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by slavecassie


Dane had never expected this to happen. When his old friend John had asked to practice hypnosis on him, a way to practice the techniques he had learned in class, he had agreed. Why the hell not. What harm could it do? After that first session, Dane was hooked. He didn't know how he had survived that long without experiencing the wonderful thing known as a trance.

It wasn't long before he came back to John, asking, almost begging, him to hypnotize him again. His shitty job at the local retail store was stressful with customers shouting at him all day and he needed to relax. John, of course, obliged, much to his delight.

Dane was easy to trance, hanging on to your every word. The slight confusion you could make him feel would only make him go down deeper, and deeper, and deeper. So, it wasn't hard to get him to go under, as John looked into his eyes and spoke. Told him about how trance might not be an instant thing and it was different for everyone, as he had already figured out. Simple enough. John then went on to describe how his muscles would relax one by one, how he would feel warmer than he had ever felt, so comfortable, so safe, so relaxed.

Dane's reaction was almost immediate, slumping on the couch, chin dipping down. John was there to catch him, guide him back to lay down on his lap, to which Dane didn't protest. It didn't feel odd, even if they hadn't been in such close contact before, he knew he was safe with the other. He trusted him. John wouldn't hurt him and he could safely surrender his mind to him for some simple relaxation.

John was happy for that trust, took it, vowed not to break it, and built on it with some simple light commands. Telling him that he would feel even more comfortable around him. There was no need to worry, to feel anxious or upset around him. Just let go. He could take care of everything. He then went on to explain to him that in trance, no one could make you do anything you didn't want to do, it was all in the power of suggestion, but even then, you still had the power to deny it.

He could practically feel Dane melting at that point and he cradles him in his arms, gazing down at Dane's bleary-glazed over eyes and blinks, watching as Dane slowly blinks too, taking a moment to get his eyes back open. He proceeds to explain to him that that's okay, he knows he's oh so tired and it's completely fine to want to go to sleep, to close his eyes and go even further and further down, relax deeper and deeper.

Even as he was speaking he could see Dane trying harder and harder to keep his eyes open. Perfect. He drones on in a soft voice about how his eyelids feel as if they have weights attached to them, and it'll get increasingly hard to keep his eyes open. That's okay. He just needs to stay up for a little longer now.

Dane's eyebrows were knotting together briefly at this point as he struggles with his inability to keep his eyes open, a small yawn bubbling up.

John watches him with a sense of pride, knowing that he'd gotten them this deep already. Ha. He hadn't thought that he'd had this in him. He had to keep his sense of joy out of his voice though, keeping it calming and soft, dripping like honey.

He proceeds to tell Dane that he can finally close his eyes and get the sleep he badly needs, let his eyes close and mind drift away, let his voice become the warm shining beacon in the darkness. Dane looked so relieved that it was kind of cute, listening to him attentively as he counted down.

"10....Deeper and deeper, reaching a state in trance where you don't need to think. Let me think for you. Relax, Dane. 9...Drifting farther and farther down, all you can focus is on my words, my voice, nothing else poses a distraction. 8...It feels so good doesn't it? To just kick back and relax? Such a weight lifted off of your shoulders. 7....Getting closer and closer. We're almost there now." He could see Dane fighting with himself at this point, trying his best to look up into John's deep green eyes.

"7....Relax. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Good boy. You're doing so well." He rubs his hand lightly along Dane's chest and stomach as he speaks, watching as he visibly relaxes. This was going fantastically. "6....I want you to imagine a small set of steps. At the bottom there's a soft featherbed. You just can't wait to get there, can you?" Dane nods his head languidly and John smiles. "Take a step downwards towards the bed with each number that I count down. When I reach one you'll reach the last step, able to reach the nice bed and truly sink down, reaching such a deep trance. 5...Feel yourself relax bonelessly against me and take the first step down. Keep your eyes open now, it's just a little bit more. 4....You can see the bed getting closer and you yearn for it, yearn to sink down, to follow my words. 3....Feel all your thoughts drift away from your mind as you hone in on my voice, taking another step down. 2....So close. You're almost there. Such a good boy. 1...Sink." He says, watching with fascination as Dane manages to relax even more when he closes his eyes.

John's hand reaches forward to comb his fingers through Dane's hair gently, trying to think of what to do next. His friend had said that he was stressed earlier, didn't he? He knew of a way to take care of that. "You know that nobody can make you do something you don't want to do during hypnosis, don't you?" John receives a small nod, a murmuring of 'Yeah, of course.' John swallows a little nervously before continuing. "I want you to imagine an orb of light floating towards you, you aren't afraid of this unfamiliar object, even as it floats into your lower abdomen. Heating up to a fever pitch and it feels oh so good."

Dane's mouth hangs open in a silent moan, shifting to alleviate the tension of his slowly hardening cock in his pants. John licks his lips at the sight, taking a deep breath before continuing. "I want you to think of how it feels when you masturbate. Of that pleasure flooding through you, of the post-coital bliss you feel whenever you're through. You know what you need don't you?" Dane gives a small nod, hand already trailing lazily downwards towards his crotch. John catches it before it goes anyway, holding it in his own for a second before dropping it. "Relax, let me take care of you."

Dane relaxes once more, though his breath soon comes at a quicker pace and John could soon feel the tightness of his own pants. "The orb of light continues to warm up, making you feel almost feverish, drunk with pleasure. You need to reach your peak, you know you do, but you also know that you can't do it on your own." Dane's eyebrows thread together as he accepts the information and nods just as feverishly as he feels, unconsciously nuzzling his face into John's crotch like a dog in heat. "Yes, that's right. Your own hands just won't do it for you, no matter what, all they'll do is build you up more and more, rendering you unable to get your release that you know you need. See for yourself."

His hand drifts down once more almost as if he needs to see what he already knew was true, moving down to firmly palm at his crotch. He shivers as the pleasure builds, though a groan of frustration slips free of his lips as soon as he figures out that he can't get anywhere like that, hand returning to where it was.

"See? You just can't get yourself off anymore. You need help though, don't you?" Dane's hesitance is only momentary before he nods. "I know you do. You need to ask." A slightly longer pause before he speaks, voice raw and full of desperation. "Please help me, John. P-Please? I need it." Hearing the neediness in his voice was enough for his own dick to give a twitch through his jeans. Fuck.

"Good boy. Good boys get rewarded and you're doing so well." Dane shivers at the praise and John reaches down to undo his jeans, pushing them down lightly before bringing his hand back up. A needy whimper escapes Dane's throat though John only laps at his palm to get it wet before slipping it into the fabric of Dane's boxers, fingers wrapping around his length and stroking it firmly. He could tell that Dane was close, even without having being touched by anyone else, or himself for long, and he didn't want to drag this out for much longer, wanting to tend to his own situation. "When I say the words "Cum now", you're going to do exactly that, okay?" Dane quickly nods, hips giving small weak thrusts into his hands. John bites at his lip as he continues, thumb grazing along the tip and squeezing around the length with a particular twist of his wrist. "Cum now."

The reaction was almost immediate, his release splattering along his boxers with a cry of pleasure. John wipes off his hand and vows to wipe him down later, but first wants to bring him up. "Alright, Dane. I want you to wake up, feeling content and comfortable, remembering as much or as little of your trance as you want to..."


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