• Sylvia Black - You are an In The Closet Cross-Dresser(Brainwashing Edition) — $35 — ON SALE $28   , ,  
    Built from readings of various rough drafts that would eventually become this wicked little curse, this nearly hour long brainwashing session begins with a short mild deepener and ends with the same deepener, so that those wishing to listen to it while sleeping or jerking off won't be disturbed. The recording reinforces the commands given in the original curse file, but it can also be used independently. Like the primary file, this session promotes an increased sex drive, a sex drive that is now focused on wearing girls clothing and underthings, combined with a sense of shame and embarrassment which causes you to keep your new desires and activities secret, while thinking and acting on them obsessively.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (4)
    Length: 55:09
    Downloads: 265
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