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The Accidental Gift

by 1856

The Accidental Gift

Coach Terry Curran looked around at the excited faces on the dreary bus as it started off on the interminable trip to Toronto. His school volleyball team had been invited to play in an invitational tournament as a reward for making it to the provincial title. Their only expense would be the cost of the food they ate, all other expenses including one night in the hotel along the way had been taken care of.

This was very exciting for a team that seldom left the isolated northern part of Ontario and for Terry it was a great chance to get away from the small-minded attitudes with which he was confronted each day. Toronto was the "big city" and many of the students had never had that "big city" experience except from the movies or TV they saw.

The assistant coach for the team was a community member, not a teacher. There weren't enough teachers to go around for all the activities the district high school offered so they were highly dependent on community help. In this case it was a provincial police officer for the town - Derek James, that was his right hand man. Derek had been a good volleyball player himself a few years back and had a strong interest in the kids of their community. He had been one of the first to volunteer for the youth programs the city ran as well. He was well-liked by the kids, able to break that barrier of uniform that confronts many police.

Coach Curran had been thrilled to get some help - he was also responsible for Student Council and was on countless committees both at school and board level, hoping to get promoted in the near future. But he was even more thrilled because he was highly attracted to Derek, a secret which he had to keep tightly bound, given the small community and the even smaller attitudes and standards that hung in the air daily. Coach Curran believed that Derek, though not married, was probably quite straight.

Rocco Carbone was probably the weakest link on Coach Curran's team, though he served better and more consistently than the others, but he was probably the most well-liked. The boy had a charisma about him, and everyone seemed attracted to his good nature. His hobby was magic and he had been putting on magic shows for neighborhood birthday parties for years and lately had been entertaining at school functions. His show was filled with enthusiasm and warmth, and with his good Italian looks, he was everybody's favorite.

Rocco sat behind Coach Curran on the bus in the very last seat. Though his seat partner had changed many times already on the trip as young boys were often switching seats with each other, at present he was sitting with Richard "the Moose" Mulligan. They had been on the road for many hours and the noisy banter had subsided and most players had fallen off into daydreaming or sleeping.

When Rocco thought that the coaches sitting in front of him had dozed off, he talked to Moose in a very soft slow voice gradually giving him suggestions that he was getting sleepy. He had been trying out a little bit of hypnosis to use either as part of his act or as an adjunct to it. He purposely chose Mule because he had a gut feeling that Mule would go deeply and quickly.

What he didn't know was that in the seat directly in front of him, while Constable Derek James, assistant coach was sleeping, Coach Terry Curran was not. He was very aware of the gradual talking process that Rocco was doing and becoming intrigued as to what would happen to Mule. What he didn't realize was that Derek, although he was asleep, was in that phase of sleep where he, too, was hearing what Rocco was saying.

"You are getting very tired now...your eyelids are closing tighter and tighter and you are feeling more relaxed than you have ever been in your life. You're on an elevator now and each floor you go down you are getting more relaxed and going deeper and deeper. You look up at the numbers and you see the number 10 on the elevator and you feel it begin to move down, bringing you down deeper and deeper. Nine... you watch as the numbers change and you feel yourself going deeper and deeper. Eight..."

And so the banter progressed until the doors opened at zero and Moose was in a very deep sleep. Coach Terry listened even more intently because Rocco's voice had gone quite low.

"Moose, every time I ask you to do something, you are going to go deeper and deeper and deeper. Your right hand is becoming very light... very light... light as air. You try to keep it down but it is so light it is lifting up by itself, like a balloon, and lifting into the air where it just floats there... so light."

Rocco was always pleased when the initial tests worked well. Looking at Moose's floating hand, he knew his gut feeling was correct.

In the seat in front, the Coach was straining to hear, and just for a second opened his eyes. Imagine his surprise to see Derek's hand floating next to his face! It stayed there until Rocco told Moose to put it down. A couple of other tests and both Moose and Derek passed them all.

