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A slightly kinky TGTF story

by Yamigalence

A slightly kinky TGTF story

Colin was your typical average male who was at the age of 24. He was a collector of sorts, and decided to go on a long vacation to the tropics, and admire the beauty that was there. He was an artist of sorts, and was basicly going to get inspiriation for a new painting. When he'd got to his Hotel, he decided to go and see the sights. In the Bazaar, he'd found a really rare creature that was so breath-takingly beautiful, he just had to have it. "How much for this creature? I'll pay any price!" Colin had exclaimed in excitement. "You don't want this creature sir, it's of no use to you." "Please sir, please! I really want this creature!" Colin begged. The Vendor let out a sigh of exasperation and reluctently sold the creature to Colin. Excited, Colin took the creature back to his Hotel room. Since he was only staying a couple of days, he stayed in his room for the remainder of the trip. He took the creature back to his home and was excited to have it. He got a lot of stuff for the creature to play with and eat. "Come on out girl! Come on! Don't be shy!" coaxed Colin. Out of the kennel came a beautiful Wolf-like creature that had two tails, Smokey-Grey fur that went to white and had hints of pink at the tips of her fur. Her eyes were Amethyst. "I'll name you Lunaria! You're so beautiful!" he reached out and tried to pet her. Lunaria bites Colin hard on the hand. "OW! Lunaria! Why'd you do that!?" Colin went into the kitchen and tried to clean his wound. He began to feel really light-headed and dizzy. The wolf came into the kitchen where he was and had lunged at Colin, he held his hands up to shield himself, only to find that the wolf creature had vanished. He looked at his hands, they'd went from being big and masculine to soft and feminine. His ears seemed to elongate into elven looking ears. Quickly after that, his skin became flawlessly smooth and slightly pale. He looked down at his chest and saw his chest sprout rapidly into size 38 E breasts topped with mounded baby pink hued nipples. His hair had rapidly grew to where it was glossy,waist-length and had turned Sage green. He finally looked down at his feet and he'd seen that he'd got almost wolf-like tufts of fur in the exact same grey, then white, and pink tipped color scheme around his newly feminine wrists and ankles. No sooner had his figure had shaped into a sex goddess like body, two bushy and wolf-like tails sprouted at the base of his spine right above a newly blossomed heart shaped butt, seductively made his form even more erotic. His seven inch penis quickly retracted inside and had become a soft Baby Pink colored Pussy. After seeing his genitals change, a nearly heart shaped patch of fur of similar coloration sprouted which barely and slightly imodestly covered her newly acquired mound of venus. He'd passed out after he'd transformed. He awoke the next morning in his male form, thinking that it was all just a dream that he'd had, he went upstairs and decided to take a shower. Over the next few months, he fell in love with a beautiful girl named Bellona. Bellona was a kind, caring and compassionate person, she had long hair that went down to her knees, it was Auburn Red, and she had the prettiest Sapphire Blue eyes. Her slender physique made all the other guys wish that she was their girl. Her breasts were a full 40 DD, and she was quite taken with her new Beau. After dating for several months, Colin got up the courage to ask Bellona to marry him. Of course she'd said yes, and the two were to be wed by the light of a full moon. To make it seem more romantic. Colin was running late to his own wedding, and Bellona was already waiting for him to arrive so they could get on with the wedding. By the time he'd got there, the full moon had appeared and began to transform him into the form that he'd took when Lunaria had bit him. His hands once again went from large and masculine to small and feminine. "Oh no! Not now! Not on my Holy Night!" is all Colin managed to say. Just then Bellona came out from where she was waiting for him and saw him transform into the strangely sensual demihuman. At first she was afraid, but upon closer observation, she'd became more intrigued, watching him turn into this gorgeous creature actually began to turn her on. After Colin had fully transformed, he'd felt like he couldn't face his beloved now... "I still think that you're beautiful." Colin had heard Bellona say from behind a bush as she emerged carefully. "But what do I call you now, since you're clearly not a man?" Colin had gave her the name that he'd gave his pet as his new name. "Lunaria... my name shall be