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by nesrina_80



A small Forward: I know some people are looking forward to more stories
with images, I'm sorry that I didn't deliver such a thing. I still may
in the future, but right now I'm focusing on a different story that
involves elements not typically explored in trans-fiction. The next one
will most definitely be illustrated, this one...I originally wanted to,
but then I felt the writing spoke for itself enough. If I'm wrong, tell
me, and if any one's interested in doing some illustrated stories, let
me know. I won't promise anything, if the idea doesn't interest me I'll
say so, but I'd like to hear them all the same.

Russell Simms wiped the sweat from his forehead as he stood facing his
'Baby'. Over the years he had given her many names, all of which dripped
with affection and almost lust, but he always preferred 'Baby'. He
walked around her, leering like a perverted old man as he wiped his
hands on a filthy rag, taking in all her erotic glory as he occasionally
reached out to caress her firm exterior. He especially liked the leather
he recently bought for her. Dark, imported, classy. Anything for his

He walked over to the side of the garage and grabbed a discarded diaper,
and lovingly began rubbing across her back. He resisted the urge to coo
as he spread wax over her rear end, using long circular strokes. The
soft whine of the wax and diaper against her recent paint-job was music
to his ears as he closed his eyes.

"Russell! Stop molesting that car and get in here!"

The diaper flew into the air as Russell lost all composure. Even more
frightening than the slamming of the garage door as it suddenly flared
open, was the angry voice of his wife. "Y-yes dear!" Russell stuttered
as he quickly finished the wax spot on the back of his cherished black
and yellow custom 1970 Plymouth Duster, his 'Baby'.

He walked into the kitchen from the adjourning garage door, still
pulling clinging grease and wax from his fingers with a soiled cloth.
"What's wrong?" he asked tentatively.

Annette, his wife for twenty-two years, looked positively flustered. Her
red hair splayed about like a wild fire across her head, accentuated by
the angry flicker in her eyes. "Every thing's wrong!" she threw her arms
up even as she was bending down to retrieve some random bit of
Tupperware under the counter. Her erratic movements and tempered
expressions were a well-learned sign to Russell to keep a distance and
speak softly.

"The wellington is burnt, and the risotto is ruined! All I have to serve
to drink is Kool-Aid and vodka! And, and I can't...I can't," her voice
trailed as she violently searched through one of her utensil drawers, "I
CAN'T FIND THE FUCKING SALAD TONGS!" Suddenly the entire utensil drawer
flew with a resounding clatter across the kitchen floor. Annette put one
yellow rubber gloved hand to cover her face as she gasped in spite of
her own explosion.

Russell calmly walked over and hugged her tightly to him. "Hey, it's
alright." He kissed her forehead cherishingly. "Dennis is going to be
here in an hour, and unless I'm mistaken, he never cared for your
cooking much anyway".

Annette chuckled almost sarcastically with most her face buried in
Russell's chest. "He doesn't even like my Macaroni and Cheese," she
mumbled halfheartedly. She wiped her eyes, and before stepping away gave
her husband a kiss.

Russell waited until she had regained a bit more composure before he
asked her, "So, what can I do to help?"

She turned to him, eyes still red, but this time more serene. "Hmm..."
She bit her lip thoughtfully. "How about you just go pick up some beer
and a pizza."

Russell once again pulled her to him. "That's-" He kissed her on the
left cheek. "-a great idea." He then kissed her other cheek. "I love-"
then her neck, "-this idea." She squealed as he nibbled on the nape of
her neck, "I'm excited to be a part of it. I'll get going." One last
kiss and Russell grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. For a
fleeting second he debated whether or not to take the Duster over the
Taurus as he stood staring at the gorgeous beast sitting sexily under
the open garage door for all to see. He finally decided against it,
thinking that it would make a nice homecoming for his son when he pulled
up, just in case Russell was late in getting the Pizza.

Forty minutes later, while walking out of the pizzeria, Russell thought
to himself about the upcoming reunion. It'd been two years since he or
his wife had seen their only son. After high school, Dennis whisked
right off to Stanford and with the exception of a few polite and loving
letters, never spoke much to his idle parents. So when he sent them an
email saying he was coming up stay for two weeks, Russell and Annette
practically exploded with excitement. Even more exciting was his
mentioning of his accompanying 'girl-friend' who'll be staying as well.
It was all very sudden, but after two years with hardly a word, they
couldn't complain. Eagerly they cleaned the pool, and Jacuzzi,
straightened and dusted out Dennis' old room and got the entire house in
tip-top shape.

When Russell pulled up in front of the house he was taken aback by the
the attractive young woman leaning against his 'Baby'. Even as he pulled
the parking brake, and grabbed the pizza and beer, he never took his
eyes off of her. He congenially walked up to her while holding the pizza
in one hand like a waiter and the beer in the other, as she furiously
tapped the various buttons on her cell phone with blurring speed,
completely engrossed in her texting. "Ahem! Excuse me," Russell tried
his best disarming smile.

The girl gave a start and dropped her cell phone, and only in an amazing
display of cat-like agility was she able to save it from smashing onto
the driveway and into a million pieces. After saving her phone, she
clutched to her heart like a crucifix and took a deep breath. "Oh my
gawd, papi. Who told you you could just sneak up on people!" She made as
if to playfully hit him as she rolled her eyes.

