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by Hexept



Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

It’s funny how little differences can become big ones. My identical twin brother Jason is just a few minutes older than I am, yet I look up to him as if we were years apart. He thinks things through more clearly, while I tend to be more emotional.
Physically, there’s not much to tell us apart. We’re both 6?5?, with blond hair and green eyes. We both keep our hair long, with a kind of retro bowl cut just above the eyes. We’re seniors in high school, and pretty much the stars of our football team. I’m a wide receiver, Jason is a running back, and between us we do most of the scoring for the team. Our prettyboy quarterback just has to throw or hand off the ball to one of us, and something good will usually happen. Since we do sports year round, we are always working out, and have great builds that we take care of with great care and lots of hard work. We also dress somewhat alike, not intentionally really, it just works out that way.
Oh, we also have a brother Billy, two years younger than us, but we don’t really have much to do with him. He was adopted soon after he was born, and grew to be about 5?8? tall and on the scrawny side. He’s got straight black hair that tends to hang over his eyes. Our dad, who’s big like us, was kind of disappointed in how Billy turned out physically, and over the years spent a lot more time with us than with Billy, playing ball, watching sports on TV, and attending our Little League and football games. Mom tried to spend some time encouraging Billy, but he grew up mostly apart from family activities, which revolved around Jason and me. And while we twins always shared a room since we were little, and it seems totally natural to us even though we’re almost eighteen, Billy has always had his own room.
Billy is the total nerd type, and spends most of his spare time alone in his room. He has his own computer, and the floor is covered with all kinds of electronic stuff, and cables and tools and things. Whenever his door is open, it seems he’s intensely studying things on the Internet. At school, he runs with a totally different crowd, and at home he helps the family out with everything technical. Right now, he’s setting up a new family computer in the den. When Jason and I came in after practice and saw him crawling around behind the machine, Jason poked his head in and joked, “Billy, you really need to get out and get a girlfriend.” I suppressed a laugh. We both figure Billy for gay, and there’s no need to be mean. But Billy just looked up for a moment, smiled, and said, “Yeah, I know, I’m working on it.” And we went on to our room.
* * *
It’s Saturday, and Jason and I are still a bit sore from yesterday evening’s successful football game. Billy has told us he’s just about done setting up the new computer. It has some special new multimedia equipment attached to it, and he wants each of us to spend a few minutes trying it out. Mom and Dad will do it this morning, and Jason and I will try it this afternoon. When I passed the den, I saw Dad with a headset on. I couldn’t tell from his expression whether he was enjoying the experience. In fact, his face didn’t seem to have much of an expression at all.
I had just came back from visiting a friend. As I entered our room, Jason looked up and told me that it was my turn to try out the new computer’s multimedia experience. “It’s incredible, man. It hits all the senses at once. You gotta try it!” I went to the den, where Billy was expecting me. He handed me the headset as I sat down. “Just relax and enjoy,” he said. I put it on and waited for the program to start. I couldn’t hear anything at first, then there was a sound that seemed to be nowhere and everywhere at once. I don’t remember much about it, but it seemed like a minute later that Billy was taking off the headset and telling me I was done. I went back to my room, where I discovered to my total shock that nearly three hours had gone by since I had put on the headset.
* * *
Now it’s Saturday evening. Jason and I were hanging around our room waiting for Mom to call us for dinner, when Billy barged in. This was really weird because he almost never comes into our room for any reason. He then said something strange: “All of you have spent a few hours on the machine, and the tests seem successful. So now, down to the deepest recesses of your minds, you should believe that everything I tell you is the absolute, indisputable truth.” And the thought that immediately sprang to mind was, Of course! Everything Billy says is ALWAYS true! That’s completely obvious! Why is he even bothering to say that?
He walked over to my twin. “Jason, remember when you made fun of me yesterday? About not having a girlfriend? Well, that was pretty disrespectful, don’t you think?” A troubled expression came over Jason, and he said, “Disrespectful... yes...”
Billy continued. “And you should be punished for that, right? In fact, you NEED to be punished for that.” And Jason, taking in this information, looked fully convinced. “Yes, I really need to be punished.”
Billy called down the hall. “Dad! You need to come in here right away!” And immediately I heard Dad’s loud footsteps approaching down the hall. But when he arrived at our door, I couldn’t believe what I saw. He came in completely naked! I don’t think I had ever seen him naked before in my life, and yet he seemed completely unaware and unconcerned about it. He’s a really big guy, both wider and taller than us twins, and we’re pretty big. My eyes couldn’t help drifting down to his private parts. His soft cock seemed bigger than mine is soft. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like hard.
