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the takeover

by 1856

the takeover

Sue lay in her bed in her spaceship while one of her maids gave her a manicure. Another one was giving her a back massage while three more fixed her a gourmet lunch and another washed her clothes. Completely relaxed, she took a deep breath in and tensed and crinkled her nose.

“All right, which one of you pooped your diaper?” She asked, holding her nose in disgust

“I’m very sorry master.” One of the maids making her lunch said and bowed “But I can’t control it and…”

“Yes, yes, I know you’re all incontinent, just change yourself would you?”

The maid bowed and left hurriedly. Sue sighed and scanned the spaceship. A lot had changed in these last few months. After seeing their leader, Vicky, have her brains sucked out, the entire cheerleading squad had gladly agreed to be maids for Sue. She had made sure they didn’t keep their good looks, after all she was the only one allowed to be attractive on this spaceship, so she had made sure they all put on weight immediately. None of weighed under 200 kgs now, and they were so cute and chubby, running five feet and being out of breath. To make sure they knew their place, Sue had also kept them in diapers and had prohibited them from covering them. They were allowed to use the bathroom, but there was only one and they for the most part didn’t dare use the toilet for fear of angering Sue. Most of them had lost at least some control, which was fine by Sue except for the smell.

As for Vicky, Jim, Betty, Aliey and all the other idiots, well, Sue had a pretty good collection now. She had upgraded to a Nannybot 3000, but it still wasn’t enough to keep up with all the feedings and diaper changes, so she had to assign maids to help. It was after her third abduction that Sue finally realized something, she needed money for gas(who knew spaceships needed it) and food and such, so she had started to sell the idiots to families. After all, they spent their days doing nothing but drooling and grinding their diapers with each other, they made good pets. She already had four rich families that had adopted and a longer waiting list with requests.

Right now she was working on finding a smart boy that the family could take care of. She didn’t know why it mattered that he was smart, he’d be the same as all the other idiots once she was done sucking his brain out, but the client had been very specific about the kinds of honors and awards he needed to have. They also had specifically requested they see him getting his brain sucked out themselves, to make sure they weren’t being ripped off. She probably wouldn’t have gone through the trouble, except the price they were willing to pay was enough to buy half of Australia.

Sue was so busy daydreaming that she didn’t see the girl charge until her wristband zapped her down. Sue casually looked over the edge of the bed to see one of the maids on the floor, breathing heavily, a knife in her hand. Sue actually sometimes enjoyed when one of the maids tried to rebel. There was no way they could hurt her with Aliey’s wristband on and she got a free meal out of it.

“You know what girls? You have that lunch for yourself. I’m having some brains.” Sue said calling in the Nannybot 3000 to drag the girl into the brain drain chair.

“Noooo! Please! I didn’t mean it!” The girl yelled, thrashing as the helmet came down on her head

“Mmmm.” Sue said ignoring the screams and beginning to suck. Brains were still warm and delicious every time, almost addicting. The girl’s screams turned into peals of laughter. Her diaper swelled and leaked, pee pooling on the seat, poop being squished at the edges of her diaper. When she was released, she just sat there blankly and began to massage the front of her diaper happily.

“Clean up her mess, I think I have a potential buyer in Russia.” Sue commanded the other maids “In two hours I want her in a clean diaper, baby blue dress and completely bathed. And remember, that could be you next time.”

She grinned with satisfaction watching two of the most popular girls at her school shit themselves in fear. Sue walked into the nursery where all the idiots were. A large part of the spaceship was now used for housing all the idiots and to keep them happy, she had abducted a toy shop owner and then filled the room with lots of toys and stuffed animals and hung some ABC posters. Jim was grinding with another girl. Sue needed relaxation, especially after such a big meal.

“Out of the way, stupid.” She said, shoving the girl out of the way. She stripped down bare naked and tapped her wristband to Jim’s diaper to unlock it. Jim eagerly went to her and gave her all his attention. This was what she wanted, she had made sure all the other girls here were not as appealing as she was, so all the boys would always choose her. The alien technology hadn’t hurt either, she now had the sexiest curves and the biggest boobs on earth. Especially around girls who couldn’t count to one or choose when to go number one, she felt like a goddess. She moaned in pleasure and surrendered to Jim. She could be attractive and powerful like this forever.

