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Bridget and Alyssa Make Arnold Eat Shit

by 1856

Bridget and Alyssa Make Arnold Eat Shit

My name is Arnold. I am a 27-year old male who just can't seem to catch a break.
I recently moved back in with my parents and sister, because I've been a failure
in every aspect of my life, and cannot succeed on my own. My reappearance in the
household has not been well received by my 17-year old sister-she and her
friends have always treated me with total contempt and disrespect (as do all
women). This world has definitely gone very wrong for me. As usual, this
particular day began inauspiciously. I had approached a beautiful 17-year old
girl (whom I had seen around town), and asked her out-but she very rudely turned
me down, so I spent the evening by myself. Later on, I returned home to find
that my sister was hosting another slumber party. So to avoid being picked on by
everyone there, I decided to go to my room, where I eventually fell asleep.
However, in the middle of the night, I was awakened by a vicious SLAP to my
face. I looked up, and saw none other than the face of the girl who had turned
me down! Her name is Bridget, and she is so incredibly beautiful, that my cock
inflated immediately. She has long jet-black hair, tanned white skin, huge tits,
a small waist, a gorgeous ass, long shapely legs, tall stature (she is probably
over 6 feet tall), and an unbelievably sexy Scottish accent (she was born in
Scotland, and her family moved here to the United States when she was a child).
Anyway, whenever I see her around town, and hear her speaking to someone, I just
drool uncontrollably. That's why I approached her that day (even though I
realize that I have no chance at all of ever acquiring any female

"Wake up, asshole!" she screamed. The sound of laughter caused me to look
around. Upon doing so, I quickly discovered that two additional girls were in my
room, as well. They were standing on either side of me, smiling wickedly. "I
hope I didn't ruin your night by rejecting you," said Bridget "so I've decided
to give you another chance. Of course, it's not like you have a choice in the
matter." I tried to sit up, but my wrists were tied to the bedposts, along with
my ankles. All I could move was my head. "So you want to go on a date with me?"
she asked. "First, you'll have to impress me. And in order for you to do that,
you'll have to go through a ton of humiliation. I don't date just anybody, you
know." With that, she sat on my stomach and set her feet on either side of my
head, holding it still. Then, she used my face to pry off both of her filthy

"What are you doing?" I demanded. "I'm doing anything that I want to do,"
Bridget replied. "And you're going to do whatever the fuck I want to do, as
well-starting with smelling my stinky feet. But first a little appetizer." She
took her sneaker, pressed the open end over my nose, and held it there. I
quickly turned my head to the side, because the stench was horrendous. In an
instant, Bridget's two friends were sitting next to my bed, on either side of my
head. They extended their legs, so that the filthy soles of their sneakers were
squeezing my head into an upright position, thereby forcing me to smell the
stench inside Bridget's rotting sneaker. With one hand pressed tightly over my
mouth, Bridget held her sneaker over my nose with her other hand. I felt so
humiliated-I was being woman-handled by teenagers! "Get your nose in there,
Arnold!" she commanded. "Get your nose way up into the sweaty, stinky toe
section and smell my foot odor, you fucking loser. Just smell that stench, you
ugly little creep! I'm gonna kick your sissy ass for bothering me, you old fart.
A fucking pervert like you deserves to be worked over. How do you like that
smell, Arnold? I have been wearing these sneakers for so many years now, that
there are actually things growing inside them! Just smell that atrocious odor,
you jerk. Suffer, you fucking loser!"

After about an hour of this mistreatment, Bridget said "Okay, I think you're
ready for the real thing now." Instantly, her sneakers were replaced with both
her sock-covered feet. They smelled so horrible! "I've been wearing these socks
for two weeks now, so I'm sure they really stink. What do you think, slave?" I
would have argued with the "slave" part, but I had a face-full of her dirty,
stinky feet. "You like that smell? Does it turn you on, Arnold? I bet it does. I
knew you'd like it, you little pervert. Let's just see how long you can take
it." Bridget continued to rub her reeking, filthy, sweaty socks into my face,
until she was good and ready to stop.

The entire time, I was forced to breathe only through my tortured nose; the
girls who were forcefully sandwiching my skull between their (now bare) feet,
had taken off their utterly filthy, sweat-soaked socks, and stuffed them right
into my poor mouth. Meanwhile, the raunchy, outlandish odor of Bridget's
sock-covered feet was killing me.

"Are you ready to give up yet, slave?" she asked. "Do you want my stinky socks
out of your face?" "Yes" I mumbled through the sole of her sock. "Then you have
to do me a favor first," she said. "Relationships go two ways, you know. Stick
out your tongue." She removed the socks from my mouth, but I hesitated to
comply. "Have it your way," she said as she pressed her feet even harder onto my
face. "Fine" I mumbled and stuck out my tongue. She immediately pressed her heel
onto my tongue, and slowly rubbed the entire sole of her foot across it, until
the bottoms of her toes rested there. Then, she did the same with her other
foot. The taste was nauseating, and I could feel bits of dirt, fiber, and foot
sweat collecting in my mouth. She left her toes resting there for awhile. Then,
she suddenly shoved all her toes into my mouth, forcing it wide open. "Now suck
on my socks slave, if you ever want to get them out of your face." So I sucked
for all I was worth. What choice did I have?

