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A Change From a Boring Life

by loony28

A Change From a Boring Life

I was sitting in my cubicle working on a report for Wendy, my boss. I was bored with my life even though I had a great girlfriend and a good paying job. It was just that nothing exciting happened in my life. Megan had tried to change that recently by insisting that we role play being the opposite sex. It was fun but it didn't bring the excitement that I craved. Every time I watched an action movie I would wish that I was in it.

"Do you have that report done yet?" Wendy asked peering over my shoulder.

"Almost" I replied. "I just need to touch it up. Shouldn't be more than ten minutes."

"Good. After you're done with it you can take the rest of the day off since it's your birthday."

That was one of the things I liked about working for Wendy, she gave her employees their birthday off unless some important work needed to be done. It was a birthday present from her to each of her employees. She never made someone work overtime when their girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or child had a birthday. She was so nice to her employees that few ever quit.

I finished my report and sent it to Wendy. After confirming that she had received it I clocked out and went home.

Megan was waiting for me when I arrived at the house we share. It was a nice two story house with a finished basement. It had the master bedroom with it's own full bath and three other bedrooms, one with it's own half bath and the other two sharing a half bath. Since we didn't have any kids we kept the bedrooms as guest rooms when friends of ours would come visit us from out of town. Of course those bedrooms were reserved for Megan's sister, her husband, and two daughters when they came for the holidays. The kitchen was open to the dining room which offered a splendid view of the lake and woods. The house wasn't on the lake but rather back a bit on a hill. There was a path down to the lake and it took us a half hour to walk down to it.

I walked up to Megan and kissed her. After we broke apart she said "I have something special planned for your birthday."

"What is it?" I asked.

"You'll see. Come in, sit down, and relax."

I was curious about what Megan had planned. Maybe she was going to do a strip tease for me. She wouldn't do it before since she didn't consider her body sexy enough. I didn't care that she had B cup breasts or that she had a straight figure instead of an hourglass one. She was beautiful and sexy to me. She also had a great personality. She went through life looking at all the joy life had to offer and not dwelling on the ugly side.

I sat down in my favorite recliner which had a massaging backrest. It always relaxed me no matter what mood I was in. I turned the recliner on and laid back. The rollers running up and down my back doing their work and relaxing me.

Megan sat down in the chair next to me and said "Close your eyes and take deep breaths." Her tone was soft and sensual drawing me to listen to her and do what she asked of me. She had me relax even more than I already was starting with my feet and working up. At some point I stopped consciously listening to her and just enjoyed the feeling of being so relaxed.

I woke up to a loud siren going off outside. There were several things that I noticed that were wrong. The first being that I was in a bed instead of the recliner. It wasn't my bed but one in one of the guest rooms since I could see the lake out of the window. The second thing was that the bedroom was decorated as if it was a girl's room instead of a guest room. The walls were a pastel pink with white trim. There were dolls on shelves that weren't there before. The dresser was pink with white drawers and pink knobs instead of being oak with brass knobs. The bed covers were pink with white flowers. It was certainly a different room than what it had been but that wasn't what caught my attention. What did was what I was wearing. I had on what looked to be a pink nightgown with white frills at the neck and cuffs. I could feel my legs against each other with little fabric separating them. I threw the covers off and discovered that I was wearing a nightgown. That wasn't the only thing that I noticed. My legs were smooth and I was smaller.

I was staring at what I was wearing and my body when a woman came into the room nearly shouting "Get up Allison! The Maanek have breached the shield and are in the city! We have to get to the safe room!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked and was surprised by how my voice sounded. It sounded like a girl's voice.

"Come on Allison!" the woman said grabbing my arm and pulling me off the bed.

The woman was clearly very afraid and I thought it best to just go with her. As we were hurrying down the stairs I noticed that we were the only two in the house and that I wasn't feeling the best. We went to the basement and into what had been the game room. The woman shut the door and pressed a few buttons on a keypad next to it. The door disappeared in a flash of white light and the woman seemed relieved.

The woman turned to me and said "We're safe now. I just hope that your father, brother, and sister will be alright."

A TV had appeared on one wall and the woman turned it on. There seemed to be a news program on that was covering this invasion by the Maanek. I was able to see one of them on the screen and what I saw filled me with dread. The Maanek seemed to be plants that evolved to look human like. They had green skin with leaves growing out of their bodies at random intervals. Their feet looked like roots and their hair looked like vines. Their mouths were the scary feature of them. Their mouths were lined with what looked to be needles like on a Venus Fly Trap. The Maanek were shooting people that were out on the street though it wasn't bullets that came out. It looked like they were carrying energy weapons since balls of red light were coming out of the weapons. I saw several people crumple to the ground after being hit. Most of those people were in uniforms and firing energy weapons of their own. The balls of light that came out were blue and when they hit there was a shower of sparks whereas the Maanek's shots spread over people.

One of the uniformed people was hit and the woman put her hands to her mouth. Most of the uniformed people were down on the ground now and the Maanek walked up to them. Each of them picked a couple of the people up and the air rippled around them and they vanished. When one of them vanished the woman screamed "NO!!! PAUL!!! OH GOD PLEASE NO!!! NOT PAUL!!!" The woman fell to her knees and wept.

A message came across saying that the Maanek had withdrawn and the city's shields would be back up soon. There was also a reminder that those in safe rooms should make themselves comfortable until Civil Defense personnel can get to them and beam them out. The first priorities would be schools and other public places.

It was about two hours later when we were beamed out. During that time I had felt a pressure building in between my legs like I had to pee but it was in the wrong place. Fortunately there was a bathroom off to the side of the safe room and that's when I found out that I was a girl.