As soon Dad walked in, Billy said, “Dad, Jason was very disrespectful of me and needs to be punished. You should be angry.” And immediately, rage showed on Dad’s face. And of course Billy was right; Dad SHOULD be angry! Jason looked ashamed, and even somewhat scared. Dad sat his large frame down on a chair and said, furiously, “Jason, it’s time for your punishment RIGHT NOW! Lie face down here across my lap.” And Jason, looking frightened, walked over and docilely lay down on Dad’s lap the way he might have when we were four years old. Even at 6?5?, he looked like a little kid lying there, his ass globes presented for a painful punishment.
Dad began his spanking. And he wasn’t holding back; his slap! slap! slap! were delivered with the full force of his considerable strength, and it was clear Jason was writhing in pain. Meanwhile, Billy came over to me and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, Tim, I’ll protect you. I’m sure you’re grateful for that.” And a huge wave of gratitude swept over me that Billy was willing to protect me from such a nasty punishment. What a great brother he turned out to be! Who knew!
Finally, Dad finished his spanking of Jason, shoved him off his lap, and stood up. “Don’t ever disrespect your brother again!” he said sternly and strode out the door, huge semihard cock flopping around as he walked. Evidently the warmth and friction had caused him to get a semi while he was spanking Jason. I could see where Jason and I got our endowments. Billy went over and stood over Jason, who was lying on the floor rubbing his very red butt. “You’re sorry you insulted me. In fact, you feel bad about insulting me. You want to make it up to me, don’t you, Jason?” Jason looked pained. “Oh, yes, I HAVE to make it up to you, Billy. But how can I?”
Billy said, “Just get Brad Jackson over here tomorrow morning.” Brad is the quarterback of our football team. “Tell him you want him to try out this incredible new multimedia box we just got installed. You’ve got to get him here. You’ll feel really guilty until you do.” And clearly, from his expression, Jason DID feel that way.
Billy came over to me. “Tim, you know you owe me for protecting you from punishment.” Of course I knew that. “So I want you to do me a favor tomorrow and do some shopping...” And he explained what he wanted me to buy. I went to my desk wrote down what he said.
* * *
It’s Sunday evening. This morning I went on a shopping trip for Billy. First I went to a costume shop. I explained to the sales guy that our football team was putting on a comedy skit, and I needed a girl’s cheerleader outfit that would fit me. He took my measurements, said he would have a real challenge finding girl’s cheerleader shoes that would fit my size 14 feet. But he said if I came back in a couple of hours, he would have the altered costume and shoes ready for me. After that, I went to the women’s section of a department store to buy some underthings, and then to the cosmetics counter for a few items. Then I picked up the costume and went home. As Billy had instructed, I put everything in our closet.
Later, Billy came into the room with Mom. He told her I needed help learning how to put on the cosmetics and outfit, so she spent time showing me how to do it. Once I was all made up and dressed, Billy told me how he thought I should feel very natural in the outfit, and right away I knew he was correct: I felt much more comfortable dressed that way than wearing my normal clothes. There was a knock on our front door, and Billy said it would be best for me to change back into my regular clothes. So although it was a bit uncomfortable, of course I did what Billy said because he knew what was best.
Jason answered the front door, where Brad Jackson was waiting. Brad, our quarterback, is nowhere near as physically large as Jason and I are—he is not even six feet tall— but we call him “prettyboy” because he has boyband-type looks under an always-perfect head of chestnut-colored hair. The illusion of delicateness is shattered whenever he takes off his clothes in the locker room; although he has a naturally slim build, he spends a lot of time working out. He has a decent upper body, and also well-muscled legs, since he makes up in mobility what he lacks in height.
Jason escorted Brad into the den to try out the multimedia box attached to the computer. Once Billy put the headset on Brad, Jason left the den and came into our room. He told me how he felt bad at how he had treated Billy all these years, which surprised me. I mean, neither of us ever had much to do with Billy, so what did Jason feel bad about? But it seemed to make sense to Jason. He said he was really grateful to Billy for finding a way for him to atone for all those years.
Later, Billy came into our room with a confused-looking Brad, who was saying, “You mean Jason was secretly lusting after our hot bods all these years? That he’s really a flaming FAG? But he never—I mean he never said anything, or stared, or anything—”
Billy said, “That’s right, he’s just REAL good at hiding it. But he’s decided to come out, right, Jase?”