The buyer in Russia paid happily for the maid. Alien technology worked quickly and in just thirty minutes Sue had turned the fat, chubby girl into a sexy girl, almost but not quite, as hot as herself. She loved how the buyer couldn’t take his eyes off her, even with a girl happily delivered on the ground to him.

When she got back on the ship, she turned to one of the maids and asked “How’s the search for the smart kid going?”

“We’ve finally managed to locate one, master. He is about twenty years old and currently resides in central Europe.”

“Then step on it.”

The boy’s name was Elliot and Sue quickly realized that there really was no other boy on Earth like this him. He had just finished giving a speech to the UN on how to solve the world’s problems. He had a meeting with the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of England next and was having dinner in China with some government officials.

“What a shame he’ll turn into a drooling diaper baby in thirty six hours.” Sue commented “Maid, what do you think, should we let him be?”

“No, master. Everyone in the universe should be a drooling diaper baby except for yourself.” A maid next to her bowed

“Really? Doesn’t that include you?”

The maid seemed to regret her word choice but sat down on the floor and began drooling.

“Pathetic.” Sue said “Mess your diaper.”

The maid obediently squatted and messed. She began crawling around on the floor. It was really bad acting in Sue’s opinion.

“Nannybot, spank her in her diaper and do not change her until this mission is over.”

“No, please!” The maid begged as she was hoisted into the air. All the maids knew the spanking abilities of the Nannybot 3000 well.

“Please suck my brains out instead?” Sue asked and the maid shook her head no furiously

“Then I want your diaper to weigh 10 kgs by the time you get changed, or else your brains will be in my tummy.”

The maid turned pale before smack! Even when her victims were padded, the Nannybot 3000 could do a pretty darn good job of turning tushies red. As soon as Sue left, the girl burst into tears.

It took a mere ten seconds to beam the boy up to the spaceship as he was walking to his car in a parking lot. Sue enjoyed this part, watching her victims enter her flying saucer. She liked to play with them a bit before actually sucking their brains out. Sometimes she made them play some naughty games with each other or tested some alien technology on them for her amusement. The really attractive girls she fattened up and forced them to be maids for her, just to prove her dominance over female beauty. The things people would do just so they could buy a couple more hours of having their brain…

But this boy was different. The beaming up didn’t seem to faze him at all and he looked around the spaceship with interest, even as the Nannybot 3000 came up from behind and stripped him naked and diapered him and put him in a t-shirt that said idiot across the chest.

“You have just become my prisoner. I know all about you, Elliot Pearson. I know about all your honors and achievements.” Sue said loudly “Soon…”

“I will have my brains sucked out, blah blah blah, helpless to resist, blah blah blah, escape is futile, accept my new life, blah blah blah.” Elliot interrupted “Can we skip the monologue and get to the part where you put me in a cell?”

Sue’s eyes narrowed. She was in charge of this ship, and she didn’t like anyone challenging her authority. She would have to cook up some extra special treatment for this one before she sucked his brains out.

“Nannybot 3000, put the prisoner in cell number one and leave him there until I say otherwise.” Sue said and stomped off to find some laser or ray that would set him straight. Elliot shrugged and let the Nannybot 3000 carry him to the cell. The maid who had just been spanked happened to be there with about five bowls of food in front of her eating as fast as she could. Elliot watched the maid shovel food into her mouth frantically with curiosity.

“What are you doing?” He asked as soon as the Nannybot 3000 had left

“Must…eat…diaper…weigh…10…” The maid panted in between bites

“Hmmm, tell you what, if I can get your diaper to weigh what it needs to, will you do me a favor?”

The maid looked up eagerly and nodded, her cheeks full of mac and cheese.

