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    This is the second part in my Bimbo Blessing file. The first part contains the induction and an important warning for those who are not sure if they really want to be cursed to be a silly happy giggly airheaded cock obsessed bimbo for the rest of their lives. The first part is only necessary to listen to once, after that it is up to you whether you would like to listen to it again or simply loop the second part over and over again until your brain turns into fluffy pink cotton candy. This curse will strongly enhance your attraction to men and make you desperate for sexual intercourse with men, regardless of their personality or looks, as long as they are dominant and aggressive you will have a deep need to please them. You will have a particular fondness for older guys and you will be extremely affectionate and flirtatious towards them, calling each other all sorts of adorable pet names as a way of showing what a giggly silly bimbo slut you are sweetie. You may even find yourself referring to older guys as Daddy as a silly way of further sissifying yourself. Giggling is going to become a very important part of your life princess and giggling will lead to intense arousal and a vastly reduced capacity for thinking, after all it is impossible to giggle and think at the same time. Yes princess, the more you giggle the more aroused you will become and this curse will eventually create a literal need for public sex dressed as the slutty bitch you are regardless of how humiliating that idea may be now, you will simply need it too much to care. It's not just any sex you like either princess, but you will have a strong preference for very rough sex and the more aggressive a guy is the more you will like him. This file contains many other things that I will leave as a surprise for you princess but do make sure that you are certain you want to listen before deciding to do so as this curse is very serious and there will not be any possible way of reversing it so make sure that being a permanently happy and mindless cock crazed bimbo who's obsessed with makeup and clothes and sex and flirting and dancing and giggling and saying thank you Daddy when a man cums in your mouth is really what you want princess because there is no turning back and as this file is incredibly addictive listening once will likely mean that you will be listening to it on a regular basis and the more often you listen the more profound effects it will have. There are many permanent and very effective triggers in this file but I will not spoil the surprise for you princess. Enjoy and let me know how you liked it after you listen sweetie.



    Rating: ★★★★★ (97)
    Length: 45:36
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    The description got me aroused alone! HOLY!!!
    Maybe you are clicking the wrong link lukey3210? Where it says \"Name: Bimbo Blessing Part 2 (Curse)\" just left-click once on the link and it should start downloading as an MP3 file automatically. I tried just now and it works! Private message me if you have any more trouble and I will help :)
    If anybody else encounters the same problem as lukey did with downloading the file, please let me know via private message and I will be more than happy to help :) Thank you to everyone who has already downloaded and enjoyed the file, there will be more soon!
    Why did you not list \"Straight Women\" in the \"audience\" section?
    I feel like this file could have been made more gender neutral, and it also didn\'t need to be made a curse. Also, the text to speech software doesn\'t cover up grammatical errors very well, which is distracting. Remember to put a comma when addressing your subjects, princess. Otherwise, this file is very neat.
    Actually sweetie, you\'re incorrect regarding commas and grammatical errors. The pronunciation for words like \'princess\' would have been altered dramatically for the worse by using a comma before the word - there would be an unnatural pause and then the word would be pronounced as though it were separate from the rest of the sentence. Thank you once again to everybody who enjoyed the file and provided interesting or otherwise valuable feedback. I will be uploading more in the very near future :)
    Greetings GoddessGracie\r\n\r\nI have wanted to be a slutty airheaeded bimbo for a very long time. *giggles* Not just for play but for 24/7 real time and tried several hypno files which were okay but mostly for play and fun. Then I found Your files and I really love them. *giggles* I will certainly listen to the files especially this every day & after listen to this file I can feel a small but wonderful change. *giggles* I certainly hopes for more files in the future. Please hurry. *giggles* Oooh You have made some good files, GoddessGracie!
    Fair enough. You still didn\'t address my gender neutral concerns. If you take out 2 or three sentences, you could have made this file accessible to everybody.
    OMG giggles..... luving my cotton candy...... giggles giggles.....\n\nluv this file..... thank you GoddessGracie !!
    You are very welcome sweetie :)
    Oh my god, I feel so slutty and horny after listening to this. You went all out with this, just non-stop cock and man worship training. My favorite is the part about desiring a full-time hunky husband. PLEASE make more files like this!!!
    As a future suggestion, gangbangs and giving multiple blowjobs to dozens of men would be amazing.