Russell tried not to stare, but it was hard as the girl was very
attractive. He wasn't normally attracted to Latino girls, but this one
was quite stunning. Large flashing brown eyes, perpetually pouting red
lips with a small mole riding above. Her dark curls haloed her angelic
face and cascaded down her voluptuous frame. Large mounds of flesh rode
in front of her, their olive tanned tops gleaming nakedly with sweat
from the summer afternoon beneath her white low-cut t-shirt. The shirt
itself displaying in bright red letters "BOY-TOY", clung tenaciously to
her body, it's short cropping exposing her flat belly and pierced navel;
the edges of a tattoo peeking out from under her belt line.

Suddenly Russell realized that he was in fact staring, but more
embarrassing than that, was this minx was staring right back. She leered
and cocked a snarky grin that reminded Russell of Gina Gershon. "I don't
remember ordering a pizza," she made an "O" with her mouth while running
her tongue over her teeth speculatively, her eyes seeming to dart from
the pizza to the beer to Russell, then to Russell's crotch. "Pizza,
beer, hunk...papi, you sure know how to impress!"

Her accent sounded familiar to him, and there was something else, a sort
of huskiness in her voice...

Russell tried to stammer out introductions, being awkward with both
hands being full and a young woman standing in front of him dripping
with sexuality. The girl must have realized who he was, because all at
once she apologized and introduced herself.

"Oh, gawd! I am SO sorry mister Simms! I didn't realize you were Misty's
fatha, I'm such a moron!" She snatched the beer out of Russel's hand and
quickly flipped her hair back. "I'm Marielos." She extended her hand.

A look of understanding finally passed over Russell's face. He reached
out and shook her by the hand, and noticed that it was rather large for
such a small, effeminate thing. "Please, call me Russ. It's nice to meet
you, I'm afraid Dennis hasn't told us much about his girlfriend really."

Now it was Marielos' turn to look confused for a moment, then
comprehension dawned on her. "Right, right," she said smiling big, "you
can call me Maria. 'Dennis' is in the house with mama....catching up."

Russell looked past Maria through the garage. "Oh, uh..."

"You go ahead. I'll wait 'till you guys are done." Russell thanked her
and as he offered her a beer. "No, you take 'em. I've a feeling you'll
need 'em."

"Great," Russell beamed. "I'll see you in just a bit."

Maria just smiled serenely.

As he opened the garage/kitchen door Russell heard muffled whispers,
thinking they were going to try and surprise him he shouted out, "Honey?
Where's my boy?"


Russell set the pizza down on the kitchen counter and popped open a
beer. As he sipped at his beer he walked into the living room to find
his wife alone. He spread his arms out in confusion. "Where's Denny?"

Annette dabbed some Kleenex at her eyes.

"Have you been crying again?" Russell looked around. "Out of happiness I
hope. Where is he?"

Annette looked like she was trying to speak but wasn't able to make any
sound. her mouth moved and her face was rampant with random expressions.
Russell gently grabbed her by her arms, "Annie, honey. Where's our son?"

She stared up at him with a curious look. "He's not here."

Just as his face curled into another mask of confusion, Russell heard a
familiar voice behind him. "I'm right here dad."

Russell gave his wife one last smug 'I knew it' expression and then
turned to his boy.

The first thing that popped into his head was 'Jeez! how many hotties
did that kid bring up here with him?!' Then the red hair, the awkward
stance, and the eyes all came into focus. Ultimately it was his thumbs.
Dennis always twittled his thumbs when he was nervous. Russell could
always tell when the boy was hiding something by the way he twiddled his

All these personal details came crashing down on Russell's already
addled mind along with the twisted reality he saw before him.

The vision before him looked only similar to his son, like a close
relative. Her hair was red - like his mother's, her green eyes large and
scared. The dark purple sweater was open just enough to show the massive
cleavage nested inside, but not thick enough to hide the large
protruding nipples standing at attention beneath the material. Her
undershirt, like his 'girl-friend's', rode just above her belly, showing
off a small roll of baby fat and a navel ring. underneath that was the
edges of a tattoo that her pants were pulled up high enough to hide.

Her shoulders slight, and sloped. Unlike his athletic father, Dennis was
always more of the 'indoors' type, preferring to play games and read
books. Russell always used to nag him about his small shoulder's when
compared to his old man's. Her long and graceful neck sported another
tattoo, this one written in an old English font, it was somebody's name,
but Russell couldn't make out whose.

He looked her up and down, even after Annette had broken the silence and
they all say down, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her small and
pretty feet, strapped into her high stiletto heels; her long legs
encased in those tight jeans as they gracefully slid up to what could
only be described as a perfect ass. He stared at her chest, catching his
breath as she bent over grab something out of her purse, causing her
cleavage to spill out further. Abruptly he felt his wife pinching him,

He realized then that he had been ogling his own son. His boy. His own
flesh and blood. Revulsion swept through him, and he understood now why
he had stared at the whole body, but not the face. He just couldn't take
it in. It wouldn't fit. It didn't make sense.

Dennis had always been a geek, but this?!

