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Aura Won't Save You This Time! Chapter 1

by Katmann

Aura Won't Save You This Time! Chapter 1

This story is meant for adult readers only. It contains gay sex, hypnosis, and dubcon between an adult Lucario and Arbok. Viewer discretion is advised.


Aura Won't Save You This Time!
CHAPTER 1: Clearing

Mt. Coronet is one of the largest landmasses in the world. More accurately referred to as a mountain range, the base strectches beyond Sinnoh's southern border and nearly reaches the northern end before it is cut off by an equally sprawling forest. It is by far the crown jewel of Sinnoh's landmarks and functions as a neat divider of the region's two halves.

This isn't merely a human viewpoint. In the recent years of Pokemon regional migration, Mt. Coronet and the surrounding area has seen one of the most diverse collections of Pokemon species in the world, at least as recorded by human researchers. Even still, the most acclaimed authorities of Pokemon habitats realize that they have yet to scratch the surface of Pokemon habitation on the mountain and hope to continue their study of the diverse Pokemon communities that recently have come to pervade the mountain.

One such community, lying east of Mt. Coronet near a long-lived forest close to Sinnoh's southern border, has gone unseen by human eyes for the many generations it has existed. In such a case as the humans would find it, it is likely they would be astonished at the variety of species and the camaraderie of the inhabitants. Not that these things were such a shock to said inhabitants, of course. When one spends their entire life living in such a place, it's hardly a surprise anymore.

That is why the majority of the Pokemon along the mountain continued about their daily lives with nary a raised eyebrow or concerned expression at the sound of a loud explosion, the crackling sound of falling rock, and the subsequent screaming of a certain rightly angered female.


The Infernape was seething, fire roiling off of her body as she glared at the Lucario bowed before her, the jackal not daring to look the wronged primate in the eye.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" he cried quickly. He could feel the heat coming off of her, and he worried she'd lash out and strike him more directly with some of the flames. In this moment he cursed his recent evolution, as the heat of the fire burned him all the more with his new typing.

"Sorry isn't going to cut it! You nearly caved in my house with me in it!" the Infernape continued to cry, unsympathetic to the male's apologies. "You're going to get one of us killed!"

At this moment, a Zoroark walked up to the two, standing between them and facing Infernape.

"Whoa, easy there, Fern. Breathe," he said, waving his hands about in an effort to placate her. "Lu didn't mean it, ya know that, right?"

She just glared at the fox for several seconds. Both males were tense as she glowered momentarily, only relaxing when her shoulders sagged and she rested her head in her paws.

"Okay, I get it, guys. He didn't mean it." She looked over at the cave wall, grimacing at the chunk blown out of it and the debris scattered along the entrance. "Shit, this is a mess," she muttered under her breath.

Lucario steeped forward. "Hey, Fern, I'll help you clean-"

"No," she snapped, looking him dead-on and finishing her thought in a calmer voice. "No, really, it's fine. You need to do your training. I can get this fixed myself."

The aura-wielder stepped forward to protest again, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. Lucario looked to his side to see Zoroark smiling gently at him.

"C'mon, bud, she said she's fine. No need to beat yourself up over it."

Lucario was silent for a moment, mulling this over, but nodded in agreement. "Okay," he said, and then looked to Infernape. "Look, again, I'm really sorry. If there's any way I can make up for-"

Infernape raised a paw to silence him. "Look, the best thing you can do is take care of your training somewhere away from everyone. I don't know what it is with you, but you are by far the most clumsy Lucario I've seen."

She said not another word before returning to her home, collecting the large chunks of debris with an agitated pace, leaving Lucario and Zoroark to walk awkwardly away.

"I really do cause a lot of trouble, don't I?" Lucario said after a minute of walking.

Lucario's head was downturned, and he didn't notice the jackal looking at him in concern. "Hey," Zoroark began, "you know she doesn't mean it like that. Sure, yer a bit reckless, but that's because all this power's new to ya. I mean, ya couldn't even throw an Aura Sphere like that a week ago, and now they're no problem for ya."

"Yeah, no problem except when I'm wrecking people's houses."

Zoroark scoffed. "C'mon, she was exaggerating. You barely grazed the entrance. It's a hole in a mountain; I think it'll hold."

Lucario sighed. "Still, she's right. I need to do my training somewhere else for a little while; it's only a matter of time before I wreck something important, or worse, until I hurt someone."

