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Hypnotized Couple Gets Taken

by GoddessVsPet

Hypnotized Couple Gets Taken

My wifes luscious lips met mine in a lustful kiss. Those chocolate colored eyes stared ferociously into mine, "Well my pet... are you sure this is how you wish to be ruled?"
"Yes Goddess! I wish to use these mp3 subliminals to ensure it."
Her soft hand laid on my chest, "Honey, I love playing your Goddess time to time. I'm not sure of this though," her hand slid down to my hip, "explain to me again what the subliminal will do to you."
"Since I have already listened to the starter files, once I listen to this mp3 my role as pet will become so deep I will be unable to disobey. Whenever you call me pet I will be submissive and subservient to you, my physical and mental pleasure tied to yours and allowed only by command..."
"Wait you mean basically the same only you can't say no and you physically can't cum without my say so?" Those tender fingers were now lightly teasing my shaft.
"That is correct. I will still be me, no change in personality except as pet where you will be able to command I go into trance and place more suggestions and commands that will become part of my service. I will be totally devoted to you, do all you ask and stay at your feet like a pet unless told otherwise. As pet and in trance you can train me using trance and commands to be the perfect pet and do anything you desire."
My wife bit her lip and squeezed my cock hard. Her smile was devilish but so sexy and honestly I was so turned on by this idea... I didn't car.
"So once its over and I call you pet then I can change you all I want without fight and you really want this?"
I pulled the headphones over my ears, "if you can be creative, mean but playful and loving, then press play and lets start my training. I have a list of ideas you might like, things we have talked about before on the screen to read to me if you want to make them commands."
An hour later I opened my eyes and smiled at my wife, the subliminals had taken and I waited for her to speak. She kissed me deeply and said playfully, "Baby... be prepared to get kinky and love it!"
My cheeks blushed and I mouthed an "I love you" before she spoke and clicked record on the webcam pointed at us. This is a description of that video.
"pet fall further into deep trance," my eyes closed again and my head fell softly to the side, "as of this moment you are owned by me and will remain as my pet unless told to go back to normal. You will address me only as Goddess and until you earn the right to walk you must stay on all fours, at my feet and never on furniture. You are incapable of lying to me, disobeying me or speaking without permission or answering me. Do you understand pet?"
A pathetic mumble sounded like "Yes Goddess" but barely. Her lips curled into an evil smile. "Now pet, off my bed!"
With haste and in trance still, I hurried to the floor at her feet, "Very good pet! While I read your list and say what I want aloud to you, kiss my feet and toes. Make out with them as you would my lips and don't stop unless told so." Eagerly I reached out to her tiny feet and with obvious passion did just as she asked. A few moans left her and deep breaths while she read.
"Alright pet, I like your list although its too short. From your list I command you're to stay flaccid until told otherwise, each night you massage wherever I desire, you sleep on the bed at my feet only and you are forbidden to touch yourself sexually. Do you understand pet?"
"Yes Goddess, I understand." My lips returned to her feet.
Her gaze was burning into me as she watched my attention to her feet. "Wow pet you are doing a wonderful job worshiping my feet. Keep at it while I think of what I want to change in my pet."
Several minutes passed by before she spoke again, "Answer honestly pet, the other day when you joked about watching me and your friend fuck... was that a joke or does the idea turn you on?"
Without pause my mouth lifted only enough to speak, "Goddess I have often fantasized about watching you enjoy another man sexually yet I am to embarrassed to say it to you. I love you so much but am intrigued by the idea of another man getting you off."
A hand grabbed the hair at the back of my head and pulled me onto the bed beside her. Our eyes locked and she looked shocked and serious, "My pet, I command you to tell me all the other sexual secrets you have. As you speak I give you permission to get hard and jerk off. I will tell you when to cum."
Slowly my hand moved to my stiffening cock, all fear and shame gone under the trance and I spoke clearly to her. "Goddess I crave your domination such as this but with more teasing and fiercness. Many times I have pleasured myself to the thought of watching you and another man. Further I have also done so while imagining he and I share you..." an odd mental obstacle appeared blocking my thoughts. These were the secrets I kept to myself only yet her control pulled them from me.
