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Magic Mushrooms

by wassup93

Magic Mushrooms

Chapter 1
Jack lived in a two storey brick veneer home with Larry. Jack had blonde hair and blue eyes while Larry had red hair and brown eyes. On one cold winters night Jack and Larry we're sitting around the fire place in the living room.
"I just bought a bag of magic mushrooms, would you like to try one?" Jack asked. "No, I'm good", Larry replied. "Suit yourself", Jack replied as he put one of the mushrooms into his mouth. "Not bad" he said gulping it down.
"So what do you want to watch? Jack? Are you listening to me?" Larry asked. A pair of tits grew from Jack's chest. "Sorry Larry... I spaced out there for a second", Jack replied.
"Jack, no it can't be". "What's the matter? Why are you so pale?" Jack asked. "Look down". "Why? Have I got some food on my top?" Jack asked. "If only it were that simple", Larry replied.
Jack looked down to see his new Double D sized breasts. "What the? Where did these come from?" Jack asked fondling them. "I don't know. There must have been something wrong with those mushrooms", Larry replied. "You think?" "Well how else would you describe those oversized water melons on your chest?" Larry asked. "I don't know but I could get used to these", Jack replied as he touched his breasts oncemore.
"You want to touch them?" Jack asked. "No, I'm fine". "Just give them a squeeze, would us?" Jack asked. "Fine but only if it will shut you up", Larry replied.
Larry slid across the carpet next to Jack. He touched his breasts. "Wow! That feels amazing", Jack said. "They're really nice. I can hardly believe they're yours", Larry said. "That makes two of us", Jack replied.
Jack grabbed Larry's hand. "What are you doing?" Larry asked. "How about I take a couple more mushrooms just to see what happens", Jack said.
Larry got to his feet. "You do that I'm gonna get some sleep", Larry said. "Bye Larry". "Bye Jack". Larry turned and walked out of the room.

Chapter 2
Larry awoke to find Jack sleeping next to him. "Hi Larry". "Please just leave me alone", Larry replied. "See you at tafe", Jack said as he hopped out of bed.
"You're going to tafe?" Larry asked. "Of course", Jack replied. "But everyone will be staring at you", Larry replied. "I want them to stare". "But it will ruin your reputation! You are Lake Town's basketball captain after all", Larry replied.
"Basketball? What's that?" "You're kidding right?" Larry asked. "No, I'm dead serious",.Jack replied. "How many of those mushrooms did you eat?" "About ten, why?" "Because they're messing with your head", Larry replied. "As long as I'm happy who cares?"


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