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A Winter Night in the cabin

by dragoncores

A Winter Night in the cabin

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Sorry for any miss spelled words I am not the best at spelling and things get missed or looked over. sorry for this.
This story is make beleave it is based around two ADULTS not childeren acting in a sexul manner. Do not ready if you are not into diapers ,water sports, furry, and gay love

A winters night in the cabin

It has been a cold winter this year in the mountains. There a small log cabin nestled deep into the woods. To far to walk to any of the near by stores when the snow is to deep. The roads don?t get salted often so its been hard for the two that live there. A small plume of smoke is coming out of the chimney. A Fox comes out of the house bundled in a winter coat and some long jeans and nee high boots. His fur is a dark blue with a white tip on his tail. His muzzle is covered by a pink scarf Only the white fur on top of his head is viable. He heads over to a wood pile under a lean-to. His picks up a few pieces of wood and places them in a cloth bag before adding a few more. He then heads in with his wood. Snow falling off the roof as he shuts the door behind him.

?How bad is it love.? A light blue fox ask from the couch in front of the fireplace. He is wrapped in a large pink and white blanket. His yellow hair and the tips of his pink paws are the only things showing. Their place is decorated with different kinds of pictures of them and the places they have been. There is also little figures of the mystical humans on a few shelves. The high sealing gives their cabin the look that?s it?s a lot bigger then what it really is. The large fire place has a gate in the front and a small fluffy area rug in front of it. All together it?s a nice little place just right for them. The fire place normally keeps the house just warm enough for them to walk around with out their cloths on.

?The snow has stopped for now and the roof will need to be cleared of snow before it starts again but that can wait till tomorrow birthday boy.? He says as he takes off his cloths. He takes the logs over to the log ben next to the fire place and places them in the ben. He gets up and heads to the kitchen and washes his paws clean from the wood. He comes back into the living room and crawls under the blanket. Giggling as he hears his boyfriend diaper crinkle ?Are you wet Azure?? He says rubbing the front of it.

Azure has always loved his hot pink diapers and he was glad to find a mate that loves to wear them to but instead of hot pink it?s a light blue. He always blushes when hos mate Bambi checks him. ?No its dry.? He says cutely.

?Well you want get your gift till you go.? Bambi rubs the front making Azure moan a little. Hit cock getting hard. Bambi stops and pulls him over and holds him close to him.

?Hun can?t I get it now please.? Azure whimpers and looks up to Bambi. He has always loved how Bambi was taller then him but not to much as to make it hard to kiss but just that right height that he had to look up and see into his eyes. He loved those eyes.

?No not till you go and I mean go till that diaper of yours is soaked.? He says kissing the top of his head. He turns the channel on their tv and pulls him close.

Azure soon falls asleep in Bambi?s arms. Bambi sits there and smiles down at his sexy little fox. He doesn to know why he stays with him but he always does. No matter how much Azure gets on his nerves he can?t seem to stay away for long form his sexy fox. He know that Azure would not leave him for no one out there he just can?t believe that he has such a great mate that loves him to the end. Damn those eyes of his. He always brings him back with those eyes. But they are his eyes and no one elses. The real love he feels for Azure is all that matter for him. He holds him close and places a paw on the front of Azure diaper and sees that he has already wet it in his sleep again. He smiles and cant wait. He checks his own and nods as he feels his is almost ready. He has been saving the diapers for a day and they should be ready for his surprise for his loving mate.

A few hours pass and he feels something wet against his thigh and knows that Azure has finally soaked his diaper to the point he wanted it to be. All that juice he had given him had worked quite well. He lifts Azure up making shore not to wake him up. He heads into the nursery and gets the bag of diapers he had saved. Four in all. He opens it and sniff and smiles. They are just right. They are not to old as to have that disgusting smell but that sweat natural smell to them. He lays them on the rug on the floor with the in side facing up. He then goes over to Azure and picks him up. He is lucky he has been doing this for a while but this is the first time he has ever tried this. He had read a story off of furaffinity that has a similar thing but it has more then just pee in the diaper. They don?t go that far in real life but it is interesting to read. He lays Azure down and Azure jumps as the cold wet diapers touch his back.

?What the hell!?? He says as he jumps and looks around ?Why is my back cold and feels damp now??
?Well its your surprise silly.? Bambi pushes him back down. Azure shivers as he looks under him the best he can and sees the wet diapers.

