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by Alexei


I couldn't believe my situation.

I could hardly express my luck at having one of my longest held fantasies come to life right before my eyes, directly before my eyes. Holding them with little effort. I sat while two beautiful, hypnotic breasts entranced my gaze like nothing else ever has. The mistress of those breasts spoke to me over and over again, drowning out the rest of the world with her words like thick syrup. I listened for little free will not to, but also because I longed for her words. Day and night I needed them. Her hands roamed over and around her breasts, enunciating their alluring beauty even more for my glazed eyes. Round and round they went…..again and again.

"What do hypno-titties make you do?"


The answer left me without my mind having to comprehend the words. Words I long ago became acquainted with; true words. Immediately I felt a surge of arousal flood my body and culminate down between my legs. I didn’t instantly release though, as was the trigger’s design. Mistress never wanted me to climax too soon, her being the patient woman that she is. She relished drawing out our experience and watching as slowly sank further and further into her control, using her wonderful breasts as the tools of her induction. She was by no means ever cruel or overwhelmingly tyrannical to me though. In fact, outside of our “evenings” we live together as a normal happy couple. Though never entirely too normal…

"What do hypno-titties make you do?" There it was again.

“Mmm Cum….”

The feeling. Oh how I loved hearing my trigger. Sometimes she would spring it on me while one of us was making dinner or watching TV; only once though. Perhaps she was crueler than I thought. Her hands sometimes moved from her breasts and to my arms, rubbing up and down. Never did I take my eyes away from her mesmerizing breasts. So wonderful, so hypnotic. Even in the deluge that was now my mind I remember our first meeting very clearly. I dated very little, owing to an inherently shy personality that constantly feared rejection. My friends all meant well but I grew tired of their constant suggestions of how I could “score”. I hated that term, as though getting a woman equated to earning points during the Super Bowl. Nevertheless my patience finally collapsed and I accepted a speed dating event at our favorite bar. I attended mainly for the promise of quickly passing the time by way of inebriation, as was my habit by this point. Each lady came and went, sharing unimpressive bullet points about their personalities, children, and the occasional kitty. The ornate globe bar in my study was sounding more and more inviting by the second.

Then she sat down………a woman simply named Alice.

To this day I haven’t the foggiest as to what instantly silenced my mind at the sight of her (very likely it had something to do with her breasts). But the moment I locked eyes with her I found I possessed no mind to speak of. Her eyes were a deep blue and her auburn hair framed her face beautifully. “Say hello!” I screamed at myself, but…no words came. With a single look Alice had reduced my linguistic abilities to that of a new born baby. She smiled at me, noticing my stupid open mouthed gawk.

“Hi there.” She said. Her voice was all the more beautiful; graceful but full of presence and life. I often wondered what Odysseus was so eager to hear. And then, I couldn’t help it, my eye fell to her chest. Her lovely- No – gorgeous breasts were on perfect display for me to see. Instantly I was entranced, unable to turn my sight away. I suddenly felt her hand over mine and my eyes snapped back up to hers.

Whatever I done?! How could I have been so disrespectful?

To my surprise she was smiling still but maybe even brighter. Why? I did not know then, but I would not long after. All too soon the tone rang and signaled for everyone to switch yet again. Alice leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I felt shivers throughout my body. That hand that had touched mine now slid a small piece of paper within in. I would later find that her number was written within. “Next time, I guess I’ll be doing the talking,” she giggled. With that she stood and took her leave of the bar. I think I had another date sit before me and I think she spoke or something, I can’t really remember. My whole world had become Alice. How could a woman I just met have such an effect on me? What was this strange magnetism that she overpowered me with? I actually cared little about the answer, whatever it was I liked it. A lot.

The very next day I called the number she gave me and we met again for an actual date. I was relieved to have regained my tongue, we spoke well into the night as only old friends would; laughing and talking on all manner of things. At the end of the night she took me back to her home and that evening my life changed forever. She explained that she was a hypnotist by hobby, and that she had come to the bar to practice a projection technique that she had yet to master. I told her I couldn't believe she was still a student, it worked amazingly on me. I told her that she was amazing. Alice blushed and drew closer to me. “You worked wonders on me too,” she said quietly. “I've never fallen in love just by sitting with someone before.”
We slowly kissed, gradually adding passion to love. Soon we had adjourned to her bedroom and not long after we were naked and she was on top of me, she told me to concentrate on her breasts. I obeyed eagerly and easily. Her breasts were (ARE) a sight to behold.

"What do hypno-titties make you do?"

The question instantly latched onto my thoughts and made me stare at her chest even more desperately. She began moving them about, round and round with her hands. She breathed heavily and steadily, making them rise and fall.

"They make you cum"

The answer was so simple, so poignant. Of course they did! Why wouldn’t they? Soon she began to tell me how looking at her breasts was so easy and so relaxing. And it was, I felt completely at ease. I only felt myself falling deeper and deeper as she spoke. Her voice so gentle yet firm, it was the voice of Mistress Alice. She took me deep into hypnosis with her sweet words and entrancing breasts. I learned my trigger that night. When asked “What do hypno-titties make you do?” I would answer “Cum”. My reward for obeying was feeling this fact. Her hypno-titties make me cum. My arousal grew and grew, all building to a special moment that I could only have if my mistress allowed it so.

Tonight, after five years was no different. We could not be separated and any advances in her technique or hypnotic arsenal she tested on me. I live for it.

"What do hypno-titties make you do?"


I couldn't help exclaim a little. The arousal was proving to much for me now. I wouldn't be able to hold it in for much longer. She knew this of course. Her hands always rubbing and probing were she knew it would excite me the most. I was beside myself with pleasure. My hands unable to move anywhere near my body or hers. I then felt her fingers around my member and I nearly exploded right then. Slowly, ever so slowly she moved her breasts closer and closer to my face. I was breathing very hard now and so was she. Doing this to me always drove her over the edge as well. She took her other hand and brought my lips to one of her nipples.

"What……do……hypno-titties……make you………do?"

I disobeyed her, only once. “Love you…”

We both uncontrollably came for felt like a great eternity.


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