Lunaria." "How, exotic..." Bellona cooed softly. The two kissed passionately for a moment, then wondered how they were going to wed. Blindfolds! They would blindfold the guests and the Preacher and then they could wed quickly and get straight to their Honeymoon. They'd did just that and continued with their wedding. As they said their "I Do's." they kissed and ran off for their Honeymoon. During their Honeymoon, they'd ran into the problem of how they were going to make love. Then Lunaria had stated that she'd bought some toys for their Honeymoon. Excited, Bellona sat on the bed eagerly awaiting for Lunaria to make love to her. Lunaria now being a permanent girl, had to configurate out how to use these toys that were "Marrital Aides" for Lesbians. After puting on a strap-on dildo, seeing as how it was the easiest to use... Lunaria came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but the strap-on double-sided dildo. "Lunaria! You look so beautiful...and sexy!" Bellona stated seductively. Blushing deeply, Lunaria approached the bed where her wife now laid. She slowly licked her lips trying to gain entrance to her mouth. Bellona had her eyes closed, but she'd let out a soft gasp as Lunaria licked her lips. Upon hearing her gasp, Lunaria darted her tongue into Bellona's mouth, and began to explore her mouth, their tongues became entwined. They moaned lovingly into each other's mouths, with how hot their bodies became, their nipples grew erect from the kissing. Lunaria broke the kiss softly, a little bit of spittle still connected their tongues together. Smiling warmly at her beloved Wife, she asked, "And you're not repulsed at all by my appearance?" Bellona just shook her head no. Smiling warmly, Lunaria went to where her Wife's neck was and began to lick it lovingly. Bellona kept letting out gasping moans as her new "Husband" was licking, and began to get wet in between her legs. Smelling her essence, Lunaria reached down as she was still licking her Wife's neck and began to play with her baby pink pussy. Arching her back while Lunaria was playing with her pussy, Bellona's nipples grew even more erect. Upon seeing this, Lunaria figured that she could send an even bigger jolt of ecstasy through her lover's body, she went down to where her nipples were and began to lick and suck on the lovingly. Enjoying all of this pleasure, Bellona continued to let out gasping moans of ecstasy, running her long fingers through Lunaria's hair. Lunaria decided to go even further, she went down between her lover's legs, and began to eat her out. Bellona couldn't believe how much pleasure she was getting, she gripped onto Lunaria's head, forcing her to go deeper, wrapping her legs around tightly. Surprized Lunaria began to lick at Bellona's G-spot rappidly, and reached up with her free hands and began to play with her nipples roughly. Screaming in ecstasy, Bellona climaxes hard all over Lunaria's face. Getting up and licking herself clean, Lunaria asks, "You ready for some real fun?" Bellona looked up at Lunaria with bright red cheeks as she continued to pant, she then nodded her head knowing that she would no-longer be a Virgin once her lover inserted that double-sided dildo inside of her. Picking up her lower end, Lunaria begins to slowly slide the double-sided dildo deep into Bellona's baby pink Virgin pussy. Crying out in pain at first, Bellona tries to reach for Lunaria to hold onto her for dear life. Lunaria picks up the rest of Bellona's body so she can cling to her, "Are you all right Bellona my love?" Lunaria asks her Wife. Whimpering Bellona manages to nod her head, she begins to beg Lunaria to move. "After I turn on the dildo's vibrations my pet..." Lunaria coos seductively. With that Lunaria turned on the vibration to the double-sided dildo, she began to moan as the vibrations were pulsating deep into her pussy, she then begins to bounce Bellona up and down onto the dildo lovingly, Bellona moans in ecstasy, and begins to kiss Lunaria lustfully wanting more and more of her. Her animal instincts began to take over her body as Lunaria pins Bellona against a wall, and begins to fuck her roughly, repeatingly pounding her pussy savagely over and over again. "*moan* Lunaria! *moan* What's... *moan* come... *moan* over you!? *moan*" not responding to her, she just continues to thrust in and out of her violently making sure the both of them are thoroughly satisfied, upon the two reaching their climax Lunaria howls in ecstasy as she gushes hard with her mate, upon doing so, she leaves her claim mark upon Bellona's neck. The two collapse onto the bed oozing out love juices from their pussies snuggling close to each other and falling fast asleep in each other's arms.


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