"Now, you are at a movie with the most beautiful girl you ever saw," Rocco began, "and you are feeling really horny. You want to see how far you can get. Reach with your hand and put it on her leg." At the same time Moose and Derek's hand reached over and rested on the leg next to them.

Coach Terry tightened as Derek's hand placed itself on his thigh and started to gently rub it. His shock grew as he realized that if the same thing were going on behind him, then Rocco must be gay as well.

Rocco suggested more of the scenario to Moose and Derek followed through as well, his hands getting perilously close to Coach's hardening cock. But then, just as quickly as it began Rocco began to change the suggestions and the sexual touches stopped. Now he was giving instructions how to bring Moose back into a trance whenever he said the word "gazebo". He also gave some post-hypnotic suggestions, one that he get quite drunk after one sip of alcohol - getting drunker with each sip; two, that every time he saw a man in underwear he would start to get an erection and want to beat off.

"How childish," thought Coach at first thought, though he was himself getting an erection thinking about it. "Thirdly, whenever I say the word "Stud", you are going to think you are... (he paused for a minute to think about who he wanted him to be).. you are - Brad Pitt! And you can get anything you want from any man or woman, you are so famous and handsome. Now when I count to three, you will fall into a regular sleep and awake in a few minutes feeling refreshed and good, not remembering anything about what has just happened. But you will follow all my instructions. One. Two Three."

A few minutes later both Derek and Moose awoke. They were about an hour away from the hotel they were to spend the first night at. Derek was very talkative and rested and seemed no different at all. Coach was still almost speechless by the realization that Rocco could be gay and that he had the key to manipulating Derek.

After they settled into the room they were sharing, Derek and Coach Terry went down to have some dinner. The students had decided they didn't want to eat at the hotel and went off to find a MacDonald's and see what the town had to offer. After giving them some warnings, Terry went back to his room to wash up for supper.

Derek had changed while Terry was lecturing the kids, so when Terry arrived at the room, he took off his clothes down to his shorts and went into the bathroom. What he didn't realize was that Derek, upon seeing Terry's shorts, began to get incredibly horny laying on the bed and began to jack off, keeping one eye on the bathroom door so that Terry wouldn't see him.

When Terry was dressed they went down to dinner. Derek was quite hungry - most cops have great appetites - and he ordered a large steak with all the trimmings. Terry ordered a lighter meal. Derek called the waiter back and ordered a bottle of wine. While they were waiting Terry produced a pack of cigarettes and started to take one out of the pack.

"What are you doing? I didn't know you smoked. When did you start smoking? I've never seen you with a cigarette." Derek was surprised.

"I know, I know," replied Terry. It's a 'secret' vice. You haven't seen me because I won't smoke when the kids are around. I only smoke a few cigarettes a day, but I really enjoy it and haven't been able or maybe even want to give it up."

Derek was amazed and horrified. "I'm surprised a jock like you ever started. With everything we know about smoking today..."

Terry cut him off. "I know. Don't give me any lectures. Times were different when I started. We didn't know a whole lot about it except it was so rebellious and cool and adult that just about everyone started."

But Derek was not about to give up. For the next five or so minutes, until the waiter brought the bottle of wine, he went on and on about how unhealthy it was and how bad second hand smoke was, and even after the wine came, he started in.

Terry could stand it no longer so he took his chance. "What do you call that thing they set the wine in - a gazebo?"

Almost immediately Derek looked stunned and his eyes slammed shut. He didn't fall off his chair and have his head land in the soup, thank God, thought Terry - but he was sure under quickly and deeply. "Derek, you are no longer going to worry about Terry's smoking. You can see that he enjoys it and that is what is important. You will forget all about the medical and health risks of smoking, believing only that if he enjoys it, it is all right. The second hand smoke won't bother you and you won't bug him about his smoking. Do you understand?"


