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A Very Special Massage Session

by sarah11

A Very Special Massage Session

* A Very Special Massage Session *
Another story, its been a while ;).
Features enemas, lots of anal play including anunilingus, hope you enjoy!

The voice on the phone was very pleasant and when I asked about the erotic massage she suggested that I come in and talk to her in person. I had the address from the ad in the paper but didn't recognize it so I asked for directions.

"Come down 42 street, then turn right into the alley." she told me. "You'll see our sign above the back door."

I guess that made sense to me; the back-door salon you would enter through the back door. I made an appointment for 2-o-clock that very afternoon. As the day wore on I kept wondering what in the world an erotic massage met?

At one forty-five I pulled into the alley off 42 street and sure enough, there above the door was a little sign reading 'The Back-door Salon.' The door opened and a young man approached my car.

"Mrs. Hopkins," he asked?

"Yes," I replied, locking the car door and only rolling the window down part way.

"It's okay Mrs. Hopkins, I'm the valet," he said. "We don't have any parking here but we have reserved parking across the street in the parking garage. We've been expecting you," he said smiling.

I looked him up and down for a minute. He didn't seem threatening in any way as he stood there patiently, smiling at me. Finally I unlocked the door and stepped out. He led me to the door and opened it for me. I handed him me car keys and entered the building.

I was surprise; the reception area was very nicely decorated, white walls with art work hanging on them. Wingback chairs and a glass topped coffee table. Sitting at a mahogany table was a young oriental girl of twenty or so. As soon as I walked in she rose and came around the table.

"Mrs. Hopkins," she said in perfect English, "I'm Sophia, we spoke on the phone."

"Yes," I said nodding to her.

"Come, sit down," she said indicating the chair in front of the mahogany table. "Let me explain our services to you."

I sat in the chair she indicated, a little nervous now that I was actually there. She went back around the table and sat down.

"First I want to tell you that we are a very discreet service Mrs. Hopkins. We keep no records of our cliental as our services are quite unique," she said. "We cater to a person's one special need."

"Ah huh," I said, "and what might that one special need be," I added even more curious now.

"First we let you sit in the sauna to relax you, then an anal cleansing followed by body wash in our hot bath."

"I.....what.....you can't, an anal cleansing," I stammered, embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

"Why do you think we call it the backdoor salon," she added without missing a beat. "I'd like to tell you also that since you are a first time client that your first visit is no charge," Sophia said smiling sweetly at me. "After that it is three hundred dollars a visit."

I was speechless, I had never heard of such a thing.

"Please Mrs. Hopkins there's nothing to worry about, it's very pleasant," she said coming around the table, "I promise to take very good care of you."

She took my hand and led me through a door behind the table. I hadn't said yes or no, but I was curious now, more curious than I had ever been in my life.

"Please remove you clothes please," she said handing me a white towel, "while I turn the heat up in the sauna."

What the hell, I thought to myself. First visit is free; I might as well see what it's all about. It can't hurt, I hoped.

I removed my clothes and laid them neatly on the bench wrapping the towel around myself.

"This way Mrs. Hopkins," Sophia said stepping through a door at the other end of the room. She too had a towel wrapped around herself.

She led me to a large wooden door and opened it. The heat struck me like a hammer. The sauna room was verily small, room for perhaps five or six people at the most. I was glad I was the only one there, besides Sophia.

"Have a seat Mrs. Hopkins and just relax, I'll be back in a few minutes."

I sat on the wooden bench leaning my back against the wall. The heat felt wonderful as it penetrated my skin. I could feel my makeup start to run and my hair start to frizz already, but I didn't care, it felt great. I don't know how long I sat there but it must have been 20 or 30 minutes lost in the pleasure of the heat.

The door popped open and Sophia came back in pushing a chair on wheels. It was somewhat like a medical wheel chair with a stainless steel pole on it. At the top of the pole was a clear bag filled with some kind of solution, attached to it was a small hose. At the end of the hose was a black nozzle about 5 inches long. I noticed that part of the seat was missing also.

"Please Mrs. Hopkins would you come over and sit please," she asked me very nicely. "We do this just so there won't be and dirty messes later."

I eyed her warily but sat in the chair. I watched her slip on a latex glove and coat it with some kind of lubrication. She moved around behind me and I felt her hand slid down my exposed butt crack.

"I've never done this before," I said nervously.

My anus tightened as she tried to push her finger into it.

"Please try to relax Mrs. Hopkins," she said.

Before I got the whole sentence out her finger slipped past my tight sphincter muscle and into my anus.

