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A Dragon's Deal

by foxwatcher

A Dragon's Deal

"And so, as we look at the nuclear decay formula, we can begin to understand the age of certain materials..."

The droning of the teacher seemed incessant to Patrick, sitting in the far back corner of the room, head planted on the palm of his hand with small rivulets of drool pooling beneath him. His sky blue eyes were hardly managing to stay awake, arms sliding to each side as he fell closer and closer to sleeping. He normally loved Zoology class, but there was something about radioactive isotopes that just wasn't doing anything for him. He didn't take the class to learn the history of the world, but to learn about animals. The long haired brunette was hoping they'd teach him actual details about animals, like their habitats, their behavior, their quirks, their...reproduction.

Yes, maybe Patrick had a bit of a one-track mind at times, but it wasn't quite his fault. It all stemmed from growing up on movies his dad would leave on late at night that Patrick would just so happen to catch the end of. Though he actually was interested in the class. It just so happened that one or two ulterior motives might've existed at the same time. He smiled to himself, wiping a string of drool from his mouth. At least he was enjoying hearing about something related to animals in his head...as opposed to his teacher, babbling about something seemingly unrelated.

Then, a sudden rush of cold air blew past Patrick, causing him to shiver visibly. It felt like a winter gust had somehow made its way into the classroom, which didn't make sense considering it was spring. He looked around, suddenly feeling completely awake to try and find the source. There were no windows. The door was closed. The vent was at the front of the room. Logically, there was no place for a cold rush to come from, but he knew what he felt. It passed again, this time causing his teeth to chatter against each other. It somehow got colder. Patrick turned around to see if something was behind him, but there was only empty space.

"Patrick, pay attention, please." His professor scolded, staring directly at Patrick. With a brief pause at the back of the classroom, Patrick hesitantly turned around, confused, but overall willing to let it go for now. There was, however, a creature who was not willing to let it go. Two small, glowing red eyes appeared at the back of the room, floating in thin air and glaring straight at Patrick's back. A hazy, wispy being half appeared, taking the form of an anthropomorphic dragon with an enormous grin on his face.

"Hmm..." The dragon mused to himself, eyes locked on his target. "He seems perfect, but let's take him for a test run." Another wispy form from the dragon started appearing. It was somewhat lower than his head, curving upwards into the air and standing at 15 inches long. A wispy claw brushed across the surface of the intangible dragon dick, stroking it up and down to elicit a laugh from the dragon. "It's been a long time, after all." Without another moment's notice, the already broken form of the dragon turned to a thin haze, glowing red eyes staring at Patrick's back before it took off. The cloud rushed at the boy, reaching his back and circling around once or twice. Patrick didn't notice at first, but when the cloud went up his shirt, across his back, and around his chest, he felt a shiver once more. His arms held each other, trying to huddle for warmth as something seemed to brush across his nipples. He felt them, finding nothing but the now hard nubs of his body. The cloud wasted no time, he raced down his stomach, slipped under his pants, looped around his inner thigh in a large arc around his buttocks before it slid all along the crack, around Patrick's scrotum, toward his cock and-

"Ahh!" Patrick gasped and sighed suddenly, feeling a tingling shock run all through his body. His eyes widened as his body electrified, starting around his waist and spreading all over. His mind felt clouded, his body suddenly fatigued as his leg twitched. Suddenly, something hit him. Hard. A rush of blood went from all through his body to strike his cock, pitching a sudden tent in his pants without any prior thought toward it. But then, he was assaulted with image after image of sex, but not just any old sex. Two dragons, or three, or four, or even twelve, all in depictions of the wildest, hottest, crazy intercourse he had ever seen. Movements and positions Patrick's mind could hardly comprehend, but all he knew was it made him hard and itching for release. His hand shot up into the air unbidden, and his voice didn't wait for his teacher to respond.

"I must be excused to the restroom area for I am feeling somewhat unwell." The voice was Patrick's, but that was all. The thought, the action, the implementation were all the dragon's, grinning on the inside and playing with his dragon cock, sending image after image to the boy and redirecting as much blood as he possibly could. The teacher looked at him, peering over his glasses with a disbelieving glare before he shrugged.

"Alright, go ahead. Just be return promptly." And the teacher went on teaching. Patrick's legs pushed out of the desk, extending to stand his body up and move it toward the door in a trance-like state. Patrick's mind was swimming with the sex, cock pushing hard against the zipper of his jeans, causing a girl sitting nearby to giggle and point it out to her friend. Patrick didn't notice. His mind was still trying to figure out what was happening. He felt like his body had fallen asleep, but his mind was still trying to function. Everything was acting of its own accord without Patrick's say, but a small tick in the back of his mind told him it was nothing to worry about. The dragon was enjoying himself, teasing Patrick as best as he could without having completely overshadowed his body. He would move more blood to Patrick's shaft, cause his balls to brush up against each other, run a claw along his anus, lightly massage his nipples, anything to arouse the boy more and more. The small tick told Patrick it was just his mind telling him he needed to paw off-erm, jerk off. Paw? Patrick didn't have paws, he was a human.

