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What a Day for a Carnival

by Briar

What a Day for a Carnival

“This was a really great idea Sandy,” Melissa said as the two women sat down on the benches that surrounded the one ring within the main tent of the carnival. Upon Sandy’s suggestion, She and Melissa had spent the day at the carnival that was in town for the week. Today was first day, so almost everyone had come, but there was enough to do so it never seemed too crowded. Well, except for the tents set a little ways away from the rest, there always seemed to be something of a crowd there, but by the looks of it only certain people were actually getting in. Melissa just assumed it was equipment for repairs or something like that, and people kept thinking it was part of the event. They should just put up a sign, Melissa thought to herself, but it didn’t really matter.
“Thanks, I thought you’d like it. I don’t’ remember the last time a carnival came to town,” replied Sandy. The two kept talking as the tent filled up. They had gotten there early to make sure they had good seats for the closing acts of the first day, and were feeling pretty happy about that decision.
About twenty minutes later, the tent was almost filled to capacity, and a hum of anticipation was starting to pass through the crowd. Suddenly, the lights went out and everyone cheered for a second, and then fell silent. A single light illuminated the very center of the ring, but nothing was there. Seconds passed, and nothing happened. Thirty, forty-five, fifty-five seconds now, and still nothing. As the audience started to get antsy, the lights quickly inverted themselves, illuminating almost all of the ring and stands, but mysteriously leaving the center in total darkness. This was largely ignored though, since the lights revealed almost fifty performers who had entered unnoticed. The audience cheered again, and the performers began to move, dancing, tumbling, jumping through rings, or being tripped by mischievous clowns to the onlookers delight.
As the acts began, music started to play. Loud to begin with, it built more and more until it reached a crescendo and then suddenly went silent. At that exact instant the lights were inverted again, revealing a tall man in a long black tailcoat and black top hat. As he straightened, Melissa could see that he wore a black shirt and black vest, with a red tie that matched the band on his hat. He was vaguely frightening at first, an impression that was swiftly reinforced as he said in a barely audible voice, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am glad to see so many of you here today, and I hope you find yourselves well. Tonight, you will witness feats of courage and skill perfected over centuries in the most remote corners of the world. I can assure you, what you see here will be as nothing you have ever seen. In fact, there is the distinct chance that this show will be like nothing any of us have ever seen. Almost everything that you see tonight carries the risk of death or severe personal injury, one small mistake and we may well see one of my staff loose his or her life itself.” A quiet had settled over the people as they hung on the man’s words. The man looked up, “my name is Jonathan Silvermoon, and welcome to my Carnival!” Jonathan shouted this last sentence, looking up for the first time and smiling from ear to ear. The lights came up, and the music began again, playing a boisterous tune, and confetti rained down from above. The tension was gone, but Silvermoon’s words hung in everyone’s mind, though the fear was forgotten.
As the opening ended, the lights dimmed again, and Jonathan, taking on his duties as ringmaster, began to introduce the specialized acts. They began easily enough, the clowns from earlier tumbled about and threw pies. Nothing really special there. Gradually, the performances grew more and more serious. From gymnasts leaping, flipping and rolling over and under each other to trapeze artists flying through the air, the risks grew greater and greater. Eventually, Mr. Silvermoon returned to the stage carrying a dark case. As if by some unspoken command, the audience fell silent almost immediately. Silvermoon placed the case on a stand that had been brought out two acts earlier but left unused, obviously to leave this performance as uninterrupted as possible. As the case opened, nobody could see inside, but Silvermoon quickly satisfied their curiosity by taking something out and throwing it high into the air, all in a single movement. As it fell back down to earth, the object spun around and over itself several times before landing with an audible “thunk” in a block of wood Mr. Silvermoon had removed from the case as everyone watched the object. For the first time, it became clear that the object was a knife, and a very sharp one at that. The light caught it in such a way that it seemed to shine with a light of it’s own, but this was the most anyone noticed, as Mr. Silvermoon had thrown two more knives into the air. Rather than removing more wood though, Jonathan looked straight ahead, and suddenly reached out to grab both knives by their blades, toss them up in small circles, and catch the by the hilt. The audience let out a small, round of applause, not because they weren’t impressed, but because everyone knew that this was merely the beginning.