Zoroark cringed. "Ugh, when did you become such a cynic?" he groaned, pressing a paw firmly against his forehead. "Still, maybe you have a point. Think you could head out into the forest for your training? There are a lot of vacant spots out there; you should be able to find a place all to yourself, yeah?"

Lucario thought on this a moment. "That sounds like a good idea," he mused, nodding in agreement. "Well, I'll be there, then. I'll probably be back later tonight."

Zoroark laughed. "Attaboy! I'll see ya then, Lu!" The fox waved a goodbye, running back to the mountain, likely to cause some form of mischief. Lucario wasted no time to head into the woods. The sooner he did, the sooner he could return to training.


It took Lucario some time to reach a secluded spot. Despite what Zoroark said, there were plenty of populated areas in the forest, no doubt due to the recent migrations. It was amazing how quick the place filled up! Every few meters or so he walked, it seemed like he came upon a new species of Pokemon. It would be fascinating if it wasn't so annoying. Where could he find somewhere to himself?!

He was starting to get a bit antsy from all the Pokemon he was encountering. After hours of walking, Lucario finally came upon a small clearing amid the trees. He sighed in relief, not seeing anyone in the nearby vicinity, not that he looked that hard. After walking so far, he really was getting impatient and couldn't hold back his energy anymore.

This place will be perfect! he thought, immediately letting an Aura Sphere fly into a tree on the opposite site of the clearing. He chuckled to himself at the pleasant sound of crunching wood. It felt so good to be able to let loose now! He was by himself; he didn't have to worry about hitting anyone or concern himself with striking someone's home or belongings. He hadn't had an oppurtunity like this since long before he evolved, and he wasn't going to waste it.

Lucario laid a rapid-fire punch into a dead tree at the edge of the clearing, especially satisfied with his work as it fell over with a loud crash. He chuckled at the sight of the fallen tree. He was definitely getting better! Even just a few days ago that would have taken a lot more out of him, but he barely broke a sweat!

But... something didn't feel right. Even with the elation of his accomplishment, there was some niggling at the back of his mind, like he'd forgotten something, or... he was being watched.

"So you're the one making that racket!"

The deep voice echoed throughout the clearing, startling the jackal. He quickly glanced around, scanning the treeline, but did not see anyone there.

"Where are you?!" he cried, startled by the disembodied voice. How was he (he assumed it was male from the tone of the voice) hiding from him? Lucario hated having to face something he couldn't see.

'See'...? Of course! It was such a simple solution, he realized. He closed his eyes, focusing on the energy of the world around him. The aura sensors hanging off the back of his head began to glow vibrantly blue as Lucario expanded his awareness, scanning the area, searching for any nearby form of life. The trees themselves gave off such a signature, but they were still and unimportant. If he was going to find a hidden, intelligent lifeform, he needed to focus on a much more brilliant concentration of aura...

...much like the one looming directly above him.

"Found yo-Oof!" He didn't have time to react before something strongly bound his wrists behind his back and grabbed him by the ankles. He suddenly felt an incredible weight pressing down upon him, and he tumbled to the ground in a heap, crying out in shock.

"Agh! W-what...?"

"So," that same smug voice said, this time coming from directly behind him. "You do have the brains to use your command over the aura to seek me out. Shame you didn't think to do it until far too late."

Lucario pulled against his shackles. What was this? He couldn't pull himself free, and it felt as though something very heavy, likely his assailant, was laying on top of him. He could feel the mass shifted, the binds around his wrists and ankles tightening. He grit his fangs and groaned out in pain as his limbs were forcefully squeezed together.

Something came into view in his peripheral vision. He drew back in shock, turning to face it, realizing his foe. Right over his shoulder rested the hood of a giant Arbok. It was staring right at him, smiling smugly at him. It likely thought it had caught easy prey, and Lucario supposed it had every right to think so. A Lucario not realizing its presence? The jackal understood his error, then. He really should have been paying more attention to his surroundings. He really should have checked the area more thoroughly with his aura abilities.

It was too late for that now, though.

"You Lucario are such an annoying bunch," the snake said. Lucario thought he could hear the faintest hint of laughter in its voice. It didn't take him scrying its aura to realize how confident it was, almost cocky. "Just why do you insist on your constant training? It's annoying to listen to."

Lucario desperately needed to escape. This Arbok was most likely going to kill him, and he didn't want to stick around to find out for sure! He struggled against his bonds, finally managing to pull his left paw out of the hold, quickly charging an Aura Sphere, and aiming for the Arbok's face.