For now.

As soon as Patrick made it to the bathroom, he absent-mindedly walked into the nearest stall, locking the door behind him. The dirty floors and graffiti-strewn walls all gave the image of some cheap motel, but for some strange reason, Patrick felt it arouse him even more. Without any further delay, his hands unzipped his pants to pull his throbbing, aching cock out of his underwear. It was already at full stiffness, pre-cum having soaked a small patch in the front of his jeans. His body say down on the toilet seat cover, staring at his dick where it stood. Thoughts were still swimming in his head. Why was he here? To pleasure himself. Why did he leave class? To pleasure himself. What was he planning on doing in the bathroom? Pleasure himself. The thoughts all came instantaneously, but Patrick couldn't help but feel they weren't his own. But then, with a sudden shiver running down his spine, he felt a long, teasing stroke all along the base of his cock.

"Patrick..." A voice echoed in his head, seeming to come from everywhere at once. "You don't have to think anymore. Let me take control, and I will show you the greatest pleasure you have ever known." Patrick hardly understood the thought, as the dragon massaged Patrick's shaft, going slowly, taunting the boy with feelings of euphoria. Any and all thoughts were being overshadowed, the dragon's influence telling Patrick what to do, and Patrick gladly submitting. The boy moaned, hips slowly thrusting toward the phantom, aching for more attention. The dragon grinned, shadowed hand moving casually toward Patrick's own hand, head also synching with Patrick's. He matched ever part of his faded body with the boy: hands, head, legs, throbbing members, everything. "That's good, Patrick. You want to feel good and pleased? All you have to do is say 'I submit myself to thee,' and I'll make all your wildest dreams come true. Well, what do you say?" Patrick couldn't think straight. All he could feel was warmth as the dragon began to overshadow him, cocks feeling especially warm as they overlapped, twitching with anticipation. He let out a breath, moaning slightly as he thrusted into the air again, begging for attention and gritting his teeth as he managed to say,

"I-hnnngg...s-submit myself to theeeeEEAAAAHHH!!"

Patrick's body suddenly exploded with that euphoria, hand moving of its own accord to his dick and stroking like a madman. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he moaned, long and hard from his own pleasure. Everything was moving unbidden, mind swimming in the sense of utter pleasure it was somehow giving himself. The dragon grinned to himself, jacking off and making the boy do the same. Their bodies had fused, moving with each other and mimicking every action. But with a single grin, the dragon's eyes started glowing red, flashing briefly before Patrick could notice. What Patrick did notice, however, was much more apparent. His cock, in the rampant stroking and touching, had somehow managed to grow more. It stood at full attention, growing out to nine inches before his eyes. Patrick was staring in disbelief, but the pleasure began intensifying, sending waves of shocked warmth all through his body. His dick just kept changing, widening and shifting color, growing thicker at the base, turning black, and growing small barbs all along the shaft. The feelings kept growing and growing with each change of his cock. It should have been clear that the penis was no longer his own...

...but the dragon made sure he didn't care.

The hand stroking his cock started growing red scales, sprouting from his palm all covered in pre and spreading across his skin. It raced up to his wrist, then passed toward his upper arm, elbow cracking in the process. His fingernails grew out, turning a dark ebony color as they gripped at the still growing phallus. Patrick's grunting became deeper, vocal chords shifting to match the dragon's. His eyes flashed temporarily, suddenly shifting to a pale white color and narrowing into slits. The voice inside of Patrick's head had been growing stronger and stronger, but with the spreading of the scales, the changing of his face, and the growth of his cock, his will had been almost completely shattered. His face grinned, the dragon stroking harder and harder at the thick slab of meat between his claws, chuckling quietly to himself. His new host felt so very perfect for his draconic needs that he couldn't help but over-indulge just a tad. Even as his sac began dissolving into his body with the formation of silver chest scales, he fondled the area where his balls were moving into his body.

Up until that point, the clothing hadn't been getting in the way, but since the dragon was both growing and aiming for more fun, he figured some...adjustments of apparel were necessary. With a flexing of his free hand, four claws appeared from the tips of his fingers, slashing through the fabric of Patrick's old shirt and tearing it clean off. The dragon did the same with the jeans and underwear, feeling the backs bursting suddenly with the tail that had begun forming only moments earlier. His shoes and socks, also, with just a flex of his muscles were all torn to pieces by the new claws of the dragons hind claws. Shreds of fabric all fell to the ground, leading the half-man, half-dragon completely nude in the stall. His body was growing, muscle and bone lengthening and strengthening, joints cracking as they reoriented, fitting the proper limbs of a dragon as he could no longer stand on his hind legs. Patrick's body fell to the floor, front claws catching the bathroom tile while still groping at his own manhood.

