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Transformation Class

by mystic-wolf

Transformation Class

Attenion Class C9, Attention Class C9, you're current chemistry teacher is sick, There for you will attend to the new TF class with of course a new teacher, you can stay in the chemistry room because it will be the same room for the TF class, thank you for you're attention Class C9 and enjoy the new class.

"What does TF mean?, i've never heard of it" said laura, "I don't know, we'll see i guess" said andrew, "Hmm... i hope i'ts intresting, however i've never heard of such a thing as TF before" said lucas, "like, i care, i hope like, the teacher is good-looking and stuff" said daisy, "how typical of you, bimbo" laura said annoyed.

Laura is the headcheerleader in the school, active at her cheerleading training as well as getting pretty high grades, she was mostly called the perfect girl in her school with her beautifull blue eyes and her dark blond her, with the body of a photo model, with C cup breast size, yet every guy in her school dreamed of dating her, yet the only guy she ever dated and still does was andrew.

Andrew is the captain of the schools rugby team, active at sports, and getting decent grades, enough to pass school, pretty muscular but not too much, having brown hair as well as brown eyes, most girls gave their try to get him but the only girl getting him was of course laura, most guys and girls being jealous on the couple.

Lucas really is as most people called him a study nerd, not the most ugly nerd, just a regular look like most normal people, dirty brown hair and piercing blue eyes, mostly the most serious about grades he always got a ten of his never-ending learning, taking every chance to learn new things, and was as good as the smartest student in his school.

Daisy is a bimbo in heart and soul thinking of nothing but her looks, clothes, shoes, parties, boys and sex, she never studies so always getting the lowest grades of school, whenever there where new clothes she was there, whenever there was a party she was there, she always had tricks to get a boy with her in bed, with the body every girl would be jealous of even photo models, having almost an hourglass figure, she has so light blonde hair it was almost white, she has skye blue eyes and DD size breasts, most guys with or without a girlfriend drooled over her and had thoughts of her in their deepest fantasies.

And further a few random students in the class, 4 atleast, two male and two female.

The school has school uniforms because of before they had uniforms girls like daisy did some outraging things which led to school uniforms, the guys have blue shirts with light brown pants, the girls had a white shirt with a blue miniskirt which still led to some problems in the school but less worse then before the school uniforms where in, the only thing the students weared what they owned where their shoes.

"Like, whatever should i care about you're opinion, laura" daisy said in response, "oh, just shut up" laura said irritated, "like, you're just jealous because i can get every boy i want" daisy said giggling innocently, "atleast i'm not a slut" laura responded, "like, whatever" daisy said, suddenly a smoke cloud appeared behind the teachers desk with a typical poof sound like in a cartoon or a game, when the smoke cleared up a male black furred wolf anthro he had camouflage pants, he didn't had any shoes on instead, he had Bandages around his feet-paws but with his toes sticking out, and an dark green hoodie with i'ts zipper down which made his chest visible could be seen the students looked at their new teacher with with wide eyes, "Whats this for a teacher?, he has a costume on" lucas said, "I assure you this 'costume' is not a costume, i'ts my own body i was born with since i was a child, but anyway, my name is shinju you're new teacher for you're new class" shinju said friendly, "how can that be real, there's never such a thing announced as an animal-human" lucas said, "i'm an anthro end of story, smartass" shinju said, "So..." shinju said, "how should we start this class..." shinju said with a smirk, "like, what is TF class?" daisy asked, "i can show you better then explaining it to you all" shinju said with a smile as he snapped his fingers.

The sound echoed trough the class as somehow daisy felt like a short strong wind hit her full force, "like, what happened?" daisy said, "You'll see" shinju answered, suddenly daisy's body began to lessen in curves, more like laura's body, aswell as her breasts getting smaller from DD size to D size to C size, "like, whats going on?" daisy said as her light blond hair turned dark to a deep brown, her hair also shortened and formed into a ponytail as a hairband appeared in her hair, suddenly her mind was filled with thoughts she normally wouldn't have, somehow her intiligence increased, "woah... i think i have a headache..." daisy said, her sky blue eyes turned to a normal dark blue eyes, the whole class looked at her in amazement, "Ugh... weird, why's everybody looking at me did something happen?" daisy said, "Didn't you notice anything what happened?, you turned into a regular girl" laura said, "what are you talking about?" daisy said, "this is impossible, there's no way something like this could happen" lucas said, "thats what they call TF, or transformation if you say it fully, she is mentally as physicly changed, she doesn't remember anything of her old self" shinju said, "creepy but cool" andrew said, "Hmmm... well i have to say i'ts an improvement mr.shinju" laura said, "Why thank you laura, i'm glad you appreciate it, but i'ts not over yet" shinju, "huh?" laura stared at shinju then back to daisy, and as she looked at daisy, daisy's ears began to stretch out to a more pointy form, her eyes began to turn to an emerald green and her skin turned into a light brown color and her hair turned into a yellowish blonde color and the hair band dissappeared suddenly and daisy's hair suddenly growed longer all the way down to her butt and her breasts turned into D size, "Unbelieveable" lucas said, "heard that before" shinju said, the new daisy just looked around why her fellow students stared at her but shrugged and looked at her teacher with a serious look on her face, "Now continue the class" shinju said.