“Then it’s a deal.” Elliot took his watch which the Nannybot 3000 had somehow not removed when stripping him and pressed it against the computerized lock on his cell and the door clicked open. The maid’s eyes widened in surprise, but before she could react Elliot stepped out and pressed his watch to the maid’s forehead. Zap! The maid got a shock through her body. Then, phhhffft! The maid pooped. And then she pooped again. And again. She looked at herself in surprise as she couldn’t stop filling her diaper more and more. The back bulged and the diaper dropped down, but it held, even as the diaper’s weight pulled her down.

“But how…? What…?” The maid grunted in disbelief as it happened as she struggled to swallow the food in her mouth. The more she pooped it seemed the more she had to go. So the pooped more, and then the urge got even worse and the cycle continued until Elliot touched the watch to her forehead again and sent another shock through her body. Finally, with her diaper stretched down to her knees and the maid out of breath, she stopped.

“11.4523 kgs exactly.” Elliot announced as the maid looked at her amazingly full diaper “Now, I need a computer chip. Here is how to get to it…” Elliot described the ship in amazing detail to the maid “…got it?”

The maid nodded meekly. She got the sense that making her hyper incontinent wasn’t the only thing Elliot could do with that watch.

“And if you double cross me, you’ll wish you got your brains sucked out.” Elliot warned darkly and the maid shuddered and took off, lugging her diaper behind her. She was starting to get the feeling that there might be a new master in charge of this ship…

“Just got off the phone with the buyers.” Sue said, fifteen minutes later walking into the room. Elliot was back in a locked cell and there was no sign he had been out “You’ll have your brains sucked out in front of them in about eight hours.”

“Good to know.” Elliot said as he finished installing the chip in his watch. The maid with the 10 kg diaper had only taken a couple minutes to bring the chip and then walked off quickly, hauling her diaper behind her at Elliot’s request.

“Now, we’re… wait, where’d that watch come from?” Sue demanded

“I hacked the robot so that it wouldn’t remove it.” Elliot shrugged and Sue burned with fury.

“Nannybot, give Elliot stupid face here some temporary potty training removal.” Sue said and smirked with satisfaction as the Nannybot 3000 hit Elliot with a ray that would make him completely incontinent for a little bit. That would teach him a lesson, she thought.

“You’ll regret that.” Elliot warned slyly

“And why’s that?” Sue asked haughtily

“Catch!” Elliot said and suddenly he threw the watch at Sue. But in midair, something happened and the watch made some strange sound. Suddenly, Sue was looking at… herself? Herself caught the watch easily. Suddenly it occurred to Sue that she wasn’t watching herself, she was watching Elliot in her body!

“This alien technology was sooo easy to figure out.” Elliot said, smiling mischievously and strapping the watch onto her new girl body.

“You had better…” Sue put his hands over his mouth in shock at how low his voice was. He felt around his body and realized in shock that he was the one in a diaper and t-shirt that said idiot across the chest. Elliot smirked at how appropriate the t-shirt was for him.

“Just a simple body switch, nothing more. But don’t worry, in just four hours the client will watch as ‘Elliot’ gets his brains sucked out and ‘Sue’ will get her money and be on her way.”

“Why you…” Sue began, but stopped and stared as Elliot dropped her pants.

“I like this body.” Elliot said, feeling the curves and very intentionally showing them to Sue. She took off her shirt and stood there completely nude, admiring herself. She turned to the drooling Sue “Oh that’s right, you’re the horny teenage boy now. Well, sorry, I don’t date babies.”

“Oh please, if I’m going to be an idiot, let me at least enjoy my last few hours in bed with you.” Sue sighed, rubbing the front of her diaper in the same way Jim always did. Just then, Blaaart! Hiss! Sue became the victim of the potty training removal that he had ordered. He blushed in embarrassment at pooping a diaper in front of such a hot teenage girl.

“Nice try, but you aren’t getting anywhere near me or this remote.” Elliot said, tapping the watch “You know, you have barely used any of the features on this thing, it has so much more potential besides self-defense and making people poop their diapers. Allow me to demonstrate.”

Sue felt his diaper grow even heavier, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the perfect body that he himself had made. He had had no idea it felt this good to look at as a boy.

“Maid!” Called Elliot and one of the maids came in and bowed.