"Oh god," I moaned as my sphincter tightened around her finger.

"Do you like it," she asked me?

I had to admit, it did feel good. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I had a finger in my butt or if it was because it was a young girls finger, but either way I liked it.

She then slowly began to work her finger slowly in and out of my butt, coating it with the lube. But then just as I was really getting into it she removed her finger. I gasp, my butt wanting the feeling again.

"I'm going to put the nozzle in now," she said. I just nodded not knowing if she saw me or not.

I felt the tip of the nozzle touch my anus, then Sophia twisted it and pushed at the same time. I gasped as the thick part of the nozzle slid past the muscle ring and into my bowels.

"Oh fuck!" I cried, my hand reaching down, subconsciously to play with my pussy!

"I'm going to pump it up," Sophia said, "then release the water."

"Ok," I panted.

Sophia squeezed a rubber bulb and I felt the nozzle expand and tighten in my butt. She reached up and released a clip on the hose. I felt the water enter my bowels filling me up. It was warm, nearly hot, setting me on fire. My hand worked across my clit faster and faster as more water entered my butt. I clamped my legs together, my hand still between my legs as the orgasm rocked through me. I was still cumming when Sophia turned the valve and withdrew the nozzle.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed again as the water gushed out of my ass, bringing on a second orgasm.

"Now a rinse," Sophia said as she pushed the nozzle back up my ass.

I was still panting from the tremendous orgasm I had just had when my bowels filled with water again.

"We'll leave this one a little longer," she said reaching over and pushing a handle on the wall. Water sprayed across the floor flushing the remains of my bowels down the drain.

All I could do was look at her and nod. As far as I was concerned she could leave it in me for as long as she wanted.

"Time for a quick bath now," she said, reaching down and disconnecting the hose from the nozzle. "Come with me."

I could hardly stand up but she helped me to my feet, the nozzle still plugged into my ass. She led me through the wooden door and down the hall through an other door. I could barley walk but with her help I managed my way. We entered a room with a large pool of water, wisps of vapor rising off the surface. She took me down a few steps into the water. I stood there with the wonderful feeling in my ass. Sophia picked up a cloth from somewhere and began to bath me. I just then realized that we both had lost our towels. She gently washed my face removing all my ruined makeup, then down my shoulders and over my tits. I felt helpless, at her mercy. I would have let her do anything she wanted at that point. I needed to talk, to say something just to make sure this wasn't some kind of wonderful dream.

"Sophia," I moaned as she caressed my breast with the cloth. "How come your name is Sophia if you are from Japan," I asked as it was the first thing that came to mind.

She laughed and looked at me. "I was born here, my parents are from Korean. They wanted me to be American so they named me Sophia instead of giving me a Korean name.

I guess it made some kind of sense in my befuddled brain, but talking brought me back to my senses.

"Come over here," she said leading me to the edge of the pool. Let's get rid of that last water."

She had me step up on a platform beneath the water and bend over, my butt over the rim of the pool. She released the valve and pulled the nozzle free. I moaned again as the jet of water sprayed from my ass. I suddenly felt empty, but still in a state of ecstasy. Sophia took me to the center of the pool again and holding me close to her, slipped the cloth down my back and into my butt. I had never had any lesbian thoughts or tendency before in my life, but at that moment I wanted nothing more than to hold and be held by this little Korean girl. I pressed my mouth to hers and she responded by opening hers and letting me slid my tongue in. We stood there for a long time kissing although she never stopped washing me.

"Are you ready for your massage now Mrs. Hopkins," she said looking up at me.

"There's more," I sighed.

"Of course," she purred, taking my hand and leading me out of the pool.

"And please call me Ellen," I said, "I think we are on first name basis right now."

We ended up in a room with a massage table draped with a white sheet. There were different bottles on a roller cart beside the table. The door opened and in walked an other girl wearing a white smock. I instinctively tried to cover my naked, dripping body.

"This is Tabby," Sophia said, "She will be your masseuse."

"Tabby," I chuckled?

"Short for Tabitha," she replied. "Now if you'll lie on the table we can begin."

"Of course it is," I said climbing onto the table.