A couple hours later a teenage girl walked in and embraced the woman. I didn't know what was going on and so stayed off to the side. I had learned one thing. I was apparently an eight year old girl named Allison and I had been sick over the past several days. Apparently what I had come down with only affected children that were on the verge of going through puberty and one of the things it did was to give those afflicted amnesia. I knew that I didn't have amnesia, I just didn't know anything about what was going on. I decided to not say that I was suppose to be an adult man as I didn't look like it and they may think I was delirious.

The teenage girl that had come home was apparently my fourteen year old sister Melissa. The woman was my mother and the person she was so upset over was my eighteen year old brother Paul. No one knew what the Maanek did with those they took. Some theorized that the Maanek made them slaves, others thought that the Maanek changed them into Maanek, still others thought that the Maanek ate them. The only thing people were able to agree on is that the Maanek wanted their victims alive since their weapons just stunned people.

Eight years later I was sixteen and had adjusted to being a girl years ago. I was in school when the Maanek attacked again. They had attacked before and gotten through the shield. During one of those times they had been able to capture Melissa who was eighteen at the time. During those four years I had come to be pretty close to her and her capture was a blow to me. Now as the sirens sounded I thought that it was my turn to be captured. It was irrational but I couldn't help but think it anyway.

As we were filing to the gymnasium to beam to the safe room several Maanek entered the school and started firing. Students and teachers scattered and many were hit. I managed to avoid being hit for awhile and made it to the hall to the gymnasium. When I got there no one was inside. I looked at the keypad and noticed that it had been activated, only three classes having missed being beamed to the safe room.

The only option left open to me now was to try and avoid the Maanek. I ran down one hall and a red energy ball shot past me. A Maanek had shot at me and missed. I turned into another hall only to discover a Maanek at the other end. This one shot at me too but it hit me square in the chest. Blackness enveloped me as I crumpled to the floor.

I don't know how long I was out. When I came to I was naked and in some sort of holding cell with other people who were also naked. Many were just sitting and weeping silently. There were a few that were pulling on the vines that served as bars trying to make a big enough hole to slip through. The vines didn't budge much though.

At irregular intervals several Maanek would come by and take some of us out of the holding cell. The cell was almost empty when I was taken out. I was dragged down a hall kicking and screaming trying to get away. It didn't seem to be doing me any good though. The Maanek seemed to be stronger than humans and it didn't have any trouble dragging me and ignored my attempts to escape.

After a few minutes the Maanek stopped in front of a doorway with what looked like a giant leaf covering it. The Maanek touched what looked like a flower bulb and after a few moments the leaf rolled into the wall. Another Maanek was standing there and the two made whistling sounds. I figured that they were talking to each other and I had the nasty impression that it was about me.

The Maanek that had brought me here handed me to the other one and left. I was taken inside and the Maanek touched a bulb on the inside and the leaf rolled back to cover the entrance. The Maanek pushed me onto a table that seemed to be made of moss and sat down. It then grabbed my legs and put my feet into it's mouth and I felt something thick and warm cover them. For me this answered the question of what the Maanek did with their victims.

I was thankful that the needles around it's mouth were soft and didn't do anything more than tickle me slightly. I tried grabbing the sides of the table to keep from being eaten but I couldn't get a good grip. My feet had entered the Maanek's throat and the muscles there started to pull me further in. My calves entered it's mouth followed by my thighs. As the top of my thighs entered it's mouth I foolishly put my hands close to it's mouth in an attempt to stop my slide into it's mouth.

The Maanek took my hands and stuffed them into it's mouth. Now I was up to my waist in it's mouth and it tilted it's head back lifting me up to a vertical position. I couldn't help but be amazed at the Maanek's ability to distend it's body to eat me even though I was scared out of my mind. My feet encountered a tight ring but that stretched and my feet were dangling in in an empty space. It wasn't long before they were covered by some liquid which I figured was stomach acid.

I kept sliding into the Maanek's mouth and soon my breasts were entering into it's mouth. The thick goo in it's mouth actually felt good on my breasts and a wave of pleasure went through my body. My shoulders disappeared into it's mouth quickly followed by my head. I kept traveling down it's throat and I was soon completely in the tight stomach balled up. It smelled like rotting meat which caused me to retch. I struggled to get out and the acid sloshed over me. I was surprised that I didn't feel any pain but I knew that it was eating at my body. If I didn't get out of here soon I probably would be feeling the acid.

I don't know how long I struggled to get out. A little while after I entered the stomach my feet started to sting and soon the rest of my body was stinging as well. This caused me to increase my efforts to get out. All too soon the stinging turned to pain and I screamed. I didn't know where I was getting the air to keep breathing or scream in the stomach but I was. Soon the pain subsided, maybe because I was getting used to it. I stopped struggling because I was tired. I could still feel the acid eating me but it wasn't painful anymore. I knew that I was going to die and I accepted it now. The only question was how long I was going to remain conscious and alive. My breath started to become shallower and I could feel my heart slowing. This was it, I was about to die.

I opened my eyes to see Megan looking at me with a smile on her face. "Welcome back" she said.

"What was that?" I asked.

"You were in an alternate reality" Megan explained. "What happened to you was real."

I looked at the clock and found that an hour had passed by. "I don't get it. I lived eight years in an hour?"

"You lived eight years in eight years. The mind isn't bound by space or time so I suggested that you'll live in that alternate reality until you died and then come back to this reality after only an hour had passed here."

"It sounds like you hypnotized me."

"I did. I thought that I would provide some excitement in your life through hypnosis. Did you like it?"

"Yes I did. Maybe you can do that again."

"We'll talk about that later. Right now tell me about your journey."


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