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Abby's Ascension Chapter 2

by TheTurretCube

Abby's Ascension Chapter 2

As Abby fell asleep spooning her roommate, she slipped into a similar dream state as when she first bonded with the stone. She could feel a presence in the room with her and spun around searching for it. As she turned, the room fell away and all that remained was another woman standing with her. She knew this was the same woman from her earlier dream, but she looked different, like the woman she had seen in the mirror before she slept: dark red hair, trim physique, hourglass figure. She felt confused, but didn’t understand how her mind recognized the figure. “Who are you?”
The woman laughed slightly, “Who I am doesn’t matter right now, what matters is how wonderful you did at choosing your new look! I’m impressed!” She spun around, showing off her body. “You should be proud, and in no time I’m sure you will be. For now, we need to work on this self-image problem you have. That body you’re wearing is so yesterday!” Abby looked down and saw the same belly flab and pear shaped figure she always saw in the mirror.
“No no no, that’s all wrong, let me help you.”

The woman walked up to Abby and placed a finger on her forehead. Immediately Abby recalled her romp with Sarah, the intense pleasure from Sarah’s lips, fingers and tongue, and the strange kiss that ended with Abby’s orgasm.
“I had to take charge for a little while, make sure you fed quickly, and that your batteries didn’t run dead! You wouldn’t like what happens when your batteries run dead!”
“What did I do to Sarah? Why did I do those things?!” said Abby.
“Well, technically speaking, you didn’t do those things, at least not the you that existed before you put on that necklace. Second, you did it because that’s your nature now. You were feeding on Sarah, that’s what you called her, right? You were feeding on Sarah’s sexual energy. And you better get used to it kiddo, because we’re going to need a lot more!”
“What are you saying, I’m some kind of a sex vampire or succubus?”
“Wow, typical human, has to put a label on everything. You are still Abby, and outside of those brief little excursions your body is your own. You don’t need to drink blood, or anything like that. You can still eat food, but I doubt you’ll bother anymore. Think of our relationship as symbiotic. We need to feed, and the more energy you give me, the easier it is for both of us!”

“No, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do what you did to Sarah!”
“Well, I promise, when you wake up, it’ll be easier than you think. You’ll be downright excited to do it! It’ll be easy for you to find sources of food. Just look at yourself, no one will be able to resist you!”
The woman showed Abby a mirror image of herself, showing her what her body had become from her reshaping.
“That can’t be me, it looks nothing like me!”
“It’s you deary, like it or not…but who are we kidding, you like it, hell you picked it!”
Abby was speechless as she stared at her new form. She knew this was wrong, that it shouldn’t be happening, but she’d always wanted to be beautiful, to be desired. Every second her resistance fell, and she started to accept what she saw.
The woman grinned. “Accept me and this gift and we will know unimaginable amounts of fun!” Abby didn’t want to stop being the woman in the mirror, she wanted to be beautiful and confident. The woman reached her hand out toward Abby. Abby raised her arm to reach toward the woman. Just as their hands touched, an explosion of bright red light filled Abby’s mind.

Abby awoke with a start. Her sheets were damp from her sweat, and she could feel her hair matted to her scalp. She got up and as she entered the bathroom she let out a small scream. She saw her new face in the mirror. After a moment, she calmed herself just enough to stop screaming and blurt out, “OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL!?” She stared in the mirror, seeing her newly reformed face and body. So much had changed, she could still recognize herself, but anyone other than her friends and family wouldn’t.
The first thing that jumped out at her, was that she’d lost a lot of weight! She stood on her scale: 112lbs! She lost 33 pounds overnight?! “This is impossible!” Her hair was the same dark red at the roots and at the tips, and it felt smooth, no damage from being dyed.

She was scared at what she saw, but as time passed and she studied herself more, gradually her mind stopped racing, and fear turned to curiosity. She touched her face, amazed at how prominent her cheek bones were. Her lips felt incredibly soft, and had a natural shine. No signs of her acne scars or freckles.
She ran her hands down to her now sizable breasts and hefted them in her hands. She couldn’t believe how perky they were considering their size. And her nipples were now small and firm, and pink! “Ooh!” she slightly pinched them, enjoying their sensitivity.