Over the next few minutes, Jonathan Silvermoon threw up to seven knives into the air at any given time, and caught them all before throwing them back up, dancing on the ground and risking life and limb every second he continued. Finally, he caught all seven, three in each hand and the last in his teeth, and took a small bow. As the crowd erupted into applause, Jonathan placed his knives back into his case, and waited for quiet, making it clear that he had something to say, and did not wish to speak over the clapping and cheers of his observers. Within seconds, the uproar had died down, and Mr. Silvermoon began to speak.
“Now, I would like to announce that we have but one more event for you to witness tonight. However, for this particular act, I require a volunteer from the audience.” Nobody responded. Excited as they were, it was clear that anything saved for last at this particular carnival was nothing to take lightly, and almost certainly extremely dangerous. As Mr. Silvermoon looked around and saw no offers, he sighed to himself and said, “Well, we can’t perform without volunteers. This isn’t too unusual though; people are tired the first night. It’s too bad there’s no time to fit it into the show any other day; we worked so hard on it. Still, no volunteers means no volunteers, I suppose it’s time for me to say goodnight.”
“I’ll volunteer!” Melissa said. Every head in the tent turned to look at her, especially Mr. Silvermoon’s. He had a look of amazement on his face that almost perfectly masked the fact that he knew full well that someone was likely to step up after hearing his short speech.
“Ah, it seems we can indeed go on!” Mr. Silvermoon said happily. He strolled up to where Melissa and Sandy were sitting, grinning all the way. “Good evening ma’m, was it you who spoke up just now?” he said to Melissa. She was amazed by the fact that he had managed to pick her out after just that, but he had been facing directly toward her, so he must have seen her speak.
“Yes, it was” Melissa replied, standing up, “What would you like me to do?”
“First, follow me down to the ring, and we’ll get things worked out from there” Mr. Silvermoon said, taking her hand and walking back down the few steps to the floor. “How about a nice ‘welcome’ for our lovely assistant?” he asked the crowd, which immediately sprung to life with cheers and thunderous applause. They were excited to have their fantastic finale, but were more excited that they weren’t the ones participating in it
“Well, Ms…”
“Call me Melissa”
“Well, Melissa” Jonathan said, “Your job really couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is keep still.” He motioned with his hand and a giant vertical disk was brought from back stage. “You will be attached to this, I will throw my knives, and we will both try our very hardest not to get you stabbed.”
It took little more than a minute to get Melissa up on the wheel, and strapped in correctly. The finishing touch was placed on when Mr. Silvermoon tied a blindfold around her head, so that she would be less likely to try to squirm away from the oncoming blades. After doing this, he set the wheel in motion, turning Melissa clockwise in a steady circle. The rhythm was surprisingly soothing, pleasant even. Melissa felt herself starting to drift a little, the audience stone still and almost as silent. All she could hear was the wheel itself, clacking along, ever so softly behind her head. It felt so good to just be there, right side up, upside down, right side up, upside down. Suddenly something interrupted her tranquility, when she heard the “thud” of a knife hitting the wheel. Seconds later, another followed. Then another, followed by two more in quick succession, and finally the sound of what must have been two at once. The audience let out its collective breath, and cheered madly. As Melissa came fully back to reality she heard a sharp gasp followed by another thud in the wheel, and her blindfold fell off. She saw Mr. Silvermoon standing yards away, and caught her own reflection in her peripheral vision. The hidden eighth knife had struck next to her head, and severed the blindfold. The audience was nothing short of ecstatic. As Mr. Silvermoon walked over, Melissa started to smile, as did he. He waited until the wheel left her right side up, and stopped it gently. It took a few seconds to let her down, and Melissa stood next to Jonathan, as he held her hand up, and then bent over into a bow.
“Ladies and gentlemen, Melissa!” Jonathan proclaimed, and the crowd let loose another roar of approval. “Now, Melissa, did you come here with anyone tonight?” he asked.
“Yeah, a friend of mine” she replied.
“As a thank you for volunteering, I’d like to offer you and your friend a trip ‘backstage’ as you might say, though the term doesn’t really apply. You would be able to meet everybody, and we have free passes for the rest of the week, as well as a schedule of what other acts will take place when.”
