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Jan's Trip to Africa

by Hexept

Jan's Trip to Africa

Jan's Trip to Africa by mdDubya (race change, body mod)

Jan's long time boyfriend and now fiancé was an avid hunter. And from the time they had met and begun dating she had known he dreamed of going to Africa to hunt on a safari. In spite of the fact that Dave made pretty good money, there was no way he was ever going to save up enough to fund his dream trip and hunt. But when a elderly neighbor she had been helping care for passed away and left her a sizable amount of money, she saw the opportunity to finance it. So she began to make the necessary arrangements behind Dave's back thinking it would be great if she could surprise him. Dave already had a passport from a past business trip to South America, so she arranged for his time off from work, booked the flights, and even procured the guides and accommodations. And therein lies the dilemma, not thinking about the possibility of unscrupulous people, Jan simply chose due to price not reputation.

Finally a couple of days before they were scheduled to depart she relented and told him what she was packing for. Needless to say Dave was elated initially. But the more he thought about it he began to worry. As much as he loved and adored her, Jan wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. She was your stereotypical beautiful blond, great to look at, awesome to make love to, but borderline dumb as a rock at times. But her looks did make up for a lot, 5'5", 125 lbs, 34D-24-36, topped off with a gorgeous face and mid-back length thick blond hair with just enough wave to it to hold a curl if desired. Dave quickly realized there was no way to double check her arrangements without hurting her feelings, and most likely royally pissing her off, so he decided to hope for the best and go along with them.

Their initial flight was on Delta, so far so good, and when they landed in Africa it was in a major city. But when they began trying to find their connecting flight to deliver them to the safari Dave began to worry. They were finally led to a small hanger just off the airport property. The building was rather dilapidated looking, and when they saw the bush plane both of their hearts sank. The plane looked even worse than the building. To make matters worse the people present barely spoke English. But after showing their paperwork it seemed it was understood where Jan and Dave where supposed to be dropped off. The take-off was terrifying, for what seemed like an eternity the plane coughed and struggled to get airborne, and once it was nobody seemed sure it could stay that way. The pilot was constantly having to fiddle with the controls to keep the engine running even semi smoothly. Eventually Dave made himself quit watching the pilot and look out the windows of the plane. The view was amazing, but it was obvious they were heading farther and farther away from civilization. Most of the safaris Dave was aware of and had looked into weren't really that far from a city. Mainly due to the civil unrest and simple lack of communication, they generally tried to stay as close to the major cities as possible. But it was obvious they were not, it had been hours since they had seen anything other than raw untamed wilderness and Dave began to wonder how long the plane could fly on a load of fuel. Apparently he was psychic because soon the engine began sputtering, only this time no amount of adjustments by the pilot was going to correct it, they were out of fuel. Jan and Dave quickly buckled in and braced themselves as the plane nosed down towards the ground. An experienced pilot would know how to glide in for a unpowered landing, but the panic on his face confirmed that their pilot had no idea what to do in this situation. The landing gear snagged on some brush as they came in hot and heavy and the plane instantly tilted up onto it's nose and began to disintegrate.

When Jan came too she did a quick inventory of her body, somehow she had survived virtually unscathed. She was still strapped into her seat, and still in what was left of the plane. The pilot was obviously dead though, and where was Dave? As her head slowly cleared she removed her seatbelt and picked her way out of the wreckage. Dusk was quickly approaching as she began to search for him. After checking all the pieces of wreckage she could find, she finally located him. His seat had been ripped loose from the plane upon impact and he had been thrown over 25 yards, still strapped in. When she reached him he was still unconscious and obviously in a bad way. His right leg was bent in a unnatural way due to a compound fracture. One end of the bone had punctured the skin and he was bleeding badly. Finally she was able to rouse him and help him unbuckle the seatbelt. Between the two of them they were able to get his leg straightened out as much as possible, and with Dave instructing her Jan applied a make-shift compound bandage to the open wound to slow the bleeding. They were actually on a high spot of the otherwise flat terrain, so a quick survey told them they were isolated and completely alone. Again with Dave directing and instructing her, Jan gathered up what wood she could find along with the of the debris from the plane and built a fire. As they huddled together beside the fire both began to wonder what the future held for them?