"Goddess, I... I have enjoyed the fantasy of you training me to enjoy being fucked in the ass by your toy..." She moaned loudly and I noticed her hand was teasing her clit slowly. Her power over me was strong and I kept spilling secrets, "Often when I finish touching myself, I will lick my cum from my fingers slowly until I am hard again and continue " Another moan with a soft ohhh. "Goddess I have wanted to cum inside you and then lick your pussy into another orgasm, or have you catch it in your mouth after a bj and kiss me. Goddess the taste of my cum makes me more horny."
Through almost purr like moans she said, "hmmm my pet you are forbidden to keep sexual secrets from me... I love al you just told me... ohh we could have been doing that already..." her legs shook slightly and her eyes caught mine again. "Your secrets have inspired me tremendously my pet... oooohh I never thought about cheating on you before but since you want me to... I am gonna find me a boyfriend... hmm you can watch us fuck all the time as your reward for telling the truth."
My dick was pulsing, waiting for her permission to cum yet she spoke, "My pet you have inspired me further," she put her hand at the tip of my dick, "Cum hard pet into my palm!"
In an instant my jism filled the cup of her hand and my ropes subsided. Again her devilish smile returned, "I am very upset you have kept your interest in recieving anal and eating cum a secret. I think thats fucking hot... but my feelings are hurt you couldn't come to me and share your interests... slowly lick the cum from my palm pet."
With a slighy bend forward I began lapping at her hand. At the first swallow she said, "now that I have seen you swallow your cum I know you will love someone elses. I command that you crave all cum not just yours," another swallow and she says, "Lick it up and when its clean you will also begin to crave real dick and cum instead of toys," I was absent mindedly licking my lips too. "A Goddess deserves an honest and open minded lover so when you are not in trance, not only will you keep lusting for me and making love to me but you will be unable to resist this new urge and before dinner tonight will beg me to find a man to fuck you while I watch." The command took hold while my tongue gathered more. "You won't turn gay but since you want toys already and eat cum you should try the real thing. I don't want to fuck your friend my pet because I know someone I want instead. Tonight I will invite him over so by the time he gets here you will now want to take my place sucking and fucking him. Further I command you enjoy it and cum constantly as he takes you. Your Goddess doesn't like secrets and only after he is done with you will you remember this command and understand my punishment. Now my pet do you understand?"
Another soft yes Goddess left my lips. My mind was blank waiting for her to write more into me. Those eyes of hers seemed filled with excitement but not hiding the gears turning as she plotted further.
"Pet," her hand traced my throat, "I will command you all I wish, all I want, you are now my property. You will remain my pet at all times to serve my desire. You are a great husband and lover but at your request I command that any pain from punishment such as spanking, nipple pulling, chocking and the such feel near orgasmic to you while also teaching you whatever point I need to make at that moment." That hand clenched my throat and my moan was muffled. "Humiliation of any kind to you will feel to you as if you failed me and ensure whatever you did to deserve it will not be repeated." The clenching stopped, blood rushed back into my head. "Now my pet all commands I made in this trance are now part of you and except when I allow it out of trance you will not remember me making them. When I command you to awaken you will no longer be in trance but will remain my pet."
She moved close to me and kissed my neck softly, "I love this idea my pet, I will reward you greatly for making this leap into my servitude." More kisses at my neck and ear then my lips, her hand reached to my ass and a finger tickled my hole. The other hand found my cock and balls. "Before I wake you pet I must warn you that tonights punishment is light. You know I watch gay porn so this will please me but at the same time you will be reminded that its you getting fucked because you kept secrets."
Those two hands were really working my hole and shaft, even in trance I moaned. "If I have to dig again for your secrets I will be very upset... is there anything else you wish to tell me you have entertained sexually but never told me." What was soft touches turned to sharp pains causing me to stutter.
