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Jason and the Gay Hypno Massage

by hex8

Jason and the Gay Hypno Massage

I didn’t have a lot of money but I’d managed to save up enough to treat myself to a massage for the first time. I scanned my local gay newspaper. So many massage ads! I debated between choosing a guy under the heading bodywork or under licensed massage – non-sexual. My sore muscles and innate shyness steered me toward the latter, and specifically a simple ad from a guy names Luke promising “An exceptional massage guaranteed to leave you blissed out.” Then it gave his license number. I dialed, nervous for some reason, got his voicemail and left a fumbly message, barely remembering to give him my number. After an hour of waiting I started scanning for a backup ad. Right as I was about to dial a new ad, Luke called me back. He was very friendly on the phone and he even offered me a 90 minute massage for the price of an hour since I was a first time customer. He said he had an appointment later that night at 9pm. His last appointment of the day. Even though I had work the next day, I took the appointment. He lived just a few blocks from me it turned out.

He greeted me warmly, asking me to take off my shoes and leave them by the door. His apartment was toasty warm and dimly lit. I scoped it out to see the massage table and there was none until he directed me to a side room I’d missed at first. He had a great setup. He asked me if anything was particularly sore to which I said “Everything I guess” which made him smile more. He seemed about twice my age which was still young looking because I’m 20. He wore loose fitting blue shorts and a grey t-shirt. No socks. He was smooth. Shorter than me. Salt and pepper hair. Tan. He was very very handsome and I felt so shy even though it was just a massage of course.

He had me smell essential oils and said he’d add the ones I liked the most to the massage oil. I said I wasn’t sure and asked him to pick. He went to the other room to prepare and warm the oil, closing the door behind him so I could undress. I wasn’t sure whether or not to leave my underwear on so I left it on, then covered myself with the sheet too.

It was only as he massaged me that I realized how very much I needed it. I hadn’t realized how very sore I was until he started one by one untying those knots. And he started talking a bit too. “It’s okay to relax. It’s okay to let go.” I lost track of how many times he said those words. I lost track of time. At one point I looked up and noticed there was no clock in the room. Plus it was dark when I’d arrived. I really had no way to make sure he was giving me my fair time, except I trusted him to.

He diligently rubbed and kneaded and stroked my body, leaning in from time to time to speak to me softly. He’d also turned on some music. It was a different kind of music, more like various tones and notes in rather monotonous combination and sequence. No melody or harmony, only sound. He kept me draped as he offered that it was time for me to turn over onto my back. He brought a glass of water up to my lips, raising my head so I could drink easily. “Vitamin infused water,” he said. “In case you’re wondering about the funny taste.”

Once on my back he sat down at the head of the massage table behind me. He began deeply kneading my neck muscles from underneath and asked me if I was ready to relax further.

I gratefully told him I was at which time he placed a mask around my eyes and inserted in-ear headphones as well. The sounds that had been mere background before, while still background, became more insistent. I heard subtleties in the tones that I began to greatly appreciate. My neck melted in his hands.

The next time I heard his voice it entered into both my ears, through the headphones. It was part of the tones. Part of the recording. Instead of “It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to relax” I began to hear simply “Let go. Relax.” Though they weren’t commands, just ideas for me. Pleasant ideas. I felt him lift my head and guide me to drink more and more of the funny tasting water.

His massage moved down my chest, bumping my nipples. I felt glad I was wearing underwear because my nipples are so very sensitive. I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself with an erection. I felt the sheet being removed as he moved down to the massage the front of my legs. He moved my knee to the side, exposing first one, then the other inner thigh to his skilled insistent touch. His voice and the tones continued in my ear. I was so very heavy and sinking into the table. I heard that thought in my head. It was his voice saying it or it was me thinking it. I couldn’t tell the difference. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t tell the difference.

I felt him remove the mask and the headphones. “That’s your time Jason. You can get up when you’re ready. Here’s some more water for you in the meantime,” he said, gently pouring more water between my lips. I gratefully swallowed, enjoying that funny taste. “I’ll be just outside the room,” he said, smiling.