Russell thought back to when he, himself was twelve and had tried on his
sister's clothes one day alone. He never did it again, and it never
occurred to him to. He tried it, he wasn't interested, done deal. He
tried to wrap this thing around his head by explaining it to himself
that it was the same for Dennis, he'll have tried this...'thing', and
then he'll move on. Perfectly normal. He looked once more at where his
'son' should have been sitting. Those breasts looked real, and big; and
that face had definitely had surgery to make him appear more feminine.

Suddenly he was aware of his wife crying next to him. He woodenly patted
her shoulder consolingly as she leaned against his arm. Dennis was
wiping tears from his own eyes delicately, missing a few which fell and
spattered against his ample chest, only to gradually roll down along the
curvature of his large gently rising breasts. Still entranced with the
appetizing display, Russell looked up to find his son staring him in the
eyes with a shocked expression. The very gravity of the moment was lost
on Russell until he followed Dennis' dropping gaze down to his own
crotch which sported in all obvious intensity his fully engorged

Dennis looked away, his pale cheeks aglow with embarrassment.

Before Russell could think of an excuse to momentarily leave the room,
Dennis spoke up. "Well, Maria and I can stay at a hotel tonight and then
we'll ju--"

Annette suddenly broke in "What? No!" she got up and ran over to Dennis
to stop him from grabbing his things and leaving. "No, you'll stay here
tonight, and for as long as you like." She took a deep breath as if
trying to breathe in some great courage, "you're our son, err- I mean
'daughter'. And you will always be welcome in our home." She nodded her
head once, firmly as if decreeing some new law.

Russell realized they were both looking at him. "Oh! Er- yes. You're
always welcome here. We love you, Dennis."

Dennis looked down sheepishly. Annette turned to Russell and said with
high brows and low lids, "Her name is 'Misty' now." Russell also
realized that Annette had hit that vodka while no one was looking.

'Misty' still had tears in her eyes. She laughed and snorted, then both
her and Annette giggled at some unspoken joke. Misty's eyes popped open
with alarm, "Maria! She's been outside this whole time. Oh, I'm such a

Annette's hard day had sent her out-of-practice maternal-programmed mind
into 'coddling mode'. "It's okay sweety," she began picking Misty's
things up and dragging them into 'her' old bedroom. "She can stay here
too. As long as she likes."

"Thank you, mother."

Russell just stood idly by as they exchange feminine banter, still
floored by the last hour and a half of distorted reality. It was like
being told a story that was just too crazy to be believed, and you
wanted proof to make it seem real, only there was no proof. He knew this
was real, and the proof was jiggling and swaying twenty feet from him,
but his mind just refused to accept this.....dare he think it, FOX as
his one and only begotten son.

Russell could still hear them in Misty's room as Annette arbitrarily
straightened things and fluffed the sheets. "Did you want to use your
old room dear, or the guest room?"

"Oh, well I'll take my room, and Maria can have the guest room."

There was a small silence. "I thought you said she was your girlfriend?"

Russell walked into the kitchen and chugged another beer.

"No, Eew mom. I'm straight."

Annette suddenly burst into a nervous laughter, "Oh, thank god!" She
regained herself, then asked sweetly. "so do you have a special girl?"

He could hear Misty pause and think her answer through. He already knew
what it was. "No, I mean I'm a woman, mom. I'm straight, for a woman. I
like men."

Russell looked over to the hallway door to see Misty standing in her
bedroom doorway, staring at him.

"Oh," Annette managed. She was working overtime to keep it together.
"Well, no boys over after ten." she then burst into an almost frantic
laughter, stuck somewhere between desperation and hysteria.

Russell was always up at six in the morning. It was something his father
had practically trained him on since he was a small child. His general
idea of sleeping in was at about six-fifteen in the morning, and his
entire morning routine was like clockwork. Wake up, bathroom, coffee,
breakfast, shower, shave, brush teeth, start day. Without having anyone
other than the wife in the house for two years, Russell wasn't quite
used to thinking about others in the context to his modesty, so he
didn't think twice as he came down the stairs for his morning ritual
coffee, and into the kitchen in only his tight, white underwear. Nor did
he notice his 'daughter' sitting at the corner breakfast nook nibbling
on a piece of toast.

Clumsily opening and closing various cabinets, and fishing through
drawers of random tidbits, he grunted and hacked his way to finally
sipping at his morning coffee. As he turned to grab the paper off the
front porch he abruptly locked eyes with Misty. For a moment his mind
was completely blank, all that Russell could register was how the small
green robe barely covered any of her pink flesh. Her breasts, partially
visible through the widely opened top, swelled and hung like melon-like
pendulums, heavy and full. Her thick red hair pulled back leaving only
freckles on her cheeks and exposing her widening green eyes.

"Morning daddy," she squeaked. She seemed like she was avoiding looking
him in the eyes, her own constantly traveling back and forth around him
but seemed to gravitate to the counter behind.

When he finally realized he was standing in his underwear in front of a
beautiful young girl, and not his son, Russell snapped out of his bleary
grogginess. He quickly set down his coffee and mumbled apologies and
began to back out of the kitchen. Misty's gaze followed him as he made
his escape, a small coy grin playing at the edge of her lips, when
Russell followed her eyes down to his fully erect cock, tightly
straining against the white material of his underwear. He looked back up
at his son only to see a sexy young woman in his place staring hungrily
at his meat, as she leaned to get a better look while Russell stood
frozen as he watched her breasts spill out onto the table, almost enough
for them to pop out completely. He felt his cock engorge some more.