“That sounds great” Melissa said, eager to find out what other events might be in store, and extremely excited at the prospect of seeing them all for free.
“Excellent” Silvermoon replied, pulling two cards out of his pocket and handing them to Melissa. “Just take these and come by the tents that are separate from the rest of the carnival, do you know the ones I’m talking about?”
“Yeah, I saw them earlier”
“Wonderful” concluded Silvermoon, and he turned to the audience. “And with that, I am pleased to bid you goodnight from Silvermoon’s Carnival. Sleep well, and we hope to see you again.”
As everybody left, Melissa walked back up to where Sandy sat, anxiously awaiting her return.
“That was amazing Melissa, it’s too bad you couldn’t have seen it. He started walking away and spun around and threw that last knife so fast!” Sandy gushed.
“I bet. I’ve got something even cooler though,” Melissa said, smiling.
“Backstage passes!”
“No way!”
“Yep, right here”
“Wow, that’s so cool!”
“Yeah, you want to come with?”
“Of course!”
With that, the two women walked out with the rest of the crowd, accepting congratulations, thank yous, and impressed looks from the people passing by. As they approached the tents, Melissa and Sandy were surprised to see a few people coming out, but didn’t know what to make of it. I guess they just left the big show early, or maybe they don’t perform until later in the week. I suppose even that can get sort of boring when you see it every day, Melissa thought to herself.
As they got closer, the women encountered a short man who asked them if they were allowed to go any farther. They showed him the passes, and he smiled and let them through. “It’s not often we see people with those, which one of you offered to help old John out?” he asked.
“That’d be me,” Melissa said, smiling.
“Glad you did, everyone’s always excited when he gets to do that. It’s a great act.” The man smiled again, and pointed out the largest tent where he said everyone would be waiting, including Silvermoon. As the two friends entered the tent, a chorus of cheers and greetings from the performers welcomed them warmly. Apparently someone had just forgotten to tell the short man outside, since everyone else seemed to know about Melissa’s adventure.
As the two stopped inside the doorway, Silvermoon stepped up to greet them. After some preliminary introductions were made, he walked them around the tent introducing them to anyone who hadn’t stepped up at the beginning. Once all was said and done, the surprisingly friendly group of performers had all said hello, and Melissa and Sandy were sitting with Mr. Silvermoon at what was now the head of the tent. It seemed like whatever part of the tent Silvermoon was at became the head, though it was certainly subtle. He wasn’t overbearing, and certainly didn’t seem to act like he was in charge, but he did have an aura of command and respect about him, an aura of power. As they sat, Silvermoon began to speak up, so he could be heard over everyone. “Well, now that we’ve all been introduced, I have your rewards” he said, “here is our schedule for the rest of the week, barring any unfortunate accidents, and two passes that will get you in free of charge.”
The girls thanked him, and looked at the schedule. The acts sounded amazing, though they were all only listed by name. A man who could spin plates on sticks, and a group of dancers from Germany who could move in the strangest ways. A Russian who was freezing to the touch and could cool a glass of water by holding it in his hands, and a Korean who could imitate the movements of anyone he saw in perfect synchronization.
“Now, there is another part of the reward that we didn’t tell you about just yet” Mr. Silvermoon said, his voice deep and slow. The girls looked up at him, wondering what else there could be. This seemed an awful lot in return for what Melissa saw as almost nothing. “We would like to offer you the opportunity to actually join the carnival for as much of the coming week as you would like.”
The girls gasped. Join the carnival? That couldn’t be right.
“Really, there is only so much to do during the day, and once you’ve ridden all the rides and played the games, it can get rather dull, just waiting for the grand shows to begin. So, we would like to offer you something to fill your time, after which you will be able to see the shows from private seats behind the scenes, with the best view in the house.” Mr. Silvermoon explained. There was something about his voice that drew Melissa in. A rhythm to it, one she knew from recently. Upside down, right side up, upside down, right side up. It was exactly the rhythm of the wheel, so relaxing. He did have a point though, what was there to do anymore before the show started? That was the only thing that really changed, there’s no way to change a midway every day, that’s just impractical.
