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The Night Cage Curse

by wolfnchains

The Night Cage Curse

His profile name was Captain Dick. I found him on one of those hypno fetish websites. His personal list of files read like a faggot's wish list of queer lisping contests, swishing hips, and gaping holes.

I chatted with him online. He came off like such an underachieving, hippy throwback asshole incapable of putting two coherent thoughts together.

After asking him about how hypnosis works, and telling him I think the whole hypno fetish community was full of shit, I told him- prove to me you aren't.

"How about a curse file?" He suggested. "How would you like me to ruin your life?"

I laughed. "Fine. If we are going to do this, let's go all out. I want you to create a file that will curse me to stick huge dildos up my ass. And just to sweeten the pot- Every night, when I dream, I will find myself caged in the basement of those redneck rapists from Deliverance. And if I don't shove a huge dildo into my hole, they will have their way with me. How about that?"

"Works for me." He wrote.

He uploaded the file, which he named after me- Little Bitches Just Desserts. It sounded just like what we had talked about. I listened to it a few times. But nothing happened. I didn't even go into trance.
I wrote him back, telling him what a fucking loser he was. He said, "Sounds to me like you are chicken shit."


"You have to give it a few weeks to kick in. Listen to it every night, and then, if nothing happens, get back with me."

Fine, I said.

The first week, I listened. It was so boring and repetitive. Over and over again, the same thing. And I lost sleep. It wasn't easy to rest with that loop playing. But then I mellowed by the end of the week. And into the second week, I started falling asleep quicker. It was surprising how much I adapted. I even started plugging it in without really thinking about it. The head phones went on and boom, I was out like a light.

And on the seventeenth night... yeah, I unintentionally passed the two weeks and kept going with it... that was when the dreams started.

I was in a cage all right. In what looked to be a big greasy garage under ground. It was dark, musty. And I was naked. With nothing but a chain locked around my neck.

On the closest wall were all kinds of dildos. Each one bigger than the last. The first being bigger than my fist. And hovering around my cage were two of the ugliest fucks I had ever seen in all my life. I mean, they were rejects from the Hills Have Eyes. Their fucking cocks were hanging longer than traffic cones.

And thicker than the base of one.

"You have been a bad piggy." The ugliest redneck fuck said. "You didn't play with your toy today. And you know that makes Bob angry. You know what happens when Bob gets angry."

"No, I don't." I said. Laughing. What a fucking messed up dream. "And I don't give a fuck," I said. "I am going to wake up, and none of this is going to be happening."

That was when Bob, presumably, started laughing. And then the ugliest inbred fuck started laughing.
"You have one more day to stretch your hole." Bob said. "Or you will find out."

I remained in that cage for what seemed like hours. Hours of sitting and looking pretty to these pussy-deprived degenerates.

When I awoke the next morning, I had the most uneasy feeling in my gut. I showered, and went to the dresser to pull out a pair of underwear. And I grabbed a dildo. It appeared out of the blue. I never bought one. It scared the shit out of me. Where the hell had it come from?

Then I had a flash. It came from... my god. I bought it. When I was passing an adult novelty shop in a down town strip. I had been looking outside the window, and I walked in. And I had completely forgotten it.

That night, with dildo in hand, I wondered what would happen. I didn't want to stick this thing up my ass. Would the dream really happen a second time if I didn't? Would I really be assulted by those guys? And would it really be as lucid as it had been the night before?

I was tired, though. I decided that I just wouldn't play the song tonight. I would disrupt the loop. So I got ready for bed, turned off the light, put my head phones on, and went right to sleep.

I woke up the next day. Nothing had happened. It was a bright morning, all was good. I got showered and dressed for work, grabbed my keys, and was about to get into my car in the garage when I was grabbed from behind. And a pillow case was pulled over my head.

As what sounded like duct tape was wrapped around my head and neck tight, I heard a man whisper into my ear "I told you, piggy. Bob was going to be angry. You should have listened."

I tried to scream, but I couldn't open my mouth. The tape was wrapped around my jaw in such away, I was sealed up tight.

This was a dream? It felt so real!

I was thrown on to the floor of what felt like a van and driven some place. As we were going, I was held in place by one very big man. Someone else used scissors to tear off my clothes until I was completely naked.

I thought I was going to suffocate, but they thought of that. They punctured holes through the cloth of the case where my nose was, and poked straws through into my nostrils so I could breathe.

I fought to get free, but the big guy had a grip I just couldn't escape from.

Finally, the van stopped. I was bound in rope and dragged across grass for what felt like a mile. And then we stopped. The ropes were adjusted until I was hogtied. And the pillow case was cut loose.

I was blinded by the light of day, and I could just make out the crowd of half naked men standing around me. We were at some kind of farm. And not far away from us was a small wooden shed.

"Piggy has really disappointed Bobby, fellas. He hasn't been getting dirty for us. So we decided to help him out. Think we can help piggy get dirty?"

"Yeah," They all screamed, whooped and hollered.

"Let's get to it, then!"

They picked me up and hauled me on over to that shed. Which turned out to be an out house. They opened the door and pulled me in. And it was hell. So nasty. Hot. Flies buzzing everywhere. And the goddamn stench. It was unreal.

"This is what Bobby does to piggies who disobey."

They pulled up the seat, showing a pretty good sized hole. And then they threw me in. Head first.
I went under pretty quick. I even took in a little. I worked my way to my knees. And I managed to get just my head to peak out. I came up vomitting what I had swallowed.

My wrists were bound to my ankles, so I was helpless. I couldn't swat away the flies. And I was left there, alone, as one big shitty fly snack. With the occasional visitor from above. I was wrong before. This was hell.

Or so I thought.

I heard Bobby come in. He said, "Guess what, piggy. You are in for a sweet surprise tonight."
"Please, let me out. This is awful."

"What? And miss the fun? Louise made her famous chilly dinner for the men. And nothing makes the men move harder and faster than ol Louise's Chilly.

Hell is being trapped in the bottom of an out house with a line of 40 men with a bad case of the runs.
After that night, I became the biggest anal whore in Chicago. My hole can take four fists up to the elbow. And I am still working on my fifth.

I tried to stop after two, but apparently Bobby has many incentives to keep me going. I can't piss standing up anymore. And I don't think I can have children.


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