Somewhere around 3am they both received their answer. A nearby tribe of natives had seen their fire and come to investigate. Dave had passed out earlier, and in spite of having been told by him to stay awake, (in case of marauding wild animals) Jan had dozed off also. The natives presence had woken Dave initially, and he shook Jan to get her attention. It was soon apparent that neither side could understand the other, but Dave's injuries and the plane wreckage nearby made it obvious what had happened. The natives rigged up a stretcher of sorts and soon they were taking them back to their village. Once there Dave was taken to what they later realized was the medicine man's hut. Jan was initially allowed in, but once Dave's injury was diagnosed she was led back out. After a few minutes she heard Dave's blood curdling screams as his leg was reset as best as could be done under the primitive conditions.

At this point, Jan began to take in her surroundings. The village was made up of many grass and mud huts, all surrounding a huge fire-pit in the center. Their rescuers were obviously a native and primitive African tribe. The men and women both were naked from the waist up, and all the men wore was a rather small loin cloth of sorts. The women on the other hand, wore what appeared to be a grass skirt. The women also all had bald heads. Not just stubble, but completely smooth and shiny. The members of this tribe were all very dark skinned, around the color of dark chocolate. It seemed any female over the age of 12 or 13 had a lip plate inserted inside of a slit behind their bottom lip. The plates got larger as the wearer aged apparently. The women also had very stretched out earlobes, some of them actually dangling down to their shoulders, and pierced nipples for goodness sake.

As much as she wanted to be with Dave, the tribal women were having none of that. Instead they took her to another hut and through hand gestures and attempts at communicating verbally they let her know this was where she would be sleeping. Exhaustion took over and she soon fell fast asleep. But just a few hours later she awoken by several women. As she stood they began to lead her to a nearby stream. There she was undressed and her minor cuts and scrapes were cleaned as she was bathed. As they were tending to her Jan began to notice their teeth. All of them seemed to have very small and blackened teeth. She also began to take notice of how stretched out and saggy their breast were. It was obvious they had never worn a bra, but apparently the thick gold rings they wore through their nipples were quite heavy? Climbing out of the stream once her bath was over Jan looked for her clothes. They were no where to be seen, instead she was given a grass skirt to wear just like the other women. She was mortified to have to walk around topless, but it seemed she had no choice in the matter?

Later that morning she was finally allowed inside the hut where Dave was to check on him. He wasn't doing anywhere near as well as she had hoped. He didn't seem to be in any pain somehow, but it was plain to see he was very feverish and uncomfortable. He was drifting in and out of consciousness constantly. She couldn't even tell if he recognized her? In all actuality he had, and had wondered why she was dressed as she was, but he had been unable to say anything due to his mental state. Three days later Dave's condition had not improved, and Jan was becoming distraught. What was to become of them, what if Dave died? What if they were never found? In her haste to plan the trip and keep it a secret from Dave, she had neglected to actually tell anyone where they were going. Since no one knew where they were, how could they find them? They wouldn't even know where to begin looking. All this combined had Jan a nervous wreck in no time. Seeing her distress, the women of the tribe gave her what looked like a root of some sorts to chew on. Through gestures Jan finally deduced it would calm her nerves, so she put it in her mouth and began to chew it. She was just about to spit it out, it tasted extremely bitter, but just before she did it hit her. Wow, it was like the best high she had ever experienced. All her troubles and worries faded away as she continued to gnaw on it.

The days passed much quicker and easier thanks to the root she was chewing on constantly, and soon Jan fell into a routine of sorts. Every day she would go with the other women of the village to bathe in the stream, and then as they gathered various fruits and grains. After a few days it even felt natural to be topless all the time. She would help them prepare and cook the meals of the day, and even helped care for the children of the village. The days turned into weeks as she became more and more accepted into the village, and due to the psychotropic properties of the root she was feeling more and more a part of it. Everyday she would visit Dave, but he never seemed to be improving. Even to a lay person it was obvious his leg was infected, and badly so. Thanks to the herbal remedies of the medicine man/witch doctor, gangrene wasn't setting in, but the infection just wouldn't go away. As a result, he was still drifting in and out of consciousness, and remained too weak to speak. Had he been able to, he no doubt would have expressed to Jan his concerns over her diminishing appearance. The lack of shampoo or soap was beginning to show on her beautiful hair. It was looking much duller and becoming a tangled mess from its lack of brushing. Then there was her sensational smile and what was happening to it. What neither of them knew though, was that between Dave's inability to speak, and Jan's rather easy compliance to the separate sleeping arrangements, coupled with the fact that both of them were blond haired, it was assumed by the members of the village that they were brother and sister.

