, just as the title suggests, you won\'t be aroused by men either. Still, it may be difficult to convince your friends of that once you start openly gawking at every male ass that swaggers by, sporting a major hard-on in those tighter and tighter jeans/spandex you keep buying as your head turns to follow that fat or toned bottom--doesn\'t matter as long as it\'s a guy. No arousal, just a boner. You decide to end the shitty day by looking up naked chicks on the Internet...things go kind of fuzzy and you wonder why you\'re staring at two dudes blowing each other on your computer screen. And you really wonder why you sit and watch the full two hour video of guys taking turns fucking each other in the ass. Guys\' asses, guys\' asses, guys\' asses...hunting you. Wherever you look, whenever you close your eyes: purchase this recording and even the girls in the fantasies in your mind as you try to jerk off will vanish leaving behind nothing but images of you as the judge of a naked oiled up dude butt-humping contest to try to jerk off to. Like some strange sexual stranded island, this recording will leave you stuck straight and horny, with only guys\' asses as far as the eye can see.

    Rating: ★★★☆☆ (6)
    Length: 30:07
    Downloads: 138
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    Ya. SB makes cool stuff. We\'re all facing it. Sadly, EMG\'s nifty site might have picked up someone who does not understand that in doing this, they screw the whole crew.
    Might be a good idea, but other then suggested, I wouldn't recommend this file for gays. It is to much on
    ... to much oriented on women and sexual arrousal because of women.
    ... to much oriented on women and sexual arrousal because of women.
    Sorry, should only be sent once.:(
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