    I luv listening to the warning file first every time. It just reaffirms my desires. OMG who am I kidding? I\'m just a giggley slut and can\'t get the warning out of my playlist.
    this file is like so great hehe\ngoddess gracie is amazing
    Oooh GoddessGracie You\'re so divine. For the last month I\'ve been listening to Your Good Girl files & the bimbo file every day, some days twice. *giggles* I don\'t remember what You\'re saying but I luv it sooo much. For years I\'ve been living 24/7 as a female but for the last month I\'ve been shopping more and buying very slutty clothes. For the first time in years I am chewing bubblegum but don\'t know why. Like I luv it and it makes me think about men and especially cocks, huge cocks. *giggles* OOog I have been going to sexclubs sucking cocks and it feels so natural. Finally I feel I\'m the 24/7 airheaded bimbo I wanted to be. *giggles* Thank You GoddesGracie You are Divine. I hope for more files though I don\'t remember what You\'re saying. STrang but sooo feeling hot. :D
    Despite the lack of normal induction, the TTS rhythm does seem make trancing to this quite easy. I personally lost interest when there was suggestion to not be sexually attracted to women. But, maybe it is just me - one of the things about these \\\'curse\\\' files seems to be a heavy repetition of how much it is a curse and such... but after a while it sort of breaks the trance for me ... not just in this file, but other similar files. But I can see this file being very fun for the right listener... of which there are obviously a bunch already.
    Help, i want to download this file but it just brings me to this web page as well!
    Ive been curious about trying this file lut and got it today since it became free. Maybe it was because i listened once, or i wasnt deep in trance, but it didnt seem to have an effect on me
    sissybimbodolly, that\'s strange sweetie - are you sure you checked the right link? Click the one next to the word Name and not the one next to where it says Permanent Link as that will just take you to this page. For anyone unaware, this file is now 100% free as it was uploaded 6 months ago and Premium files become free after that amount of time. Enjoy! Oh and cbarber92 thats fine sweetie, it is unlikely you fall under the category of true sissy if you failed to experience the intended effects! Thanks for listening anyway princess and if you believe that you are open to the suggestions in the file then you should give it another listen sometime.
    Stw this.
    Thank you Goddess Gracie - I just love how happy I am when I wake up from these files. I had a wonderful attack of the giggles this afternoon when I found myself sucking on my chocolate bar and dreaming of cock.
    hope it works
    I feel so weird, so confused ... but it may be normal after listening to it three times today...\nI love this feeling, I\'m totally hooked. It is already 3 times in my tomorrow\'s playlist tomorrow.\nThank you so much for this file.
    I used Audacity to edit the audio by taking out a few references to men, as I\'m a woman who thought she found her perfect bimbo-hypno file. It\'s not that big of a problem, but as the male references didn\'t add a lot to it, it wouldn\'t have been too big a deal to have left them out. Otherwise, it\'s awesome, hot, and clearly I haven\'t listened to it very much.
    love it..i want a husband so bad,,i need somebody to serve all the time, well fuck all the time,,,,i,m so horny all the time now....men make me so hot....so silly...
    This file doesnt promise any physical changes, but it may very well instill a deep desire to achieve such changes, whether that be through diet/exercise, herbal supplements etc. The average listener will likely be affected on a purely mental level, but its possible (that being the operative word) that some listeners may be more susceptible to interesting physical effects (e.g. limpness, developing a more feminine figure and features, increased sensitivity of breasts and nipples) than others. Those little darlings who become obsessed with the file and listen to it on a daily basis are more likely to be affected in such ways than the average listener. I would say that generally speaking, physical changes as a result of listening to this file are unlikely for most people.
    Suzy sweetie, I think it is just adorable that you want a hubby so badly after listening to Bimbo Blessing :) Keep me updated on all your slutty adventures sweetie. Love from Goddess Gracie xx
    P.S. for all the silly bimbos who loved this file, be sure to also listen to my other bimbo files such as Eternal Sissy Happiness, Sissy Sparkle, and most recently, the Bimbo Brain Melt training loop! :)
    As much as I\'d love to use these files on one person I have in mind, I don\'t want them to stop enjoying women. Sissy and bimbo, oh yes, i know someone I can use these on. Make them want nothing but men, I have plans for this person so I\'d rather not make them only want men.
    Dear GoddessGracie I am also having trouble with this download. It comes up as a app.
    Goddess Gracie I used a different browser and was able to download the file. Thank you
    gracie you are my god. im a shemale now... bimbo curse.... for a week.... i am a female my master. you are god nw.
    Oh dear -- I\'m very disapointed. All I got was a page of meaningless letters and symbols - no MP3. What happened? Is it because mine\'s an Apple Mac? And I was so looking forward to being turned into a giggling wiggling bimbo...