Jason cleared his throat. It was clearly difficult for him to do what he was about to do, but as he’s proved many times over the years, he has the heart of a champion when he knows what needs to be done. “Brad, I ... I’ve always ... wanted ... all you guys. Whenever I see you guys in the shower, all I want to do is ... suck all of you off. Especially YOU, Brad...”
Brad still looked totally confused. Billy said, “Brad, you must be really mad that Jason has been hiding this all along. I think he really owes you, don’t you?”
Brad’s expression immediately changed from puzzlement to scorn and anger. “You mean all these years he could have been serving the team, and he never said anything? STRIP, faggot!”
Jason couldn’t tear his clothes off fast enough. Meanwhile, Billy was whispering helpful hints to Brad. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but he seemed to agree with everything Billy was telling him. And why not? Everything Billy says is right...
Jason stood there, head hanging, naked and ashamed. Although he normally towered over Brad, now he seemed smaller, in a way. And his cock hung there limp, although even in its shrunken state it seemed really big compared to most guys’.
Brad looked confused at Billy. “I thought he was hot for me. Why is his cock soft?”
Billy explained, “That’s just his great cover-up skills, RIGHT JASE? If he let his TRUE FEELINGS show, he’d be bigger than a motherfucker right now.” Jason, almost in tears, ran out of the room and into the den, quickly followed by Billy and me.
When Billy and I got to the den, Jason was sobbing. “I ... I can’t do this, Billy. I mean, I’m not gay. I really, really want to be punished for what I’ve done, but he can see I’m not attracted to him.”
Billy said, “I can help you with that. I’ll work on you over the next few days so you will automatically get hard whenever it’s punishment time. But for now, you’ll just have to secretly jerk yourself hard so he thinks you are into this. Don’t worry, he’ll believe me. He has to!”
Jason looked grateful. “Oh, thank you, Billy. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.” As he spoke, he rubbed his cock until it got so big that even his large hand could barely fit around it. While he was doing this, Billy said, “By the way, I never really liked being called Billy. From now on, I’m William, or better yet, Master William. Got that, both of you?” And right away, I saw him in a whole new light. Even though he was physically small, he seemed to have grown in stature, while we lowlife twins were just overgrown lugs in need of direction.
Master William then told Jason, “OK, Jason, back to helping your quarterback.” We headed back to our room, where Brad saw Jason was hard. A satisfied look crossed Brad’s face. “I see you’re showing your true feelings now, FAG. Get over here on your knees and undress me NOW!” And Jason crawled over to Brad, beginning his first punishment of many to come. As he undressed Brad, for the first time I really noticed Brad’s bod. I mean, I had seen it in the showers all the time, but now after some whispering from William, I was REALLY noticing all the details. Where Jase and I have naturally large builds, work out all the time and so have almost body-builder type muscles, Brad has more of the toned, swimmer type of build. And William pointed out that Brad’s hard cock, while much thinner than our embarrassing “war clubs”, is almost as long, and looks much more sleek and agile.
Finally, Brad stood there with his boy-band face and nicely muscled body fully showing, and grabbed his cock. “OK, fag, you’ve wanted this for years, now it’s yours. BLOW ME!” And Jason eagerly grabbed Brad’s cock and began gently licking at it. But it didn’t go well at all. Jason had no experience at his new profession of cocksucking; he moved too slowly, causing Brad to grab him by the back of the head and changing the cock sucking into a face fucking. When Brad began pistoning his cock in and out of Jasons’s mouth, he gagged several times and twice got his teeth into Brad’s cock, causing Brad to kick him away. “What the fuck are you doing! That fucking hurts! Get the fuck away from me!”
Jason looked panicked and crawled back towards Brad. “Please, Brad, let me suck you! I want you! I NEED you! Don’t push me away!” But Brad was already starting to put his clothes back on.
William intervened to save the day. “Brad, Jason is just inexperienced. He really does want to service you, and the rest of the team. He just needs to learn how, and I know just how we can do it. Tomorrow...” And William walked out into the hallway with Brad, explaining his idea, while Jason, sobbing, lay naked and crestfallen on the floor.
We heard the front door close as Brad left. Then William came back into our room. “Jason, I fixed it with Brad. You’ll start to get the punishment you desperately need tomorrow. Why don’t you lie down for a while in bed and relax.” And Jason did exactly that.
Meanwhile, William turned to me, “Tim, you should come with me to my room awhile. Bring all your new clothes with you.” I grabbed the cheerleading outfit and followed William to his room.