"Goddessessess, I... I... only once puupuut onon your panties and make up..." in shock she let go of her painful grip so I could continue, "...the moment I became aroused I also felt ashamed and took it all off..."
The look she gave was unrecognizable but showed some intrigue, "My pet you are full of surprises aren't you!"
To quick to respond she jumped from the bed and ordered me to stand beside her. For several minutes she looked over my naked body then pulled me to the shower.
The camera couldn't see or hear her putting me back in trance and commanding me to dress only in her cloths when at home while she shaved and naired my body. She also used a bottle of warm water to clean my backside before washing me with perfumed soap. My wife left me alone in the bathroom to run up to the camera and say, "Honey I am so sad that you felt unable to share these different fetishes you have without this hypnosis. Honestly baby so far everything you have told me has turned me on. So... this is what you get for being silly baby..."
My wife picked up the phone and infront of the camera told her friend from work everything we had done then invited him over to be my first. After she hung up the phone her gaze returned to the camera, "Well honey, Johnny works as an editor at my office in the morning and is a trainer for a big gym in the evening who has a soft spot for guys in drag. You know what that means baby, I'm about to give you all your desires in one night with a slight twist, I'm gonna watch you get fucked instead. When you see this video sometime in the future I bet you will be upset but I am your Goddess right now so next time you get an idea you will tell me so I don't force more on you. Oh and this is gonna be so hot watching my new sissy husband take a big fat dick... I may not let you go back to normal if I enjoy it enough!"
With that she ran back to me and pulled me to the center of the screen, "Tonight my pet you are Ashley, my eager virgin cross dressing husband sex toy. The man coming to see you tonight knows all about our game and wants to make your dreams come true." As she spoke her small hands were applying make up to my face. "So when I introduce you to him pet, you will act like his horny girlfriend. Remember my pet I command that you to want, crave and enjoy whatever he does with you and that you keep moaning and coming during sex. Let him show you how to please him and don't rush him. Make sure he's satisfied and by doing so you will please your Goddess immensely." I was now in a dark red thong and matching bikini top, my limp dick tucked in with the small fabric in the front of the thong. My Goddess pulled out a red pair of laced high heels and help me in them. With a giggle she pulled out of her drawer a tight red collar and ran to the other room, returning with a dog chain. After putting the collar and chain on my neck she spiked my hair and sprayed perfume on me.
"Awaken from your trance as Ashley my pet!"
The dark veil lifted from my mind and instantly I felt oddly dressed but also so right and in the back of my mind the personality of Ashley flooded as fast as my new desire for dick. A giggle bubbled from me and I said, "Wow I look so hot and feel great, honey you out did yourself."
My wife kissed me and slapped my ass hard. "Oh pet remember that this chain means you are ruled by the holder, you live to please who leads you by it and everything about them drives you crazy with lust. "
The doorbell rang and my wife clapped her hands then lead me to the door holdong the lap top. When it opened the man Johnny towered over the both of us both in height and muscles. My wife and I both bit our lips before stepping aside to let him in. Once the door was shut my leash was handed to Johnny and my wife said, "For years my husband has kept his curiosity for anal toys, cross dressing and cum eating a secret because he felt ashamed. Well with hypnotic command I present my liar husband now as Ashley your eager virgin sex slave for the night. As long as you hold her leash then she is all yours."
Johnny pulled me close to him and ran his large hands over my body, "So all you want to do is watch? What if I turn him out and Ashley becomes permanent? hypnosis can be tricky!"
My wife winked at the camera, "Hmm well now you have a goal too, do a damn good job and ensure that the male hidden away in her mind gets off too. Rememeber I like this kind of stuff so I wouldn't mind being married to Ashley forever as long as she fucks me the same..."
My eyes were glued to Johnny, I couldn't fight how badly I wanted this man to tear into me and also caress the women I was playing. When our eyes met I blushed brightly and he smiled. "Ashley you look amazing, you smell delicious too..."