After too long a time period, she said "Very good, slave-now one last thing.
Grip the toe end of my left sock between your teeth, so that I can slide my foot
out, and get these filthy, stinky socks out of your face." After that was done,
I was ordered to do the same with the right sock. (Of course, her logic appeared
to be flawed. If she truly wanted to remove the socks from my face, she could
simply do so without making a big production of it.) Unfortunately, rather than
remove the socks from my face as she'd promised, she instead used her bare toes
to shove them right into my mouth! She then used the soles of her feet to seal
my mouth shut.

"The duct tape, Steffi?" requested Bridget. Steffi handed her a roll of duct
tape. Bridget cut off a very large strip, and used it to really seal my mouth
shut. "Be grateful, Arnold" she said. "My socks aren't on your face anymore!
Now, you don't have to smell them-you just have to suck on them. And you had
better do a damned good job too, if you ever want them out of your mouth
tonight." I assumed that Steffi and the other girl had lost interest in watching
my degradation, because they left the room. Now it was just myself, Bridget, and
her filthy socks in my mouth. My mouth was being used as a washing machine by a
teenage girl!

Then, Bridget viciously SLAPPED her bare feet onto my face. "Smell my feet, you
fucking loser, and maybe I'll allow you some freedom tonight. But not until I'm
satisfied." She constantly toyed with my facial features using her bare, stinky
feet. The majority of the time, she kept her sweaty toes right over my nose. She
also loved working my poor nose in between her toes, because she knew that the
odor there was abominable.

Bridget just used my face as a foot massager. She firmly rubbed her sweaty,
horribly stinky bare feet all over my nose and face. She took turns rubbing each
smelly foot over my tortured nose, from her toes, to her arch, to her heel. She
actually used my nose to massage between her stinky toes! She even made me
thoroughly sniff underneath her very long, dirty toenails. This gorgeous bitch
had no concern whatsoever for my dignity, comfort, aching face or sore nose. And
to exacerbate my humiliation, she constantly laughed at my predicament,
chastised me, and taunted me mercilessly.

"Smell my raunchy foot odor Arnold, you fucking pathetic loser!" she commanded.
"Smell my fucking feet thoroughly, or I'll hurt you, big time. I'll rub your
tiny, useless cock right into the dirt, you asshole. Smell between my stinky
toes Arnold, or I'll kick your balls from here to Vermont. Do you think I'm
playing games with you here, you little wimp?! Just smell my nasty foot odor! An
ugly sissy loser like you deserves to be worked over and tortured. You are the
biggest loser I have ever seen. You're so fucking repugnant, that no girl will
ever be interested in you romantically. You'll definitely never have a
girlfriend, Arnold. The only thing you deserve from pretty girls, is to be
treated like dirt. Women just feel compelled to beat you up, humiliate you, and
hurt you terribly-and you deserve nothing more from us. You are nothing but a
complete loser, Arnold, and you deserve every bit of this abuse. So smell my
sweaty feet, you little faggot! Smell underneath my long, stinky toenails, you
fucking eyesore! Get that crooked nose of yours in between my toes, and start
sniffing. Smell in between each and every sweaty toe, you creep! I'll teach you
to ask me out for a date, you loser. You are a nauseating, effeminate piece of
filth, and I'm gonna treat you exactly as you deserve. How do you like
constantly smelling my nasty foot odor, Arnold? You know, my feet haven't stunk
this badly in ages, and I hope it kills you. I hate your guts, you know. You are
so fucking ugly, that it hurts to look at you. And you wanted me to date you?!
What are you, a fucking comedian or something? Just smell my stinky feet, loser.
I'll wipe my sweaty feet right in your face, any time I please. Do you
understand me, you little wimp? Just suffer!!"

My nose wrinkled up and my eyeballs crossed, as her overwhelmingly stinky foot
odor battered my brain. The stench of this beautiful young girl's feet was so
foul and unbearable; but with the tape over my mouth, and my whole body
immobilized, I could do nothing but smell Bridget's feet constantly. And the
entire time, she was grinning down at me triumphantly.

After about an hour of this, she finally removed the duct tape and socks from my
mouth. "Don't get excited yet, slave" she said. "Now that you've smelled my
feet, you get to clean them for me with your tongue. Now stick out your tongue,
or I'll leave you like this until your parents find you." So I stuck my tongue
out, as far as I could. "Don't expect me to do this for you, Arnold--start
licking." I began licking the soles of her feet, tasting sock fiber, foot sweat,
dirt, crud, and whatever else had adhered to her smelly feet over the course of
the day. When she was satisfied with the cleanliness of her soles, she shoved
her toes into my mouth. "Now start with my big toe, lick all around it, and make
sure you remove all the crud from between my toes, as well. And you'd better do
a fucking brilliant job of it, you loser, or I'll sit on your ugly face until
you suffocate and die." Humiliated and intimidated, I began sucking on her toes
and licking between them, chewing and swallowing any toe jam and gunk that I
could find. "Remove the grime from between my toes and from underneath my
toenails, and eat it all, you fucking loser" she commanded. I did this with all
five toes, then did the same with her other foot. "Very good Arnold-you're
almost done" said Bridget. "We're onto the better part of this date now. Are you
ready, asshole?"

As I lay there in my room, bullied and thoroughly degraded by this beautiful
brunette Scottish bitch, I was sure that my life could not possibly get any
worse. I was wrong...