As the weeks continued to pass, Jan found herself learning how to communicate with the others. Their language wasn't that elaborate, so by watching their gestures as they spoke, she soon was learning some of the appropriate words. Finally even Jan knew her hair was a mess, and she tried express this to the other women. She did succeed in getting her point across, but sadly did not completely understand their remedy. She was given a extra large piece of the root to chew on, and once it had kicked in she was told to sit in the middle of the hut. As she sat on the dirt floor, two women knelt on either side of her and began rubbing something into her scalp. It tingled at first, and in no time her scalp was numb. In unison the two flanking women grabbed and handful of Jan's blond hair and yanked it out by the roots. Thanks to the numbing of her scalp it didn't hurt that much, and as soon as they would pull a clump of hair out they would rub the substance into the bare spot relieving any pain there was. Unfortunately it was also completely killing off the hair roots at the same time. Due to the effects of the root/drug, Jan wasn't all that alarmed over losing her hair, and after about 45 minutes all her formerly gorgeous blond locks lay strewn across the floor, and her entire head was as bald as all the other women in the tribe. It seemed the women of the village took Jan's willingness for them to remove her hair as indication that she wished to join their village and tribe. Because as Jan sat there in her state of stupor, they summoned the medicine man and began making the arrangements. A hole punch of sorts was brought in, and after rubbing the numbing herb onto her ears and nipples, the piercings in her ears were enlarged to much larger and large heavy hoops were suspended from them and sealed shut. Then the same procedure was repeated on her nipples, and at this point Jan realized just how heavy the nipple rings worn by the tribes women actually were. She understood now why their breast hung so far down, each ring felt as if it weighed 5 pounds suspended from her nipples. As she sat there in a state of shock, her bottom lip was slit open and a lip plate was inserted after the numbing agent had taken effect. Finally they began covering Jan from head to toe, even her palms and the soles of her feet, with what looked and felt like mud. Once it was dry they led her to the stream to wash it off. But when she stepped into the water and began scrubbing, the mud came off, but not the color. Her skin was much darker, much darker. But before it sunk in they pulled her from the water and were slathering her down with it again, only this time they avoided her palms and the soles of her feet. After a while longer she was again placed into the stream, and when she climbed out this time she was as dark as the other members of the tribe, even darker than some. When she looked at the palms of her hands she saw that they were lighter, giving her the coloring of a true black person. As she numbly walked back to the village with them she saw the enormous bonfire burning, and as they got even closer she saw the chair/table beside it. She instinctively knew she was supposed to sit in it, and soon found herself strapped to it, secured with vines, her dark brown legs splayed out to the sides and her grass skirt bunched up around her waist. At this point she found out what the men of the tribe had been hiding under those loin cloths.

The Chief/medicine man stepped up in front of her first and removed his loin cloth, exposing the biggest, blackest cock Jan had ever seen. Thankfully the numbing herb was rubbed onto her pussy because even with it she felt as if he was splitting her in two as he roughly entered her tight pussy. Once the Chief was finished, one by one the men and older boys of the village stepped up and fucked her. Each of them possessing enormous cocks, and depositing an enormous load of cum deep inside her. The train went on into the night, then the morning. The men would fuck her, go do whatever, then return when it was their turn again. This went on for three full days until Jan's mind snapped, she was totally delirious by the time they had finished, her pussy was raw and opened up to the size of a coffee can by the time they were done. Finally she was untied from the chair and led back to her hut where she collapsed from shear exhaustion. After sleeping the better part of 24 hours straight she finally woke up, only to find herself clear minded for the first time in weeks. She also found herself bald, pierced, black, and possessing the sorest most stretched out pussy she could even imagine. Thank god they had left some root beside her grass mat, she quickly popped a piece into her mouth and soon was feeling that delightful sense of calm it always produced.