Her hands drifted lower, over her now flat, firm tummy. She could notice the slight outline of muscles under her skin, something she never could have imagined seeing in the past. She progressed to her now unnaturally smooth mound. She had shaved a few times before, but there was always some stubble or burn. Now though, it was like hair never grew to begin with. She also noticed there was an almost unnatural warmth radiating from her pussy.
She felt around to her ass. It was firm and she felt small dimples just above it. She ran her hands down her legs. She smiled at how flexible she was. She easily slipped into a big toe yoga pose, no exertion or pain. It was like her body wanted to do it. Holding the pose she ran her hands up her legs. Like her pussy, it felt like she had simply never had hair on them.

She stood, running her hands back toward her vagina. She noticed the slight gap between her thighs formed a tiny heart. She teased her lower lips apart, again amazed at how the color had shifted to a light pink. Every inch of her body felt electric!
Awash in the pleasure of these new sensations, gradually she became aware of another feeling, that of hunger. The hunger sensation drew her attention away from feeling her body. In her mind, a brief thought flashed through “FEED!” Forcing herself to focus, she decided she would get clean in the shower and then find some food.
It took significant self-restraint not to masturbate in the shower, her body simply loved being touched too much. As she finished washing and exited the shower, she dried off. She put her robe on, brushed her hair, and walked toward the kitchen. She was intent on finding some food, trying to remember if they even had any in the apartment.
She found some bread, and Sarah had apparently bought lunch meat, so she made herself a turkey sandwich. When she took a bite, it didn’t taste bad, but she thought it all seemed to taste bland. She poured herself some orange juice, and it was also without flavor, almost like water. She finished eating, but the feeling of hunger hadn’t subsided, if anything it was slightly more noticeable.
Abby went into her room to get dressed. She saw Sarah sprawled face down still fast asleep. She poked Sarah and yelled at her to wake up, but her roommate was dead to the world. She rolled Sarah over to make sure she was actually just asleep, and as she did, Abby caught a strong smell of arousal from her roommate. It made her hunger flare up, causing her a slight pain.

Abby had to get out of the house and distract herself. She wanted to go for a walk to clear her head. She tried on some of her old clothes. Her underwear didn’t fit at all, far too large for her new rear. Likewise all her bras were far too small in cup, and too large in the band. She went into Sarah’s room and stole Sarah’s “bloated” bra and a pair of cotton boy-short underwear. Neither fit well, but at least she had something on.
Since she was already stealing Sarah’s underwear, she might as well see if anything else fit. She threw on an old knee length blue dress Sarah had had since college. On Sarah it was knee length, but on Abby it went well past. It was fairly lose too, which was nice since Abby wasn’t the type to wear tight outfits. Abby’s feet were a bit smaller than Sarah, so she went back into her room and grabbed some black flats. Again, the smell from Sarah made her aware of how hungry she was.
Abby grabbed her purse and headed to the door. She walked to the end of her block, no real sense of where she was going, just that she needed to be doing something, to let her mind sort through what was happening. Quickly though, she started to notice she was getting extra attention.

Men’s gazes were drifting toward her. She could feel their eyes on her. Part of her was repulsed by it, but another part was slowly getting turned on. Gradually she started to become aware that when a man passed next to her, she could feel his thoughts, or at least impressions of his thoughts, and they were almost always sexual.
Eventually she started to feel overwhelmed by it, and ducked into a quiet coffee shop. Thankfully it was filled mostly with women who barely noticed Abby walking in. Her mind grew quiet until she only hear her own thoughts. She stepped to the counter, and the barista took her order. The barista was a somewhat typical looking hipster: tight jeans, a stripped long sleeved shirt, piercings, horn rimmed glasses. She had brown short hair, and as Abby waited for her drink, she unconsciously started checking out the barista. She was short, but had nice curves, and a full pair of breasts, especially for her height.

As the barista finished the drink, she handed it to Abby making skin to skin contact for a split second, but it was enough for Abby to clearly hear the barista’s thoughts. Her name was Hannah, and she was bi, but didn’t hadn’t really accepted it. The touch left Hannah feeling incredibly flushed and aroused, and they looked directly at each other. Abby could feel Hannah’s desire for her build. Images of Hannah’s nude form flashed through her mind, and she saw herself sucking on Hannah’s pert nipples and licking her pussy through her thick bush. Abby panicked, unsure what to do. Her hunger rose up but she was terrified of all the new feelings running through her. She bolted out the door and back onto the street. Hannah was left stunned, and feeling incredibly turned on, so much so she excused herself to the ladies room.
Abby did her best to try to ignore the thoughts filling her mind, and as she walked they seemed to lessen, but at the same time her hunger was grating on her more. She turned on a side street, heading toward a park. When she got there she sought out a bench in the least populated corner. She sifted through her mind, recalling vague impressions of her body changing and a strange conversation with a woman she knew, but they we’re fleeting. It was all still so foggy.
She tried drinking her coffee, but like everything else had, it tasted like nothing. This time it just tasted like char mixed with water. She dumped it out and tossed the cup. She kept walking.
Abby had been out for over two hours, she wanted to go home, at least there it would be quiet. Her hunger was stronger now than when she left her apartment. She hoped that Sarah would be awake so she could at least talk to someone about all this.

