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    A file accusing you of being a horny pervert transforms you into even more of a horny pervert before punishing you for your womanizing ways by cursing you to become obsessed with wearing all different types of panties and lingerie, while at the same time taking various feminine traits of the types of girls you imagine would wear the undies you happen to be sporting that day. Add to that a twist which causes you to wake up every morning, and wake up every time you listen to this file with a memory lapse that soon becomes any number of false recollections of various sexual encounters as all types of women: a different scenario playing out every time, and you believing to the bone that it really happened, despite the obvious contradiction your penis brings to the occasion. This recording is a series of funhouse mirrors for all fans of humiliation.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (8)
    Length: 28:49
    Downloads: 180
    This is my favorite so far, good job!!
    Fantastic recording Sylvia! \nYour unique style of appealing to my inner pervert is very effective. I hope You make many more files like this, you have a skill like no other i\'ve come across.\nDefinitely need to go shopping now xxx
    Thanks you two. It\'s always nice to know there\'s at least a few other twisted minds wandering around out there. ;) As for my next project, I\'m actually looking into doing some animated hypno/brainwashing pieces. We\'ll see if they turn out.
    Sounds great, looking forward to them!
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