• Blink's Basic Induction    
    This is an Ericksonian hypnosis induction designed to enhance your ability to enter trance. It ends with a permissive wakener that allows it to be used just prior to bed (insomniacs have reported that it's good for getting to sleep). Amnesia for the contents of the recording and experiences of "lost time" are not uncommon. The recording is pure vanilla and makes a good introduction to hypnosis. It will quickly become a familiar favorite.

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    Length: 27:15
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    Only while under
    WOW!!! This guy is good!!! I mean realy realy good no other induction has ever had such a strong effect on my mind and I have a very strong fairly unsuggestable mind. Someone should give this guy a medal or someting.
    its not working anymore... the download file is silent
    I agree, I went into a deep trance except it snuck up on me. I like Ericksonian hypnosis because of the non-forceful way of reaching trance.
    I'm a skeptic and I'm not convinced I even believe in trances at this point (this is the first file I have tried), but I have to say it made me _very_ relaxed, at the least. Even if I decide hypnosis is bunk, I'm keeping this one. :-)
    This one worked where the others haven't. Good work.
    The version shown to me is only a script. How can that work, unless you record it yourself?
    This is the only file that actually blacks me out, and I love it! I have a hard time letting go, and the way this almost tricks my mind into going under works wonders. I wish there were more files here with the Ericksonian style. WONDERFUL job
    I've shared this file with a few of my friends and it has worked with each and everyone of them, the style of telling a story within a story I believe is excellent because it distracts the mind into itself while the smooth tone of the voice allows it to simply flow on and on. Excellent work.
    Can this file used as an induction to one of EMG's files? Has it got a wakener at the end? Or do you stay hypnotized for other files?
    first time listening to it, my eyes went into an almost seizure state partway through. didnt hurt or anything but it felt like entering a REM cycle without being sleep. i couldnt move for about 30 seconds after the file was over which was a little freaky but i was so comfortable i didnt care. im still so relaxed. i love this. ^_^
    This certainly is my favorite one. I'm not very suggestible and after listening to this 3 times I remember all of it, but I still highly enjoy it. Something about it is just plain relaxing more than any other file. It often literally makes me feel a strong tingling throughout my body. I'd highly recommend this one. It leaves you with the choice to wake up or not at the end.
    The story of of the guy is really weird, and creepy in a way. The induction works great though!
    If anyone has any tips for going under, can you like message me. im not sure of a few things. Should i be concentrating on what he is saying or should i just like...not focus but just hear it. and if i am under, will i still be able to pay attention to what he is saying?
    Very very cool. I listened, and was listening and trying to figure out the "story" and his words kept bringing me down. Very cool. I woke up somewhere around the end... Spaced out. This helped me lead into another trance pretty easily right afterwards. I will probably use this a bit more.
    yeah, i gave this one a go, probably did not make half way through before i started feeling myself going into deep trance, that's the weird part. it was not very long, maybe 1-2 minutes when i noticed i was doing the rythmic breathing like i do for a trance file, then, after maybe another 5 minutes, or what seemed like 5 minutes, i started feeling the tingly/floating sensations of trance. the sensations were pulsing at first, kinda like a lawnmower engine crnaking up, how it cranks up slow then speeds up. well, ended up deep enough, it felt as if i were alseep, then the next file in line woke me as the sound of the voice had changed, and when i wanted to fall asleep, i rolled over into the posistion i normally sleep in, and was out like a light bulb in less than 30 seconds. so, overall, i would have to say this induction was pretty cool and i am gonna keep using it.
    You sir, have the only induction on this site to work on me, and yes i've tried every one that is free. I don't even know what is beyond the comparison to sand, lol.
    I have known that I am primarily what is called an "inferred" subject and do not really respond too well with "direct" suggestions. This is primarily because of being an engineer I am too analytical at times during any inductions and tend not to respond too well. Ericsonian hypnosis is powerful specifically because it allows one to choose how to react and this one definitely has those qualities. I really appreciate that Blink has some real skill in these methods. I am not sure if he used "inbedded" suggestions but what is there works very well for me. I do hope that Blink will be adding to the list of trances here as I am looking forward to what he has to offer.
