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I am finall being transformed into who I am inside-A WOMAN

by AngelaMarie

I am finall being transformed into who I am inside-A WOMAN

I have been a crossdresser for 33 years. I started when I was just 5 yyears old. My days would be consisted of wearing my sister's clothes with her permission. She had taught me the proper way to put together girls outfits properly. My sister and I would have tea parties that would eventually consist of her having some of her girlfriends over to share tea. None of her friends ever laughed or made fun of me,they just treated me like one of the girls. As time went by, I eventually ended up in my mother's closet. I wore her lingerie, skirts,blouses,dresses, heels,and make-up. My sister helped me with the make-up. She also gave me a girls name since I was always dressed as a girl.The name she gave me was Angela.Her girlfriends never called me by my boy's name,they always refered to me as Angela ,whether I was dressed as a girl or not.I got used to the name and it stuck!I rather liked it over my male name! My sister and I along with her friends would have tea and look at bridal catalogsand talk about getting married when we got older. I always thought of myself as a girl,I told my sister and her friends that I would like to be married as a woman when I got older. They all agreed that I would make a pretty bride. As the years passed,I never had a girlfriend until the early 90's. When this woman older tyhan me first sawe me naked,she told me that I had the bodyand legs especially of a woman! She then talked me into dressing up as a hooker for Halloween! I didn't need much persuasion. One of her best friends came opver and gave me a perm ,did up my make-up and found something for me to wear. I had a blast at the party as a woman.We went out after the party and hit a couple clubs.I was never made as a guy dressed as a woman.The next day,my girlfriend gave me 100% use of anything in her closet that I wanted to wqear.This went on for a while.One day ,she came home from work with a camera and started taking pictures. On that day,I was wearing ablack mini,a scoop neck top,stilletto heels and a pair of clip on hoop earings.When she got the pictures developed,she took them in to show my cousin that was a beautician.My cousin couldn't get over the pictires.Both her and one of her patrons were envious of me because when they asked me what size the mini was and I told them,neither one of them said that they could ever fit into that size skirt! At that time ,I was wearing a size 6 mini!Bringing it up to date,I am currently on hormones to reachmy fina destination---to be a woman in every way shape and form!!


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