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A Prior Arrangement

by lanoiseuse

A Prior Arrangement

The table is pressing against my thighs as I lean forward, I fasten a sets of handcuffs to my wrists and reach over and under the table and lock my left hand to the leg of the table. Breath in, breath out, I pause, once I've locked in my other hand I am complete at his will, whatever he wants to do. Breath in, I hold my breath, I reach over the edge of the table and with the clicking sound of the handcuffs and am now locked in - wrists and ankles handcuffed to the corresponding legs of the table, wearing the red lace bra and panties, the garter and stockings, the wig and the makeup that he has bought for me. And now I wait for him to arrive.

Have I been impatient? Have I set myself up too early? How long will it be until my body starts to cramp from being in this position? How much longer will it be until he arrives? Is this even the right time and day? What if he doesn't come? What if he has forgotten? My roommate is away until Monday, I would be stuck like this for 2 days. And then... handcuffed to the kitchen table and in women's lingerie - though not easily, individually those could be explained such that I'd be myself being a victim of circumstance. But this... ... ... surely I have the right time and day, surely I have, surely. I probably should have put on some music, not only to pass the time, but I need some kind of distraction from these neurotic thoughts. At this rate I'll lose my mind with these thoughts before anyone finds me in this room.

I take a deep breath, and sigh heavily, the way people only sigh when they know they're alone. At that moment feel something lightly stroke my asshole. The startle and resulting jump causes me to shift myself and the table at least 3 inches forward. He chuckles, and then the air that should have been filled with the sound of sigh of relief is suddenly filled with the sound of my cries of pain as he had jammed his fingers up my ass without forewarning. He blasts my ass with his fingers, all I can do is grit my teeth, clench my fists, and hope that it will be over soon. The burn of the in and out, the knocking of my thighs on the table's edge, the chaffing of my chest from rubbing against the table - from time my eyes begin to blur, my head spins, I can no longer tell how long it has been with him finger my asshole.

And then, almost as if something like this could happen, the sound of a zipper ceases the feel of fingers in my ass, and the feel of his firm hand bringing a hard spank to my ass brings my mind back to reality, and 10 more spanks brings my eyes to tears. And now with both of his hands strongly holding me hips, and even though I had predicted what was to happen next and taken what I had believed to be the necessary precautions, the scream that had burst from my lips was surely deafening as he thrust his cock into me. Though prior to all of this I was very much aware of his size, at that moment I could have sworn he was 2 feet long and 6 inches wide. And I was being pounded, not fucked, not boned, not banged - pounded, what an ogre does to a deer with a club for food, he was doing to my asshole, I was pounded. Screaming to beyond the capacity of my lungs, digging my nails into my palms in an attempt to trick my brain into thinking I'm not in that much pain, my consciousness step outside my body (which tends to happen with most transcending experiences) only in an effort to grasped the magnitude of this glorious erotica. MY orgasms came, went, came again and went again to the point of frivolity, and a puddle having been formed on the floor. And his hold on my hips has now tighten to the point of almost crushing my pelvis, his speed and magnitude of his thrusts has increased to the point that if a vacuum type effect were to occur if he were to suddenly withdraw his cock would most certainly take my lungs along with it. And with a loud grunt from his lips ans one giant thrust he explodes in my ass, filling me to the point of overflowing. And while still inside he falls down onto me, exhausted and satisfied - we catch our breathes.

Once I have caught enough of my breath I whisper to him "Thank you" and then a pause and then I whisper "The keys are on the bench". He stands up, and then the sound of a zipper - followed by the sound of the front door banging shut, leaving me alone like I was before but now with cum slowly leaking from my ass... "FUCK".


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