Red scales and spines began to form on his back, breaking out of his skin to stick p into the air. The length of his body also grew, back arching and stretching with each grunt from the half-dragon. His human thumbs had disappeared, causing some difficulty in stroking, but the dragon paid it no mind. He just kept on grinning and stroking, exploring his new, changing body as his ex-human face began to stretch out. All the hair fell off of Patrick's body, replaced by the growing red scales. is body had already grown to at least double its original size, now on all fours and still groping at his cock with now-fusing fingers forming dragon claws. The dragon let out a low moan, feeling the indescribable pleasure of his own cool scales against his sensitive barbs and hard growing cock. His tail flailed throughout the air, growing longer and longer as more of the red scales and silver breast scales grew. His legs reformed, bones popping into their new formation. His neck stretched out, matching his new growing head. His limbs had all readjusted to that of a quadruped, shifting his balance as he pawed off, long and hard.

The tension was starting to grow deep within the dragon's sac, spreading to his back legs and running all along his spine. "Do you feel that, Patrick? That's the euphoria you'll find every day, and doubly so every time I mate." The dragon grinned, white eyes staring at the his now engorged cock, slick and wet from all the pre his body had produced. Patrick felt all of his walls falling, mental barriers destroyed and following every word the dragon said. The scales kept spreading along his body, reaching over his head and newly formed earflaps, covering the last of his skin in the armor when the dragon began to grit his teeth. A sudden pang of pressure and strain shot through his body, increasing with each stroke along his black dick. The last of the scales kept moving down his spine, silver breast plates growing all along the stomach in synch. His tail spread further out, lashing and flailing, scratching the walls around him. With three sets of claws piercing the tile and gripping deep within them, the dragon pumped harder and harder, feeling the pressure building and building. Patrick's mind was already overwhelmed by the sheer ecstasy of his new cock that any remnants of his mind were intermixed with and overshadowed by the dragon's heavy sexual drive.

"Yeesssssss." The dragon hissed, grunting as he started thrusting into his own claws, blinded by his desire. His neck stretched out further, pushing against the door of the bathroom stall with his eyes shut. His large black dick twitched, pre dripping into a pool on the ground below. Faster and faster, harder and harder until his cock felt like it was on the verge of erupting. The final scale grew on Patrick's body, causing a light to flash around the dragon as his transformation was complete. A white wispy light surrounded him, causing the stall to visibly shake. Harder, harder, harder he stroked, feeling the power and feeling pour through his new body, possessing all of Patrickfs senses and experiences. Then, finally, he could feel the pressure building more and more and more until he couldn't take it for a moment longer. His head bent down slightly, teeth clenched, claws digging, tail thrashing, until he finally shot his head forward, roaring as he burst through the door, sending it flying across the room with the onset of his draconic orgasm.

Long, thick ropes of cum shot out from his cock, flying across the room in copious amounts and soaking the floor in his ghostly seed. Each jet he shot was wispy white, almost ghostly as it continued to pour from within, hips thrusting hard into his claws and claws milking his hot meat for all it was worth. His neck stretched out to full length, much like his dick still letting shot after shot fly out. The floor had become thoroughly soaked in the sticky mess. His tail thrashed through the wall of the adjacent stall, bringing it crashing to the ground with a deafening crash. Harder and harder, brushing his scales against the barbs that were getting covered in the sticky, wispy white mess, the dragon lifted his head and let a final, long groan of pure pleasure and euphoria. His stream had slowed, shooting out another one or two jets before stopping, dripping a slow but steady flow onto the floor beneath him. He panted, head hanging down as his white eyes began to glow brighter. When he looked up, he saw the room around him covered in his steaming, smoking dragon seed, and he grinned.

The dragon looked down at his front=paws, soaked in his seed and fully covered with his red scales. Underneath his belly, he could see his still twitching cock, his strong hind legs, his long, luxurious tail. His body. It was his body, the one he hadn't seen in ages. With a grin, he lifted his head back up and stepped out into the middle of the room, dragon cum smoking on the floor beneath him. "It feels sooo good to have my old body back." He grinned, arching his back to reach beneath his stomach and run a claw from the base of his tail hole down to the tip of his cock. A shudder ran all down his spine as he did, droplets of cum dripping still from his cock. "Oh, Patrick...if you can still possibly exist in there," He cackled, grinning to himself as his eyes began to streak a smoky light in the air, glowing as they stared straight ahead at the wall. ""If it wasn't for you silly urges to touch yourself, I wouldn't be here right now. So I must say, truly, from the bottom of my draconic heart...You are a fool."

With that last grin, he shot out a set of wings that had previously not formed, spreading them to their full length before shoving off the floor and crashing through the ceiling. The dragon took flight, going out to wreak his own havoc and pleasure on the world. But, back in the bathroom, the dragon cum began to smoke with a greater intensity, wavering in the air and seemingly hissing. Something suddenly started moving from within, causing a ripple to form on the surface. Silence reigned across the now destroyed bathroom, before something shot out from the surface of the pool of seed.

The black claws of a dragon.


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