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    This recording gives new meaning to "trying to get in her pants." My voice twists your mind, transforms any desire to fuck, squeeze or kiss a girl into an insatiable lust for slipping into her panties, her high heels, he lipstick. Any girl that turns you on immediately stops turning you on, leaving you practically whining and drooling, writing in you pants (panties?), desperate to be head-to-toe dressed in her outfit--or, maybe, sometimes, you'll yearn to dress up in some kinky outfit you used to try other women into wearing for you. However, this recording also instills shame, guilt, an extreme fear of ever getting caught. So you may go full drag if you're sure you have the house to yourself for the weekend, of you may have to make due with a lacy pink pair of thong panties hidden beneath your boring suit pants--wishing it could be more. Yes, you hide your perversion well--but this file does increase libido, it instills an almost constant and desperate long to dress, to act like a woman. If you are wearing those pink panties, you might not be able to stop yourself from finding a public restroom to jerk off in ever hour or two. The shame guards your secrets, but your desires seize every opportunity to indulge in your desire to be a slutty little sissy bitch.

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    Length: 45:21
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    Wow, if I didn\'t love women so much, and didn\'t mind losing being attracted to them, I would LOVE this file :) Great file!!!
    I\'d pay for a version that didn\'t include the shame/guilt/hiding it! Sounds neat anyway!
    An amazing, powerful and quite scary file. I\'ve heard most of the feminization mp3s on this site but this one has had more of an effect than pretty much all of them. I\'ve been trapped for nearly a week now in increasingly obsessive feminine dressing and behaviour and it just seems to be getting stronger and more inescapable. If you really want forced feminization then get this file, but be warned that if you\'re susceptible and listen daily (as this file will encourage you to do) then that\'s *exactly* what you\'ll get. I\'m not kidding, use with caution.
    This is powerful stuff but there seem to be some glitches - there\'s a closer in the first minute. Though perhaps that\'s just confusion hypnosis?
    To those who took the time to comment, thank you. With forced fem there are so many specific sets of turn-ons (i.e. guilt, no guilt; still turned on by girls, not turned on by; hide the fetish, hide the fetish from loved ones but not with strangers, go full on out of the closet). Of course the \"can\'t please everyone all the time\" rule applies to all fiction, so I suppose it\'s not all that different. But when someone takes the time to let me know what they\'d like to see in a file (or if they love the file and just want more of the same), those comments weigh heavily on me when deciding what to put in the next script. Also, just to clear this up as several people have mentioned it, the closer within the confusion induction was intentional, but I\'ll most likely remove it on the next file, and more than likely switch to a more traditional \"10 to 1\" induction when I have the time to write and record it.
    I agree with Kiera. If you are susceptible, then this file will make real changes in you. My deepest fear has always been losing what little bit of masculenity I have left. I am having a difficult time fighting this file. I find myself wanting to listen over and over.
    I should add that I always like files where it sounds like the \'tist is enjoying it as much as I am. And Sylvia\'s files *always* have that factor.
    Follow-up time - it might just be a coincidence, maybe I listened to this file because I was ready to hear what it said. But I\'ve got to say, if you\'ve got genuine CD/TG issues then this file is liable to bring them out to the point where you can\'t ignore them.
    Amazing recording! I\'ve listened to 100\'s of hypnosis recordings, and this has definitely got to be at the top of my list. It pressed so many of my buttons, from your cruel and humiliating tone and suggestions, to the desire to hide my fetish from the world. Can\'t praise this file enough, thank you Sylvia ???\nI\'d very much enjoy a followup file along the same lines as this one, if you ever have the time to make one.
    I find I respond very strongly to this file and to Ms Black\'s voice and delivery. Wallowing in guilt must attract me, maybe something from childhood - no matter, it is nice to feel perverted, I kind of like the idea of all not being OK, liberal and consensual, I suppose. Thanks for your work, I hope you will decide to make more delicious confections. I won\'t mention any specifics, as I don\'t want to spoil it for others - though I find I don\'t remember everything every time, I have been tempted to peek at the themes - just curious - and they do push many of my buttons. I suggest you buy this. It works.
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