"I liked the first thing you did to her better" laura said, "well, i liked it this way, you all needed some examples anyway" shinju said, "what did you turn her into actuly mr.shinju?" lucas asked, "a sexy elf woman" shinju said with a sly smile, "Pervert..." laura whispered, "i heard that young lady" shinju said, "Uhm... laura i think we shouldn't piss our teacher off who knows what might happen to us" andrew said, "You better listen to andrew or else i'll punish you both, it would be fitting since you two are a couple, am i right?" shinju said with a smirk, "How did you...?, that doesn't matter how you know that, you probably somehow read our minds or some other mumbo jumbo" laura said irritated, "well, even though Mr.shinju may be a pervert he has the power to change you in mind and body, so i'ts best not to anger him or it might end badly for you laura" daisy said with a serious tone, "and since when do you know about these things daisy?" laura said irritated, "since i'm an elf and Mr.shinju conviently gave me knowledge about the magic he posseses as well as giving my memories back of my former less intelligent self and my transformations" daisy said again in a serious tone, "well, good for you, ex-slut" laura said annoyed, "you're pathethic insults have no effect to me whatsoever" daisy said, "now now, calm down you two, there's no need for a fight in here" shinju said, "of course Mr.shinju" daisy said calmly, "fine" laura said annoyed, "Good, now, andrew i have a question for you" shinju said, "what is it then Mr.shinju?" andrew said, "would it be sexy if you're girlfriend would turn into a sexy harem girl?" shinju said with a sly smile, "well that would be pretty awesome i guess..." andrew said, "What!?" laura yelled, "now now laura, this class isn't called TF class for no reason, have i even asked you something?, no, so keep quiet or you'll end up badly" shinju said, laura was silent after that and stared angered at andrew, "so, would you like you''e girlfriend to be turned into one, she'll even will listen to all you're commands, how about it?" shinju said as he smiled sly again, laura was shocked at hearing this and scared at what could happen to her now, andrew could decide now what would happen to her and to be turned into a slave girl for him would be a true nightmare for her but she was helpless and bound to the rules of this class, "Hmm...., that sounds very tempting..., okay, do it" andrew said grinning, "wrong answer!" shinju said a bit annoyed as this made asmall gust of wind go trough the entire class room, andrews smile dissappeared as he was clueless what he had done, "Huh!?, the heck!?" andrew said, "it was a test, and you gave me the wrong answer, how sickening that you could choose that above you're girlfriends love and go for a master and slave relationship, only fitting that i will punish you as a couple" shinju said annoyed, "b-but why me too?" laura said almost crying, "life is harsh, deal with it" shinju said and with that magic began to flow over the couple and andrew was the first to fall victim to shinju's magic as his clothes dissappeared leaving him naked in the class room, all the students looked away from him, "what the hell!?" andrew said as he began to shrink in size, his height/length shrunk from 6 feet and 3 inches to 5 feet and 6 inches, his body hairs began to fall off and his skin became smooth and soft, his mucled body was soon no more as his shrinked, his mucles where no longer visible, "w-what are you doing to me!?" andrew said as he felt his adam's apple being pushed back and slowly his voice became higher and more femine, his fat moved to other regions as his hips widened, his butt got bigger and his nipples stiffened as he knew what was coming now, slowly two breasts began to grow making him moan in pleasure, growing out into a D cup, "Oh, your just gonna love this part" shinju said with a smirk, as andrew feared, he felt his manhood being pushed inside, andrew let out soft moans once more as his manhood formed into a full womanhood, "my my, i wonder what Mr.shinju planned for you andrew" daisy said curious but still in a serious tone, "i'll give a hint, i'ts a mythical scaled skin creature" shinju said with a smirk, as soon as that was said andrews skin began to