I lay motionless as Bridget stood up on my bed, wondering what the bitch was
going to do to me next. She unzipped her jeans, slid them off, and tossed them
in the corner of my room. Then she removed her bloomers, and tossed that on top
of her jeans. Grinning broadly at me, she observed "You like my pussy an awful
lot, don't you Arnold?" Well, in spite of the terrorism she was subjecting me
to, I had to be honest with her. I told her that her raven-haired Scottish pussy
was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Inexplicably (and shamefully), I
was still in love with her! Of course, her vagina also looked like it was well
used and abused. Laughing wickedly at me, she replied "Gee, that's too bad
Arnold, because it's not my beautiful pussy you're going to get!" With that, she
turned around (now facing my feet) and squatted down, until her gorgeous ass was
only two inches above my face.

"They don't really smell the same, now do they Arnold?" she asked, smirking. I
was too stunned to answer, so she continued. "Well, maybe you just need a closer
look at it." Suddenly, her smelly, dirty butt plopped down right onto my
helpless face. "Do they smell the same now, loser?" I already knew what pussy
smelled like, and it didn't smell anything like this, but I wasn't going to give
her the satisfaction of responding. "Well, this is as close as you're ever going
to get to my cute little pussy Arnold, so you might as well just enjoy my stinky
rear-end instead, you complete loser!" said Bridget. "Oh and by the way, the
smell will only get worse."

As if on cue, the moment she said that, she let a huge fart rip right on my
trapped face. "How does that smell, Arnold?" she inquired, laughing
hysterically. "Do you like the smell of my fart gas, you little geek? I'll fart
right up your nose whenever the fuck I please." I still didn't answer, so she
started bouncing up and down on my face. "I asked you a question, slave!" she
insisted. Even if I had wanted to answer, there was no way I could have, with
her smelly ass planted on my face. "Well, this is our first date" she said.
"What, you don't kiss on the first date? What kind of gentleman are you? Don't
be shy, Arnold. Go ahead and give me a kiss." I wasn't about to, so she started
pressing all of her weight down onto my face. Now, I couldn't breathe at all!
"You kiss my ass if you'd ever like to breathe again, Arnold" threatened
Bridget. After a few minutes, I had no choice. I kissed her asshole, because I
couldn't move my head enough to kiss anywhere else. "You call that a kiss??" she
criticized me. "Kiss it like you mean it, boy!"

So I kissed her asshole repeatedly. In the middle of it, she forced another huge
fart right into my mouth-so I tried to catch my breath, and I stopped kissing.
"Did I say you could stop?" demanded Bridget. "As far as you're concerned, my
farts should be reason enough to keep on kissing, you little wimp. So do it!" I
had no choice but to obey. "Good boy," said Bridget. "Now that we've broken the
ice on our first date, how about we move up a step into French-kissing? Come on
Arnie, get that tongue up my butt!"

As soon as I felt her full weight on my face again, I forced my tongue out into
her crack. "Go on, lick up and down my ass crack, slave" ordered Bridget. "This
is the only sex you're good for, you total creep, so take advantage of it. Work
that tongue into my ass, you fucking loser." I pushed my tongue into her rectum,
tasting the foul remnants of her last bowel movement, but I had no choice. "Now
push it as far as you can up my Scottish butt. Stretch it out as far as it will
go, and then some" she demanded. I formed an "O" with my lips, and pushed my
tongue as far as I could up her filthy, smelly ass. "You can get it up further
than that, come on!" encouraged Bridget. "I'm not leaving here until I'm
satisfied-so get it over with, slave!" So I extended my neck as far as I could,
and forced my tongue even further up. As soon as I did this, she let loose
another huge fart right into my poor mouth. Bridget laughed wickedly and said,
"Was that worth all the effort, Arnold? Don't worry though, there's more where
that came from!" And she let loose yet another fart, as I pushed my tongue even
further up her shitty rectum.

After two miserable hours of servicing her rear-end orally, and being forced to
smell her farts all this time, she finally said "Well Arnold, I'm sorry to tell
you this, but our date has to come to an end. You just can't seem to satisfy me
well enough, so I'm afraid you're going to get dumped, you fucking sissy." She
raised her ass about two inches above my face, but the smell of shit was still
quite strong. "You mean you're finally letting me go?" I asked, incredulously.
"Almost," responded Bridget. "I said you're getting dumped, you obnoxious,
YOUR WIMPY TOILET MOUTH!! It's really an easy concept to understand, Arnold."

I couldn't believe my ears! I was being held captive in my room, by someone who
doesn't live in my house, and she tells me that she's going to take a shit in my
mouth!! "At a loss for words?" taunted Bridget. "Don't worry-pretty soon you
won't be able to talk even if you want to. You're gonna have a mouthful of
manure, you complete loser. I am going to make you eat my entire bowel movement,
Arnold. How does that sound, you fucking jerk? I'm going to make you do the most
disgusting, humiliating, horrifying thing one person could do to another. I'm
gonna take a good, healthy crap right into your loser mouth Arnold, and then I'm
going to make you EAT every disgusting drop!! I'm going to make you eat shit
until you learn your proper place around here!"