Melissa looked at Sandy, who stuttered back something neither of them really understood. “What do you think?” Melissa asked.
“I’m not really sure, what about you?”
“He’s got a point, there really isn’t anything else to do during the day.”
“Yeah…” Sandy said, somewhat hesitantly.
“Besides, it could be fun. Didn’t you ever want to run off with the carnival?”
“Yeah actually, I did.”
“Yeah, it always seemed like fun.”
“We should do it then, when else are we going to get a chance like this?”
“Yeah, lets.”
“Looks like we’re decided Mr. Silvermoon, that sounds absolutely fantastic.” Melissa said.
“Call me John,” Mr. Silvermoon replied, “That’s excellent, it’s always exciting to have some new people around. If you’d like, we can show you what you’d be doing right now, but if you’d rather wait and find out tomorrow, that’s fine too.”
“I’m actually really curious” Melissa answered, “could we see now?”
“Absolutely, right this way.” Jonathan led the two through a door in the wall, which placed them in another smaller tent. The new tent was obviously a dressing room, filled with partitions, hooks and hangers, costumes of every sort, large mirrors, and tables of stage makeup. “You’ll be working as clowns.”
“Clowns?” The two girls said in unison.
“Yes, clowns. The particular positions I’ve thought up for you don’t actually require previous experience, and what’s more in the carnival spirit than clowns? Better still, it stops you from being recognized by other people, who may find it strange to see you working with us. We have your costumes all ready, if you’d like to see them. In fact, we could dress you here and no, if you want to get a feel for it in advance. Actually, I think that would be a good idea, don’t you?”
“Yeah, you’re probably right…” Melissa responded. He was talking in that rhythm again, upside down, right side up, upside down, right side up. It all made so much sense to her. If she was going to be a clown tomorrow, which she was, she may as well get the feel for it tonight. Sandy was somewhat less compliant.
“Melissa, we don’t need to do that” she said, “I’m not even sure I want to stick around if that’s what we’d be doing.”
“Well, what better way to find out if you want to keep it up than to try it out tonight?” Melissa asked.
“She’s right, all the more reason to try now” Jonathan said, “if you’ll just step into these two partitions, we’ll get the two of you all set up.”
“Wait, but—“ Sandy started to protest, but John had guided her over to one of the small rooms created by the partitions where someone was waiting with a rack of clothes, a table covered in makeup, and a chair all prepared. John closed the door to the room, and walked back to Melissa.
“Now, you can come with me” he said smoothly, and she fell into step with him. It seemed like the right thing to do, and it was easier than trying to work out what Sandy’s protest would have been. She was probably just scarred, worried about the new experience. She’ll be fine once it all gets going.
John led Melissa to a separate room with another rack of clothes and a table stocked just like the one in Sandy’s room. He sat her down in the chair, and went to shut the door. When he came back, he said “Well then, are you ready to be a clown?” Melissa nodded. She was ready.
“Good. I’m going to need you to lean back in the chair then, and close your eyes” Jonathan said as he tied back her hair and got a sponge covered in white makeup from the table.
Melissa could feel the makeup going onto her face. Starting at her forehead, and moving down over her temples, across her cheeks, and down to her chin. Going right over her eyes when John got there, and covering her entire nose and lips as well. Soon, her ears were covered in white. Next was beneath her chin, and then down onto her neck. John brought the paint sponge to the bottom of her neck several times, covering all of the front, when he asked her to turn over so he could cover the back as well. It didn’t take long, and Mr. Silvermoon certainly seemed to know what he was doing. Heh, how silly, of course he knew what he was doing. He knew everything about the situation, he was so smart. The things he said all made so much sense.
Once Jonathan was finished whitening Melissa’s face, he asked her to get up and undress so she could change, and she did without protest. As she did, John went over to the rack in the corner, and took down a white latex catsuit. “Put this on” he said.
“Why…?” Melissa managed to mutter, even as she started fitting it around her body.