fall off her arms, replaced by beautifull emerald green scales shining in the sunlight, when it reached her hands her fingers began to become somewhat larger and her nails fused with the top of her fingers turning into claws, as her skin also falled off her legs revealing the same emerald scales as on her arms, when it reached her feet, her feet got somewhat larger, and two toes of both feet fused together with her other toes, then the toe nails fused with her toes to claws just like what happened to her hands, both andrew and laura watched in fear to what was happening to andrews body, seeing the skin on her chest fall off to reveal the same emerald green scales as on her arms and legs, laura stared at andrew in both fear and joy, fear for what shinju had in store for her and joy for the punishment her former boyfriend deserved, "i think i know what andrew is turning into" daisy said, the skin on andrews back began to fall off, as soon as the scales revealed themselves, her spine began to lengthen as a nub began to grow on her back that suddenly bursts out of andrews spine, the nub began to grow out into a full scaly tail uncontrolably swinging back and forth as a small moan of pain escaped her lips, two nubs appeared on her back that soon bursted out into two big bat like wings with the same emerald green scales the rest of her body aquired, this made andrew moan loudly in pain, her entire back was now full of scales too, "well, that only leaves the neck and face now" shinju said, as the necks skin soon enough fell off and revealed the emerald green scales, aqndrews her fell from from her head, as the real pain would begin now, andrews face began to push out into a dragon muzzle as her nose was stomped flat by an unknown force and formed two small holes instead, her teeth turned more fang-like fit for a predator, her ears dissappeared and formed into holes, her eyes turned red with her iris turned black and turned into a slit iris, her head sprouted two large white spiky horns, andrew cried out in pain, which sounded more like a growl, the dragoness anthro's body was complete, "w-what have you done to me!?" andrew said with a soft female voice which sounded a bit like she growled, "Mr.shinju turned you into quite an attractive female anthro dragoness" daisy said, "why thank you daisy, but i'm not done with her yet" shinju said, "what are you going to do to me now then!?" andrew said as her mind began to feel weird, every memory of her former self and her relationship with her former girlfriend laura began to fade in darkness, "now whenever you try to call up a memory of yourself and other people you formerly knew you will only see shadows, you'll only see there form but not their full appearances, this shall be only a part of you're eternal punishment, not only that but any bad feeling you had of the choice you made before, during and after the transformation before this mental change shall eternally bother you" shinju said as he looked at the dragoness was in a trance, then he snapped his fingers and the mental change turned irreversable, "Uhh......." the sleepy dragoness said, "sleep" shinju said as the dragoness layed curled down on the ground and began to sleep, a black leather collar appeared on her neck with a long leash on it, "isn't that a bit to extreme as punishment for what she did Mr.shinju?" daisy said, "not in my world daisy, not in my world" shinju said, laura just gasped in shock looking at her former boyfriend who turned into a beautifull anthro dragoness, "and as for you laura..." shinju said as laura looked scared at him, "please don't transform me!" laura said somewhat crying, as she felt shinju's hand placed on her head, "don't worry, i won't do anything to you like what i did too you're former boyfriend" shinju said in a friendly tone, smiling at her, "but what are you going to do to me then...?" laura said somnewhat relieved, "well, i said i'd punish you only to make it seem worser for you're former boyfriend, he wasn't innocent, you where, so i only did it for his punishment nothing more" shinju said smiling, "so it was all to give him a bad feeling...?" laura asked, "yes, let's just get going with class ok?" shinju said, "alright Mr.shinju" laura said relieved and smiling a little.

