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    "Mind control and brainwashing methods developed during the cold war by an unnamed superpower were recently recovered by a friend and fictional colleague of mine from The Agency, and he asked me to take a look at it knowing I dabbled in such things now and then. Most of the research was lost or never completed, but the basic method for breaking down enemy agents and soldiers remained mostly intact. Of course when I saw such raw and untapped potential for pure masturbation humiliation, I thought of all of you. Here's what you can expect from this dark and dated, and still terrifyingly effective technology:

    After undergoing the "treatment" (rerecorded by me using the original machinery) you begin what thus far has proven to be an unending eight stage cycle:
    1. You will find yourself much more easily aroused--oft times to a perverse level. It won't be long until something makes you horny.
    2. Once something arouses you, nothing can reduce or relieve this state of arousal except for climax.
    3. Without climax, you can only stay at your current level of horniness or get even hornier.
    4. The hornier you get the more your concentration and other brain functions are used up by the arousal itself and the ever-reoccurring sexual fantasies causing the continued arousal, which results in effects identical to a drastic decrease in your IQ.
    5. This condition remains, or, more likely, eventually worsens to a primal, ape-like state, until you manage orgasm.
    6. At any point, arousal can be satisfied and intelligence restored by a simple orgasm.
    7. When you, the subject, orgasms, there is no sense of sexual gratification or fatigue registered by the brain. The cycle immediately begins anew, with eyes just as lustful after the sixth orgasm of the day as they were before the first.
    8. Eventually the body can no longer keep up with the mind and the subject, you, are reduced to a state of intense stupidity and insatiable horniness until you manage to recover enough energy to spurt a little more semen out of your dick again...and again, it starts all over again.

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    Length: 42:43
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    This is pure, molten-hot evil. Thanks Ms. Black!
    I like this file very much and I listen to it continuingly. I like the theme, the twists are great!! Your methods make me weak. You have done a very good job making the suggestions concrete. But for me, as a submissive male in living a FLR with his wife, there is a lack of humiliating, dominating and BDSM examples / suggestions. Considering my situation it would be much more effective with them.\nNevertheless I recommand listening this file.
    I am so turned on by the description, I wish I could try it...
    Really wish I could try it too.
    Check back on WMM soon for a new set of recordings, and check out the new material available at http://www.patreon.com/themidnightcarnival
    if this were on the patreon, i'd sign up!