"Now open wide my little toilet, and get ready to eat my shit, you total loser.
I've been holding it in for a really long time now, and it can't wait any
longer. I don't know if you could tell, with all the gas I've been having
recently." She lowered her ass back down onto my face. "Come on, open up, and
get ready for your midnight snack," she said. "Although it's really gonna be
more like a ten-course meal." Suddenly, I couldn't breathe anymore. She began
pressing down with all her weight again. "I'm not going anywhere until this is
done. So you might as well just open up and get it over with. Unless of course,
you'd rather be terminated right here and now." I couldn't believe it. I had no
choice but to open my mouth and await my fate. "That's a good little toilet
bowl," Bridget laughed. Just then, she let out a huge fart, more forceful than
any of the others.

In just a moment, I could see the tip of a huge, thick dense log of female shit
making its way toward my mouth. I decided then to shut my eyes and just wait for
everything to happen. My entire world was Bridget's ass in my face, along with
the smell of her butthole and her fresh shit, about to pass into my unfortunate
mouth. She was laughing hysterically at me the whole time. I couldn't believe
what she had reduced me to.

Suddenly, I could feel her shit against my lips, and soon it reached my tongue,
then the back of my mouth and throat. Her first log must have been at least 18
inches in length and 4 inches in diameter! The damned thing just kept coiling
around in my mouth, again and again. My mouth was becoming packed full of her
shit. My cheeks were bulging so much, they hurt. There was so much female fecal
matter in my mouth, that some of it had already slid down my poor throat. The
stench was unbelievable, and the taste was far worse. The flavor was simply
hideous. Finally, the monster exited Bridget's bottom, and she lifted up a
little, allowing me some air.

"Now start chewing it, you total loser!" she said. "I want to see you eat my
shit. Eat it up, you toilet. Just eat shit, you fucking creep. I'll teach you to
bother me, Arnold. I'll teach you to ask me for a date. You wanted a date? Well,
you've got one. Now eat my shit, you fucking toilet bowl. Start mouthing my
female turds, Arnold. Chew it up, you complete loser. I want you to thoroughly
experience what must be the most hideous, nauseating taste there is. Chew it
nice and slowly Arnold, so that you completely bring out the delicious flavor."
I started chewing the huge log of shit that filled my mouth. "How does that
mouthful of crap taste, Arnold? Do you enjoy eating my shit, you complete loser?
You deserve to eat women's shit, for being an unattractive, cowardly,
natural-born LOSER! You have got to be the unluckiest guy who ever lived. I
mean, you have never ever had a girlfriend, and you never will-and for that, you
deserve to eat shit, Arnold. Now start swallowing!" I quickly obeyed, trying to
get this ordeal over with. "You'd better hurry," warned Bridget. "There's
another one on its way this moment!"

Just then, she let out another fart right up my defenseless nose. I chewed and
swallowed her shit as fast as I could, and the whole time she was laughing
hysterically. "You should consider yourself lucky, Arnold" she said. "It's a
real honor to be used as a toilet by a beautiful girl like myself. You're the
first person I've ever had serve as my toilet. I think I'll come over here more
often. We could even go on more dates-how does that sound?" I was about to tell
her how it sounded, but as soon as I opened my mouth, another enormous log of
shit dropped right into it.

"Enjoy your meal, you fucking loser," she taunted. "Chew it now, nice and slow.
Eat shit, you jerk! I said eat shit, Arnold!! Eat my shit, you fucking geek!
Taste it! Taste every bit of it completely! And yes, Arnold, you do deserve
this. You deserve every bit of this. You deserve it for being a total loser. You
were born a complete loser, and I'm gonna make sure that you never transcend
that status. You deserve to eat shit, Arnold, for being a total creep. You
deserve to be humiliated and degraded by pretty girls, just for being a
disgusting freak of nature. I know that you've had a major crush on me Arnold,
and for that, you deserve to eat shit. So just keep working on that huge
mouthful of crap you have there. Swallow every fucking bit of it, or I'll pound
your testicles into mush! You know what you're eating, don't you loser? You are
eating the stinky, slimy, filthy, brown, disgusting, gooey, sticky, smelly waste
that came out of my butt!! It fell right out of my ass, and you're eating it,
Arnold. There isn't any more disgusting thing than that in the whole world, you
know. Several days' worth of crap just came out of my butt, and it's all in your
mouth now and down your miserable throat. Eat that shit, Arnold! You deserve to
be tortured. You deserve to be the unhappiest person in the world. How does my
shit taste, you total loser? Do you like the taste of my crap, Arnold? Do you
like eating someone else's excrement? Just keep chewing and swallowing my bowel
movement, you fucking WIMP!! You are the wimpiest, sorriest excuse for a man
that I have ever seen, and you deserve to be humiliated for it. I'll shit right
into your mouth, and make you eat it, whenever the fuck I want to, Arnold. You
understand me, loser? I'm gonna see to it that dozens of pretty girls use your
sissy mouth as their toilet every fucking day. I'll make you eat so much female
shit, that you will never again approach a woman as if you are a real man or
something. You are a nothing, Arnold-remember that. You don't deserve to have a
date, or a girlfriend, or any happiness at all. You are only fit to eat women's
shit, smell their feet, eat their snot, drink their spit, lick between their
toes, smell their sweaty armpits, smell their farts, drink their piss, kiss
their asses and die!! You deserve only to be a toilet for any pretty girl who
wishes to humiliate you, and put you in your proper place. You deserve to have
the smell of sweaty, stinky female feet in your nose, and the taste of female
shit in your mouth, for the rest of your pathetic life, Arnold! You got a
problem with that, loser? I didn't think so, you bastard. Keep eating my shit,
Arnold. Woof it all down, you loser."