My cheeks flushed and my dick stirred in my thong, "Thank you baby... your hands are so strong and you are so... hmmm" his hand squeezed my ass tightly. Nervously I looked to my wife who mouthed, "Kiss him baby..." His lips met mine before I could respond and I almost melted before we walked to the room
The laptop was set on the night stand, my wife sat at the foot of the bed, "Johnny, this leash means she is all yours as long as you hold it." She slipped the loop over his wrist and kissed my cheek. Johnny playfully pulled the chain to lead me down to sit on his lap. My legs crossed and I fit in his lap like a small child.
Those hands wasted no time grabbing at me, pulling at my straps, lips pressed hard together. He slapped my ass hard before pulling the chain again, "Kneel baby and take your time with my belt and zipper."
The tremble in my hands was slight but offset when a yank on the chain made me lock eyes with him again.
"Keep looking at me girl, those pretty eyes looking up at me is so hot... ohhhh your hand is warm." As he spoke I had freed his cock and could barely wrap my hand around it. Both hands grasping it still it felt heavier and heavier as it pulsed and stiffened. "Keep looking at me but take it in that sweet mouth of yours girl."
That was hard to do, I wanted so bad to actually see how big it was but I had to obey. My mind looked back at the best bjs I ever had and to the best of my ability I began service on the monster member.
Lips to the tip and tongue down the shaft, sucking softly and teasing the balls before attempting to take any of it in my mouth.
Johnny smiled lustfully, "Savor it baby, its the first and the biggest you will see. Open wide and let me help pull that tiny throat over it."
The moment the head pressed against the back of my throat I gagged and he pulled back a little. I was told to focus on using my hands while he stretched my throat but it barely helped. Tears in my eyes and throat stinging badly yet I never looked away while he slowly slid back and forth inching a little deeper each time. Johnny began to grunt a little before building speed slightly.
With force but an odd tenderness he managed all of his cock in my mouth and then thrust at a medium speed.
"Ashley, tighten your lips and suck a little, roll your tongue.... oh fuck yes thats right.....you learn quick don't you?"
Now I felt my own cock twitching and relized I was mid orgasm only because I heard myself moan too. Johnny noticed, "yeah girl I knew you would love it, your girl here has already cum just from giving. .. giving some daaamn good head... You want that cum bad don't you."
Speaking was pointless so I moved my head faster to show him yes. Rolling his balls and stroking the shaft tightly. All I could think about was how tasty his load would be. Within a few more seconds I was rewarded. A loud grunt and thrust deep in my throat, slowly pulling out, rope after rope filling my mouth and instantly driving another climax from me.
Johnny quickly picked me up and flipped me to my back on the bed. I giggled like a little kid when I landed. With a slow hand he removed his button down and slacks exposing a body of muscles. This man was a giant compared to me in every way. Even now flaccid, his cock was longer and thicker than mine. Slowly he kissed my hip and thigh while removing my thong. His large hand covered my limp and useless dick. His mouth on my skin and nipples up to my neck only partially distracted the pain I felt when he pushed two thick fingers up inside my balls. A whimper escaped and we said softly, "You will thank me in a moment just focus on my lips."
Again he kissed at my body while his big fingers forced each testicle higher inside me. His other hand found some lube and he spread it softly on my cock and now empty ball sac. "This will help some... you don't need these understand?"
I nodded while holding in another whimper. Now his fingers had my limp dick and was pushing it inside too. This time his other hand was helping with tremendous pressure. Several intense moments past before his lips met mine. My hand was guided between my legs where what one was there had been almost inverted.
We continued to make out for a long while, his fingers probing me deeper and deeper, my own hand touching what almost felt like a wet pussy. This new sensation was no longer painful, it was uniquely pleasurable.
Johnny spoke low and soft, "I hope I can convince you to stay as Ashley..." he quickly wrapped his large mouth over my nipple and peck, sucking in a very hard pulse. When his fingers moved down to my ass my one hand found his cock while the other teased the area that was once my penis.