"You are even a little envious of the fact that he enjoys it so much, aren't you?"


"Now in a minute, I will count to three and you will awaken, remembering nothing except that the waiter just left the table having brought us the wine. One. Two. Three."

"Oh, good," said Derek, "the wine's here. Will you have a glass?"

Derek poured the wine as Terry finished the remains of a cigarette, glad to be able to enjoy it and not be bothered. He looked across the table at Derek pouring the wine. He certainly was a handsome young man. He reminded him of the ex-football player-now-sportscaster Howie Long. He had the same strong face, big build and blond hair, cut in the old crewcut style. Terry thought, had he been sequestered anywhere but up north some girl would have caught him by now.

After Derek took his first sip, he started to get a little tipsy. Terry noticed the ever more animated features and the fact that he was getting louder and talking more. As he had the next few sips the change became even more remarkable. He was getting louder, certainly more insensitive to his surroundings, and though his speech was just a little thicker, the content of his speech began to change. It became gradually a little more raunchy, a little more locker room. The talk took on sexual innuendoes, he started to comment on the waitresses and others in the restaurant in totally inappropriate ways, and his language got more colorful.

Terry was getting a little concerned that at this rate they would be thrown out before their dinner came. Perhaps, if he used the other word... oh, shit, what was it, - then he could get him to think he was Brad Pitt instead of being drunk. What was that word???

The waitress came around with the salad.

"Thank you, shweetheart!" Derek said a lot too loudly. "You are beautiful. A beautiful person. A fucking beautiful person."

"Uh, thanks, miss. Could you get me some water, please," Terry added trying to save the day.”

"A fucking beautiful person. That's what she is. I'd like to get into her shorts, that's for sure."

The word suddenly came to Terry. "Well, you keep your pants on, stud!"

Like a bolt of lightning, Derek's demeanor changed. The drunkenness disappeared (Thank God, thought Terry) and a new, sultry, sexy look came over his face. When the waitress returned with the water, he was gallant, ultra polite and smiled at her with a radiant smile. She feeling the vibes, smiled back and actually looked interested.

Derek reached across the table and grabbed Terry's pack of cigarettes and matches, and while Terry stared bug-eyed at him, proceeded to take one out and light it. He took a deep drag and let it out slowly, without coughing. Amazing, thought Terry. Of course, Brad Pitt smokes! Terry's cock had grown quicker and larger than ever before and he was quite uncomfortable at the table.

Derek continued to talk about the lovely little waitress, and how he could make her love him and when he stubbed out the cigarette, he got up from the table and walked over to the waitress who was writing up someone else's bill in the corner. Terry couldn't hear what he said, but she was smiling, and then the two of them ducked out behind the curtained door. Ten minutes later, Derek came back in with a smile on his face, looking around at the other tables self-assured as though he knew they had all recognized him and were staring at him.

Derek was explaining how he took Shelley out back and fucked her brains out, and how grateful she was. Terry couldn't believe it was all happening, but he was getting scared, so he put Derek under again, and told him to forget what had happened and that he was his normal self again. I'm sure poor Shelley didn't know what to think when he totally ignored her for the rest of the meal - and didn't even leave her a very good tip!, thought Terry. Back in their room, Terry was trying to put together in his mind just what they were going to do. He wanted a cigarette badly and when he had one, he saw that the suggestion was still in effect because Derek still wasn't saying anything. He even tried to get him to talk.

"Have you ever smoked, Derek?"

"Nope. Never wanted to, either."

That was the extent of what he would say about smoking. But was there a touch of jealousy in his eye as he watched Terry devour the smoke lovingly? I wonder, Terry thought.

Terry stripped down to his underwear and turned to TV on. He had forgotten about Derek's suggested erection and didn't think about it till he saw that Derek had thrown the covers over his lower half and had one hand under the covers. He turned to Derek from the television and said,

"That's quite a gazebo, isn't it?"

