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by outkast1728


It was all about being as unnoticeable as possible. Blend in with the background, Avery knew, and you could walk away with anything and no one would stop you. Today, he was stealing from the tourists in the beach hotels, so all he wore was his trunks and some running shoes, and he just became another hot jogger. Which is why they’d hardly notice as he jogged by, and never linked him with the thefts from their towels. His best pull for the day, though, had been a music player from the weightlifter at the local muscle beach. He’d seemed so intent on his workout that it had been simple for Avery to ‘tie his shoe’ nearby and grab it. Now he just wore it and the headphones, adding even more to his disguise.

Deciding that he had taken enough for the day, Avery turned around and began to jog back to his car. Since he no longer needed his listen around him for opportunities, he flipped on the bodybuilder’s player and checked out what he’d been listening to, which was apparently crap. Multiple tracks of samey music, only really livened up by a powerful base beat that Avery assumed the bodybuilder used to time his pumping. He was going to turn it off when he realized that the most recent track he’d scanned through was growing on him, and so he left it on.

Avery had to admit that the beat was powerful. It was really easy to synch to, and even though it might have been designed for a weightlifter, the beats helped set a even, steady pace that Avery could get lost in. He made a mental note that he’d have to rip these files off the player before he sold it, because this was really good. He could workout to this over and over and just let himself get hard.

The insidiousness of the file he was listening to made that thought, of working out with a hard on, just seem perfectly normal. The more that he jogged, the harder and harder Avery got, and it didn’t seem at all strange to him. In fact, the thought of not being hard as he worked out started to seem strange to him. Being hard while working out was the best thing to do. If he wasn’t hard, there would be no reason for men to watch his bulging cock, no reason for them to want him.

And Avery knew now that he wanted that lust directed at him. He couldn’t seem to remember what he had felt about it before, but now it was so clear. He had to be rock hard, had to be aroused. Not being looked at and hungered for by other men would disappoint someone…he wasn’t really sure who. He just knew that being out on the beach to be lusted after made that man happy. He had to make that man happy, because the most important man ever. His body belonged to that man, and he knew that he would be displeased if he was not hot and sweaty and horny when he returned to his master.

Of course, that’s who the man was. Avery was happy to have finally remembered, and couldn’t understand how he had forgotten. Something about the time before he listened, where he didn’t know about him. That fuzzy, hard to remember time before his master started thinking for him. But that wasn’t important now. Only his master’s orders were important. He had done his workout, and needed to return to master now. But as he stopped, still hard, a look of pain crossed his face. He didn’t know where his master was. The beautiful music had not told him, and he needed his master’s release. But then, he remembered, and looked on the back of the master’s music player. There was an address, and one close to the beach.

Five minutes later, still wearing the headphones, still hard as a rock and sweaty, he rang the master’s doorbell. A bodybuilder he vaguely recognized answered the door. “Are you the master?’ Avery asked, hoping his search was over.

"No, boy, but you’ve come to the right place. Come inside and I will call our master." Avery eagerly walked in and waited in the center of the living room. The bodybuilder called out, "Honey! could you come in here? I think I figured out what happened to my player."

Another man walked into the room, speaking in a peevish tone. “What, was it in the cou- Who’s this?”

Avery immediately went to the new man. “Are you my master?”

The bodybuilder chuckled. “No, I think the specimen stole it from me, and then made the mistake of listening to it. Judging by his pants, he’s even more susceptible than I am.”

"Very much so." the new man said, looking Avery up an down with gusto. "Guess we’ll be having that erotic afternoon after all. Yes, I am your master. Tell me your name, slave, and present."

The rest of the conversation had held no importance for Avery, but having found his master, a new thrill of absolute pleasure rolled through him. “Avery, master.” As he spoke, he stripped his shorts off, and then waited, his cock rock hard, ready for whatever his master wanted…


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