Finally, I got everything down. It was the worst experience of my life, and the
abominable taste wouldn't go away. I thought, "Finally this is almost over."
Just then, I heard a sound, like her stomach rumbling. "Uh-oh," sighed Bridget.
"Guess you're not done yet. Still a little bit more. Better open really wide for
this one, so none of it gets on your face or in your eyes or nose." I opened my
mouth wide just in time. Suddenly, a deluge of liquid shit poured in, filling my
mouth to capacity. "Look at the bright side," quipped Bridget, "at least you
don't have to chew any of this. All you have to do is swallow it. It may take
awhile, but you'll get through it. Just drink my diarrhea, you disgusting
toilet! Choke on it, you eyesore! Drink down that nasty liquid shit Arnold, and
suffer! I'm really putting you in your place, aren't I? I am so superior to you
Arnold, that you deserve to be my slave. You deserve to be my toilet, you
worthless little virgin loser!" After an agonizing hour of the most degrading
chore of my life, it was finally all down. "There, that wasn't so bad-now was
it?" asked Bridget. "Too bad there's no toilet paper in reach, though. I guess
you'd better get your sissy tongue back in there and start cleaning, Arnold.
Then this whole ordeal might be over." So slowly, I pushed my sore tongue up her
butt, and used it to remove the remnants of her feces that had adhered to the
inside of her rectum. Then I brought it all into my mouth and swallowed
it-before obediently licking her entire filthy anal area completely clean. "Now
that wasn't as humiliating as you thought it was going to be, was it?" she asked
me sardonically. "You're almost done now, Arnold. And this was only our first
date! Just imagine how enjoyable our second date will be, you worm, the next
time I spend the night over. We're going to have so much fun together! Well, at
least I'm going to."

At last, it seemed that Bridget was finally going to stop bullying me. "Oh, I
almost forgot" she suddenly said. "Before I leave you Arnold, I just want to
show you how much I respect you. I mean, I speak for all us girls when I tell
you that I just think so highly of you Arnold, and I'd really like to show you
how I feel." Yeah, right. If using my mouth as her toilet is Bridget's way of
showing me respect, I'd hate to be around when she's in the mood to be
disrespectful to me! Now, I didn't know what the bitch had in store for me next,
but I did know that I wouldn't like whatever it was. Diabolically, Bridget
approached my prostrate body, leaned over like she was about to kiss me, and
began to blow her nose all over my face and into my mouth. She must have had
allergies or a cold virus, or something, because she released a ton of mucus
from her nose. She just emptied the contents of both nostrils right onto my
helpless face, and into my poor mouth. My humiliation kept growing
exponentially. Then, when she was done using me as a snot rag, she began to spit
all over my face, as well! Bridget just spit right in my face, over every inch
of it, coating it with her saliva. I hadn't realized that one girl could produce
that much saliva, because when she was done 15 minutes later, my face must have
been covered with 4 inches of gooey, slimy, greasy female spit. My mouth and
throat were filled with her saliva, as well.

"Take that, you total loser!" Bridget screamed at me. "In your face Arnold, you
disgusting little spittoon! Now you know what I think of an ugly, perverted,
virgin piece-of-filth loser like you, Arnold! Just in case forcing you to eat my
shit didn't convey how much I hate your guts, this ought to do the trick. I just
blew snot and spit all over your repulsive face, and down your sissy throat,
Arnold. What do you think of that? Huh?"

I was too heart-broken, despondent and humiliated to answer her.

"I'll spit right in your face any time I please, you bastard! How do you like
them apples, you virgin loser? I'm done with you for this evening Arnold, but
your degradation is hardly over, because now I am going to call the others in
here. I am only the first girl who bullies you tonight! I wanted to kick your
sorry little ass first Arnold, because you offended me most recently. Your mere
presence in this town offends all the girls, you know, and we all want to put
you in your place. But I just had to be the first to do it, because you had the
nerve to ask me to spend time with you. Well Arnie, you wanted a date with
me-you just got one!"

With the conclusion of this diatribe, Bridget stood up on my bed and viciously
slammed the heel of her bare foot right into my unprotected, vulnerable
genitals. Then she did it again-harder. The pain was excruciating, naturally,
but not something with which I was unfamiliar.

"Take that, you pervert!" she told me. As I lay there in agony, Bridget laughed
at me sadistically for some time, before leaving the room.

Much too soon, the other 14 girls in the house entered my room. They're all
totally beautiful, and range in age from 14 to 25 years old. My 17-year old
sister was the first to speak.

"I understand that my friend Bridget has been using you as her personal toilet,
brother darling. Well Arnold, we are going to punish you some more, you fucking
loser, for being an incredibly unlucky, shit-eating virgin. For being Bridget's
toilet, we're gonna make you eat shit, brother dear. For being a perverted
unhappy loser, we're all going to take a crap right into your sissy toilet
mouth, you dirty old fuck-and you are going to EAT every disgusting drop, you
fucking jerk!"

My loving sister continued her verbal assault.