?Why am I laying on wet diapers?? He look up at Bambi and he slowly pulls off his own diaper and lays it with the wet side down over Azure muzzle. Azure breaths in deep and blushes as e smells Bambi?s musk. He realizes that he could smell both their musk really well. This makes him horny really fast. He does not know why but the strangeness of this makes him horny. His cock starts to strain against its soft wet prison.
Bambi smiles and rubs his cock as he can smell the musk hit his nose. He cock already leaking pre. ?Well I read this the other day and I really wanted to try it so consider it a birthday gift from you to me on your birthday.? He smiles and starts to undo Azure diaper. He smiles as it falls away showing Azure hard cock. He leans over and starts to lick at it slowly at first. He can hear Azure breaths getting deeps and slower now. As he takes his time teasing him with his tounge against his cock. The entire time he is slowly stroking his own cock.

?O hun please I cant take it any more fuck me please. I need your cock in me.? Azure pants under the diaper. His cock already leaking pre in globs.

?Not just yet.? Bambi smile and pulls out a small box. He pulls out a small horse toy. Its about ten inches tall and about four thick. Not as big has his cock but its closes enough that it keeps Azure nice and loose for him. He then pulls out a bottle of lube and holds it near the fire for a minute letting it get warm before he pores it onto the toy. The then pores some over Azure cute tight tail-hole. He slowly presses the toy to Azures tail-hole and smiles as he watches Azure swarm a little. ?Does my little fox like this.? He says shoving more into him.

?YEEEESSSSSSS!? Azure moans as the horse toy takes him. he loves it when Bambi teases him with his toys. He knows that this is just the start of the fun. He breaths in deep of Bambi?s musk loving how the wet diapers under him have started to warm and feel really nice against his fur. He would love to read the story that Bambi got this idea from. He takes other deep breath as Bambi starts to pull the toy out slowly.

?Good.? Bambi says as he pulls the toy out. He start to twist it as he pushes it back in. This brings Azure into a new fit of moans and groans. Azure tail wraps around Bambi and he holds on as his tail hole is slowly played with. Bambi smiles to himself know that Azure will ask for this again once this is all over but this is just the start. He start to pump the toy into Azure. Twisting it and pulling it out before ramming it back in and doing it all over again. He stops with the toy shoved all the way into Azure. ?Do you like your toy??
?Hhmm? Azure head nods with his teeth clamped shut. Trying not to scream out in pure bliss.

?Good I know you will love this then.? He says. He gets up and walks over a chest on the floor and pulls out a box. He then comes back over to Azure and pulls off the diaper from his muzzle. ?Go on open it.? He says handing it to Azure.

Azure opens the box and smiles as he sees another horse dildo but this one a light blue instead of a green. ?Thank you hun but I already have one.? He looks confused at Bambi.

?Well look at it closer hun? Bambi says. Azure does just that. It?s a lot bigger then the one he has in him right now that is driving him crazy. He flips it over and sees that the bottom has a huge hole in it and smiles. Its one of those pull on cock that he has wanted to get for ever. He jumps out letting out a lowed moan as the toy moves inside of him and he hugs Bambi ?THANK YOU HUN ITS JUST WHAT I WANTED!?

?Your welcome hun.? Bambi hugs Azure tight to him and they sit there for a min before Azure pulls away and smiles. Bambi?s cock right there. He bends over and slips his cock into his muzzle. Suckling happily on it. Bambi leans back and murrs has his cock is worked over by Azure talented tongue. His pushes down on Azures head making him take more into his muzzle. He loves it when Azure deeps thought?s his twelve inch cock. He start to rock his hips in and out of Azures muzzle as he murrs and groans. He soon pulls Azure muzzle off not wanting to cum right away. As soon as he does this Azure is slipping the horse cock sleeve over Bambi?s cock murring as it sticks just a little bit bigger then Bambi?s cock as it is. He then goes back down on it and start suckling again. Bambi groans and tries to pull Azure off but with out being able to. He Has to shove Azure off his cock to get him away. Azure falls back on to the wet diapers and meeps as they have already gotten cold again. He then lays down on them not wanting to get Bambi any more frustrated then he already is. He can tell by how Bambi shoved him off.

?You nearly made me cum right then hun.? He says tapping Azure nose

?Sorry love. I just got to exited.?

