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The Hypnosis Files, 5

by z119z

The Hypnosis Files, 5


(c) by the author 2014

Case 2012/m

Mark D——— is one of my experiments in guided experiences. At our first meeting, he told me that he was a very visual person. His subsequent behavior proved the truth of that remark. He lives his trance journeys in highly colorful and exact visual detail. He “sees” the fictional experiences he enjoys while hypnotized as if they were real.

Several months after he became my client, he asked if I would help him achieve one of his desires. He had, he told me, a large collection of porn stashed on his computer. He wasn’t sure of the number, but he thought he had several thousand pictures. All but a few were shots of individual males. “I like pictures of single men,” he said, “because then I can imagine being with them. If there’s another person in the shot, then it’s not my story anymore. It’s theirs.”

What Mark wanted from me was the ability to select one of the pictures and then experience being with the man. “For sex, you know.” He has learned to be quite forthright about expressing what he wants. During the early, conditioning phase of my work with clients, I instill in them the confidence that they can be completely honest with me and speak without embarrassment. I also teach them to feel totally at ease with me. Many of them need to be undressed during the sessions to accommodate their fantasies, and orgasms and ejaculations are not uncommon. So Mark’s directness about expressing his desires was not unusual.

“Is there anything in particular you want to do? Specific acts you want to engage in?”

“That varies with the picture. Some guys I see, they strike me as tops. Or at least as guys who I would like to top me. I want to suck them or be fucked by them. Other guys, I definitely want them to suck me. Some guys, I would be tender and loving with. Others would be rougher. It depends on the guy and on my mood at the time.”

“So what you do in the fantasy will depend on the guy you pick?”

“Sort of. I guess. But I don’t want to pick the guy. I would like there to be some way of making the selection random. You know, so that the guy is just there and then things happen. I like variety, but for me the fantasy would be more real if the guy just appeared and then we started doing things. I don’t want to decide beforehand that I want to do this or that and then pick a guy. I would like what happens to be the result of the type of man he is, if you see what I mean.”

“Yeah, I think I do. How are the pictures arranged?”

“By categories. I can show you next time. I can bring in my laptop and you can look at the files, if you want. It will give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.”

Mark arrived for his next appointment with his computer. He opened the folder for his picture collection. As he had said, it was arranged by categories—young men, daddies, bears, cubs, musclemen, leathermen, whites, blacks, latinos, Asians, athletes, hunks, clothed, jock straps, underwear, outdoors, indoors, various body parts (pecs, arms, abs, cocks, asses) and physical characteristics (hairy, smooth, tall short, red hair). Some of the categories were occupational—cops, cowboys, construction workers, truckers. A few subfolders were dedicated to pictures of one man. There must have been seventy-five subfolders containing different types of men. His collection was truly eclectic and wide-ranging. The only category I didn’t see was twinks. I made some remark about the staggering number of photos in his collection.

“A lot of the pictures are in two or more subfolders. So the total count is misleading. I probably only have about four thousand or so different ones. Here I can show you some of them.” Mark clicked on “slideshow” and the pictures began appearing in order. The subfolders were arranged alphabetically, and the first was the one labeled “Athletes.” A succession of well-built men dressed (many of them only partially dressed) in athletic gear began appearing on the screen.

“Oh, that isn’t very helpful,” said Mark. “This will give you a better idea of the range of choices.” He clicked on the screen and a pop-up menu appeared. He selected “shuffle” and immediately the series of pictures began to display a great variety. A bronzed muscleman would occupy the screen for a few seconds before being replaced by a picture of a large erect cock, which in turn would give way to a man wearing only a pair of sunglasses and a tattered jock strap. “This pulls up pictures at random. I can also vary the speed if you like.”

“No, that’s fine. I get the picture. That’s given me an idea.”