When we got there, William said, “I know you feel much more natural with your new outfit on than you do wearing your skanky old BOY’s clothes. I think you should change back into your cheerleader gear.” I did, and of course he was right, I felt MUCH better. While I was doing it, William told me, “I know that what you saw Jason go through back there in your room looked painful, but it was really for the better. Jase will feel much more satisfied in his future life as an object of scorn and punishment. He doesn’t know it yet, but soon he’ll get all the punishment he needs, as I gradually change him into the football team slut. And when the time comes, he’ll also be the basketball team punishment slave and cockslut, naturally.” As he told me how much better Jason would feel, I felt much better about the whole situation.
William went on. “For you, though, I have very different plans. Yesterday, Jason pointed out that I needed female companionship, and of course he’s right. So I’ve decided to find a girlfriend. MAKE a girlfriend, actually.
“You know why you feel so good in that girl’s cheerleader outfit?” I didn’t. “It’s because, deep down, you feel like a girl. You are really a beautiful, delicate girl born into an overgrown, overmuscled boy’s body. And it’s so UNFAIR!” And I began to realize he was right! I must have always felt like a girl, and just didn’t know it! And now, having this outfit was making it clear to me!
“I want you to lie down here on my bed while I explain to you the REAL history of your life...” And I drifted off listening to William tell me everything that happened...
* * *
It’s Monday, my first full day in my secret life as a girl. I’ve dressed in my normal guy clothes, because I don’t want anyone at school to know my dreadful secret. My guy clothes feel unusual and unnatural. I feel like I’m a girl cross-dressing as a guy and hoping to fool everyone. So far this morning, no one seems to have noticed. Some things are different, though. I find myself checking out the guys when they’re not looking. And now it matters to me who’s hot and who’s not, as I imagine myself as each one’s coy, flirty girlfriend. But no matter how many I see, none of them seems to measure up to the one guy I’m REALLY dedicated to.
I see him in the hallway, but I have to try to avoid him so my oversized clit doesn’t get tangled in the panties I’m wearing under my jeans. He’s only a sophomore, so we’re not in any classes together. But I know I’ll get to see him at home later. When I do see him in the hall with his geeky friends, I can see he is clearly a man among boys. But I’m afraid of what I’ll do if I get too close to him in public. I may not be able to control myself.
At lunch today, I need to find a girl I can really trust to help show me how to be the best girl I can be. I need to learn everything to become more perfectly “girlish” to please him. I also need a new wardrobe and more makeup lessons, so I can be the most beautiful girl in his life. Obviously I can’t approach Heather, my old girlfriend up to last week. She doesn’t seem to understand why I don’t want her anymore. I mean, I’m no lesbian! And I just know she’s comparing notes with Lisa, Jason’s former girlfriend up to last week. Jason is still a straight guy, but of course that side of him won’t be allowed to show through until he’s through with his punishment. And that may not happen for years!
* * *
It’s Monday evening. Football practice went normally. No one said anything, although Brad was clearly talking down to Jason, giving orders and insulting him. I guess most of the team wondered what was going on, but since Jason seemed to take it all without complaining, they must have just assumed something happened, and let it slide. I guess a couple of them must have been curious why Jason seemed not to be able to look any of them directly in the eye. In the shower, though, I saw Jason checking out all the guys’ packages, not with lust but with dread. He tried to hide it, but a twin can tell.
After practice, my old friend Melissa took me shopping to all her favorite places for trendy girls’ clothes. Clothes in my size were impossible to find—I’m a big girl—so I had to leave them to be altered. When I got home, I went to my room to drop off what I was able to bring back, only to find the room a bit crowded. There were Jason, William, Brad, and two other guys from the football team, Rufus and Blake, both bulky linemen. From their blank expressions, it was clear that Rufus and Blake had recently been through a session on the multimedia device in the den. Brad was explaining things to Jason, who was already naked and on his knees.
“Man, you did such a miserable job yesterday on my cock that I had to do something. Your little brother here suggested I bring the guys on the team that are hung the biggest—besides you two, of course—to train you and loosen you up properly, front and back, for your new job in helping the team. Rufus, strip and take the front. Blake, you strip and take the rear. Keep pumping him and don’t let him go until he learns to take cock all the way without gagging, without teeth, and while holding a full boner of his own. Now get started—treat him like the piece of faggot shit he is!” Sure enough, the expressions on Rufus and Blake’s faces hardened into scorn and disgust as they lined up to administer the first lesson to my kneeling twin. Although I had never seen them hard in the locker room, it was clear that Brad had chosen well in selecting these two as Jason’s “trainers.” Jason had already frigged himself hard as instructed and braced to receive the full double manhood of his teammates and former friends. His throat and asshole were about to be reconfigured and expanded to help in his new role.