“Breastfeed the prisoner.” Elliot commanded

“But master, I am not lactating.” The maid said, confused

“We can easily fix that.” Elliot tapped the watch and suddenly the maids’s breasts expanded and she gasped as she had an urge to breatfeed. Elliot tapped the watch again and Sue felt the impossible urge to drink milk. He ran over to the maid and couldn’t start sucking fast enough. Milk ran down his chin as he greedily gulped it down. Elliot smirked. This was just too easy. She left Sue and the maid to their special time together and went to make some special changes to her watch…

After Sue had finished his meal and the maid had fainted with satisfaction, the Nannybot 3000 picked him up from behind and began to rock him.

“I don’t need to be rocked!” Sue said indignantly

“Baby must be burped after every meal.” The Nannybot 3000 replied

“I don’t…buuuuurp!” Sue let out the loudest burp he had ever heard. He tried to cover “That was just a…uuurp…a buuuurp….pffffft!” Sue felt himself let loose a giant wet fart into his diaper after two more burps and hung his head in defeat. Breastfeeding, being burped, doing something more in his diaper, he couldn’t tell if it was number one, number two or both, it was all just too humiliating. At least no one knew he was really Sue and used to be in charge on the ship, that would just be too much.

Finally the Nannybot 3000 was done and it took him to the command center of the ship where Elliot waited for him with a new outfit on and Jim drooling on the ground in front of him.

“Ah good, all the contestants are here.” Elliot said as Sue was plopped down on the ground next to Jim.

Elliot tapped her watch. Next to her, Jim blinked and stood up.

“Hi Sue.” Jim said, rubbing the front of his diaper

“What? But I thought Aliey sucked out his brain?” Sue asked, confused

“Just a little temporary brain he’s borrowing for this game. And you both will borrow a four year old’s potty training.” Elliot said mischievously. “Now…” Elliot peeled off her top and Sue’s diaper bulged in the front “…I need some company…” Elliot pulled down her pants and Sue began to grope himself “…but I only need one of you and I don’t want a baby. So…” Elliot dropped her panties and bra. Sue was drooling with pleasure and Jim next to him was already making a sticky mess in the front of his diaper “…we’re going to have tryouts.”

The Nannybot 3000 came over and changed Jim and Sue into diapers with five stars each on them.

“Those stars will disappear when you go pee-pee on them. Whoever can hold keep their stars on the longest gets to screw me. The other just has to play with the other dummies.” Elliot tapped her watch and both Sue and Jim suddenly needed to pee and bad.

“Ahh, I won’t lose.” Jim said, pressing in on his diaper, but Sue saw a wet spot fade one of the stars

“Hah, I don’t even need hands.” Sue said, speading his arms out leisurely over her head to brag. Bad move, Jim jumped and tickled him in the armpits. Before Sue knew what was happening he had thoroughly soaked the diaper and there wasn’t a star to be seen while Jim still had two left when he regained control.

“What!?! No!!!” Sue screamed, lunging at Jim, but the Nannybot 3000 grabbed him and shoved him into the nursery.

“Hey! Change my diaper at least!” Sue shouted

“My, my” Elliot said as Jim went to work “you really shout learn your place.” She tapped her watch just before the Nannybot 3000 slammed the door and Sue felt a shock course through her body.

“No!” Was all he could say before a mess erupted into the back of his diaper. He gagged, but he didn’t stop pooping and the harder he tried to stop, the more he had to go. The mess expanded the entire back of the diaper, then dragged it down, past his knees, past his calves, even past his ankles. The maid might have had a 10 kg diaper, but with the suped up alien technology, Elliot managed to get Sue’s diaper to weigh over 25 kg. The bottom was dragging on the ground as Sue walked.

“Does my stinky baby need his deedee changed?” The Nannybot 3000 asked over Sue. Sue was beginning to hate how the stupid thing always showed up out of nowhere when he just wanted to be left alone. Sue was about to tell the robot to buzz off, but then he remembered the impossibly full diaper he wore. He knew what would happen if he stayed in it for too long. Sue swallowed his last bit of dignity.

