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Programming Derivative.

by Haxsaw

Programming Derivative.

L.N. and R.N. were over to my house. It was the weekend. R.N. was telling of her appointments. She had the full-time job now. It was through state level. She went along in a mobile medical unit.
"So, after testing the twenty seventh blood sample I was next to make reports on the computer. I was eyes feeling screwed up."
"I get that way... Too much computer time syndrome!" L.N. retorted. Both girls laughed at the intended humor, each getting what was implied. Staring at any computer terminal too long freaked out anyone's eye sight. Even an L.E.D. flat screen monitor was eventually too much for the vision.
I was wearing my tee shirt and brown shorts. I had on sandals. L.N. was shortest. R.N. was lean and tall. They were seated at my wrap around couch, laughing at about any subject mentioned. I decided to change the atmosphere.

My T.V., the large flat screen, was on. I used the remote control to activate visual. On came a purple swirl. From behind the flat screen T.V. I had plugged in a U.S.B. Memory Stick, earlier. Embedded on the stick E.M.G., undisputed master over at warpmymind.com, sent me this software bundle. I decided timing was right. The two girls were still chatting.
"As you two girls keep talking note the decoration upon the screen, please," I mentioned. They each glanced up. The swirling circle was revolving, inwardly. As they looked I said, a matter factually, "While you find it comfortable, impossible to look away from you look ever deeper." While stating this I stood and got far. "In fact, as a matter of fact, a fact you find real, real to you as you relax, looking ever inwardly, not anywhere else yet this place you find comfortable, your legs seem to be glued, attached to the floor. As they seem glued, welded to the floor you enjoy, really like and want this feeling you alone are enjoying."
In brief time I glanced at the two I noted their eyes seemed glazed over. In reality it was the same way anyone could be, watching a favorite show or movie. The focus was intense. My direction went further for them.
"As you and you alone- for you alone desire- so your legs feel in place, solid while your arms feel droopy, rested. As you view this, so in control, so comfortable, you want and will allow nothing bother this time you alone deserve."
I kept this up until each girl was totally relaxed. As I had them asleep, I then snapped my fingers, telling they were in place, so happy to be such. In the room I plugged in three electromagnetic devices. They were easy to buy at hardware stores. They were sold to remove the room of pests, as in the case with cockroaches. What they did was confuse the nervous system, slightly. As these were full grown girls I plugged in three devices. I had one device plugged into separate wall receptacles. I had so there was triangulation. This really matters.

After commanding each girl on her knees I had so I was being sucked off....

L.N. was being told she was getting a Popsicle. She really did love them! I told her it had a cream center so, "keep on sucking." L.N., eyes closed, was smiling. While kneeling her hands reached out. She was grasping my penis. As she slurped I informed her the Popsicle was melting! L.N. took my penis in and out, in and out, rapidly, slurping so quickly. In a short notice I hardened and sperm shot out. I took a breath and commanded she swallow.
L.N. inhaled all of me. I was impressed. I had told it was her favorite cream center, too. As I reminded it may be melting again, L.N. licked and sucked my cock, rapidly. All clean! I was gasping, really. It took a moment to re-gain myself. I guess seeing her under such deep, deep control brought me to wild discharge.

Making certain I was, indeed, clean, I then worked on R.N. L.N. was placed on the wrap around couch. 1, 2, 3, SNAP! She was napping. Approaching R.N. I bent her over. I slipped off her shorts. What tight, so right, skin tight shorts she wore, too. Now I was getting into the packaging!
I told R.N. to breathe. I commanded her tummy get tighter and tighter. I lightly, delicately touched, only once, her bare buttocks. I heard R.N. moan. It was a soft, easy expression. I commanded R.N. to flex and tighten her thighs and then, coming behind, getting stiff again, I entered her.
O.M.G.! It hurt! The foreskin, more so, the skin along the entire length of the length to my shaft was peeling back! It was sort of like stripping wrapping off a candy bar or something. R.N. was crying yet I told she wanted more. R.N. was kneeling low, her face to the floor. I went in and out, slowly. After so long, R.N. was told she was a vagina, pleased by and only by obeying my commands.
"Am I making you happy?" she cried in a mutter, between breaths. I was pumping her, faster. As she became moist, within, I was penetrating. She appeared in agony, yet never told me stop.
"Only you and you and just you when you obey. I love you, R.N."
Kneeling on the floor, her head turned back; she questioned, "Really? Really me and only me? Please, dear? God I need a real man!"
I could see she was near tears. Not only was she taking my entire shaft, from behind, she was delirious as if she would get a real man in her life.
"Our secret, R.N. I loved you first and more than you will ever more." As though trying to prove something I shoved harder. R.N.'s face dropped as she groaned in submission. By golly, I was suddenly turned on, again. I pulled out and shot five loads of sperm. My head was suddenly dizzy, standing there, my cock throbbing.
R.N. had sperm dripping off the back of her neck. I fell, well, tried kneeling. I reached out and touched her shoulder. I whispered we were secret lovers, for eternity and a day. I snapped my fingers, putting R.N. to sleep. I next carried her to her room. Once placing her in bed I looked her over, kissing her several times. I needed guard her, as well.
L.N. was left on the couch to sleep the night. I later went to my master's bedroom and took a shower. I then went to sleep. In the living room all was quiet and shut off, for the evening.


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