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The Hypnosis Files 3

by z119z

The Hypnosis Files 3


(c) by the author 2013

Case 2009/J

I’ve been working with Lincoln for over four years. In some respects, he’s been a very easy client. “I love being hypnotized,” he told me at our first meeting. “It arouses me to be controlled and manipulated. Even the thought of it makes me hard.”

His self-assessment is accurate. Lincoln is the type of subject who wants to be hypnotized. You can see that in the way that he comes bounding into my office and throws himself on the couch. He wants to be in a trance so much that he grows impatient at any attempt at small talk. He wants to submit and obey. He can’t wait to be taken down, down, down into a deep trance.

In other respects, it’s been a challenge dealing with him. He made his problem clear from the beginning. “I’ve never been sure that I’ve ever really been hypnotized. I sometimes wonder if I’m not just playing along and doing what I’m told to do because I want to be hypnotized so much. So what I want you to do is to make me do things that will prove to me that I’ve really been hypnotized and that I’m under your control.”

When I asked him what sorts of things would convince him that he had been hypnotized, he said, “That’s just it. We can’t discuss what you’re going to do. It has to be things you’ve thought up, and that I don’t know about. You can’t tell me what they are beforehand, or I may end up doing them out of my own free will. And I want to be sure that I’m doing them because I don’t have a choice.”

I told him that I would not do anything that put him in danger or hurt him physically. He wanted to argue about these restrictions, but I was adamant, and he finely agreed.

It was a challenge even to convince him that he had been hypnotized. Lincoln trances easily and so deeply that he has no memory of the sessions when he awakes, unless I instruct him to remember. But if I tell him that he will be able to remember what transpired during the trance, then he wonders if he was really hypnotized. If I let him have no memory of the trance, then he worries that maybe he dozed off and slept through the entire session. On several occasions, I videotaped a session and had him watch the tape afterwards. He grudgingly admitted that it “appeared” that he had “been hypnotized.” But he “would have to watch this several times” to make sure it was him on the tape.

He finally agreed that he had been hypnotized when he saw a video of himself frozen stiff. By that point, I had implanted a trigger to put into a deep trance immediately. I had the video recorder running when he walked into the office. As soon as he came through the door, I greeted him with his trigger. Between one step and the next, he went into a trance. He didn’t even register the presence of the third person in the room. I had enlisted another of my long-term trainees to videotape the session and assist me during it. (This person was also in a deep trance. Before I woke him up, I erased all memory of the session from his mind.)

I told Lincoln to undress, and he complied immediately. I then had him lie down across three wooden chairs, with his legs together and his arms pressed lengthwise along the sides of his body. When he was settled, I began. “Your body is frozen in place. It is stiff and rigid.” I repeated that several times until I was sure that he had become a statue. Then with the help of my assistant, I removed the middle chair. Lincoln’s body remained frozen in place. It did not sag. I moved the chair under Lincoln’s feet until only his heels rested on the chair. I did the same with the chair supporting the upper part of his body. In the end, only the back of his head was on the chair. I instructed him, “Absolutely frozen in place. No trembling. No movement.” I had positioned a clock so that it would be visible on the tape. I kept Lincoln suspended between the two chairs for five minutes. It was an impressive feat.

But I wasn’t through. My assistant and I moved Lincoln’s still rigid body to the couch. At this point, I stopped the videotape and dismissed the assistant. After he left, I turned my attention to Lincoln again and implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion. From the moment Lincoln entered until I brought him back to full waking consciousness, thirty-two minutes elapsed.

Lincoln awoke to find himself lying naked on my couch, facing a television screen. When his eyes opened, I started the video. Lincoln’s attention instantly riveted on the screen. He watched without blinking as he entered the room and I triggered him. His breathing became ragged as he saw himself grow rigid. When he saw himself supported on the two chairs, the post-hypnotic suggestion kicked in. His cock became as rigid as his body on the screen, and he ejaculated instantly, shooting cum all over his chest. The initial spurt left a trail of cum across his face.