"You were put on this Earth to be a complete loser, Arnold. That is your
destiny. It's your God-given purpose in life. Total winners like us have a
responsibility to maintain your status as a complete loser. We must never allow
you to transcend that role. We must never allow you any happiness. You must lose
every single time, Arnold. For beautiful, popular, successful girls like us,
life is heavenly. But for you Arnold, life should totally stink-and girls like
us are always going to see to it that it does. You are a born loser, Arnold.
Therefore, life for you should be miserable, and then you die! Once a loser,
always a loser, you scum. You deserve nothing better. You deserve to be treated
with total contempt by women. You deserve to be treated just like the pile of
shit you are, Arnold. So eat my friends' shit, you 27-year old virgin loser!"

With that, each beautiful young lady worked me over. The girls lined up for the
privilege of making me eat their shit. It was the most horrifying, degrading
experience of my life. Unfortunately, it was hardly the first time I'd been made
to eat women's shit; girls and women have been using my mouth as a toilet since
I was 10 years old. Females feel compelled to abuse me terribly, and they have
no problem doing it-I am very short and very weak. I'm frail and have almost no
physical strength, so it's quite easy for women of all ages to bully me.

The first girl to take a dump in my mouth was a beautiful brunette. She made me
eat her entire bowel movement, while everyone laughed hysterically at me.
Naturally, she felt the need to humiliate me verbally, as she did so physically.
"You dirty old man! You fucking pervert! For being an ugly, wimpy, perverted
complete loser, you deserve to EAT MY SHIT, Arnold! Taste it, you jerk! You
should be made to eat girls' shit constantly, you fucking creep." As each young
lady used me as a common toilet, the other 14 girls chanted sadistically in the

The next girl to take a crap in my mouth was a gorgeous blonde. She made me eat
her whole shitload, as well. This bitch felt the need to add insult to injury,
by chastising me the entire time.

"You are so unattractive, and such a fucking sissy Arnold, that your sister
tells me you've never had a girlfriend in your entire life. I'm not surprised.
What woman would want you? You are a total loser. You must be the unhappiest,
most sexually starved and frustrated guy who ever lived. Somebody like you
should only be a toilet bowl for women. You've never had a girlfriend Arnold, so
you deserve to eat my shit! Chew it up, you fucking loser. Just EAT SHIT! EAT MY
SHIT, you fucking toilet!!"

The next girl to shit into my poor mouth was an incredibly sexy red-head. Like
the others, she climbed up onto my bed, squatted over my helpless face, held
onto the headboard to maintain her balance, and dropped a colon-full of shit
right into my mouth. She made me eat every drop.

"For being a perverted, lonely, miserably unhappy 27-year old virgin loser
failure, you deserve to eat my shit, Arnold!" she told me unsympathetically.
"Shit-eating is just what an obnoxious, irritating little twerp like you
deserves. If it were up to me, shit is all you would ever eat. Eat my shit, you
little freak! Eat that dirt! Chew my filth, Arnold. Flush it down your sissy
toilet throat. Just EAT FEMALE SHIT!!"

The next girl to make me eat her feces, was a stunningly gorgeous brunette from
England. As she watched me chew up her fourth huge log of shit, she said "You
sicken me, you ugly pervert! You don't deserve to be treated affectionately by
women, Arnold-like other guys do. You deserve only to be a toilet, and eat
women's shit for the rest of your miserable, pathetic life. So just keep eating
my shit! Do you hear me, boy? I told you to eat shit! Munch on that delicious
log of crap, you little faggot. When I tell you to eat shit, you had better do
exactly that. Is that clear, you tiny-cocked little virgin loser? Swallow my
disgusting female waste, Mr. Toilet. PeeeeUuuuu-if shit tastes even half as bad
as it smells, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be you right now! I hope you are
suffering miserably, Arnold. Eat my shit, you complete loser. EAT SHIT! EAT

The next girl to fill my mouth with excrement was a beautiful young Mexican
bitch. Her long, black wavy hair cascaded down her gorgeous backside, as she
used my mouth as her toilet. She made me eat shit, while laughing at me and
taunting me.

"Take that, Arnold!" she announced. "Don't you dare look like you don't want to
be my toilet bowl, you disrespectful jerk! You did it for the other girls, and
you're going to do it for me too. What's fair is fair, right Arnold? That's it
loser-just chew up my waste. If I want you to eat shit...well then, you'll eat
shit! Chew up my smelly bowel movement, Arnold. Chew it up thoroughly! Just eat
shit, you fucking loser! I said EAT SHIT!!"

She and the others were laughing hysterically at me. The Hispanic girl was
simply gloating over her domination of me, and everyone else was equally

The next beautiful young bitch to mistreat me, was a tall Israeli girl. Her name
is Leot, and she could easily be (maybe is) a model. Her long brown hair,
gorgeous face and sexy figure would have driven me crazy under different
circumstances. Unfortunately, she seems to despise me just as much as the other
girls do. She took a HUGE shit right into my mouth, and forced me to consume it

"Mmmm" she said. "Isn't my shit yummy, Arnold?" She and the other girls laughed
at my obvious misery. "Don't you just love the taste of female shit, Arnold?
I've never tasted any, of course, but it must be delicious, because you're
eating so much of it tonight. Do you enjoy eating shit, Arnold? I hope so. With
all the shit-eating practice you're getting this evening, you will become an
expert shit-eater in no time. Choke on it, you fucking loser. Push your sissy
tongue right into every disgusting lump. Coat the inside of your toilet mouth
with it. Chew up each nasty log of crap thoroughly you loser, and then flush it
down your faggot throat. Just eat my shit, you bastard, or I'll kick your wimpy
little ass right here! EAT SHIT, Arnold! Just EAT SHIT, you virgin loser!!"