My wife was still watching us intently, "You do look hot with that pussy, a few weeks of him fingering and fucking you there and it will be permanent. Hmmm can you imagine baby, you and I living as the hottest wives on the street..."
I was unable to respond with anything but moans. Johnny had moved his mouth to the other nipple and peck. His sucking had left the first puffy and tender, almost breast like and had two fingers probing my ass.
My chain was tugged hard pulling my head up while he lifted my hips higher. His mouth left my other new breast and for that moment I looked totally female... and I got lost in it.
Johnny moved between my legs, pulling my chain so I could fully see his cock between my legs. "You are so fucking sexy girl and I'm honored to be your first man." The thick head of his cock teased the new slits he created. "By the end of tonight you will love how amazing my dick makes you feel..." Slowly he pressed the tip in my "pussy" using one hand to squeeze and pull on my puffy "breasts", "... I know you will stay this way... hmmm doesn't that little pussy feel good being filled by a man?"
He pulled my chain and I moaned, "Oh yes baby... yes yes..."
My wife laid beside me and picked up sucking on my chest where he left off. Johnny wrapped my legs around his hips and kept pressing deeper, forming my old cock into a pussy more and more. "Hmmm girl you want more?"
Again he pulled the chain forcing a,"Fuck yes I want it all!"
"Beg me to fuck you...beg me to turn you into Ashley forver just by fucking you... beg me bitch..."
My moans and responses were semi forced returns, I begged him to prove he could make me enjoy him so much I wanted to be his girl. I begged him to finally bury that monster in my ass till I forgot I ever wanted anything else.
My wife whispered in my ear, "You dirty girl, what if he can do it? Who's gonna fuck your wife if you let him do this?"
I turned to her and moaned, "I do as I am told, if you tell me this is what you want then... ohh shit hes got that head on my asshole... then I will obey..."
We both looked at the thick cock that was slowly opening my virgin ass. My wife had three fingers in my "pussy" and whispered, "A dick that size will ensure you have the biggest orgasm ever, hmmm isn't that hot baby?"
My chain was pulled hard, "Yes oh yes it is!" Pain and pleasure combined and wracked my body the moment the tip was swallowed. My breathing was heavy already and I knew a new and intense climax was approaching already. Without prompt I almost growled, "I have to have it all... tear it up baby, oh fuck yes don't stop pounding that ass till I feel your cum spray inside me!" Johnny smiled big and quickly pressed it all inside me. What left my mouth was moans and things I never thought before, "Yes baby yes, fuck me, own me, I love it already... fuck me till I forget I was anything but your cock slave little girl... oh please baby please..."
Johnny had already began a nice rhythm which my wifes fingers matched.
My wife teased me, "Thats it, I always knew you were in love with dick... ohh fuck baby watch his giant dick ruin your asshole... hmmm damn it baby you are so sexy as Ashley... maybe I should command you to stay this way... my sissy wife slave... ohh that sounds so hot... will you do it..."
My entire body shook with intense pleasure and Johnny announced his christening of my hole with his seed. I moaned to my wife, "ohhh I'm ruined... my dick and chest will never. ... fuck yes keep pumping that hot cum in me lover.... claim your sissy slave with seed... oh fuck look at my chest... and dick... I'm ruined... I can never fuck my wife again.... oh damn I loved his cock in me so much..."
My wife was grinning wide before I said, "Johnny, Goddess, I need more, Johnny show my wife why I am sure she can make this permanent." She was already laying on her stomach and Johnny mounted her and pressed his dick into her pussy. Her momentary protests gave way to loud moans as his giant cock stretched her pussy wide. Her hand pulled my chain hard, "You bitch... oh fuck, this mans dick... fuck it makes me want to.... oh oh oh almost submit to.... oh fuck. .."
Johnny pulled my chain, "Tell her to give in and beg for what you did..." he yanked harder and I leaned to her ear.
"His cock will rule you, his cum control you and you will love it... beg him to train and claim your holes, ruin them, let his cock enslave you as it did me... and I will stay your Ashley..."