Dennis giggled. "Wow, daddy. I've heard of morning wood, but...jeez!" he
said jokingly.

"Dennis....don't..." Russell couldn't think of how to put it. 'don't
stare at your father's cock', or 'stop turning you dad on', what kept
flashing through his head was 'don't just sit there, come and take care
of this!'. The immense taboo of the situation suddenly gripped them both
as Misty looked back down at the table, leaning back and composing
herself, and Russell walked back upstairs, went into the bathroom and
locked the door behind him.

His breathing was heavy, and he stared in disbelief at his engorged
cock. He was getting on in years and he hadn't gotten this hard without
a little 'help'. Something about Misty just hit every button he had.
Those green eyes, her fiery red hair, her long dancer-like legs, her
thin but muscular arms, that glorious peach shaped ass, and of course
those gigantic melons. Those milky-white protrusions, heavy and
beautiful. His hand worked furiously on it's own accord, pulling and
massaging his torrid cock, he pictured squeezing those heavy tits,
suckling them. He pictured his own cock pounding relentlessly into her
soft, round ass. Of cumming inside her, making her his. His 'Baby'.

His baby.....

Suddenly he came out of his reverie when he realized he was thinking
about his baby. His boy, his son. His hand still worked furiously,
totally separate from his horrified mind. His shock that he was just
jerking off - IS jerking off, to the thought of fucking his only
begotten son. His only child, his baby-boy. Dennis. Misty.

A shiver took hold of Russell as he stood facing the bathroom mirror,
his hand slowed it's furious assault as the all-to-familiar feeling
swept over his body. He let out a small moan as a thick stream of white
shot out and smacked against the mirror. Then another, and another, then
one in the sink.

His shoulders rose and fell as he struggled to regain normal breathing.
He didn't want to look like he was just jacking off. He quickly wiped
the semen off the mirror, then flushed all the evidence away. Took a
deep breath, exited the bathroom, got dressed and without seeing or
speaking to anyone else, went to work.

Thick billows of steam rose from behind the plastic curtains as Misty
opened then stepped inside the shower. With the hot water gently hitting
the tops of her feet, she shook her hair out and let the water soak it
thoroughly before flipping it over her shoulder and splashing more hot
water onto her face. She couldn't believe what she had said earlier to
her own father. She had actually openly stared at her dad's boner. She
kept telling herself if she focused about it, it would only encourage
her forbidden thoughts, but maybe if she could resist thinking about it,
these feelings would go away. She began washing her hair, only absently
aware of the novelty feeling of the sudsy water running down her
breasts, or careening momentously off her large nipples like a

She heard the bathroom door quietly open and her hands reflexively shot
out to cover herself. She stood there, water running down her naked body
as she stared at the shower curtain, listening...

"It's just me girl." She could hear Marielos sliding down her pajama
bottoms as the toilet seat lid tapped against the top of the tank.

"Oh, my god, Maria!" Misty hissed, still striking a lewdly similar pose
to Venus Di-Milo while staring at the blank shower curtains. "You nearly
gave me a heart attack! I thought you were my dad." She stepped away
from the water and pulled some of the curtains aside so as to peer out.

Marielos stood in front of the toilet, her tattered and baggy Superman
t-shirt several sizes too big rolled up over her belly, and her 'Tank-
Girl' pajama bottoms rolled down as she clutched her equipment with both
hands. Misty couldn't help but gaze at it hungrily, a look not lost on
Maria as she relieved herself into the open toilet. Back when Marielos
was known as Daniel - Dennis' roommate - his cock had been quite
impressive at almost ten inches long and maybe two inches thick. Every
time Misty looked at it, she always thought that how still impressive,
it waned in comparison to it's former glory.

"Like what you see?" Marielos began stoking her cock, its semi-erect
form appearing perfect and tantalizing. Misty remembered feeling that
cock inside her for the first time. Remembered the hoots and calls from
all the people around them as Daniel fucked Dennis while in drag with
lustful abandon at a college pledge party almost two years ago. She
reached out and wrapped her fingers around it, the open air cooling the
water still standing on her flesh as her teeth chattered from the cold.

"You know I love what I see," Misty grinned and started pulling Maria
toward the shower. Marielos quickly threw off her shirt and gracefully
slid out of her bottoms and stepped into the shower behind Misty. She
kissed her neck and licked her ear while Misty continued stroking her to
her full seven inches.

Suddenly Maria snatched Misty's hand off of her cock and pulled it
sharply behind her. She kicked Misty's feet apart and bent her forward,
Misty let out a surprised gasp but was grinning from ear to ear. Maria's
cock pushed against Misty's hole, and with ease slid in. Misty sighed as
Maria pulled back on her hip and pushed in fully, deeply nestled inside
of her. Misty's other arm pressed against the shower wall, supporting
her as Maria started pumping rhythmically, her own cock small and
shrunken dangled excitedly with every thrust.

As sighs turned to moans, and Maria's own grunts turned to insults
"Yeah, you like my cock in your ass don't you, whore?!" "You're not a
man! Little bitch! My bitch!"