Derek was already lying down and was out in an instant. Terry walked over to the bed and lifted the covers revealing Derek's cock, jutting out from his boxer short's opening. "Lovely," he thought. He then told Derek he was a waitress who wanted to give him a blow job, and Derek was very willing and vocal.

When Derek finally came, Terry cleaned him up as best he could, turned the TV on, gave the signal, and Derek awoke, not knowing what had happened. They started to watch a movie, but what Terry couldn't see was that Derek kept watching him smoke - and through jealousy, or whatever, later asked Terry if he could try a cigarette. He seemed to like it and smoked four cigarettes during the movie.

At the end of the movie Terry couldn't stand it any longer. He had to try again. He said the magic word, and maybe even a little quicker than before, Derek was under.

"Derek, have you enjoyed the cigarettes you smoked tonight?"

"Not really," Derek replied. "I don't want to smoke."

"Oh, but you do, Derek. You loved those cigarettes because you have been a secret smoker for years. You loved those cigarettes, didn't you?"

"Yes..." he said still a bit hesitantly.

"How long have you been smoking, Derek?"

"I don't know. A long time. A few years."

"And you love smoking, don't you. It makes you feel cool and sexy."


"And the cigarettes on the table are not Terry's. They're really yours, aren't they?"

"Yes. My cigarettes.”

Terry had a couple of other packs in his suitcase.

"And how much do you smoke, Derek, since you love smoking so much?"

"I don't know. A lot, I guess."

"Yes. A lot, Derek. At least a pack a day. So it's very hard for you to keep it a secret, isn't it?


"You're very glad you told Terry so you don't have to hide it from him, aren't you?"


"And how much do you smoke now Derek?"

"At least a pack a day."

"That's right."

"Also you've been feeling horny a lot today, haven't you?"

"Yes. A lot."

"And what is making you horny, Derek?"


"And what do you think about when you see the underwear?"

"What they would look like with the underwear off."

"So you want to see someone nude?"




"And how do you feel about that?"

"It bothers me. I don't like having those feelings. It's wrong."

"Derek, you really need to relax even more. You are going to forget all about being bothered. It isn't going to bother you any more. You find it intriguing. You always wanted to know what it would be like making it with a guy. And Terry makes you feel hot. You want to trick him so you can play around with him without him knowing. You want to get him drunk so he won't know what you're doing."


"You really want to fuck Terry badly. Very badly, don't you. You can feel your cock growing as you think about it. Do you still think it's wrong, Derek?

"No. It will feel good."

"How are you going to get Terry to fool around with you?"

"Get him drunk."

Derek, how much do you smoke?"

A pack a day... at least."

"Derek, every time you have a cigarette you are going to think about fucking Terry. It'll be more and more important for you to fuck Terry without him knowing."

"Without knowing."

"On the count of three you will be wide awake, remembering only how much you want a cigarette. One. Two. Three."

Derek hungrily grabbed "his" pack of cigarettes and just as hungrily started looking at Terry. When he suggested they have a drink, he was out the door like a shot and came back twenty minutes later with a large bottle of whiskey and a carton of cigarettes.

Derek plied Terry with the liquor, smoking more and more as he waited for a drunken stupor to knock Terry out. Terry, however, wanting to be wide awake for the exercise, only pretended to drink a lot, the plant next to him getting soused, and using all his acting ability to appear sloshed.

Cigarette in his mouth, Derek carried the unconscious Terry to the bed, stripped him, touched him, sucked him, entered him and smoked like a fiend. Then he waited till he smoked two cigarettes and did it all over again, finally falling to sleep early in the morning.

When Derek was asleep, Terry opened his eyes and smiled at the sleeping Derek, Terry decided not to play around with it anymore that night. He had a whole lifetime of night's to experiment - and he intended to use the gift well. "I've always liked peroxide blond guys," he thought, as he drifted off to sleep. And then there's Rocco to deal with......


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