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Dancing briefs

by harveydog

Dancing briefs

Dancing Briefs

It was about midday and Star and Harvey were at the store. "So do we have everything we need?" Star Asked. "Yeah i think so..." Said Harvey looking at their shopping list. "Well if thats the case I suppose we can buy anything else we want!" Star said Happily. So star and harvey split up, Star went over to the electronics while Harvey went to take a look at some clothes. Harvey was looking up and down at some of the shirts. There were a few gamer themed shirts as well as a few movie based ones. "Did they stop selling the plain stripe shirts or something? cause all of these looks cheesy!" Harvey exclaimed.

"Oh well, I guess Im not buying shirts today." Harvey said. He went over to the jeans and grabbed a few his size, he then went to take a look at the underwear section. "Hmmm... They dont have my boxers in stock. Maybe...." He said, looking at some of the plaid boxers. But then his eyes caught the sight of a particular pair of underwear; briefs. Harvey went over to the briefs section and looked at a few pairs and brands. "They are not my type but... Whats this?" Harvey picked up a particular pair of briefs called "Dancin' Briefs" It was a pair of bright yellow briefs with a white waist band. He examined the package more, and the details on it said: "Do you have troubles dancing naturally and willingly? Then Dancing briefs are for you! As soon as your briefs start to hear music, it will force your hips to shake and bounce! Be the life of the party with Dancin'Briefs!"

"Hmm..." Harvey said. He looked at the price tag "Five dollars for a pair?" Harvey exclaimed. "Well thats not too bad." He took the briefs and the jeans and met back up with star. "So did you find anything?" Harvey asked star. "Well I found a few movies we can watch...What did you get?" She said. "I found a few pairs of jeans and this pair of briefs..." Harvey Replied. "Briefs?" Star asked. "I thought you didnt like briefs." "Well these are apperently different" Harvey said. "It may be able to help me dance." Star looked surprised "Well that is good! Now you dont have to stand in the back of dance clubs!" She said. Harvey looked at his feet "Yeah..." He said.

Harvey and star are now driving on back to their appartment with their groceries and supplys. "Lets listen to some tunes!" Star said, as she reached for the dial and found a radio station. It was some generic white girl song with an oversinging vocalist. Harvey groaned and continued to drive, trying to ignore the music and his girlfriends horrible singing. When he starts to hear thumping sounds in the back of his car. He shuts off the music:"Did you hear that?" He said. Star and harvey listen to the small hum of the engine, not hearing any other sound. "I dont hear anything." Star said. She turns the music back on. and in a moment, that thumping sound was heard again. "There it is again!!!" Harvey said turning the music back off again. "Look, if you dont want to hear me sing you can just tell me!" Star said pouting. She sat back in her seat obviously angry. "Sigh....." Harvey said. as he pulled up their apartment.


It is morning the next day, and star is in the kitchen making breakfast. Harvey got out of his shower and started to dry himself off. He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked over to his dresser. He opened his underwear drawer and pulled out the new pair of briefs. He slipped his legs through the leg holes and pulled them up around his waist. "Man these are snug..." Harvey said. But the briefs fit him perfectly. Harvey walked out of his room and went to see star in the kitchen. "So what do you think?" Harvey said, posing in his briefs. "Eh... its ok..." Star said. "So do they work?" Star asked. "I dunno, I havent tryed them yet." Harvey said.

"Well lets give them a test drive!" Star said. She plugged her phone into a speaker dock and pushed Random on the playlist. "Don't stop the party" was selected and the music started to blare out of the speakers. Then the briefs immediatly started to jutter left and right, forcing harvey to walk and move around the room, all while causing him to flail his arms and legs. "Whoa whoa whoa Hey!!!" harvey cried. the briefs started force him to move fowards and back, his butt shaking around and randomly. Harvey then bashed into the wall, and he started to wail: "Star! Stop the music!!!" Star pushed the pause button and the briefs stopped controlling harvey. Harvey then fell forward and landed on his face "Ow ow ow!!! My nose!!!" Harvey said, rubbing his poor nose.

"Owww, this is messed up..." Harvey said. "I know!" Replied star. She grabbed the waistband of the briefs and pulled on them. "OW OW OW!!! What the hell star?!?" harvey cried, cringing to the extreme wedgie he is recieving.
"Well look at this" Star said. She pulled a little chip out of the back. "This seems to control your movements." She puts it back into his briefs. Star then said "I dare you to wear that at a party!"

To be continued?


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