“Well, it wouldn’t make sense to put white makeup all over your body, it’s so much easier to wear this instead” explained Jonathan, and suddenly it all made perfect sense. Of course, why would she put makeup where she could just wear this? “Besides,” John continued, “you love the feel of it on your skin don’t you? How it hugs and caresses you. It’s like your own second skin.” That was true too. It was amazing how well John knew her, she hadn’t ever told anyone how much she loved latex before. She wasn’t even sure she had really known herself…
As Melissa continued to get into the suit, fitting one finger into each hole and making sure it held correctly to her waist, Jonathan got a few other things off the rack, and came to stand next to Melissa. “Oh dear” he said, “it looks like it’s not going to fit your breasts correctly, yours seem to be a bit too small.” Sure enough, as Melissa really looked at the cups for the first time, she realized that she was just too small to fit right. She looked around, utterly confused, and wound up looking to John for help, tears starting to form in her eyes. “Don’t worry, we can fix it easily enough” John said, and Melissa started to smile again. Jonathan walked over to the rack and rummaged around until he found a tube of clear, fresh smelling gel. He quickly opened up the tube, got some of the gel onto his hands, and started massaging Melissa’s breasts. It felt so good, and was made even better when he started to speak to her again. “This will make your breasts bigger, and then they’ll be large enough to fill out the suit, isn’t that exciting?”
“Mmmhmmm” was all Melissa could get out at first, but after a second she managed to say, “but… couldn’t we have… just… stuffed something… in?”
“I suppose we could” answered Mr. Silvermoon, “but that would be cheating our good customers! As a clown it’s your job to make people as happy as possible, and how can you do that if you know you’re lying to them? Even if they never find out, you’ll know, and you’ll never be able to really make them happy, because you won’t be happy yourself.”
At that, Melissa felt ashamed. How could she even think to cheat the good customers like that? She wouldn’t really be able to make anyone happy with fake breasts; she needed her real ones to do that. She was so ashamed; she started feeling the tears again, but was quickly distracted by a strange tingling sensation in her chest. Mr. Silvermoon helped her get the catsuit around each breast, awkward as it felt since they weren’t sized correctly. All of that changed soon though, as Melissa felt her breasts start to grow and expand. She watched the suit fill up like a balloon as she grew to fit it, and even a little more. Now it fit perfectly, nice and snug around her.
“Alright then, time to get the rest of your clothes on” Jonathan said, lifting the pile from where he had put it mere seconds ago. The first thing he picked up was also the largest. It was a pink, frilly dress, with big puffy shoulders, and strings in the back that tied to hold it shut. Looking at it, Melissa knew that it would leave little to the imagination as far as her chest went especially when tied up at the back, since the neckline was low enough that it almost reached her nipples. The skirt was short, but not mini. It would reach her mid thigh, probably a little higher. As she started to put it on, she thought about exactly what she was doing, and started to falter. Jonathan saw this immediately, and started to pull a pink choker off the top of the pile of clothes.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“This… I shouldn’t… be doing… this…” Melissa managed to say, though it was obviously hard.
“Why not? It’s what our clowns wear, if you’re going to be a clown tomorrow, you’re going to have to put it on.” Jonathan moved closer as he said this, starting to prepare the choker.
“No… shouldn’t… wrong…” It was getting harder to keep talking, he was using that rhythmic voice again, but it didn’t change that somewhere, deep in her mind, Melissa had thought about the night she had been having.
“Here, lets keep getting you dressed. Why don’t you put this on? It’ll look so very good with that dress of yours” John said, slipping the choker around Melissa’s neck. Suddenly, she returned to putting on the dress, and stopped trying to force words out. Within seconds, Melissa had the dress on, and Jonathan had tied it up, cinching it tight like a corset.
Next, John took out a pair of striped stockings with all sorts of colors, and told Melissa to put them on. No! Melissa had thought, I need to stop this, but to her infinite surprise, she found herself reaching out and taking the stockings, and pulling them up her latex-clad legs, rubbing herself as she did.
What? What’s wrong with me? Melissa was confused and lost, just as soon as she thought she had figured it out, here she was, a prisoner in her own mind.
Next came a pink pair of shoes, with heels that were six inches tall if they were a centimeter, and with a large bubble at the toe. They had ribbons that wound up Melissa’s leg, and she found herself doing them up and tying them in the cutest bows she possibly could.