The next girl to take advantage of my role as a toilet bowl, was a young Irish
goddess. She looks just like Maureen O'Hara did in "The Quiet Man" (which is no
small compliment). This total bitch didn't even know me, yet she was
unreasonably eager to punish and humiliate me. She dumped an enormous amount of
feces into my mouth, and ordered me to eat it all in record time. The petulant,
sadistic bitch abused my testicles while she laughed at my whole ordeal.

"I thought I'd seen it all," she remarked "but this thing underneath me is, by
far, the biggest loser I have ever encountered. I mean, what a fucking wimp! Do
you hear me down there, you fucking toilet? I am so superior to you, that you
deserve to be my garbage disposal. You should eat all of my garbage, Arnold-not
just my shit. You were born only to eat girls' garbage and girls' shit, you
fucking monstrosity! You are getting exactly what you deserve this evening
Arnold, so eat my shit! I said EAT SHIT, Arnold!! Taste it, you creep! Woof it
all down, you total loser!"

When I had finally finished swallowing the last of this Irish bitch's manure,
she made me lick her ass, butthole and rectum spotless (as did all the girls
that night).

The next young female bully to introduce me to the taste of her shit, was a
strawberry-blonde Welsh girl named Danella. I still cannot believe how beautiful
she is! I mean, this girl looks identical to Bridget Fonda. She took great
pleasure in making me eat the immense amount of shit she'd been saving up for
days, in anticipation of this event.

"Start eating your meal, boy!" Danella ordered me with her cute accent.

"How do you like eating my shit, Arnold? Does it taste really good? Aren't you
honored to be my toilet? Doesn't it sexually excite you to be a toilet for such
a ravishingly beautiful girl like me? My shit belongs in your mouth, Arnold.
Every one of my bowel movements should be deposited right into your sissy mouth.
Keep eating my shit, Arnold. Eat shit, you fucking loser. Choke on it! I've been
holding it all in just for you, so you'd better be appreciative. You deserve to
be subjected to the most humiliating things women can do to you, you fucking
sewer-mouth. I'll make you eat my shit, or use your face as a foot-sweat
remover, or use your nose as my butthole massager or armpit massager, or
whatever the fuck else I can think of. How do you like that, you complete loser?
You deserve to be forced to eat my shit and massage my sweaty, stinky armpits
with your nose, Arnold. And don't you dare think that your mouth is too good for
my shit, boy. You ate the other girls shit, and you're gonna eat mine too! You
got that, you virgin loser? Just eat shit and die, you fucking pervert!"

The next young female terrorist in line was another drop-dead gorgeous brunette.
She was no less cruel than the others. As she took the position above my toilet
mouth, she said, "I should let you know Arnold, that if the other girls get
their shit eaten, then you eat my shit too. And you are definitely going to eat
my shit, boy, whether you like it or not. Get the picture? Don't you ever think
that your mouth is too good for my shit, Arnold. I'm gonna show you who's boss,
you fucking loser!"

"You know ladies, I've seen this creep staring lustfully at me on many
occasions. As if I'd ever do anything with this guy, other than use his face as
a foot-sweat wipe, or his mouth as my toilet. Let me introduce you to the taste
of my shit, Arnold. It's definitely time for you to be taught a serious lesson,
dude. You're finally getting your comeuppance, you fucking asshole. You're
getting raunched big-time this evening, aren't you, ya little jerk? I hope you
are hungry shit-breath, because I'm gonna make you eat the TITANIC amount of
crap that has been accumulating in my bowels for days now. I've been saving it
up for you, toilet boy. What do you think of that? I've got one major shitload
up my butt right now, and it's all going straight into your toilet mouth,
buster! Oh yeah...here it comes Arnie boy! Time to eat shit, you fucking loser!
Open up your filthy toilet mouth, you fucking pervert, so that I can take a
nice, big dump right into it."

She dropped 10 huge logs of shit into my mouth, and made me eat every one of
them, much to her amusement. "EAT SHIT, Arnold!!" she commanded. "Just EAT MY
SHIT, loser!

I said, "EAT MY TEENAGE SHIT, you worthless fucking toilet! Eat up every
disgusting turd, dude-you deserve to. Just EAT MY FEMALE SHIT and SUFFER!!"

My sister Alyssa was the next girl to use me as a toilet. Despite what I'd
already gone through, she showed me no mercy. I guess most guys would drool over
my sister-she looks identical to Alyssa Milano. "How are you enjoying your meal,
brother darling?" she asked me. "Do you like eating my friends' shit? You've
eaten my shit before, on numerous occasions-like whenever I have to relieve
myself. I just thought you might like to see what my friends' shit tastes like,
as well. Isn't that considerate of me? Gee, you don't look so good Arnold. Are
you sure you're eating properly these days? You look rather malnourished."

Throughout my sister's sarcastic monologue, the other 14 girls were laughing
hysterically at me.

Alyssa continued.