"I train so I can fight my way out of situations like this!" Lucario cried as he fired the orb of energy at the snake.

His aim was limited by the Arbok's firm hold, but he managed to strike his captor's hood, and heard the cobra cry out in pain. He felt the coils around his wrist and ankles loosen, and pulled away quickly, trying to run.

"Not so fast!" the monster hissed, and suddenly Lucario found himself sprawled out on the ground, the Arbok's tail wrapped about his waist. He struggled against the hold again, but this time the snake was able to get a better grip on him, and before the jackal knew it, several coils had latched themselves around him, pinning his legs down and his arms to his side.

"Really, now?" the snake said, irritation evident in his voice. "Your training helps you get out of tights spots like this? Lot of good that does you now, boy." Lucario was flipped over onto his back, Arbok now looming over him. The jackal was now fully aware of just how large the cobra was. "Besides, is it really necessary to come out so far into the woods? Did you specifically intend to disturb my sleep there?"

Lucario knew he had no chance of escape through combat at this point. He struggled against the coils to no avail, quickly falling still. He looked up at the intimidating snake. Maybe I can talk my way out of this? he thought to himself.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you up! I just wantd to get some training in and I was stupid not to check and make sure I was alone. Please, just let me go, and I'll make it up to you, I promise!" He hoped against hope that an apology and a simple act of goodwill would get him out of this dilemma, and maybe he'd escape with his life.

Deep down, though, he knew he was asking for a miracle there.

Arbok smiled wickedly, the sight sending a shiver down Lucario's spine. Just what was the snake thinking of doing? Lucario felt the coil around his abdomen flex as the snake loomed closer. "There is something you can do to make it up to me," Arbok said menacingly. "Problem is though, I wonder if you're truly up for it?" Another length of coil tightened up around Lucario's body, and then another, until the jackal found himself covered in a scaly prison.

Arbok's smug grin only grew as he observed the struggling creature. "Look me in the eye if you're truly sorry," the snake said.

...What? What did that mean? What could Arbok possibly gain from something like that? Lucario grunted as the coils squeezed him. He became more and more frightened at the situation. Between the pain and the implications of Arbok's wild grin, Lucario knew he had to reevaluate the situation. There would be no easy escape from this like he'd hoped.

A new idea struck the youth. Lucario closed his eyes, focusing again on the aura of the Pokemon before him, attempting to read the Arbok's and understand his intentions.

The purple cobra'a aura contained a variety of emotions: frustration, almost certainly from being woken up; giddiness, probably from being in such control of the situation. Then there was mischievousness, which told the Lucario what he needed to know- the serpent was up to something. There was one other emotion, though, one that Lucario was incapable of placing.

In any case, this glance inward upon the Arbok told Lucario that this snake was not to be trusted.

"No!" Lucario stated defiantly. He turned his head to the side, squeezing his eyes shut. He wouldn't give the snake what it wanted, no matter what!

The snake was silent for several seconds, but then Lucario was certain he heard it tsking. Was this creature patronizing him?! "Oh, come now," the Arbok finally spoke. Lucario felt something brush up against his cheek, turning his head to face upward again. The sensation made him cringe. It must have been the end of Arbok's tail, given the texture. What was this snake doing?!

Arbok continued. "I thought you said you'd make it up to me. Are you a liar, little Lucario?" Arbok tsked again. That sound was beginning to grate on Lucario's nerves. "And here I thought we could come to an agreement where we'd both be satisfied. But you just want to be stubborn."

Lucario grimaced at Arbok's words, but kept an eye on the beast's aura with every word he spoke. The Arbok seemed... happy about him not giving in? This perplexed Lucario. The situatio was growing odder by the moment. He was sincerely losing his patience with the snake, and even his strongest sense of self-preservation couldn't stop him from lashing out then.

"I changed my mind, I can't trust you-ohh!" The Lucario started, cut off by a sudden pleasant sensation around his abdomen. Arbok had begun roiling his coils along the jackal's body, never growing tighter, but instead kneading pleasurably along his body, the end of the Arbok's tail stroking along the young Pokemon's face and neck. As the scales pressed against his furry body, he couldn't stop himself from letting out a brief moan or two; it all felt so good!

Even so, Lucario adamantly refused to open his eyes. He noted with some concern that the foreign emotion he had earlier sensed in Arbok was beginning to grow stronger, and he could also sense it in himself.