As she dressed herself, and mentally shouted out in protest, Jonathan leaned in and started speaking into her ear in a hushed undertone. “I suppose you’ve realized what’s happened to you by now” he whispered, “I’m sorry I had to do that so soon, but it had to happen sooner or later. I’d have preferred you did it though. You would have too, you do realize that don’t you? Mere minutes before, and you would have given me your free will gladly. As it is now though, I probably have to make a few adjustments. From now on, I am your employer. You are a clown in my carnival, and you will travel with us wherever we go. You will obey any order I give you, not because you have to, but because you want to. You see, you want to make me as happy as you can. In fact, you want to make everybody as happy as you can. That is just who you are. You are a clown now, and isn’t it a clown’s job to make people happy? You love to make people happy, and what ever makes them happy will make you happy. No matter how uncomfortable or unpleasant it may seem, if whatever you are doing is making someone else happy, you will love it. Now, tell me, what makes you happy?”
“Making other people happy.”
“And why is that?”
“Because I’m a clown, and that’s what clowns do.”
“And who do you work for?”
“Exactly. Now that you’re all dressed, it’s time to finish your makeup. Sit down.” And she did, without hesitation and without complaint. She tried to stop herself, but then she realized that sitting down would make her boss happy, so she needed to sit down, and that was that.
Melissa could feel Jonathan applying the makeup over her blank canvas of a face. Giving her features. He drew in some slender eyebrows, and shadowed her eyes. He added some lash extensions, and liner too. Next, he drew a red heart on each cheek, not overbearing, but certainly not small. Finally he colored her lips a dark, ruby red. He wasn’t done yet though, and he moved on to her hair. At first she was startled, but he quickly explained that, like the issue with her breasts, her hair was simply not right, and a wig would be cheating her customers. So, he cut it down to shoulder length and added dye as he stepped back around to look Melissa in the eye.
“Now, there is a bit more to your job than just clowning around,” John explained, “my carnival guarantees a good time for everyone, and there are plenty of people who are just too old to enjoy that sort of thing. That is what you are for. I want you to make sure that these people are kept happy in any way they want. Do you remember how you feel about making other people happy?”
“It makes me happy.”
“Exactly. That means that you absolutely love sex.” With that, John kicked a pedal on the chair and Melissa’s legs came up. John reached his hand up under her skirts, found her sex, and stuck his fingers in, taking the condom-like latex extension of the catsuit in with him, and leaving it there. “You love normal sex, especially now that you have a permanent contraceptive.” He kicked another pedal on the chair, and something hard extended from the seat into Melissa’s ass, bringing another condom with it. “You love anal.” John added. He walked around to Melissa’s side, and took a dildo somewhere from somewhere behind him, lowered the neckline of her dress, and stuck it between her breasts. “You love to give tittyfucks,” he said, as he walked back behind Melissa to reveal her newly dyed pink hair. Finally, he walked back in front of her and undid his pants, removing his penis. Kicked the pedals again, moving Melissa to a sitting position, and took her head in his hands, and put it right in front of his dick.
Melissa only thought for a half a second before she wrapped her ruby lips around his hard cock. She started to bob her head back and forth, and teasing it with her tongue. As she kept going, she bobbed her head further and further down his member until he eventually came in her mouth, and she instinctively knew to swallow.
Jonathan pulled her head from him, and refastened his pants. Satisfied, he told Melissa to stand up, freeing her from the anal dildo that was still inside her, and he took the one that he had placed in her breasts. He led her outside, where another girl, dressed exactly the same as Melissa was bending over and smiling as another man did her up the ass. “I see Sandy’s transition went well,” John said to the man.
“Yeah, went fine. Probably went faster since I went straight for the collar” he responded.
“Wouldn’t be surprised.”
“You say they’re ready for the tents tomorrow?”
“Melissa is, seems like Sandy likes her new position too.”
Sandy smiled even more, and wagged a finger at Jonathan.
John laughed, but rather than come forward himself, he taped Melissa on the shoulder, and whispered something to her. She promptly nodded, and bent over before Sandy, presenting her sex directly to the other girl’s face. Delighted, Sandy started to lick away fervently, and Melissa started to grind backwards, making Sandy smile all the more.
“Yeah, I’d say they’re ready” John said, and walked away, thinking about how much he loved performing his knife throwing act.


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