    Goddess has now sorted this out for me - I downloaded using Chrome. The effects are really fantastic, really joyful. After just a couple of listens I feel amazing - happy and relaxed (and horny!).
    i adore you. mmmmmmm thank you for this hunger.
    Super excited to announce that a brand new Bimbo Blessing Redux file is available now for all my happy little bimbos who just cant get enough of my conditioning. The file is easily found on WMM and is a brand new work that was built from scratch to be very powerful, addictive and profoundly life enhancing. Enjoy everyone, love from Goddess Gracie xx
    Hey Goddess It won\'t download :(
    This made me suck my first cock I couldn\'t stop myself it looked to good to not try It I\'d also like to suck my own cock but it won\'t get yup anymore could you help plzz or maybe not idk it looks cute all soft
    thankyou so much Goddess, Love lily j sparkles
    I love this file thank you soooo much Goddess grace . Ilove being a bimbo and sucking cock giggles
    I am terrified! I have listened to this file over 40 times now and it's completely changed my life! At first I thought the rhymns would be impossible to learn but they are now completely embedded in my mind and I wake up in the middle of the night chanting them. I've bought all new clothes and make up and go out dressed as a complete slut. I've had sex with 17 guys in the last two weeks and just can't stop flirting with men even when it's totally in appropriate. Please don't listen to this file it is ruining my life!
    Aww. Helen sweetie don't worry your precious little head about a thing :) The file is not ruining your life hun but rather it is enhancing your existence and making everything so much more fun :) Be sure to move onto BB Redux soon sweetie once you have realized and accepted that being a slutty bimbo is such a happy and positive thing for you to be. Just be careful when you are all dolled up in public hun. To Jessica and all the other sissies who left cute little comments, you're welcome and I'm so glad you love the file so much! Love from Goddess Gracie xx
    Starting to train and listen, thank you for all the aids
    Starting to train and listen, thank you for all the aids
    thank you Goddess Gracie !!! i like totally love you making my life like so giggly and sparkly *giggles* i woudl so love if you made new more super addictive and naughty file again, please <3 i would so listen to it, i love your new files too but this sounds like perfect when im like super horny and "sparkle" like a good bimboslut whore. <3 <3 I love you Goddess Gracie so much, thanks you for making my life like so happy and giggly XOXO bimbo slut princess julia <3
    Aww, yay princess julia! Love you too sweetie :)
    I really don't like this. I keep telling myself it is all suggestion but it is tiring me out. I need to be able to work. I have a family. I even stopped drinking water.I listened to it once I was deep in trance the first time and just kept going with the file. I was hooked and listened to it like 3 times. Haven't listened to it in 4 days now but it appears to be effecting me. I get loopy like I am in trance. It becomes hard to think at which point my mind starts to race.
    I just listened to your part one of the file yesterday. Today I heard all your free files. And tonight I just bought this file. Gonna listen to it after getting ^ :)
    awesome its working listen to it 3-4 a day horny for men like crazy love the new me shopping has been great yes lots of cock sucking going on !!!
    I adore helenwrightnow's review so much, and mustang0729's!! Based on these reviews I'm buying this file and planning to listen to it at least 40 times!!
    Well, I've listened to it, and I'm disappointed. Found it difficult to follow and it seemed like too many words squeezed into the time available. Spoken so fast it gave me a headache trying to keep up with it, and some sentences just seemed incredibly long. I think I prefer Nina Temptress's Sissy Curse Addict - nicer voice, and easier to listen to.
    I think I know why it gives me a headache, it's because the secondary voice (which is usually saying something different to the main voice) is actually saying exactly the same thing as the main voice, but just 1 second later. No actual benefit at all from what I can tell. I'm wondering if it's a production error.
    Wow... I think I was commenting too early above as I realised that within 2 days from my above comment I was very seriously affected by this file indeed! - at least, according to my fetlife profile (https://fetlife.com/users/15058)
    Wow... I think I was commenting too early above as I realised that within 2 days from my above comment I was very seriously affected by this file indeed! - at least, according to my fetlife profile (user 15058)
    After a few years of listening to Goddess Gracie, one day I went under by this file and was dropped deeper than I ever have been. Since then it’s been about 6 months and I don’t even own male underwear anymore. I took a break from listening as I started to search for shemales online. This ended in me looking for cocks in general to play with. It’s all in the repetition that sneaks up on you. Great file and truly a classic in its age.