Arbok laughed at Lucario's outcry, which concerned the jackal. The kneading grew in intensity, and Lucario could sense the Arbok leaning in close, the snake's forked tongue flicking out and tickling Lucario's ears a few times.

"You can't trust me, you say? But you sound like you're really enjoying yourself there," the snake whispered seductively into Lucario's ear. The jackal moaned at the sound. "Why would I help you feel good if I wasn't to be trusted?"

Lucario jolted as Arbok continued to apply pressure to all the right places, the snake's arguments growing considerably more convincing with with the increasing pleasure.

The Arbok's massage began to focus lower on Lucario's body, and the jackal gasped when he felt a coil lay atop his groin, stroking along his sheath. Why was the Arbok touching him there?! But... but it felt so good as the snake rubbed him so lovingly, methodically stroking along the small bulge. Shocks of pleasure shot through him. He'd never been touched this way before! All of his better judgment pleaded he not open his eyes, but his body ached to know the pleasures the Arbok offered. The snake's every word drove him closer and closer to the brink.

Just a glance can't hurt, can it? he reasoned with himself. Just one little peek and I'll look away. That's all. His neediness overwhelmed him as he opened just a single eye, looking straight into the piercing gaze of the cobra before him.

What he saw... surprised him, to put it simply. Immediately, Arbok's eyes lit up with an array of spiraling colors. It was like nothing Lucario had ever seen before; pink, green, yellow, blue, all manner of hues pulling inwards toward where Arbok's pupils had once been, drawing Lucario deeper and deeper into them. The rings spun slowly, and Lucario realized there was something... entrancing about them, something that made him want to keep looking. All of his good sense told him he should look away now, but he wasn't sure he could. More accurately, he didn't really think he wanted to.

"That's a start," Arbok hissed, startling Lucario from his daze, but the Lucario still continued to stare with his one eye. "But I said to open your eyes, pet. Both of them. Come on now, don't hold back on me."

Every word the serpent spoke stuck fast in the jackal's mind, the poor creature becoming so suggestible from the seducing gaze. "Y-you're right... both eyes..." Lucario stammered, as his second eye popped open. The sixth sense in the back of his head wailed that this wasn't right, that he needed to close his eyes, that he was in terrible danger, but it was growing quieter with ever passing moment.

Arbok smiled. "Yes, pet. There you go. They're so beautiful don't you think? You want to look deeper into my eyes. One glance isn't going to cut it, you know. Deeper. Longer. You need to look. You need to see just how wondrous they are, and just how much pleasure they can give you if only you'll look deeper and deeper."

"Deeper... and deeper..."

The coil over Lucario's crotch began to rub firmly and rhythmically, the grinding having its own effect as the pleasure the coils and hypnotic eyes gave him resulted in his red member beginning to show itself. The Pokemon's body was overwhelmed by all of these new feelings the Arbok was giving him and he was loving every second of it.

"That's a good Lucario," Arbok said, tongue kissing along the jackal's cheek. Being called a "good Lucario" made him shiver with bliss. It felt strangely right, like he was being put into his proper place. The young Pokemon's cock continued to grow as he became hornier and needier. The scales against his flesh felt unbelievable.

"Don't think, little Lucario," his captor continued in his sultry voice. "You don't need thoughts. All you need is pleasure. I can do all the thinking for you. I will give you anything you need. Everything you need. Just look into my eyes. Don't they make everything better? Don't they make you trust me? Don't they make you... need me?"

The thoughts passing through Lucario's head diminished as did the alarm in the back of his head. He lazed into the coils and his head lolled as the spirals made him dizzy. The sheer euphoria flowing through him tugged at the corner of his muzzle as a grin was forming. He bared his teeth trying to contain himself as his cock was teased. The poor jackal was on sensory overload; he didn't know how to cope with all of the stimuli about him. His eyes glazed over before slowly starting to mimic the spirals present in the serpent's eyes.

"Everything better... trust... need you..." Lucario mindlessly droned, repeating the serpent's words.

Arbok's head moved closer, pressing his eyes against the Lucario's own, his tongue flicking against the jackal's nose every few seconds, causing him to giggle at the ticklish sensation. The coils continued to pleasure and massage the young one's body into submission, but it was hardly needed to subdue him. With the spirals filling his vision and the continual persuasion, something clicked within Lucario as all thought was drained from his mind, his cock stood fully erect, and a wide smile formed across his muzzle.