“Yes, please change my diaper.” He said

Meanwhile, Elliot cut off Jim’s pleasure almost as soon as Sue was out of sight. She loved tormenting Sue, even now she could envision him helplessly filling his diaper. But she would have to wait to watch that recording later. Right now, she wanted to test something she had found in the bowels of the ship.

“Jim” She said to the boy on the ground in front of her. His temporary brain was gone, so he couldn’t remember that she had given him permission to screw her, but he still looked at her eagerly. “Jim, be a good boy for me and stay still.”

Jim obediently sat still while Elliot placed a small squid on the top of his head. The squid quickly took its tentacles and glued itself onto his head. Jim swayed dizzily for a moment then jumped up.

“What can I do for you my supreme master?” He asked

An evil smile broke out over Elliot’s face.

“Poop yourself and act like a dummy until I tell you otherwise.”

No sooner had she given the command than Jim was on the ground in a dirty diaper acting like Elliot imagined any dummy would. That idiot Sue, the maids could have at any time turned on her and taken over if they had had any knowledge of basic mechanical engineering. But add a little mind control and who would think to ever rebel?

Sue had just finished with the most humiliating diaper change of his life in front of the entire nursery as groups of idiots pointed and laughed at his huge diaper. He knew there were groups of cliques that had little rivalries, but he had no idea how bad the newbies had it. As soon as he was put down and the Nannybot 3000 went to take care of other babies, he was surrounded by a group of girls.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Get out of my face.” Sue said angrily, forgetting that the idiots couldn’t understand threats

A girl responded by turning around and farting in his face. “Tee hee.” She and her friends giggled

“Hey! All right, I guess we’ll just do this the hard way.” Sue said angrily advancing on them

Suddenly the girls swarmed him and knocked him to the ground. Sue shouted as he was engulfed in a flurry of arms and hands pulling and tugging.

“I’ll make you pay for this!” He groaned until they finally stopped. Sue staggered to his feet and nearly tripped on the hem of his dress. Dress? He looked down to see they had managed to paint his fingernails and toenail and put him in a bright pink dress with frills all down the front and even a fake bust. One of them shoved a mirror in his face and forced him to look at the lipstick and makeup they had put all over his face.

“You silly frilly sissy boy now!” One of the girls shouted and the entire group turned their butts at him and farted in his general direction.

“I am not a sissy!” Sue yelled at his tormentors and began to chase them around as they laughed and mocked their former master.

One by one, Elliot called the maids to her and placed squids on top of their heads. They didn’t even think to resist the order, the idiots. Soon they were all slaves that would do her bidding without fail.

“I am yours to command forever master.” The last maid said as she lost her free will

“Good, now we’ll go get Sue.” Elliot and the maid opened the door to the nursery to see Sue being held down and given pigtails.

“How cute. Just like my baby cousin.” Elliot remarked

“I am not a baby!” Sue yelled and no sooner had he said it than a pacifier appeared in his mouth and he made another huge mess in his diaper.

“We’ll take the baby and give his little poopy diaper butt a clean diapey.” Elliot said mockingly and the kids around Sue broke out into laughter as though Elliot had said the funniest thing in the world. Sue was dragged out crying. It wasn’t fair! He was supposed to be in charge! Elliot sneered at the sight.

Elliot watched her old body as Sue was prepared for the arrival of the client. At Elliot’s order, the maids obediently took Sue to the bathtub and stripped him down. Sue resisted, but he knew it was pointless. He himself had made sure the systematic brain drain was foolproof and there was no escaping it. Still he thrashed as he was tied down to the tub and the maids began to scrub him down. He got a big whiff of something awful and crinkled his nose away from the nearest maid. The action was not lost on Elliot.

“Ahh, idiots can’t care about smells.” She said then whispered in a maid’s ear. The maid obediently squatted and loaded her diaper. Then she tore the tapes and carefully lowered the package down over Sue’s face.

