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Inflatable Mystery.

by Haxsaw

Inflatable Mystery.

It was gentle and barely detectable breeze, outside. Skies were just a little sunny. Clouds were moving in from the bay. They seemed to press in, as like a child's hand. From the entrance way, just off the Bukidon Road, passengers scattered too and fro. Haxsaw was scooping up what customers he could, here and along. Across the city business was transpiring, for him. It was the drawing on toward another easy going afternoon hour.
L.N. was the pretty yet shorter of the two. While R.N. the nurse had returned with the medical mobile unit L.N., the equally thin yet more set girl was left at the large home of Haxsaw. As she was prepared for U.M., books purchased, she humbly bowed a head and prayed.
Not every girl had the chance. Hah! Not anyone had this chance, period! Upon this Tropic, South Pacific Island Territory L.N. knew Haxsaw was making her ways and means easy, very easy. Mother, her mom, stayed there, also. With only the need to be indebted in maid like service and the rest, free of charge, what more could a girl ask for?
L.N., dressed in tight shorts and sandals, accompanied with pink tank top, peeked out. Haxsaw was at his computers. Two clients were having photo images worked on. At the mini-mart, dresses sold and hair was being cut. L.N.'s tank top read, REBEL WITH A CAUSE.

Having free time, L.N. sat at Haxsaw's main computer system.

Slipping on headphones, L.N. randomly listened to "Inflatable Love Doll." She had heard other files and this was the one Haxsaw never played for her. At least she never recalled listening to it, any. As it played an image came upon the screen. It was an image of a swirling black and white circle. It twirled, inwardly. L.N. giggled, somewhat. As Haxsaw's voice told her set still and relax, L.N. was mildly distracted by the swirling black and white circle. Like a fly caught in a web, she was drawn.

This individual file, distinct from others, was being listened without Haxsaw's guidance. That made all the difference. L.N. never knew this, though. As she became comfortable, settling in the seat before the desk, her mind was soon swimming along to the words, background music and eyes were lost. Her sight was lost. Focus was lost upon the vision before her. As one can strain to see through binoculars out of focus; L.N. was leaning forward in her chair. She was really out of sorts.
After the count and snapping fingers L.N. found herself asleep, with eyes wide open. Within her mind's eye she could see angled matters of a different arrangement a three dimensional plane never offered.

L.N. could see herself stiff and unbending. As she was in a seated upright position she fell, down and down and down. Into vast space L.N. fell onwardly. To look you could see L.N. seated, dreary eyed. Inwardly, L.N. was making the trip towards beyond.
As L.N. struck, hit down, down, down with a smack, she was still seated upright. It was upon a large, satiny bed. It was four poster. All L.N. could collect herself to do was blink several times. Gasping, she realized, she was set up.
Her hair was in pony tails, drawn up with blue ribbons. Her blouse was white and with short, gathered sleeves. Her skirt was short, pleated and criss cross blue with broad white stripes. Upon her feet were tiny white socks. Covering these were little black shoes. Trying, L.N. found and discovered her lack of mobility.
Her body was impossible, not able to budge or move, not even wiggle. A dark, strong yet thin man entered the room. From shadowed corners he emerged, as though drifting. Wearing a rich, Armani suit, imported from Italy, it was Haxsaw. L.N. gasped yet leaving was no question. Waving his hands the clothing vanished! L.N. was all amazed. From between her shoulder blades was protruding a nozzle that was used, earlier, to inflate her. She was forced, through unseen hands, into the prone position. As though by themselves, her legs spread.
"My body is beyond my control...." was the only independent thought pattern managed as the action heated. Haxsaw, her father like figure, was now undressed. Hovering over L.N. it was she glanced to see his huge, elongated, curved, white penis. While in reality it was not biggest, he was, indeed, a hard, hard man. L.N. was going to feel him, inside and out.
Haxsaw last placed L.N.'s arms upward, at a reach. L.N. now appeared to be as nothing more than a cheap, mindless sex doll. Her arms were extended, bent at the elbows. Her legs were spread. Her body was, like it or not, ready for cock. It was a trip she was not, to take. Here it came! To view her, to see L.N. within her fantasy, she had a body deeply hypnotized and put in her place. Next, Haxsaw came down on her, hard. L.N. screamed...

L.N. felt her vagina spread, more tear open. After her initial scream it was next she noticed Haxsaw so gentle. The rhythm... It was the music of love making. His body felt, really, truly felt so nice. One part, L.N. was shocked, terrified it was him!
"Estremezo, Gobernar!" she muttered between choked breathes.
From a different light she felt, while her private place spread wider than she could dream, so wet and so, so moist! She also wanted hold, embrace this invasion. As she looked up Haxsaw's face was the one she slowly, steadily, fell in love with. It was deep, deep love.
Her insides shifted about as though a pathway all their own. Haxsaw kept saying, "My mindless, inflatable love doll!" It was hearing him-louder-more in command. It was the way he truly put her in her place. Watching him, L.N. replied she wanted and loved him.
"Daddy, I need you so!"
Haxsaw was going through the motions, not recognizing her plea. From such, L.N. felt her private, intimate hot spot get wetter still. She stared up in amazement. All she felt was shock and his control. After a half hour trip it was completed.

Haxsaw woke L.N. from the desk she was seated at.

"L.N.? Ah, L.N., dear? L.N.!" Haxsaw was busy, kneeling and rocking her shoulders. L.N. was seemingly asleep at his computer desk. He found her leaning back, head tilted further. The headphones were in place. The computer system automatically shut down. So did the sound file system. L.N. was roused now. Her first reaction was to kiss him, deeply. Haxsaw jerked his head back.
"Are you alright, L.N.? Were you having nightmares?" His voice was tender, in tonality. L.N., realizing where she was, really, became more alert. Her face turned red.
"Oh my!"
"Everything is okay, L.N." Haxsaw rose, standing firm. "I guess you must have been dreaming, huh?" Haxsaw rested his face within the palm to his raised hand. "Ahh? What were listening to, dear?" L.N. quickly removed the headphones and left.
"I need take a shower."
As L.N. rapidly left, leaving Haxsaw bedazzled, she washed away the wetness and feelings from her first mating. Haxsaw glanced at the computer and then around the room. His face read only more confusion. He needed see to the store, checking on a construction report, later. Whatever occurred he had not a clue and most, likely, never would!


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