Her pussy was already squirting and legs trembling before she repeated my words. Johnny grabbed her hair and pulled her back to him, "Yes thats it bitch, know my cumming inside you makes you my slave just as it did Ashley. .. hmmm I'm so close but begging for it... ohh shit.... fuck that's it girl... begging for it means you want to be ruled by this cock... so beg bitch for what you want!"
I looked into my wife's eyes and knew she was in heaven. I whispered to her, "beg and embrace it... I'm forever addicted to his dick because of you... join me..."
Her begging was loud and lusty. My wife pleaded to him and swore herself to his cock just as his jism filled her pussy and sealed her addiction to him. The man behind her softly chuckled as she collapsed next to me.
In a faint whisper, "My pet become entranced," as my eyes closed she continued, "I command you to embrace your life as my tranny husband who's new name and personality is Ashley. Never again will you be or want to be a man. You will enhance your body to look totally female and live that way forever." Johnny watched on and whispered to her something before undoing my collar and she said, "I command no more pet from you but if you are collard and leashed by someone then they rule you and can entrance plus command you.... and you are hopelessly addicted to cum in your mouth pussy and ass.. you will take hormones and grow breasts... now awake and obey."
The next morning I woke up first and immediately called my doctor to begin the process of gender switching. Johnny had snuck up behind me as I leaned against the kitchen counter. The very second I hung up the phone I felt his hard on pushing on my "pussy" and his hand playfully grab my throat.
"Good morning girly, I'm up early..." his hand pulled me back on his cock.
"Johnny hun, hmmm I already ordered my hormones... I'm going to look fully female soon!"
He slapped my ass hard, "Then I need to make sure your pussy is ready soon!"
I pushed hard driving more of him pain fully in me. My head tipped back and I moaned, "fuck yes you do... and keep me in that collar as your slave baby... train me as your tranny sex toy while you ruin my cock forever."
My wife entered the room holding the leash and collar, "Sounds like a plan Johnny, today you can be my new man and she can be our tranny slave maid..."
The collar clicked and the trance fell over me, when I was released later it was to watch Johnny and my wife together as I forced a thick toy in each of my holes.
My wife had headphones on and a blank stare as moaned , "Fuck I guess even as a man you weren't really a man, this man here is ohhh fuck... so fucking good... yes split that pussy in half... I am yours now... claim me baby please... I need to be owned by you too so that I can always be fucked by your wonderful cock... Ashley baby, he's so good. . I used your mp3s to be enslaved by him...!"
Johnny asked me, "did you stand a chance against her command to become Ashley?"
"I did but I was finally set free and able to embrace a my desires and once you fucked me as Ashley... I knew I wanted nothing else..."
Johnny pulled my chain hard to make me lay beside him as my wife rode him into total slavery, "Time to test you girl, you remain loyal to..."
"You baby!"
He smiled, "your wife is..."
"Still my true love but is now your slave and fuck toy just like me!"
My wifes eyes opened and she announced the end of the file. Johnny kept her moving and said, "now what is your new name slave?"
My wife moaned, "I am now Tiffany!"
He slapped her ass hard and slid her to his other side, "Tiffany you are now my sex slave and are addicted to my cock and cum. From now on you will dress only in sexy cloths and never painties, you will teach Ashley how to act and dress the same. I will buy you a collar and leash too and when it is placed on you the trance to change and command you will take over. I can awaken you while still wearing it and it will serve as a training leash and both of you will walk on all fors while on the leash. Do you understand?"
She smiled big, "Yes I do baby!"
Johnny added, "Both of you will be getting breast and ass implants soon, Ashley will get the full surgery and will mold your bodies to my desire. Alright ladies?"
Yes baby!" We teamed before Tiffany pulled me to the closet and we picked out the outfits Johnny requested.
In a years time all surgeries were done. Double D cups, firm round asses, narrow waists, long brunette hair, body hair removed and even a tattoo saying Johnnys CS (cock slaves) on our inner thighs. I was fully envoloped as Ashley and the three of us lived as a hot threesome.


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