"Alright, two transformed students, and we still have two to go" shinju said, laura gasped in shock again and lucas shut his mouth just so maybe his transformation would be less worse then andrews, and maybe keep his manhood, "so, laura, did you ever dream of becoming anything that wasn't possible until now?" shinju asked and smiled, "is this a test...?" laura asked, "no, this is a really question of what you would like to be" shinju said, "Well, i don't know, there are so many choices" laura said, "then i have the perfect idea to settle that" shinju said smiling, he grabbed his bag he put under the bureau and grabbed a bottle out of it which contained a liquid which continued to change colors slowly, from red to orane to yellow to green to blue to purple and so on, on it was a label saying "shapeshifter", "what is that for stuff?" laura asked, "this is a shapeshifter potion, it changes the drinker into, of course a shapeshifter, it isn't an easy potion to make and the ingredients are expensive" shinju said, "so that means i can be anything i want right?" laura said, "yes, but it takes time to control it, a rookie shapeshifter who doesn't control their abilities will transform into anything they see or think of" shinju explained, "but how will i learn to control it then?" laura asked, "simple, i'll train you to do so, though it make take a lot of time, and you'll be away awhile from you're parents and school" shinju said, "well..., i'ts now or never i guess, i'll take it" laura said, "Alright then, i'll call you're parents to say you're at a learning camp or something like that" shinju said with a chuckle as he handed over the shapeshifter potion, then in a few seconds, laura swallowed the potion as she sat down on her chair, "oooohhhh...., i feel dizzy..." laura said weakly, "well i'ts a lot of work for you're body to alter into a shapeshifter, after all shapeshifters have more forms then any other existing creature, so i'ts best for you to just sit down for awhile and take it easy, the progress should be done after class is done" shinju said as he grabbed a piece of cloth from his bag and tied it around her eyes as a blindfold, "whats that for...?" laura asked, "i'ts to assure you don't transform into what you see, though you can still transform trough thoughts, though atleast you won't transform randomly trough eyesight" shinju said, while shinju was talking lucas crawled quietly trough the class room to the door, though just as he wanted to grab the doorknob, "don't you dare and escape class lucas" shinju said, lucas sweated, he was in a tight situation, he is so close to escaping this class, hell to him this wasn't even class, he was the top student always getting tens, but this was a matter between staying himself or becoming someone or something else. he stood up, but before he even could open the door the new teacher muttered something and lucas was hit by an invisible force as he was pushed against a closet and gasped but not with his own voice, it was the sexy and sultry voice of a woman, "what the!?" lucas said in his new voice, "whats going on?" laura said somewhat less weakly then last time she talked, "nothing just a transformation" shinju said, "woohoo" laura said sarcastically, "i'm curious what kind of plans you have for lucas mr.shinju" daisy said, "you will see soon enough" shinju said, the very first thing that happened was that lucas feet became smaller and more femine, then his muscles on his legs decreased and his hips widened giving him luscious curves in his legs, during the progres slowly all his skin became more smooth and soft not only that but his skin began to change to a light brownish color, slowly, starting with his legs, "this is going a bit to slow, i'll just speed up the progress a bit" shinju said, "uh oh..." lucas said, the transformation began to speed up as lucas entire skin began to become smooth and soft as well as giving his entire body light brown colored skin, then lucas butt got bigger, looking unressistable to pinch, his waist slimmed and his belly flattened, then his nipples stiffened and expanded to DD cup, "ooooh~" lucas moaned with his womanly voice, then the rest of the mucles decreased on his body leaving his arms and hands look more femine, his face rounded and shifted to more a more femine appearance, his eyes turned into deep brown, lucas his hair turned chocolate brown then got soft, thick and curly then grew down all the way to his butt, then he shrunk from 5 and 5 inches to 4 feet and 8 inches, "m-my hair and i-i shrunk!?" lucas said a bit suprised, "yes you did mr.obvious, and now i'ts time to end this TG with a finale!" shinju said, "oh no, not that, anything but that, please turn me back" lucas pleaded, "oh, hell yes i'ts going to happen" shinju said amused, lucas could feel a tingling in his genitals as they where pushed inwards, into his body, creating her new womanhood, "noooooh~!" she moaned, "Well, now that you're body has changed i'ts time to change the clothes you're wearing, and you're mind" shinju said amused by the scared lucas, "no, please don't change my mind, anything but my mind" lucas said, "I've heard things like those kind of lines a thousand times, think i will listen now?" shinju said amused, shinju muttered a few words again and then lucas her clothes began to change, first the upper part of her shirt turned into a crimson red choker, then the sleeves on her shirt left her shoulders uncovered but where tied to her arms with two tiny gold strings at each end, the sleeves became transparent but still properly showed the crimson red color, then the rest of her shirt turned into a crimson red bra with golden lines around the crimson red color, showing a good amount of cleavage, the crimson red cloth with golden lines was also attached on her back on the same height as her chest so it stayed on her, then her pants became crimson red but transparent just like her sleeves, just like the sleeves showing her arms, her pants showed her legs, though the pants parts around her waist and womanhood didn't show anything but the same crimson red cloth with golden lines around it, her shoes just dissapeared into nothingness leaving her standing on her bare feet, "now thats some sexy clothing" shinju said smiling, "if i wasn't wearing it then i'd maybe agree, but not if it was on me!" lucas said, "now now, thats no way to speak to you're master, lea" shinju said with a sly smile, "what in the hell are you talking about!?" lucas said then he suddenly got a headache, "ugh... my head, oh i'm so sorry master i didn't want to offend you, wait what the hell did i just say?, thats not what i wanted to say, what i wanted to say was that i will be loyal to you my whole life master shinju, what the hell!?" lucas said as the new person who shinju called lea slowly came mentally into being, "you sick bastard, oh just you wait master i'm going give you a small gift when where home, wait thats not what i wanted to say, ugh... i'm not called lucas i'm called lea, i mean lucas, and i'm a guy not a girl, i mean i'm a girl, ooohh... my head" both lucas and lea where fighting over the body, but eventually lea won the mental fight over the body, now she could finnaly begin with serving her master, the only thing that remained of lucas was his knowledge of what he had learned his whole life, "how can i serve you master" lea said happily, "not quite what i expected mr.shinju, whats the purpose of this?" daisy said, "thats something private" shinju said, "oh ok mr.shinju" daisy said, "what did he do to lucas?" laura asked, "i turned him into a harem girl for private reasons" shinju said, "sick bastard" laura said, "my girlfriend doesn't mind my actions and i didn't do anything to her" shinju said, "yeah right" laura said, "fine, if you don't believe me but i'm in a good mood, but what to do with the remaining four students" shinju said with a smile, the students a bit scared of him.


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