Mark lay naked on my couch. He is 42, about five foot seven. He is very careful about his weight and jogs most mornings (Boston weather permitting). He is slender and trim, but not muscular. We have spoken about using hypnosis to condition him to begin weight training, but he is a vice-president of marketing for one of the tech firms along Route 128 and has little free time. As he told me, “I’d rather use my spare time to visit you than go to the gym.” His chest and stomach are covered with a sparse coating of brown hair. The hair on his head has begun to recede a bit in front. He is a pleasant-looking man. He’s not a stunner, but most people, I would guess, find him personable and agreeable to look at and to be with. He was resting quietly and comfortably, his mind blank and open, ready for programming. (Like many of my clients knowledgeable about computers, Mark finds the language of computing very applicable to hypnosis. For these clients, I speak of hypnosis as programming. I download new programs into their minds. They run the programs at home to practice them. We update programs. The programs have subroutines, and pull-down menus. They click on their choices.)

“Just relax, Mark. Focus on what I am saying. My thoughts fill your mind and are becoming your thoughts. From now on, whenever you look at your pictures, you will set the display to Shuffle, so that a random series of pictures appear on the screen. As each new picture appears, you will go deeper and deeper into trance. Each new picture will take you deeper and deeper until your imagination is liberated. Your ability to hallucinate experiences will grow stronger and stronger, the more pictures you see. Each new picture will increase your ability to have real experiences while you are in a trance. As you view the pictures, you will mentally count them, beginning with one. By the time you see the twenty-fifth picture, you will be in a deep trance. By the time you see the twenty-fifth picture, your imagination will completely liberated. By the time you see the twenty-fifth picture, your ability to hallucinate experiences will be so strong that you will feel the hallucinations to be totally real.

“Once you have reached this state of deep trance, each new picture will make you more and more sexually excited. You won’t touch yourself, but mentally and physically you will become more and more aroused as each new picture appears on the screen. Your breathing will grow ragged, your body will tremble with excitement, your balls will begin to churn, your cock will grow hard. Each new picture will make you more and more uncontrollably excited. As you view the pictures, you will mentally count them, beginning with one. By the time you see the twenty-fifth picture, you will be ready. You will pause the slideshow. The twenty-fifth picture will be your partner for sex. You will have sex with the person in the twenty-fifth picture. The person and the sex will be completely real to you.

“The sex you have with the twenty-fifth person will be totally satisfying. When you are finished, you will relax and count slowly from twenty-five to one. With each number, you will grow calmer and more relaxed. When you reach ten, you will slowly begin to come to full waking consciousness. When you reach one, you will be fully awake. You will feel totally satisfied. You will remember everything that happened to you.”

I repeated these instructions several times, adding the suggestion that each time Mark ran the program, he would get better and better at it, and the orgasms would become stronger and stronger. When I was satisfied that he had fully absorbed the programming, I decided to take him for a test drive. I placed his laptop on the coffee table in front of the couch and opened it.

“You will remain in a deep trance until I awaken you. You will sit up, open your eyes, and begin running your new program.”

Mark immediately complied. He swung his legs over the side of the couch and sat up. His eyes opened and immediately fastened on the screen of his laptop. He activated it and called up his folder of pictures. He set the slideshow to Shuffle and began viewing the pictures. His attention was riveted on the screen as he went deeper and deeper into trance. Nothing but the succession of pictures on the screen existed for him. I walked over and stood beside the couch so that I could see the pictures and his reaction to them.

I didn’t keep count, but Mark obviously was. After a couple dozen pictures, he began to become excited. All the symptoms of sexual arousal that I had mentioned to him—the ragged breath, the shaking, the erection—were present. Mark even added a few more. He face became flushed, and he began moaning. Again I lost count of the pictures, but in a few minutes, Mike leaned forward and stopped the slideshow.

The image of a young man filled the screen. He was posed against a white background with his left side facing the camera. His left arm was drawn back, pulling that side of his chest into view. He was lanky. His muscles were well-defined but not large. His face, buttocks, and legs were shown in profile. He was nude. His body was hairless except for a trimmed, almost fur-like, patch of dark hair above his cock. The cock was cut and very straight. It jutted out at about a thirty-degree angle from the body. It was perhaps six inches long.

