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by xxx3135


Beth was a beautiful eighteen year old girl she had short black hair, green eyes, double D's and a nice ass to match. Beth knew she was pretty but she had been held back twice, she was only a sophomore. She was working hard to catch back up but recently she had become lazy. She was barely doing her homework, and not paying attention in class. Beth attended a boarding school and every grade only had one teacher that taught a small class the whole curriculum. The boarding school's dress code was a plaid skirt that stopped just above the knee and a white button up blouse.

Beth's teacher's name was Lisa, she was very worried Beth wouldn't graduate, and she knew what she could to intervene. Lisa ordered everything she needed for her plan and she planned to put it into action the next day.

Beth walked calmly to her classroom only to be stopped by her teacher Lisa at the door. The other girls walked past into the classroom and took their seats. Lisa was carrying a duffle bag with her and instructed the class to complete the math problems on the board while she spoke to Beth.

Lisa pulled Beth into the bathroom handicapped stall.

"Listen," Lisa said, "You haven't been focusing enough in class lately and you always seem to make an excuse to use the bathroom. Then I thought I know a way to make you listen, keep you from using the bathroom all the time and make sure you graduate all in one." Lisa smiled at Beth and pulled a disposable diaper with teddy bears on them.

"You can't be serious." Beth said.

"Wear them, use them and if anyone asks you need to wear them, or I'll fail you." Lisa said bluntly.

Beth sighed and pulled down the diaper change table. She removed her panties and gave them to Lisa. Beth then took off her skirt and laid down on the changing table. Lisa applied baby powder and taped the large diaper on snugly. Lisa then pulled out her camera and took a picture of Beth. Satisfied Beth was properly diapered, she put her skirt back on her.

"If you break any rules I will tear your skirt off right in front of the whole class and expose your diapers. The picture is insurance. You will be changed once a day at lunch, you will wear a diaper twenty four hours a day and if you try to change yourself or take off the diaper, you will regret it." Lisa stated and without another word escorted Beth holding her at the elbow back to class.

Lisa walked Beth to her desk and sat her down. Everyone stared at Beth assuming she had broken some rule. Beth blushed at all the attention and tried to focus on her work not wanting her diapers exposed. She sighed heavily and stared at Lisa listening intently.

Lisa talked for two hours. Beth appeared to be very attentive, Lisa smiled happy to see her plan working out. Lisa checked her watch it was still only 9 A.M. She still had three hours until lunch. She gave the students a ten minute break before she moved onto the next subject. The girls got up and stretched and talked. She did notice though Beth stayed in her seat not talking to anyone, but she was squirming. Lisa could easily tell she had to use the bathroom and smiled again.

Beth moved about in her chair trying desperately not to wet her diaper. She could barely hold back the flood that was about to rush into her diaper. She raised her hand after Lisa called for the break. Lisa walked over to Beth and bent down to hold a quiet conversation.

"Yes Beth?" Lisa asked.

"Can I please take off this diaper and use the bathroom; I promise I'll pay attention." Beth pleaded with Lisa.

"Nope and if you don't wet your diaper soon you won't have a choice. You can't hold it forever, Baby Beth," Lisa said smirking.

"By the way, I hope you were paying attention to Astronomy earlier were having a quiz. If you don't get at least an 80% you won't have to worry about covering your diaper with your skirt. You won't have a skirt."

Beth couldn't believe what Lisa just said to her. She kept squirming for the rest of the break. The pressure was becoming nearly unbearable she couldn't hold it much longer. She crossed her legs and hoped no one heard the crinkling from her diaper. Lisa had begun to pass out the pop quiz. When she reached Beth's desk she placed a quiz on her desk and moved on.

The first question was easy, "What does AU stand for?" Astronomical Unit. She wrote. The next few questions were equally easy. Then she reached the last two. She was still squirming and she was near her limit. She placed her hand over her diaper and bent over trying with all her might but she was beginning to dribble. She tried to focus on her quiz she only had a few minutes left before she had to turn it in.

"Question 9, what is the speed of light?" Beth panicked she couldn't remember she left it blank hoping she would score high enough. The last question wasn't a question at all it was a statement.

"This is a freebee for you Baby Beth, but I'll be checking your diaper after this quiz, it better be soaked. If it isn't your getting a spanking." Beth blushed at the statement and her predicament. Finished with her quiz she stood up and the change in position caused her to begin wetting her diaper. Beth stood there paralyzed by a combination of relief, fear and something she didn't expect, arousal. Beth finally finished flooding her diaper and she quickly turned in her quiz and sat back down trying not to draw attention. She sat back down with a squish as her warm diaper rubbed against her pussy. Beth was becoming very excited but she didn't understand why.

Lisa wrote a few page numbers on the board and collected the rest of the quizzes.

"Read these page numbers and Beth I need to see you outside for a moment." Lisa stated. The class looked at Beth again. The class pulled out their books and began to read as Lisa walked Beth out of class by the elbow again, carrying her duffle bag with her. She took Beth to the Bathroom again. She led her into the large stall again and closed the door. Lisa then surprised Beth by sticking her hand up her skirt and slipping her fingers into the front of the diaper.

"Nice and wet, good but I'm not changing until lunch remember. You have to wait another two hours, but you need to stay hydrated. Drink this." Lisa said taking her hand out of Beth's diaper and handed her a baby bottle with formula from the bag. She shoved the nipple her mouth before she could protest and tilted it upward. With her other hand Lisa lifted up Beth's skirt exposing her diaper. Her diaper was sagging somewhat and the teddy bears had disappeared. Lisa dropped Beth's skirt and made her finish the formula. Satisfied Lisa put back the bottle and escorted Beth by the arm back to her desk.


Are you going to continue? - Fafnir789

Are you going to continue this story? The title made it seem like beth was going to become the teachers diapered pet and I really want to read that.

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