Misty was lost in her ecstasy. She pushed back against Maria's thrusts,
shouting "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Make me your bitch! Fuck me like a

Excited as she was, Maria wanted to take things a little further than
usual. She always knew that Misty had a quiet crush on her father since
coming back home, and who could blame her, but Maria wanted out of pure
lustful curiosity to see what would happen if encouraged...

"You like being fucked don't you, slut?!"

"Oh, god yes!" Misty screamed as Maria pounded her from behind. "I love
it when you fuck me!"

"But not just me Misty, right?" Maria slowed down her pace and made
every pump a power thrust, sending shock waves down Misty's thick and
beautiful ass.

"No, I love it when men fuck me!" Her teeth gritted, Misty admitted the
truth while her heavy tits pendulously slapped against the tiled wall
with every one of Maria's slamming thrusts.

Maria grinned evilly, she knew Misty was right at her peak, as was she.
"I bet you wish your daddy was fucking you, whore!" She ground and

"wha--" Misty's mind sputtered, frozen as the sexual onslaught shot
pleasure throughout her body, now coupled with her very denial of her
attraction to her own father. Just the thought of his thick ropey cock
pushing deep into her ass while he held her lovingly was enough to send
her over the top. Misty screamed from pure ecstasy and Maria rapidly
pushed and fucked.

"Say how much you want daddy to fuck you Misty!"

"Aah!" She still struggled with admission.

"Say it or I'll pull out and tell him myself!" Maria pulled until her
tip was almost totally out of Misty's sphincter.

"Oh, god! I want my daddy to fuck me!"

"Say it again!" Maria pushed back in with gusto.


Maria's legs tensed and her body clenched as she pushed up inside of
Misty once more, letting all that her balls had stored shoot deep into
her hungry bowels. Misty' whole body shook as her small cock shuddered
and spit out a clear liquid.

As she leaned against the wall, Maria's large breasts pressed against
her back and her hole still filled, horror and realization struck her
all at once. The bathroom shower shared a wall with her parents bedroom,
and mom was usually up and reading in bed at this time in the morning.

Misty breathed heavily, ignoring Marielos' mewling kisses on her neck
and shoulder and her rubbing Misty's shrunken and cumming sex. She had
screamed that she wanted her father to fuck her, while being fucked in
the shower, and then came! She felt dizzy, as there was no way her
mother didn't hear her.

By the time both her and Marielos had gathered themselves and opened the
bathroom door, they heard the front door on the other end of the house
slam closed, and the sound of a car peel out of the driveway. The only
clue they found as to what Annette was thinking before she stormed out
was a broken picture frame from their family photo; the photo itself,
ruined. Usually showing a happy family: the tall muscular father, the
beautiful loving wife and the young strapping son, the picture was now
torn nearly in half, the section with just Annette and Russell was all
the remained.

Misty's lip shook as her eyes filled with tears. Her own betrayal of her
mother was too much for her and she turned to receive a supporting
embrace from Maria, who was smiling wickedly the whole time.

After two days without hearing from Annette, Russell was finally able to
track her down to her sister's house. When he got her on the phone she
quickly launched into hysterics, claiming the memory too awful to speak
openly about. All Russell could surmise was that it had something to do
with Dennis and that Maria.

Even with his wife's sudden absence and the stupefying shock and
embarrassment whenever he caught a glimpse of Misty's body, Russell felt
incapacitated with confusion. What was he supposed to do in this

His parents had long ago prepared him for thousands of life's unexpected
and often nasty little surprises, but even they would never have seen
this one coming. Russell found himself taking yet another trip to the
kitchen and arbitrarily opening and closing the refrigerator door. This
was something he had realized years ago he did whenever stressed or
depressed; with no direction and no answers or inspiration, he became
stuck in a strange loop of actions: walking around the house, sitting
down in front of the T.V., getting back up, walking around some more, go
into the kitchen, see if there's anything to eat....nope, repeat the
whole thing again.

When he finally stopped, it wasn't because any idea occurred to him, or
some inspiration appeared to him; he stopped when he heard voices and
splashing outside in the backyard. Russell curiously peered out the
kitchen window, and his jaw dropped at what he saw.

She was laying there, serenely stretched out onto the beach chair and
staring up at the clear blue sky. Her skin marvelously bright against
the sun and her hair on fire. The large sunglasses fixed above her small
nose seemed to accentuate her feminine features, exaggerating them to
perfection. Her long legs arched back and forth, rubbing her small feet
against the coarse fabric of the chair's cushion. Her large breasts rose
and fell with deep breaths as she soaked the sun into her skin, their
stunning beauty challenging any looker to not be entranced. The leaf-
green color of her two piece bikini brought out the beauty of her pale
snow white skin, coupled with her deep crimson hair and framed her
magnificent figure with awe-inspiring voluptuousness. Her entire body
was honed with inert sexuality, raw and undeniable.

A groan escaped Russell as he unabashedly coveted this creature lying
astride his swimming pool. His teeth were grit from sexual frustration.
He wanted her, it was that simple. He couldn't see her as his son
anymore, he could only see a perfect being, angelic and erotic. Even
with his current precarious familial situation, at seeing this much of
Misty's body Russell didn't care anymore. He loved his wife, and
cherished the memory of his son, but there was no denying that he had to
have her. Besides, the heart wants what the cock wants.

