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by jessielynn



You act as if this is news to you. I'm surprised that you would even
question the fact. This isn't a bedroom game. It never was. I have a
plan and you WILL follow it.

Choice? What choice? What ever gave you the idea you had a choice? I
told you that things would change if you wanted to live with me. I told
you it was my way or the highway. And what did you say?

Oh, stop trying to explain. I knew you would stay. You had no choice,
it was inevitable. And now you realize that. Your last shreds of machismo
are making a plea, a plea that will never be accepted.

Now, don't worry, there's still a lot of work to do. Just because you
are wearing a bra and panties, it doesn't make you a sissy. Those silky,
pink garments are just clothes. Clothes don't make the man, or in this
case the sissy.

What do you mean, you don't want to wear them? I can see you not only
want to wear them, you enjoy wearing them. Just look at yourself. Your
body betrays your true feelings. Oh, that's cute. What a beautiful blush
rising to your cheeks. You can't hide the truth from me. Even with your
face fully made up, I can still see you blush.

Of course, wearing make-up and wearing a bra and panties, well that is
hardly manly. You have to agree that it is a sissy thing to do. After
all, I didn't put that make-up on you, did I? No, I didn't. You put that
on yourself. In fact, you put on the bra and panties too. Care to try to
explain the silky stockings and those five inch heels?

You put all that on because I wanted you to wear them? That's your
response? That's the best answer you can bring to mind? Well, of course I
wanted you to wear them. You didn't object the first time I asked you to
wear lingerie. You didn't even object the second time. Did you? No,
every time I asked you to put on pretty feminine lingerie, you did it.
After a time, I didn't even have to ask, you just dressed in your pretty,
silky lingerie because you knew I expected it.

Yes, I said, "your lingerie." You've never seen me wear any of those
clothes, have you? They're not even in my size. It's your lingerie
because it was all purchased for you to wear. And you wear it so well.

There you go blushing again. Oh, Sweetie, I always get a thrill to see
you enjoying your pretty feminine clothes.

I'm being mean? How am I being mean to you? I'm only telling you like
it is. It's all part of the plan. The lingerie, the make-up, the jewelry;
all in an effort to make you a better sissy.

Yes, I said, "sissy." You can't honestly believe a real man would
pierce both his ears. I know other men have done it, but they are sissies,
too. I certainly did not force you to get your ears pierced. You sat on
that stool all by yourself as that young girl marked, then pierced you. It
was so cute watching you hold back your tears.

Now, put on your pretty maid's dress. We need to get to the next phase
of your sissification. I know it makes you feel like a sissy, that's the
whole point. Those hormones you've been taking must be starting to take
effect. You seem really emotional today.

What hormones? Those pills you take every morning, Sweetie. The ones
that have given you softer, smoother skin. The one's that have filled out
your curves, in all the feminine places. Yes, I'm talking about your ass,
and your thighs. But why stop there? Surely, you've notice how well you
fill out that brassiere. Oh, your breasts are not near big enough yet, but
we'll fix that later.

Yes, "breasts." You don't want to be a flat-chested bitch, believe me.
With a nice full breast to fill your bra to overflowing, all the guys will
go for you. What guys? Oh, well don`t worry about that now, we need to
get to the next phase.

What a delightful looking sissy maid you make. It's like you were
destined to be a maid. No, being a maid is not the next phase, but it will
go a long way for you to deal what is to come. Now, get on your knees,
here, in front of me. Look up into my eyes. Yes, that's better. It's a
very submissive position, isn't it? As I tower over you, you begin to
realize your place as my sissy bitch.

What's that under my skirt, you ask? What do you think it is? Why
don't you lift the hem of my skirt and see what is awaiting you.

You're right, that isn't my pussy. That's my cock! Well, it's really
a strap-on dildo, but to you it is "my cock." Now, being the sissy that
you are, kneeling before me, with a cock in your face, what do you think
you should do? No, again, you do not have a choice. Take it in your hand
and wrap your lips around my cock, Bitch. Mmm, very nice. I always knew
you'd be a good cock-sucker.

Once I slip this cock in your ass then you will almost officially be a
sissy. Yes, I said, "almost." There's one more step to take to make you a
true, never going back to being a man, sissy. I'm not going to tell you
what it is, though I am sure you already have a pretty good idea, don't
you, Sissy.

However, until that time you will continue to be my bitch. I expect
dinner on the table when I get home, and I expect the house to be spotless.
You are my personal sissy maid, and you will act accordingly. Forget about
trying to be a man, it's futile. No "real" man would ever find himself in
the position you are now. Pull yourself together, Sissy, and begin your
duties. Remember, you are MY BITCH!


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