As this began, Master William, leaving Brad in charge of Jason’s training, grabbed my arm and firmly pulled me out of the room, down the hall, and into his room. I felt a flutter of excitement as he sat me on his bed, then sat down next to me, and stroked my hair. “There was no need for you to watch that, baby,” he almost purred. “You’re too emotional, and I don’t want you hurt. I want you to be able to focus on becoming my perfect girlfriend. I want you to be as beautiful as you can make yourself. I know you can’t help checking out other guys—you’re a normal girl after all—but I want you to know I’m number one in your life. You’re happiest when you’re pleasing me, when you’re doing things for me, and I want you to be happy.” What a truly wonderful boyfriend!
“Also, to make your transition easier, you’re not ‘Tim’ anymore. That was your name when you thought you were a boy. You’ll still have to use that name at school, where no one must learn your secret just yet. But your REAL name is Tina. I’ve already told Mom and Dad, and I’ll tell Jason as soon as he finishes today’s punishment.
“By the way, from now on I expect your room to be kind of busy most evenings, you know with Jason getting his daily punishment and all. I think you should move in here with me.” I was stunned and excited. “But... I mean, it’s everything I dream of, but... there’s only one bed in here!”
William pulled hard on my hair, forcing my head close to his, and he hissed in my ear, “Exactly!” And without being touched, my oversized clit started to grow as he held my head in his forceful, manly grip. He then easily wrestled me flat onto my back on his bed, climbed on top, and just... dominated me completely. Every part of me seemed to melt into him as his long tongue raped my throat. Any memory I had of being a boy faded into nothingness, as I realized I must have actually been a girl all along. When the tongue penetration ended, William sat on my chest and said, “I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted to do that over the years. I’m going to leave my mark on you and make you completely mine. I know you need me inside you, don’t you?”
As he said that, I could feel a vast emptiness inside me, desperately longing to be filled by his studly cock. Although it wasn’t too big, it was incredibly beautiful, representing as it did his total power over my will, as well has his proven ability to convert our formerly independent-minded teammates into compliant musclepuppets for his amusement. And nothing turns on a girl like submitting to a true top. All I could do was whimper, “Please, make me yours, once you’re inside me I’ll be yours forever.”
But after one last rough kiss, William rolled off me, saying “Sorry, baby, you’re not ready yet. You’re going to have to earn it before I turn you over and take you. Over the next few days, you’ve got to work on transforming every thought, every move, every desire, into being consistent with your status as the beautiful girl you are. You can keep your muscles, you’ll need them for football anyway. In fact, even though I know you’d prefer to be a cheerleader instead of a player, you’ve got to fool everyone into thinking you’re still a guy, so you’ll need to work out and practice even more now than you ever did, and perform better on the field. But when you’re with me, you need to be all sweet and feminine. THEN I’ll take total command of your pussy.”
Of course I was hugely disappointed, with my emptiness unfilled. I followed William back to what is now Jason’s room. He was lying dazed on the floor, cum dripping out of his mouth and out of his asshole, and his own puddled on the floor underneath him. Master William nudged Jason’s head with his foot. Jason opened his eyes wide.
“So how was your punishment?” asked William. Jason looked up. “Uhh... painful, humiliating, disgusting. Those guys used to be my friends, now they just look at me as a cumdump. But I learned how to serve them, and I feel that some of my life guilt was washed away.”
“Very good,” said William. “And you can get rid of the REST of that terrible guilt if you keep this up for a few more days. Or weeks. Or maybe years. I’m not sure yet. But you should look the part. Tomorrow you should get your hair cut down to almost nothing. Cumdumps don’t need hair. Meanwhile, say hello to your new sister, Tina.” For the first time, Jason noticed me in my cheerleader outfit. “Tim discovered he was a girl all this time and didn’t know it. So what do you think of my new girlfriend? She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”
And I saw Jason stare at me as if he had never seen me before. He was really checking me out, and I could tell he thought I was hot! Since he’s a straight guy now forced to avoid most women, I wasn’t surprised to see his hand unconsciously move towards his crotch. And while I found him somewhat physically attractive, he is obviously a bottom boy, no match for the dominant top I need to make me a real woman. William told me, “Unlike Jason here, I want you to let your hair grow past your shoulder. I love girls with long hair.” I felt a shiver of excitement run through me.
The future holds such promise. I vow to redouble my efforts to become William’s perfect girl Tina, and leave my false past as “Tim” far behind.


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