"Don't ruin that gorgeous skin, girl!" Russell could here Marielos, but
the angle of the window frame hid her from him. She must be in the pool
he realized, and then thought lewdly of what she might look like in a

Misty looked over at where Maria must have been floating then quickly at
the ground around herself. "Shit! I forgot to buy sunblock!"

Maria cackled wickedly. "Uh-uh-uh! You'll have to ask 'Daddy' for some
lotion then." Russell's heart stopped for a moment, even at the
crestfallen look that came over Misty who'd been avoiding him lately,
his mind raced and suddenly his heart caught up. He bolted from the
kitchen window just as Misty turned and stood up from the beach chair.
He nervously ran his hands through his hair in his bedroom mirror as he
heard Misty's tiny feet padding up to the sliding glass door just
outside his bedroom, then a timid knock. Russell quickly threw off his
shirt and splashed a bit of sink water onto his wide chest, took a
couple of deep breaths and opened hie bedroom sliding door.

Misty's arm was still raised to knock again as the sliding door flew
open to reveal her father standing shirtless and covered in sweat, his
exercise equipment a mess behind him as it always seemed to be. He
breathed heavily from exertion as he stared wordlessly down at her her.
A small squeak was all the noise Maria made from behind Misty as she
poked her head out from the surface of the pool and saw the large,
handsome man, half naked and sweaty standing in front of Misty.

"Hey, um..." Misty tried to compose herself as her Verile father loomed
almost erotically above her, dominating her with his very presence.
"Dad, I was wondering..." She reflexively clenched her butt cheeks as
she was aware of an empty feeling deep inside her, an action not lost on
Maria from behind. A shiver both hot and cold ran over her skin and down
her legs while Russell silently stared at her.

"Sun block!" Maria piped up from her surfacing head, grinning like a
cat, yet looking more like a hippopotamus. Misty suddenly wanted to kill
her, she felt so embarrassed, standing in front of her father in a
bikini and making an obvious show and not looking down at his crotch.
Her chin was raised so high she could have started describing the clouds

"Sun block." Russell frowned thoughtfully. "yeah, I think we keep a
couple of different kinds in the guest bathroom." He nodded over back at
the beach chair, "you girls relax I'll get it for you." He closed the
sliding door and walked back into the bedroom, his cock straining
against his pants. He quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a black
tank top, showing off his muscular arms. Grabbing the sun block, he
headed out the kitchen sliding door and found Misty waiting for him as
she lay belly-down on the same beach chair. Russell's cock jumped when
his eyes fell onto that perfect ass wrapped in a green bikini. Misty's
head was turned away from him so she wasn't aware of Russell licking his
lips while staring at those large pillowey cheeks.

Russell snapped back into the real world by the abrupt chuckle from
Maria out in the pool. "Go ahead, Papi. Help her with the lotion!" She
smiled evilly as she bobbed in the water, her ample chest clearing the
surface just enough to show her nipples through the thin material of her
yellow bikini top.

"Can you put it on me, dad?" Misty still hadn't turned to face him, but
reached around her back and pulled the draw-string from her bikini top,
letting it fall to her sides, the sides of her breasts ballooned out
like cushions underneath her frame, the sight of them making Russell
grit his teeth again as he squirted lotion into his hands and began
rubbing them over Misty's back.

He pressed deeply, gently massaging the lotion into her flesh, marveling
at how soft and smooth it was. His hands trace her spine, and flowed
down her shoulders and arms. He teased and pulled and rubbed the lotion
all up and down her back, when he got to her glorious ass he didn't slow
down, he rubbed the lotion over her cheeks and massaged it into her
skin, a finger or two might snake down and press against her rectum
'accidentally' every now and then, but he politely apologized every
time. Lovingly he squeezed and pushed her muscles in her back, when she
moaned it only encouraged him as his hands and fingers massaged around
the sides of her shoulder blades then gradually dropped to just graze
the sides of her breasts. His nerves suddenly caught in his throat and
his hands shot back up to her upper neck and shoulders.

Misty's eyes were closed as she struggled with the pure eroticism of the
moment. She was getting off on a universal level from her daddy's hands
touching her. She could tell he wanted to see her breasts, but was too
nervous to take a look for himself.

"Mmm," Misty moaned, "thank you Daddy. Now can you do the other side?"
Without warning Misty flipped over in the chair, and flung her top over
to the side of the pool, finally revealing those heavenly orbs of
magnificent perfection. They were heavy and hung like pendulums, every
subtle detail only served to make them more unbelievable. Their shape,
the slope of her shoulders as the flesh swelled and hung. The bright
pink nipples that topped these amazing mounds of flesh themselves were
erotic and beautiful. More than three inches in diameter, her aureoles
offset the stark whiteness of her skin, then jutting seductively out
from those were rather large nipples. About as thick and long as a thumb
tip with a slit that gave them the appearance of either an opening or
that they were winking.