Mark immediately reacted to the image. He pushed the coffee table away from the couch and got down on all fours in the space between the couch and the table. He crouched down a bit and then tilted his mouth upward. It took me a second to realize that he was positioning himself in front of the man on the screen, with his mouth at the level of the man’s groin. In his mind, Mark was now kneeling before the man, with his eyes focused intently on the man’s cock.

Mark opened his mouth and began to tease the man’s cock with the tip of his tongue. To judge from his movements, he was tracing the cock with his tongue, licking the head and then running his tongue up and down the full length of the cock. Mark’s eyes drifted open and shut lazily. Occasionally he would tilt his head upwards and eye the man’s body adoringly. He began introducing the cock into his mouth. His lips parted and then formed themselves into a rough oval. His head bobbed forward and then his cheeks dimpled inwards as he applied suction. At first he took only the head of the cock into his mouth. Gradually he sucked more and more of it into his mouth. All throughout, he was moaning with pleasure. His body rocked back and forth as he swallowed more and more of the cock. His moans became strangled gasps as he deep-throated the cock.

When he began, his mouth was tilted upwards. As he sucked the cock more vigorously, Mark rose up, first so that the movements of his head were more or less parallel to the floor. And then as the man became fully erect, he rose up further and his head moved up and down. His hands began to stroke the man’s legs and then his buttocks. His pace became faster and faster. Eventually he was clasping the man’s hips and alternately pushing and pulling on the man to force the man’s cock in and out of his own mouth.

Of course, I could not see the man Mark was fellating. But for Mark the man was totally real and present. Mark’s reactions were so realistic, however, that for me the man almost came to occupy the space that Mark’s movements were carving out.

Eventually Mark pantomimed a climax—a very long climax following by long slow strokes of Mark’s mouth on the cock. I thought that was the end of the action, but Mark got up on the couch and bent forward so that his ass was elevated. He pressed his face into a pillow and wriggled his buttocks. With his hands, he pulled apart his ass cheeks, exposing his anus. This action was followed almost immediately by a long, deep moan of pleasure as the man penetrated him. Mark’s body was slammed forward into the couch and tremors shook his body as the man fucked him. Again, I could only guess at what was happening in Mark’s mind from his actions. The two men tried a variety of positions. At one point, the man was lying on his back, and Mark was squatting over his groin, impaling his body on the man’s cock. At another point, Mark was lying on his back with his legs raised and spread. The force of the man’s thrusts pinned him to the couch, and the vigor of their actions made its springs groan and shifted it backwards on the floor until it was bumping against the wall. Mark’s face was screwed up in pleasure, and inarticulate cries and moans came from his throat.

Mark’s cock became more and more engorged, and the two men came together in a final growl of pleasure. Mark’s body spasmed and arched. His head titled back. He shot out several jets of thick, ropy cum onto the couch. He held his position for several seconds before gradually sinking down into the couch. Two minutes later he regained consciousness.

“That was the best ever,” he said when he recovered his breath. He looked around as if trying to locate his partner. His eyes found the image of the man frozen on his laptops. “He’s one of my favorites. I have lots of pictures of him.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I handed him a towel.

“Yeah, you could say that. Oh, I got your couch dirty. I’m sorry. I’ll clean it up.” He attempted to sponge up his cum.

“Don’t worry. It isn’t the first time. I’m sure it won’t be the last. That’s why the couch is covered in fake leather. It’s plastic. I’ve got a spray bottle of disinfectant cleaner. I’ll get it cleaned up. Now, my next appointment should be here in fifteen minutes. So you had better get dressed. I want you to practice your new programming at least once a day until I see you next week. Do you think you can do that?”

Mark’s answer was a broad smile.


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