He stepped out. It was so very warm, and though he’d taken off the headphones the same tones were still active on his stereo, minus his voice. I missed his voice. I felt so very heavy and began to raise myself off the table, or try to. I failed, reasoning I just need a couple more minutes. My muscles were loose, veering on ineffective, veering toward weak. I felt some anxiety, not wanting to overstay my welcome, knowing I had work the next day.

Eventually, he knocked and simultaneously entered. “Just making sure you didn’t fall asleep on me buddy.” I opened my mouth to say that I hadn’t, but no sound came out. “What’s that Jason? I can’t hear you.”

He got closer to me, put his ear right up to my face. Still I couldn’t make a sound, except my breathing. “You’re so very relaxed. You’ve let go, haven’t you. Let go so completely.” These weren’t questions of his. They were statements said with understanding and care.

“You can answer my questions now, Jason. You can answer every question, but only with the absolute unhesitating truth. And as you answer each question, you will instantly forget both the question and your answer. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I said weakly, my own voice surprising me.

“How much money do you have in your bank account?”

“About 2000.”

“Is that everything you have?”


“Can you afford to see me again?”


“So this was a one time thing for you?”

“Yes has to be.”

“It’s true that getting a second job would enable you to see me regularly, isn’t it?”


“And as you consider the possibility and reality of seeing me regularly, you experience a great sense of relief. And waves of relaxation passing through you, don’t you?”


“Are you homosexual?”


“Why did you wear underwear for your massage?”

“Because I am shy and don’t want to get so excited that you see me hard.”

“I am going to remove your underwear now and you will feel complete arousal come over your penis. Yet as that arousal builds, your body sinks deeper and deeper into relaxation. Your body get heavier and heavier. You sink lower and lower into the table, unable to move. As your penis rises in erection, as your penis throbs in erection, your body sinks in relaxation. Your body, with the exception of your penis, sinks into pleasant numbness.”

He lifted my heavy limp body and pulled off my underwear, exposing me completely. He began taking a series of still photos of me as my penis throbbed. As each flash went off, my brain sunk down and down.

Shockingly to myself, it felt as if his hands and mouth were on my penis, urging out the cum. Yet he wasn’t touching me. Just the flashes intruding into the dimly lit room. Each flash got me closer and closer.

He got close to my ear and said “Move.”

I was suddenly able to sit up. He guided me, completely nude hard and disoriented, to his computer. He led me to log in to my bank account, made a note on a pad for himself. Then he had me login to my e-mail account and had me tell him the e-mail and my boss. He then e-mailed my boss as if he were me, saying I wasn’t feeling well and would be out the next day. My eyes wandered to the corner of the screen and I saw it was 1am. I’d been there 4 hours.

He guided me to a corner of his living room where he proper me up on pillows. When he got me into his preferred position, he said “Still.” I became paralyzed in place. He positioned the laptop so it was taking up my field of vision, then set in motion a slideshow of extremely pornographic images, things I’d never seen and didn’t fully understand. Some lasted on screen for seconds or even a minutes. Some flipped through multiple images in a second. It was chaotic yet my body was paralyzed. My eyes wide open. My penis throbbing and dripping. “I’m going to sleep now Jason. You might wonder why you don’t need to pee though you’ve consumed so much water. This is because it was very special water that your body so fully absorbed. And because any fluid that does need to escape your body will be doing so through slow constant clear sticky streams of precum all night. In the morning, I will make everything so much more clear to you. For now, goodnight. Be still. Relax. Let go. Be hard. Drip. Watch. Be silent.”

He put the headphones on me again, turning the tones up to where they were nearly at painful level. I was aware of words but couldn’t understand them. I simply throbbed. All the sensation in my body contained in my penis. The rest of my body numb and empty. I felt so grateful. Out of the corner of my field of vision, taken up almost entirely by the screen, I became aware or imagined I was seeing…Luke nude and masturbating. His penis was longer than I’d thought possible for any man. At one point in the night I felt fluid splat on my face. I didn’t know it’s source. It could have come from my cock or his or both. I felt absolutely perfect and complete. I felt safe.


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