Russell had to resist the urge to pounce and begin suckling those
heavenly tits. Instead he sat down on the end of the chair right where
Misty's feet were curled daintily. As he rested himself on the chair, he
could feel Misty's foot against his torrid and imprisoned member, but he
ignored it. He picked up one of her feet and remarking how it wasn't
even a men's size #7, applied the lotion then massaged them both as she
cooed and smiled, then setting her dainty feet back down, he moved
further up her long, graceful legs. A common exaggeration, but true in
this case was that her skin was really like silk. It's smooth texture
and healthy vibrancy was sexy all in itself as Russell was learning
while squeezing and rubbing up and down her calves, under her knees and
up her thighs.

Misty's pretty little feet at first just gently pressed against her
father's cock beneath his shorts, trying to maintain degree of subtlety.
But as he bent down and kissed her inner and upper thigh, just inches
below her frustrated cockette and yearning asshole, she abandoned all
subtlety and her feet began rubbing and tracing her daddy's full length,
her toes gripping around his thick shaft through the material of his
shorts and sliding up and down.

Russell glanced up at his angel, his hands busy roaming her body. Her
eyes were closed and she bit her lip as she cooed and sighed, one hand
idly played with her nipple, pulling and teasing it while she moaned and
thrust her hips up, her bikini bottom sliding against his chin. He could
plainly see the tattoo below her navel now, and puzzled at the meaning
of the large bold letters: "BETA-BITCH #113". Ignoring that, he licked
the Y-shaped crevice of her milky thighs and the green bikini bottom,
then kissed it. As if saying "Open Sesame!" her legs spread in open
invitation at his kiss. Without hesitation Russell kissed and licked the
small soft bump hidden by the green material. Some how Misty had gotten
her feet into his shorts and was rubbing furiously as Russell mouthed
and bit at his prize in green.

"Oh, Daddy!" Misty moaned as her father tongued at the fabric holding
her small hidden penis. Then suddenly, it all became too real. This was
her father! What was she doing?! She started trying to push him off, but
confused, he kept attached, kissing her lower body with love and
affection. She looked frantically for Maria, only to find she was
nowhere to be found. "Daddy, stop!" Misty gave Russell a violent shove,
knocking him out of his reverie.

"Oh, Dennis, I'm sorry--"

Misty threw her hands up and a sob escaped her. "My name's not--wait,"
She stood up from the Beach chair and stormed away from the patio. "I
can't do this! Not to my own parents."

Russell sat there, alone and excited. His pants open and his cock raging
and angry. He felt the frustration and the anger of this weeks events
colliding down on him. His perpetual confusion over what to do in order
to solve these problems deftly disappeared. His cock never lost it's
rigidness, fueled by anger and a new resolve.

He shot up from the patio chair and made his way into the house. Inside
he could hear Dennis on the phone with Maria as she sobbed and begged
her to come back, Russell looked around quickly, he didn't realize Maria
had gone...all the better. When she saw Russell, she must have noticed
something about the way he looked, because she suddenly looked very
afraid, "Maria, I'll call you back. bye" she hung up the phone and
stepped back, "I'm sorry dad. I'm going back to California, I-- I can't
do this." Her naked chest heaved with hysteria. "I can't ruin your

Russell didn't wait to hear another word, he calmly and forcibly walked
over to his son and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Her
terror and confusion broken into screams and threats. When she noticed
the hall way and which bedroom he was carrying her into she lost all
composure. Kicking and screaming, biting and spitting, Misty kept saying
'NO!' even when all the air rushed out of her as she was tossed
unceremoniously onto her parent's bed.

Russell straddled her head, pinning both her hands with his knees. He
unzipped his shorts and force-fed his semi-hard cock into his son's
protesting mouth. Her muffled cries dampened now by the thick meat
pushing past her lips. Soon she started sucking on her own accord. As
Russel leaned back and started rubbing his son's shrunken sex, Misty
craned her neck forward so as to not lose her father's cock. The reality
of what she was doing paled when compared to the pleasure she felt in
doing it. She moaned and mewled as she worked her tongue up and around
the shaft, and on the urethra of Daddy's cock as well. She savored the
taste, the feeling of his veins against her tongue, his balls slapping
and pressing against her chin.

Russell couldn't help but look down at his son and see her as a total
slut. A fact that aroused him greatly. "You love your Daddy's cock don't
you, whore?" His domination of her was key to his arousal. He had to
make her his, completely.

She grunted an affirmation and moan girlishly around his cock.

Russell decided it was time to change positions.

As one hand held both her wrists captive, the other pulled and tweaked
her nipples, breaking the kiss Russell leaned down and took one of the
coveted perfections into his mouth. He sucked as hard as he could, the
sheer excitement of the tabboo situation making him rock hard.

Misty sighed erotically, but still tried to fight him off. As Russell
sucked and kneaded her heavy tits, he was abruptly aware that he was
tasting something. It was very familiar, but it didn't hit him what it
was until he heard his son moan like a slut. "Oh, not now. Daddy don't
drink it, please! It's too much!"

'Turned on' is such a paltry term to describe the magnitude of arousal
that Russell felt when realizing that he was drinking his own son's
breast milk from his own son's huge udder-like tits. Russell sucked
furiously, and with Misty now locked in the throws of ecstasy, he let
her wrists go and pinched and kneaded one milky tit while sucking the
other dry. The feeling of all that stored milk being suck out of her
tits was too much for Misty. Like a great physical pressure being
relieved, she sighed and gasped with every squirt of thick milk her
father forced and kneaded from her tits and drank deeply.