She walked in to the entry, a man she vaguely remembered having seen in the building before was getting his mail. This time though, she was stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of him. He was at least 6?3?, dark brown hair and eyes, stubble, thin, but with some definition. He was wearing a sweat soaked t-shirt and athletic shorts. He’d been jogging from the look of it. Then Abby noticed his smell had filled the room, musky, and distinctly masculine.
She’d never known a man to smell as good as this man did right now. She was just staring as the man closed his mailbox. Abby’s body began to pump out pheromones. Her mind could hear the man’s thoughts. He wanted a shower, and hadn’t noticed Abby yet. Her pheromones drifted into his nose, and he quickly scanned the room locking gazes with Abby.
She felt his mind open up and she sifted through it. The man preferred taller women, with more of a tan, and lighter dirty blonde hair. Her body started to react, as she slowly started walking toward the man. She grew an inch every step she took, until she had shot up to 5? 8?. Her skin had taken on a deep tan, and her hair had lightened until she was a dark shade of blonde and wove itself into a pair of French braided pigtails. Her lips further plumped up, and her cheeks flushed. Her breasts increased in size ever so slightly so that they strained harder against the bra and dress that much more. Her ass increased in size, pushing the rear of her dress up a bit, making it ride to mid-thigh. Lastly, her finger and toe nails turned a bright red color, and looked like they’d just been manicured.
The unnamed man closed the distance to Abby, and as soon as he could, he grabbed her and stuck his tongue down her throat. The man’s hands roamed all over Abby’s body, cupping her ass and groping her breasts. Abby was instantly wet. Her mind still had an unease with sex, so when the man lead them toward he read entrance of the building, out of the way of passersby, she resisted ever so slightly. But, by the time they’d made it to the back of the building, her hunger was asserting itself and her control was fading.

The man unzipped his pants, and gestured toward his crotch. Abby had never gone down on a man, but her rewired mind seemed to understand what to do. She could see his cock was straining against his sweaty boxer-briefs. She reached her hand into his shorts and freed his 6? of flesh. He was cut, and his pubes were trimmed back. Large veins ran along either side of his cock. Abby was surprised how firm, yet flexible the man’s penis was. Her mouth had started salivating once she seen with the man’s cock.
She gently wrapped her lips around him. It was musky, and salty. She couldn’t believe how delicious it tasted. She started bobbing her head back and forth, sucking while working her tongue around the bottom of the shaft. Her right hand grabbed it by the base, and she picked up speed. She felt compelled to see if she could take his full manhood in her mouth. She was surprised when she didn’t gag in the slightest, in fact it felt as though her throat expanded to accommodate the man’s member.

As she swallowed the full length of the man’s cock, the walls of her throat started to contract and pulse. Her throat was milking the man’s penis. As she did, her hunger took on a new urgency. She tried to work him as best she could, and unconsciously her tongue lengthened by at least 6? so she could wrap it and swirl it around the base of his shaft, and his balls. She withdrew the man’s length from her throat, and worked her head back and forth. She tasted something slightly salty in her mouth, nothing she’d tasted before, but she immediately knew what it was. She felt the man’s cock stiffen a bit more, and through her elongated tongue, felt his balls starting to contract.
The man threw his hands on the back of Abby’s head, and held her in place as he started to come. When the first rope of cum his the back of her throat she felt filled with power and hunger. Had the man been looking at her eyes, he’d have seen her pupils had disappeared and were now sold jet black. Abby began to suck as hard as she could on the man’s cock.