"Now that you are back in this house Arnold, I'm going to be using you as my
toilet on a daily basis. You will also be a toilet for my friends, and for any
other pretty girl who wishes to use you. If you're ever uncooperative, I'll just
beat you up-and then I'll make you eat shit! You don't mind if I make you eat my
shit, do ya loser? You don't have a problem with women's shit, do you Arnold?
Because if you do, I'll make you eat mine, you 27-year old virgin loser. Don't
you just love being humiliated by beautiful girls, Arnold? Don't you just love
being made to eat their shit? A pervert like you deserves that. You deserve to
eat shit just for being alive, and for subjecting women to your hideous
presence. I hope you're going to enjoy chewing up my bowel movement Arnold,
because I am certainly going to enjoy making you do it! You know what girls?
Even prostitutes consistently reject my brother. He's never had pussy in his
entire life! He's never had a girlfriend, and he never will. He is a classic
loser. The only sexual pleasure he ever gets, is when he jerks off thinking
about much younger girls. This pervert fantasizes about girls who are at least a
decade younger than him! For that, he deserves to eat women's shit. So get ready
for another delicious rear-end full of crap, you shit-eating loser! It's time
for you to eat some humble pie."

With that, Alyssa took a shit into my mouth, and made me eat every disgusting
bit of it.

"Take that, you total loser!!" cried my sister victoriously. She had her arms
raised triumphantly, as she watched me eat her shit. "How does that mouthful of
shit taste, Arnold? Huh? Just eat my shit, you perverted virgin. I said EAT
SHIT, Arnold!! EAT SHIT, EAT SHIT, EAT SHIT!! Get a good taste of it, you
fucking creep. You offend me-you eat my shit. You got that? Are you learning
your lesson, Arnold? You'd better be. Just lay there and eat shit like you
deserve, boy. Swallow it, Arnold. Swallow every disgusting bit of it right now!
I said EAT SHIT, ya loser!"

My sister should have lived during the Spanish Inquisition-every day would have
been a fiesta for her. Alyssa continued with my harassment, as her friends
high-fived her ecstatically.

"Do you enjoy munching on my feces, Arnold? How do you like the taste? You're
eating my shit, so you must really love the flavor. I imagine that shit tastes
as horrible as it smells, but you seem to love eating it Arnie, so I'm gonna
give you plenty more to eat in the future. What do you think of that, you little
wimp? Just think about how nasty it is, though. This brown, smelly, slimy,
sticky, gooey, incredibly repulsive mess just came out of my butt. It fell right
out of my ass, and you ate it all! I mean, it would be absolutely disgusting
just to get your hand in somebody else's shit-that alone would be totally gross!
But to get somebody's shit in your mouth! And EAT it!! Now that's just
inconceivable to me. Nothing could be more degrading. Of course, I've never had
to do anything like that, because I am a winner. I am an extremely beautiful,
popular, successful, sexy woman. You however, are a complete loser in every way,
and so naturally, you deserve to eat women's shit. And there is nothing that you
can do to prevent girls from using you as a toilet, because you are too puny,
weak and defenseless to stop them. Girls just beat you up, work you over, and
humiliate you effortlessly. You are a total wimp, Arnold."

At this point, Alyssa retrieved the duct tape and once again, sealed my mouth

"Consider yourself lucky, Arnold," said Alyssa. "The four girls here who have
not yet taken a crap, are not going to shit into your sissy toilet mouth! Isn't
that nice of them? Instead, they are going to shit all over your ugly face! How
do you like that, you unfortunate virgin loser? My friends are going to take a
dump right onto your hideous face! Do it to him ladies, and enjoy your

With that, the four remaining girls, all gorgeous teenage vixens, took turns
dropping excrement right onto my helpless face. The stench was completely
unbearable. When they finished, there were about 16 logs of shit covering my
face! I was buried alive under an enormous pile of female shit! Alyssa then put
on a gardening glove, and rubbed the whole mess into my poor face.

"Take that, Arnold!!" Alyssa screamed. "In your face, loser!" shouted another
girl. "You can just lay there Arnold, and SMEELLLLL that nasty pile of shit
enveloping your ugly face." You couldn't even see my face anymore, the pile of
crap atop it was so huge. "Just lay there and SUFFER, Arnold-you complete

Bridget was the last girl to speak to me-I easily recognized her by her sexy
Scottish accent.

"Welcome back to the neighborhood, Arnold. You'll be glad to know that you'll be
seeing us quite frequently from now on. We're going to make you eat our shit
every single day. You are going to be the neighborhood toilet, Arnold. We found
a use for you after all! So good night Arnie boy, and have a great life, you
fucking LOSER!!"

At that point, all 15 beautiful bitches laughed hysterically at me for a long
time, before leaving me there, disgraced and destroyed. As they stood there
admiring their work, they held their noses shut, so as not to have to smell the
atrocious odor emanating from my face. "But you can't hold your nose, can you
Arnold?" taunted Alyssa, as everybody celebrated my thorough degradation. And
just as Bridget promised, I now spend my life eating female shit. Every day,
dozens of young women use my mouth as their toilet. Girls I don't even know,
force me to admit that I'm a complete loser. Then, they shit straight into my
mouth, and make me eat it.

I realize I don't exactly have a "way with women", but my love life could be
worse-couldn't it?


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