Misty ran her hands through her father's hair and moaned like a whore.
"God yes! Suck my titties daddy!" not even aware of what she was saying
anymore, Misty just shouted whatever popped in her lust-addled head
first "I wanna be your Milky-Bitch slut, whore! Make me your whore
Daddy!".she reached down and grabbed hold of Russell turgid meat. Angry
and hard, it's full eleven inches decorated with various veins and hot
with excitement. Russell grabbed Misty's legs by her ankles and lifted
her from the bed as he tore the remaining green bikini bottom off his
son's ass, and gave the peach shaped flesh a generous smack to which
Misty squealed excitedly. Still holding her by the ankles, Russell took
her small and dainty toes into his mouth and suckled lovingly. Misty
arched her back and spread her ass cheeks so as to show her father the
final prize. Peeking out from between her milky white thighs, her tiny
balls and shrunken penis lopsidedly hung just above her winking hole.

"Daddy, I want you to fuck me, please!" She practically screamed it at

Russell quickly lost interest in his sons small and pretty feet and
threw them to either side, spreading her legs. He leaned over to almost
lay completely on top of her. Misty's hand still attached to his cock,
she guided him to her entrance.

He kissed her deeply and pressed in, only slightly worried at the pained
expressions fluttering across her angelic face. The tightness of her
sphincter gripped him like a warm friendly hand and pulled him deeper.
He began to pull out, then push back in, building a pace while Misty
hissed "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!"

Russell looked down at his only son. Milk was still dripping from her
engorged nipples, her soft white skin was was flush and haloed in a
sheen of sweat, and her tiny shrunken 'cockette' lounged miserably by
itself, untouched and un-needed. Her asshole stretched and
affectionately gripped his cock as it pumped in and out of her. Her mind
exploded with every thrust, she kept thinking to herself that this was
not only the best fuck she'd eve had, but that she was in love. The
feeling of her father's cock steadily pounding in and out of her erased
any doubts of her sexuality or orientation. She began bucking and
pushing, grinding her ass as far up his pole as she could manage while
biting his neck and lustfully whispering into his ears as he fucked he

"You like fucking me, Daddy?" she gripped her tiny penis that looked
like it belonged to a four-year old and pointed it at him while he
continued reaming her ass. "You like fucking your son? Your 'she-male'

"God, yes!" Russell shouted and he pounded his 'she-male' son's ass with

They were both lost in the throes of passion, Misty screaming for her
father to fuck her ass harder, Russell was grunting and moaning as he
gladly obliged, unable to quell the surge of feelings that threatened to
overtake him as he stared down at his lover and never wanted to stop
fucking, not for all eternity.

"Tell me you love me, Daddy!"

"I love you Misty."

"No, call me Dennis, Daddy. Tell me how much you love me and fucking
me!" Misty was now doing most of the work as Russell was slowing down,
pistoning herself back and forth on her father's cock.

"I love you Dennis! I love fucking you. I want to spend the rest of my
life with you, baby!"

Tears welled in Misty's eyes when her daddy called her 'Baby'. "I'll
never leave you, Daddy! Now cum in me! Cum in my ass and make me yours!"

Russell grabbed her by the shoulders and flung her to the side, launch
her position on top of himself while he lay back against the bed. Only
briefly surprised at the sudden change, Misty began bouncing on top of
Russell's hips, grinding and panting wantonly. Her tiny genitalia
bounced and bobbed as well and Russell could see his own cock surging in
and out of her with lustful determination. Her giant tits splayed about
and gyrated in all directions, at times spewing a stream of milk that
might hit Russell or the wall behind the bed.

He felt himself getting close, Misty leaned down and kissed him. He
could feel her cock pressed and squeezed between them, trapped and
rubbing. Misty leaned back up and moaned loudly and bucked wildly as her
penis twitched and came. Her orgasm caused her sphincter to tighten
around Russell's invading cock, and the newly tightened grip renewed his
sensation and focus. He gripped her by the hips and held her still while
he pumped in and out of her ass like an engine piston, catching one of
her hanging tits in his mouth, he began suckling and drinking furiously.

"Oh, Baby! Oh Baby!" Russell released his son's tit, fresh milk still
dribbling out and onto his chin. His pace slowed and his body tensed.
Misty leaned down again and passionately kissed her lover deeply as he
came deep inside of her, the throbbing and twitching of his cock sending
shock-waves of pleasure through out her body.

As he softened, his cock stayed inside of her. They lay there for hours
kissing and sucking and fucking.

In the open doorway to the hall, Marielos snickered quietly. The two
incestuous lovers lay sleeping after nearly eighteen hours of fucking.
She walked out into the hallway and into the kitchen. Bored and aroused,
Maria looked around for either something to eat or something to do, when
she came upon a small note showing Misty's mother's location and phone
number. A wicked smile spread across her mischievous features as an idea
formed in her head. To a person like Maria, absolute debasement is not
only possible, but it's easy. She should know as should Misty, it was
done to both of them when they used to be young heterosexual men. She
grabbed her bags, wrote a quick note for Misty, and called a cab.

She was going to see if she could arrange a possible 'Family Reunion'.


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