    What can I say that others have not already? Simply amazing.. The only induction I\'ve found so far that truly puts me under and establishes a solid trance state for me. Thank you sir! Keep up the good work!
    im not going to say anything bad about this and please dont flame me, im just stating my opinion. This was sooo boring to listen to and ontop of that I got a migraine. I also got very confused. I was just listening to this casually but man, it is very different. I eventually had to pause it and get painkillers because my head was hurting. Ill try again when it\'s gone, but its just wierd. Also im listening to this while doing something else, do most of you listen to it while you are relaxing and just lying down?
    Jessica, Usually when you listen to hypnosis you do it when you have 30-60 minutes to spare(About 5 minutes more time then the length of the file) and you close your eyes and relax and listen to it, when you enter hypnosis you shouldn\'t be doing other things because you\'ll either just not enter hypnosis, you go deep into hypnosis and ruin what you are doing(Which is why you never drive or operate machinery ect when listening to hypnosis)
    wow first time i listened to this file it got me right away... never before has any file done this for me. also like \"aetherial\" im an engineer and i found myself analyzing all the other files .... at points i started doing that to this one .... but not even 5 mins in i woke up 30 mins later and cant remember any of the file after the 5 mins. my only issue was i intended to listen to the guts of another file and found myself outa trans soon after that file started any one have some advice ? just a summarizer .... awesome file got me within 5 mins thanks
    I must admit, this one seems to have worked on me quite a few times, although it\'s hard to tell whether or not I just went to sleep or fell deep into trance, because I tend to listen in bed. But there has always been a pattern of waking up a little while later, so it was probably a trance. Although every now and then it seems to not work atall, I blame my extreme analytical nature.
    Blink, I always enjoy listening to you and to your basic induction. Your skill and talent leaves me feeling quite humble. This file is also a source of inspiration for me, not that you should be blamed for my shortcomings. It\'s been quite a while though since you have posted a file. I wish you would consider gracing us with another file. Thanks, Sarnoga.
    Wow! This is the first time I managed to go under. Was listening intently for a while, then BAM... 10 minutes gone. Came to before the recording was over, but still, wow! Second go was even more successful. Best induction ever - highly recommended. Thank you!
    Wow, this one did it, the first time i feeled like being in real trance. I listenened to it 4-5 times. The short standard inductions only got me in a light tranced state, difficult to decide whether i tranced at all or just was extremely relaxed. I could not decide as i was not in trance before. I sticked around the forum for tips on hypnosis and finally got an idea how this is all working and started to find a suitable inductions. I used EMGs Induction for beginners and this one. It had quite good results but still too light to judge whether tranced or just relaxed. First i listened carefully to get used and understand all words beeing said, as english is my second language. And i had a similar effect that Jessica2317 describes. I got almost headache. I thought first it was because of the foreign language and the confusing complex story. I concentrated on that spot in my head and felt a strange noise at my forehead. I listened the file again but then with less more expectations - just listen and relax with no active reactions of my mind to follow the suggestions. Just let it flow. The final breakthrough. I listened the file at daytime while preparing and eating coffee, toast. I had no expectations at all, just wanted to hear the file to get more used to it. But i had problems concentrating, forget to take the knife from kitchen and so on. Finally i got tired and i remember it hard to stay awake. I heard the voice saying Relax more than one time and i decided to no longer resist (i think half or more of the file was already over). I let me fall on my chair, my head leaned to the wall, i relaxed totally, not because the voice told me, just because it feld better this way. That was the point, my active mind retreated to the noise in my forehead, leaving the rest of my body alone, relaxed. It was clear and fully active. My head leaned to the side on the hard edge of the chairs backrest. I felt pressure, a little pain from that but not enough