?I can tell.? He say laying both his and Azure?s diapers back across his muzzle. But Azure?s Is with the wet side facing him. He leans over and breeaths in deep of Azure musk loving it and how erotic this is. He grabs the lube and holds it to the fire. He grabs the horse toy that is still inside of Azure and he starts to pull and twist on it again. This get Azure going again. His legs going straight up into the air as this happens to him. Bambi smiling as Azure does this. ?Are you ready for your gift??

?Please give me my gift.? He groans and holds the diapers to his muzzle.

?Alright you asked for it.? He pulls the toy out with a pop. He then spreads the lube all over the toy on his cock and then add some more to Azure tail-hole. He then lines the toy up with Azure tail-hole and slowly start to push it into him. He groans as he does in. Azure tail-hole making the toy tighten around his cock. Azure goes into a state of pure bliss light moans coming form him as his wonderful mate takes him. Bambi slowly pushes into Azure?s tight butt with ever slow motion. So that he can enjoy this and to make Azure need grow. He loves it when Azure blows his load right before he does.

Once he has pushed the toy to the base of it he starts to pull out at first his cock starts to slip out of it and he gets worried that it will not come back with him but then it start to come with him and he murrs at the feeling. Once it is nearly out he start to push back in. Azure tring his best to push back on to the new toy but
Bambi?s arms not letting him do so. He cant stand how Bambi can go so slow when he makes love. But near the end is always the best. Bambi knows that Azure will expect him to go slow like always. So he pulls out slowly but this time he rams back into Azure. This makes Azure meep moan in bliss as a sight bit of pain comes with it. As the toy hits a spot just a little further then what Bambi normally could.

Bambi start pulling out and thrusting. He picks up his pace a lot faster then he normally does. This gets Azure rocking back and forth on the old diapers and the ones on his muzzle threaten to fall off with each thrust. Bambi lean over and sticks his muzzle to Azures diaper and breaths in deep. This drives him to blow Azure tail star harder. He groans as his cock slips in and out with the toy. Azure?s tail start already tight around his cock. Making things a lot better.

Soon the pain has gone from Azure and the pleasure builds in him fast. His cock bouncing up and down with every thrust Bambi making into him. He I loving this new Bambi. He pushes him self away form Bambi making his cock and the toy fall out. He quickly reaches back and grabs the toy and pulls it off his cock. He then lifts his legs again and hold them up. Bambi quickly Thrust his cock back into Azure. He start to thrust harder into him. Both of them panting hard and heavy now. The diapers long have fallen away form Azure muzzle and replaces my Bambi kissing him.

Bambi Keeps his thrusting at a steady pace now not wanting to blow before Azure. Azure starts to move his hips around till Bambi hits that once spot inside of him that sends the best blissful pleasure to him. He pulls away from Bambi?s muzzle as he screams out a moan as Bambi hits that spot over and over again. Bambi loving know that It want be much longer now Pushes in harder with each thrust he makes. He can feels his ball drawing up with each thrust he makes. Azure cock twitches and bounces with each thrust into him. His belly already covered in a layer of pre. He knows that his tail hole nad the toy are filled with pre to. He groans even loader as Bambi slips his knot in. He know it want be much longer know. He can feel his own orgasm building fast. Bambi Jack hammers Azures tail-hole for a little while. His knot forming and tying him inside of the fox below him. Locking his pre and soon his cum into his beta.

Azure?s cock twitches rapidly as his orgasm hits him hard this time. He screams and moan as the pain of his cock cumming. He swears his cock is trying to push out more then it can handle all at once. It is the best orgasm he has ever had. Bambi feel Azure cumming as his tail-hole tightens around his cock. This sends him over the edge. He too screams in both pain and pleasure as his cock feels like it is trying to get more out then he can handle. He quickly feels Azure. They lay there for ten min as Bambi and Azure?s cock spurt cum hard.

Once it start to die down Bambi grabs one of their old diapers and cleans them up with it. He then lifts Azure up and takes him over to the coutch and covers them both up.

?I love you Azure.? Bambi says holding him close.

?I love you to Bambi.? Azure says leaning in and kissing Bambi. They walk around naked all day. The rest of the day. Azure love to run around in his birthday suit. Bambi takes him a few more times that day Once with the toy all the way to the ends and he ends up getting the toy stuck for a bit inside of him but they get it out with out doing any damage to Azure. All around the house there is a cum trail left buy Azure. It turned out to be a great birthday this year.


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