Once her emotions had settled a little from the root she went to check on Dave. As she began walking towards the hut he was in she felt the large and very heavy rings hanging from her nipples and earlobes. Damn they were heavy, it felt as if they were pulling her tits down to her waist and her earlobes were being ripped from her ears. In fact, due to having gone braless for the better part of two months already, her breast weight from being D cups, and the added weight of the heavy gold rings, they were indeed hanging to her navel now. Her earlobes were already being stretched, the punched out holes becoming elongated and permanently misshapen. She also noticed an odd sensation in her pussy. Having lost all sense of modesty since arriving, she stopped and lifted up her grass skirt and was shocked to see and feel her pussy lips hanging down from her stretched out gaping pussy. All those huge cocks had really done a number on her. As she walked into the hut were Dave was he heard her and stirred slightly, raising his head up to see who it was. He really was hoping Jan would come see him today, but instead it was just another of the women of the village. For a brief second he thought she looked vaguely familiar in the face, but no, it was just another black, bald woman from the tribe, same stretched out earlobes, same ugly sagging titties, same elongated pierced nipples, lip plate poking out from her bottom lip,, the same blackened nubby teeth, even the same slightly bow legged walk they all had. Thinking it wasn't Jan, he slumped back down onto the mat he was laying on. Just his luck, he was finally feeling better and Jan was nowhere to be seen.

Jan's shoulders sagged when she saw Dave collapse back down onto the mat. Damn she needed some comfort and consoling from him after all she had been through. Thinking he had passed back out she turned to exit the hut. But as she did so Dave sat back up and saw the vague outline of the tattoo Jan had on her lower back. He could barely see it showing through the dark brown skin but he was positive it had to be Jan. Calling out her name he was at first relieved when she spun back around, but then he was horrified at what he saw once she was facing him. Standing before him was a black, bald version of the love of his life. How could this be Jan? The woman before him was black, bald headed, she was wearing a lip plate just like the native women who had been caring for him. She had the same stretched out earlobes, the same disgusting sagging breast with the pierced nipples, fuck, she even had the same grotesque rotten looking black teeth they all seemed to have. But as he stared at the woman her face lit up and Jan's sweet voice came from her. Well, it sounded like Jan for the most part, the lip plate was effecting her speech quite a bit, but it was definitely Jan's voice. The shock of it all was more than he could bear in his weakened state and he passed back out cold.

Jan knew he had recognized her, but mistakenly took him passing out from shock as not being interested in her anymore. And even though Dave was feeling somewhat better, he was still unable to get around and would still occasionally drift in and out of consciousness. During her rare moments of lucidness Jan could see why Dave wouldn't be interested in her anymore, but under the effects of the root she chewed constantly she was furious over it, and determined to show him up. This she deduced could be best realized by completely and totally becoming a member of the tribe in every way. And that meant being available to any and all males of the tribe at any given time. She had realized that the tribe lived more along the lines of the hippy communes of the sixties than in a more traditional marriage based society. So from that moment on any time a male showed any interest in her she would make it obvious she was available. As a result Jan quickly became a very popular member of the tribe, with the men anyway. She was getting fucked numerous times a day, and never slept alone from that point on. The constant assault by the huge cocks on her already stretched out cunt naturally finished it off. Soon she was able to accommodate the largest of the cocks in the tribe without any discomfort at all. Of course that also meant that Dave's cock, while average sized back home in America, would forever seem miniscule to her now cavernous cunt. And while Jan was now super popular with the male half of the tribe, she was quickly becoming hated by the female half. And seeing as how revenge is a universal emotion, they soon began hatching plans to diminish her newfound popularity among the men. With limited resources at hand they went with what was available to them, primarily, food. Jan's meal portions were increased incrementally so as not be noticed or arouse suspicion. But between the effects of the root, and Jan's naivety, they soon had her eating twice as much as before. And with no gym to work off the added calories she soon began to put on weight. Before long there was a extra jiggle here and there when she'd walk. Her already large heavy breast increased in size and weight, which naturally caused them to sag even farther down onto her blossoming belly. When she'd walk they were now flopping and slapping noisily together and against her chest. Her legs and arms began to thicken and quiver with each movement. Her thighs soon rubbed together and her chiseled facial features were softening as her face rounded out. But men being men, she was still getting fucked often in spite of becoming a plumper. And as a result her monthly friend finally failed to visit. She was pregnant by one of the tribal members.

One of the traditions of the tribe was that as a rite of passage, once a woman became pregnant she was marked as a sign of honor and prestige. This was done by making small slits in the skin and rubbing a mixture of oils into the would that would cause raised bumps to be formed. Elaborate patterns would be formed covering the breast and shoulders and back. It took several weeks to finish Jan's design, but once finished Jan's upper body, upper arms, and most of her back were permanently scarred for life. Especially her formerly beautiful breast. They were now almost completely covered with the scarification bump patter, and hanging pendulously down onto her swelling belly.


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