to disturb my trance. The file ended and gave the choice to awaken or stay in trance for a while. My active mind would prefer to quit to reality, but my body decided to stay in trance. The file ended, i was fully aware but my body was not wanting to react. I led my thoughts flow and i enjoyed the feeling of my first trance, that i recognized at one. I could have breaked it with my active mind, but i did not decide to do so. I let my body decide. After 5 minutes or so my eyes opened. I was able to look around, but only my eyes would like to move. I was such a success and i was fully aware, looking around, but nothing else wants to move. Another 5 minutes or so later i tried to finish my meal. But i feeled lame, my arms and hands not so coordinated as used. It was not over yet. I tryed to get more out of this moment moved to my couched laid down and tried to play another file i m trying. The induction of this file was not really neccessary, fastly i was in trance again. My mind all time at full operation level, just devided from my body. I tried not to focus on what is beeing said to much, just enjoying the trance. 10 more minutes later of listining to the file and the awakener is spoken. But to my surprise nothing changes - body and mind still devided. And actually i did not want to stop this situation actively, i just enjoyed it and let the trance slowly die away. After 10 minutes or so my eyes opened, 5 minutes later mye toes moved. Really strange to only move your eyes and toes. Another moment later my fingers were able to move - a little bit later the rest of my body followed. But i had a dizzy feeling in my head at least 20 minutes after i began to move around. This time located at the back of my head. This was a really weird, amazing, awesome experience. I just had to share with you. So the beginners tip from the forum is right. Start with induction and trancing... Lets see where this takes me, this was just the first real success. Sorry for this long comment... hope it helps some beginners to find thier way. :)
    I use this one as sleeping aid.\nIt works perfect :)
    Very relaxing file. Listened to it twice. Great for a quick nap. It\'s a little odd listening to it the first time, but I did like it. Thank you
    where can I get the script?
    I enjoyed this induction, but I found the word play tended to push my mind away from deep trance. It\'s very clever, it\'s hard not to think, \"wow, that\'s f\'n cool\".
    This one appeals to the nerd in me. First time I\'ve ever experienced amnesia from a file. Would love more files from this person!
    That was the first time i ever went to trance. And I have been trying for 3 weeks. Thank you for this amazing file. Thanks +5
    Oh my, you have a seriously sexy accent! I think I have a little voice-crush on you ;)\r\n\r\nExcellent induction, lovely to fall asleep to.
    Oh, god, I love Blink. I can\'t remember anything of listening to this file - only that I awoke feeling good, and aroused. I\'ve repeated listening a number of times - now I\'ll try for every day. Yay.
    I am coming back to this file now. It's the first file to really have an effect on me. As someone who's extremely analytical and logical by nature I struggle with a lot of the files, but this one manages to bypass the many obstacles I seem to set in the way of actually relaxing. I know blink hasn't been seen for a while now, and that's sad in my eyes. I would love to hear more from him, if only on a selfish note to keep exploring what is possible....
    Very good... very relaxing.
    One of the absolute best inductions out there. Every time I look back on the experience, I'm just blown away by the craft. This file is to hypnotic inductions what ambien is to sleep medications.
    Is this something I’d be able to pay you to make more that are similar of ? This is the ONLY one that I can find that quite does the trick and it puts me so deep every time.
    Incredible. That's all I'll say lol. I've never attained that feeling before with that level of calm. Bravo. I know I've listened to this before, but it feels like the first time, and i know you said I'd forget. It's incredible. Kudos to you, and I intend to bring the things I learned about how to attain trance after.
    I've been trying unsuccessfully for 20 years to enter hypnotic trance, until this! OMG!
    Criminally underrated. I lost this file 12 years ago and just located it again. Make no mistake, this is THE BEST induction file you will ever find. Because of the Eriksonian method it should work on pretty mich everyone, but especially those that have never been able to enter trance before. If this works out for you, check out others that use the Eriksonian method.