Lincoln was elated and thrilled with the results of the session. I gave him the video to take home with him. He told me on his next visit that the post-hypnotic suggestion worked every time he viewed the tape.

Lincoln is such a good subject that I have tried many experiments with him. Following the session described above, he became almost addicted to being turned into a living statue. We occasionally paint his body a white that resembles the color of fine marble or a shiny bronze color to make him look like a cast metal statue. I put him in a trance and show him a picture of nude male statue. He arranges his body to mimic the pose of the statue as best he can, and then I freeze him. For these sessions, I have him be conscious of the fact that he is frozen in place and cannot move. His record for remaining frozen is four and a half hours. He tells me that he finds being posed and rendered immobile extremely satisfying and restful. “A conscious statue” is his term for the experience.

Lincoln has been so cooperative that I recently decided to reward him. The trick with rewards is not to make the subject dependent on them. If you give the subject a self-trigger that he can activate whenever he pleases, he is likely to go overboard and reward himself frequently. That can lessen the novelty of the experience for him. Some subjects quickly get bored with the reward but find themselves helpless to stop. They grow to hate the reward. Others trigger themselves so often that the reward begins to impact their daily life adversely. So a self-trigger is not the best option.

On the other hand, making the trigger activatable only by the hypnotist can be a nuisance. There are triggers that I want to work only when I say them and only when I want, such as triggers that instantly put the subject into a deep trance. But that would require me to activate Lincoln’s reward trigger myself. I wanted the trigger to be automatic but arbitrary and whimsical so that it would hit Lincoln when he wasn’t expecting it—the proverbial lightning bolt out of the blue. I would also program Lincoln so that he did not know that the trigger was a trigger. For him, the reward had to be inexplicable.

Of course, you don’t want triggers, especially one that precipitates an intense experience—to be activated at moments that would endanger the subject or put him in an embarrassing situation. (At least I don’t want the subject to be embarrassed or humiliated. There are some hypnotists—and some subjects—who relish that.) So you have to build in cautions against triggers working, for example, while the subject is driving or when others are around. I like to use a bit of programming called the “home alone requirement”; that is, the trigger is activated only when the subject is at home and alone.

So my criteria for Lincoln’s reward trigger were—

1. Automatic when Lincoln encounters the trigger.

2. Trigger activates only once a day.

3. Only activated when he was home and alone.

The question then became what to choose as the word(s) or event or sequence of events that served as the trigger. I wanted something that Lincoln would encounter at least once a day when he was by himself at home. So it had to be something in his daily life. A phrase such as “spaghetti with meatballs” wouldn’t work because it’s not part of daily life unless you work in an Italian restaurant. I also wanted it to be something that occurred randomly rather than at a set time, such as his first sip of coffee in the morning.

I think my solution is rather elegant and appropriate. Lincoln checks his personal email several times each day on his home computer. To my knowledge, he has at least five different email accounts—one totally innocent for family, bills, professional matters, and his straight friends, and several others for his more adventurous personae. He once jokingly told me that he spends at least fifteen minutes every day deleting spam because he has so many accounts. So I based the trigger on likely emails. Lincoln’s reward is triggered by the fourth email he receives each day whose subject line indicates it is sex-related, whether for the magic blue pills or porn or offers of dates with buxom women or big-dicked men or devices to increase your size. I figured four was a large enough number that he would not consistently activate the trigger the first time he logged on each day, yet not so high that there would be many days when he did not reach the required number.

Oh, and the reward? Well, that’s simple, too. As soon as Lincoln sees the fourth email, a hot, wet, muscular mouth begins deep-throating his cock. The mouth is talented, the tongue and lip action is vigorous, and the sucking is intense—vacuum cleaner intense. The sensation lasts for ten seconds and then stops. It’s driving him crazy.

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