Rope after rope of cum filled her mouth, and she swallowed and sucked it all, but as his cum stopped flowing she continued to draw from the man. Her body had started feeding, and it wouldn’t stop until she’d taken every bit of sexual energy she could. The red smoke began flowing into Abby’s throat. Abby’s extra-long tongue swirled around her lips, tasting the energy.
As Abby finished, the man collapsed to his knees. He was unconscious. Abby began to shake, as an orgasm ripped through her body. Her entire body began radiating heat and sweat began to steam off of her skin. She felt incredible, the hunger was dramatically lessened, but not gone, and her mind filled with the clear memories of her changing her body and the conversation she’d had in her dream.
She understood she’d just fed on the man. She understood that her body, to some extend at least, would reshape itself to be a more ideal mate for whomever she desired, and she understood that she could influence and manipulate the minds of those around her. She knew that she could change her body almost at will. She also knew that if she didn’t feed enough, her inner predator would take over and feed through any means necessary. Her feeding wouldn’t kill a person, but if she fed too frequently it would drain them of any interest in sex and leave them in a coma like state.
Her body slowly reverted to her existing form. Her hair darkened, her breasts receded, her height shrunk back to 5? 2?. She felt, essentially, normal again. As she looked at the man collapsed on the floor, she was surprised she felt almost nothing toward him. She’d absorbed enough of his thoughts to know that he treated most women like objects and trophies. He wasn’t a good man, but not an especially bad one.
She headed for the stairs to her apartment. Part of her enjoyed what’d just happened. She fought to reconcile her memories of herself with this new world view and body. Part of her knew she should be horrified by all this, but whatever new force was driving her seemed to make her okay with it.
As she opened the door to their apartment, nothing had changed and Sarah was still asleep. Abby probed her mind she realized the woman was exhausted, but unharmed. Sarah’s mind had no clear memories of what had really happened the night prior.

Sarah’s phone was laying at the foot of the bed. Abby picked it up, there were a few new texts. All from Wil: “Sry for being a dick last nit, can we talk?”
“Plz don’t ignore me, I was a jerk, call me!”
“I just want to talk to you, I won’t be like that again.”
“Yeah, sure you won’t, asshole.” Abby said out loud as a devious idea formed in her mind. She tossed the phone on the bed.
With some uncertainty, Abby looked the mirror. She tried to remember the previous night in front of the mirror and how she changed herself. She reached out with her mind, and tried to change her hair. She envisioned it as the same straw colored blond of her sleeping roommate. The color shifted almost immediately, so quickly it almost startled her.
Feeling more confident this might actually work, she focused on her eyes, making them the same light blue of Sarah’s. Abby walked to the end of the bed. Sarah was still passed out, naked and exposed. Sarah reached down to touch her roommate’s ankle. Once she’d made contact, she willed her entire body to become a copy of Sarah, and in response she felt a wave of pleasure roll through her body.

Her legs immediately began to lengthen to match Sarah’s height. Her breasts shrunk from her very full C, to a B cup. Her hips widened slightly. Her neck lengthened, a small appendectomy scare appeared on her stomach. Her pubic mound became covered in a short, blond landing strip. Her skin lightened to an almost pale color, before taking on a bit of golden tan. Her facial features flowed until Abby was Sarah’s twin.
Abby spoke out loud “hello, this is Sarah” and her voice adjusted automatically from Abby’s light soprano, down to Sarah’s mezzo-soprano until it was a perfect match. She looked at the still bright red diamond belly piercing, and willed it to disappear. She knew it was still there, but at least now no one else could see it.
Abby went back in front of the mirror. She was now an identical copy of Sarah. No one would be able to tell them apart. The plain blue dress she was wearing hung on her body just like she’d seen it hang on Sarah’s.
Abby walked out of the bedroom, past the door and into the kitchen, picking the phone up as she passed the bed.
Abby wrote a text back to Wil: “Hey stud, no hurt feelings. I’ll be over in an hour.” She hit send. Almost immediately, the phone buzzed again.

“Knew you couldn’t resist me babe! See you soon!”
Rolling her eyes, “What an ego, hope Sarah was right about him being hung.” Somewhere in Abby’s mind, a very quiet voice cried out in alarm. She was playing with a power she didn’t fully understand, but increasingly she didn’t care. She wanted to feed her basic needs, to be fucked for the first time, by an actual cock. She didn’t care how it happened, just that it was going to happen. Wil was an ass and she had no issues with sucking him dry.
Abby looked out the window at the street below. The sun was going down, and Abby, for the first time that day, smiled as she thought about what she was planning to do. She looked over her outfit, and decided that it simply wouldn’t do. Wil would hopefully just be her first stop for the evening, so she better be dressed her best. She went back to Sarah’s closet, and grabbed out her various dresses and clubbing outfits.

“Time to pick out an outfit!”


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