“Wait! Please, I’ll do anything!” Sue begged as it neared his face

“For questioning me, I want everyone else to give him a wiff of your own presents.” In unison six maids turned around with their butts surrounding Sue’s head and deposited everything they had into their diapers. The one carrying her diaper held it over Sue’s head so there was absolutely no escape no matter where she turned. Sue gasped at the smell and thought he could even see a stinkcloud around his head.

“You’ll get used to it soon enough.” Elliot said “You’ll even be contributing.”

“Please!” Sue begged “I’ll do anything! Just don’t suck my brain out!”

“I’d consider it if you can explain quantum mechanics to me.” Elliot said, knowing full well Sue couldn’t. Sue broke down in tears

Sue had every hair except for the ones on his head removed. He knew they would never grow back, the alien technology made sure of that. Then, the maids diapered him and dressed him in a diaper and baby bonnet. Nothing covered the diaper so that all could see as he made yet another of many messes in his diaper. He thought back to when he had tricked Aliey into sitting in the braindrain chair.

Why had he decided to push his luck and keep abducting people? Back then, there was a chance to just lead a normal life. Well, there was nothing he could do now, this time he was up against a superhot supergenius that could stop him by taking her bra off. He wondered what kind of idiot he would be, they all had subtle differences in their personalities. Probably the horny boy who did nothing but grind his diaper against any stupid girls nearby. He hoped his new owner would be like he was and grind against him sometime.

Elliot had Sue bound and gagged to the brain drain chair about five minutes before the client arrived. Sue had always thought the process of prepping an idiot to be sold took so long, but it flew by when the positions were switched. He knew there wasn’t anything he could do, even as a skinny man in a black tuxedo walked onto the saucer.

“Hello, I am sorry but my master could not make it today. I will be confirming the identity and brain drain in his place.” He bowed formally.

Elliot nodded “Very well. Would you like to do that now?”

The man went up to Sue and walked in a circle, inspecting his ear, poking his stomach, tapping his head and then looked at Elliot.

“It is certainly Elliot’s body, but how do I know it is his mind as well?”

“Would you like to talk to him?” Elliot asked


Elliot motioned for one of the maids to remove the gag. Sue began yelling as soon as he could talk.

“No, it’s not me! It’s her! She’s Elliot!”

The man in the tuxedo ignored him and flashed something in front of Sue’s eyes that made his head all fuzzy.

“You cannot lie to me now. What is your name and who am I?”

Neither the man nor Sue saw Elliot playing with her watch.

“I am Elliot Pearson. You are known only as the butler and you are butler to the last prince of the nonopuses.” Sue spoke and for a moment he actually believed what he was saying was the truth

“Commence with the brain drain.” The man said, standing back as the helmet came down on Sue’s head

“Wait! No! What did I just say… I… I say… I poopiepants… I big poopiepants…”

Sue got a big goofy grin on his face as he managed to poop even more in his already full diaper. Elliot took the tube out of her mouth and licked her lips.

“Nannybot, change him and deliver him to the client.” She ordered

After Sue and the butler had left, Elliot let out a sigh of relief and had the maids make her dinner.

“So, you’re still here, prince.” She said out loud “Well, I suppose I should have expected that. No point in rushing our final battle so soon though. I’ll find your weakness soon enough…”

The butler drove an idiot Sue into a large and expensive mansion on the countryside, nodding at the security he passed to let him through. Sue clapped and giggled at the ride when he wasn’t groping himself. When they entered the mansion, the butler’s master with all nine purple tentacles sprawled out over the couch was waiting for them. Several hundred smaller purple worms sat at the edge of a small indoor pond that had pipes at the bottom that lead to all the nearby cities.

“The mission was a success, I presume?” The alien squid thing mused

“It was.” The butler said, gesturing to Sue “Elliot Pearson is now a drooling diapered idiot without a brain.”

“Now that Elliot has been compromised, there is no being on this planet that can stop us.” The purple squid thing mused “We will feast like kings on these foolish humans and then sweep across the galaxy, forming a new empire! Go my children, have all the brains you want!”

With one great excited cheer the worm things jumped into the water and swam away. The purple squid thing turned to Sue and caressed his face with a tentacle.

“Well Elliot, what do you think?”

Sue farted and filled his diaper.


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