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change of pace

by xxx3135

change of pace

Kiley sat at her computer typing quickly on her keyboard. It was three am and she was still playing World of Warcraft talking to her girlfriend she was wearing only her matching bra and panties. They sat there talking to each other over instant messenger. Soon as always their conversations turned to flirting and flirting turned to sex texting talking late into the night. Kiley wrapped up and said good night to her girlfriend Ana. Kiley powered down her computer and walked into her bedroom. She sat at the edge of her bed and was soon fast asleep.
Kiley woke up the next morning yawning sleepily and stretching. She got up and walked over to her computer turned it on and was soon talking to Ana again still wearing her underwear from that night. Kiley was soon web chatting with Ana.
"Well don't you look cute in your panties," Ana said giggling poking fun at Kiley's appearance. Kiley's shoulder length black hair was disheveled from sleeping; her bra cupping her c breasts and panties hiding her shapely ass and tight pussy.
"Well your one to talk," Kiley retorted pointing out Ana's short gym shorts, her short brown hair in a pony tail and bra covering her D breasts.
"Well hey Ana I got to get to class but ill see you soon ok? I love you."
"Love you too baby." Ana responded as they both logged off.
Kiley walked into her closet and changed into some tight jeans and a t shirt. Clothed and ready she walked out to her car and rushed off to class.
Ana closed her messages with Kiley and opened her favorite website dedicated to infantilism, and Adult babies. Ana spent hours browsing the website, looking at pictures, reading stories and watching videos. Enthralled by the site she sat there sipping her bottle of water. Ana had wanted to become incontinent ever since she had first thought of wearing diapers again, but now she was doing something about it, she drank large amounts of water every day and held it until she couldn't anymore. Ana had to go very badly and soon was rocking back and forth in her computer chair. She bit her lower lip in near agony from the tension. Finally after minutes of writhing she began to dribble and soon her dribble became a flow of warmth into her panties and sweat pants. The liquid dripped off her computer chair and onto the floor as she wet herself thoroughly. Ana moaned in relief, she felt so naughty and wished she was brave enough to buy diapers. She got up quickly and stripped her soaking clothes and cleaned her mess from the floor.
Ana had never told Kiley of her desires and was afraid it would scare her away. She worried in the back of her mind that Kiley wouldn't accept her. Putting that thought in the back of her mind she waited with baited breath for her lover to return home.
Kiley walked into her room and sat at her computer. She opened a live cam chat with Ana who was already waiting for her.
"Hey love." Kiley said
"Oh hey baby, missed you" Ana said happy to see her girlfriend after patiently waiting all day. Ana then sipped absentmindedly on her water bottle talking to Kiley for hours. Ana soon had the pressure in her bladder building and needed to go the bathroom soon.
"Hey baby im going to run to the bathroom real quick."
"Wait, I want to tell you about something that happened in class today before I forget." Kiley returned quickly. Ana sat back down and began listening to Kiley's story, soon her story had gone on for almost ten minutes. Kiley was unaware of how little Ana was listening and how uncomfortable she was. Ana was fighting a rapidly losing battle and without a word she stood up in the middle of Kiley's sentence to go to the bathroom.
"I'll be right...." Ana couldn't finish her sentence she reached her limit the floodgates opened and she wet her panties and her piss rolled down her long legs. Kiley saw the whole scene on camera and was shocked.
"So I guess now is as good a time is ever." Ana said still dribbling.


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