I lay on the table, my head turned so I could watch Tabby. She removed her smock to reveal a gorgeous body. Her breasts were bigger than Sophia's, and she had long legs that ended in a naked Vee at the top. I turned my head to look at Sophia and noticed too that she was clean shaven. I felt Tabby's soft hand on my back then the hot oil. She covered my back, my butt, then down my legs. It felt wonderfully warm as both girls began to work it into my skin. First across my shoulders, then down my back and butt. One girl stood on each side of me and worked my body over with their talented fingers. I closed my eyes lost in the sensation. They worked the thigh muscle then moved down to the calf, each doing their side, then back up to my butt. I don't know which one it was but a hand slid between my butt cheeks and a minute more a long finger slid effortlessly into my anus. I moaned and spread my legs without thought. A moment longer and two fingers entered my butt hole.

"Oh god," I panted.

I was close to an other orgasm when Tabby told me to roll over onto my back. I didn't want to roll over, I wanted to lay there and let them finger my asshole. But it was not to be; the wonderful fingers withdrew from my butt and continued to massage the back of my thighs. Reluctantly I rolled over onto my back and was rewarded by soft warm hands caressing my breasts. They worked down my stomach, then over the front of my thighs, then finally and hand went between my legs to my ass.

"Pull your knees up," Tabby said.

I raised my knees, holding them with my hands. Tabby moved to the end of the table and knelt down. I felt two of her long fingers toying the my ass hole, wiggling back and forth.

"Put them in," I begged her!

Slowly she pushed those two long fingers deep into my ass. I moaned with the pleasure as she wiggled them back and forth, in and out. Then she withdrew them again.

"No," I gasped. "Put them back in."

I looked down between my legs to see Tabby sucking on her fingers.

"You might like this instead," she said as she leaned into me and ran her tongue across my asshole.

"Oh my fucking god," I gasped with pleasure.

Her tongue probed and licked, her lips sucked and kissed my asshole. Sweet sucking sounds came from between my legs. I was in heaven as she licked and sucked on my asshole. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life.

"Your pussy is so wet," she said as she slipped fingers back into my ass and licking the juices from my pussy.

"I want to cum," I panted! "Make me cum!"

Sophia leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Would you like to taste my asshole," she asked?

"Yes, oh god yes," I begged her!

Sophia climbed up on the table with me, positioning her cute little butt just above my face. She lowered her ass down just as Tabby's tongue swirled around my asshole again. I gently pulled Sophia's butt down to my mouth. I wanted to taste her asshole more than I had wanted anything else in the world at that moment. She was delicious and tender like a forbidden fruit, a sweet delicious wonderful forbidden fruit. Tabby's tongue worked its way right into my asshole, I could feel her tongue inside me, licking and probing. I moaned loudly, my open mouth circling Sophia's sweet hole.

"Mmmmm," I moaned as I sucked her tight hole, my tongue trying to find entry.

Tabby replaced her tongue with two fingers again and Sophia's soft fingers began to work over my clit. About three minutes later I had one of the hardest orgasms I can ever remember having. I wrapped my arms around Sophia's waist, my mouth plastered tight to her wonderful pink hole. My back arched while Tabby's fingers pumped me to ecstasy. Finally I collapsed on the table, panting heavily, spent like never before.

Sophia climbed off the table and Tabby slowly withdrew her long fingers. They gently caressed me, giving me time to catch my breath. Then they took me back to the bath and washed the oil off my body. Tabby left us while Sophia led me back to the dressing room and dried me off. As she ran a comb through me wet hair, Tabby stepped in the room and handed her something.

"I have something for you," Sophia said holding up the object.

"What is it," I asked very curious.

She held up a shiny red ball maybe an inch and a half in diameter, with a flared extension off the side of it.

"What is that," I asked, my eyes widening.

"It's a butt-plug," she said. "It's mine but I'm going to let you borrow it for awhile. Stand up and I'll show you how to insert it."

I stood up and Sophia gently bent me over. I turned and watched her as she sucked and licked the shiny ball, then she knelt down and licked my asshole again. Slowly she pushed the ball against my rectum until, with a pop, the ball slipped past my sphincter muscle and settled securely inside my butt.

"Let's get you dressed now," she said standing up.

The ball felt good inside my ass, like it belonged there. Sophia helped me finish dressing then lead me back to the entrance.

"Now remember, that ball is mine so you have to bring it back, okay" she said smiling at me. "You can take it out when you need to, but make sure to put it back in; it'll make it easier for the next visit."

The next visit, I hadn't thought that far ahead, but yes, there would be a next visit.

"We have some young men that can't wait to meet you," she added. "Shall we say same time next week?"

"Yes, same time," was all I could say.

"Carlos has your car outside," she said.

Carlos was the same young man that had taken my car from me. He smiled as he handed me my keys.

"I look forward to seeing you next week," he said opening the door for me.


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