"Good boy," Arbok cooed in Lucario's ear. Another shiver passed through the jackal's body at the name- it just warmed him to his core knowing he was somehow pleasing his new Master... yes, Master. This was his Master, and he was nothing more than a slave, bought by the pleasure Arbok had given him.

Arbok lowered his head, pressing his lips against Lucario's own, tongue entering the jackal's muzzle. Lucario returned the kiss, if a bit sloppily due to his mindless state, even going so far as to entwine his tongue around his Master's.

Arbok's coils began to loosen and rearrange themselves on Lucario's body, focusing along the waist and groin. His tail slipped in between Lucario's thighs, rubbing gently along the jackal's sack before firmly wrapping around his cock once, twice, before slowly stroking the length.

Arbok broke the kiss in the midst of this, staring again into Lucario's eyes, the jackal relishing the sight of the spirals. "Just how good does it feel, pet? Better than training, I'm sure."

"Better than anything, sir..." Lucario returned breathlessly, the title coming out automatically. "Better than train-ahh!" The jackal was cut off again as Arbok squeezed his cock, and fell into a fit of moaning as he roughly stroked him. He longed for nothing more; everything was just so wonderful, and he didn't have a care in the world in his Master's clutches.

He was vaguely aware of Master chuckling. "I thought so," Arbok said, before the serpent released him again. Lucario waited patiently and blissfully as Arbok once again rewrapped him in his purple coils, the end of the snake's tail moving to his ankles, working its way back up to the jackal's waist, but this time staying away from Lucario's engorged, needy cock. The tail worked its way to Lucario's behind, Lucario's tail wagging lazily and allowing the serpent to push through and seek entrance in his hole.

"You love how my scales feel, yes?" the snake purred. "You love how I can pleasure you all over. You don't want this to ever end."

"No, sir... Never want it to end..." Lucario repeated in his daze, giving a little chuckle. He was so mindlessly giddy just to be in the snake's clutches.

Arbok moved down the jackal's body, licking and nibbling his neck, chest and stomach as he went, Lucario moaning all the while, until the snake stopped at his musky cock, licking it experimentally before taking it into his mouth one inch at a time, sucking at it expertly. The poor Lucario was almost pushed over the edge then and there. Never did he realize how good this would feel. Arbok's tail, meanwhile, penetrated carefully into Lucario's tailhole, barely even inside, wiggling about lethargically as his coils nearest his thighs and crotch began to massage the flesh and fur.

"S-soo... gooood," Lucario moaned out, toes curling and back arching as Arbok worked his cock, which had begun to drip a steady amount of pre at this point. Lucario was howling in pleasure, the noise resounding throughout the woods surrounding the clearing, the serpent's tail thrusting only adding to the overwhelming sensations, especially as Arbok plunged deeper into him and he worked his cock over more fervently. Lucario hung his head back panting and yipping and generally making quite a racket, a big dumb grin plastered on his face all the while.

"Please-nggh, sir... I h-have to- ahh!!" Lucario uttered, finally unable to speak any more.

Arbok's coils squeezed him tightly as the snake grew more passionate, apparently taking his pet's outburst to heart, realizing he was close. The serpent's mouth continued to ruthlessly milk him, the tail pressing so deeply within Lucario that he felt a crippling buzz of pleasure wash over him, and the jackal could no longer hold back his body's need for release.

Lucario was paralyzed by pleasure as a powerful burning sensation washed over him, every hair standing on end as his body locked up. With one long howl of ecstacy, the jackal's cock unleashed its load into his Master's maw, spewing rope after rope of his seed. He had never been aware it was possible to feel this good.

As his explosive orgasm passed, Lucario felt himself become completely drained of energy. He watched as his Master licked the cum off his lips, smiling feverishly at the sight. He felt Arbok slip his tail out of his ass, snugly wrapping him in his coils, continuing to look down on him with gently spiralling eyes. Lucario was covered fully in a cocoon of the snake's coils, only his head poking free from his scaly bed. Barely hanging onto consciousness, all Lucario found himself capable of doing was asking one simple question:

"M-master... Did I make it up to you?"

The Arbok only smiled down at the exhausted Lucario, stroking his tired face. "You did, pet. But don't worry, you're free to stay around as long as you like, yes?"

Lucario felt elated at these words, smiling softly as he laid his head into the coils. His closed his eyes, humming gently as he felt the snake kiss him gently on the cheek and heard the serpent lay his head down nearby. Both exhausted, the two fell asleep in the mid-day sun, warmed by the heat of the day and the comfort of each other's presence.


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