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A Hypnotic Adventure Ch. 1

by Kingclass101

A Hypnotic Adventure Ch. 1

Subtitle: Beggining of an (unasked for) adveture
My name is...gah! I've had so many different names now, that I almost can't remember my original name.
My original name is Rob Snowden, but that's ancient history now. Now a days, I go by the name Starlow. You know, that Star Sprite character from the latest Mario & Luigi game subtitled "Dream Team"?
Well, regardless if you've heard of her or not, that's who I am now: An anthro version of Starlow.
But...let me start at the very beginning of this whole thing...
It was a typical afternoon; typing away at my computer.
Suddenly, I recieve a knock at the door, and when I answer it, I get a frying pan to the head.
When I regain concious, I awake in some sort of strange machine.
I cry out to my captor, but to no avail. Before I am able to break the machine, it activates and turns me into a female anthro Jirachi before erasing my mind and rewritting it.
This gave me my first new name: Jirena.
I was made to be a genie slave of a man who shall remain unnammed. But this man was my first master.
As much as I hate to admit it, my first master treated me well; only using my wish power for big things.
But of course, as you might've guessed, this was only the first of many masters I would have.
I will tell you more in other chapters, but for now, some diologue...
"Master, would you like some tea?" I asked him.
"Yes, but don't use wish power." He said.
"Are you certain you don't want me to--" I get interrupted.
"I am your master, Jirena; you don't ask, just obey." He said.
"Of course, master." I said. I fixed him tea and served it to him. He drank it and ordered me to put it back. I did.
"Now, Jirena, come here girl." He said. I obeyed.
"Yes master?" I said.
"Sit down next to me please." He said. I obeyed.
"What's the matter, master?" I said.
"Nothing. Just need some company is all." He said. I smiled and continued to sit next to him.
So yes, as you can see, my first master was a nice master...however, my current master, if I could even call him that, is the best master I had since my first.
But as fate would have it, my first master's hold on me, would not last...
I remember the day my second master came to take me away from my first well...he broke into the building and stole me away. My first master tried to follow, but he was knocked by one of my second master's goons.
I was later taken to my second master's brainwashing room, where my mind was deleted of my first master as well as the duties I had with my first master, and turned into a complete bimbo slut for my second master and his goons to fuck when they were horny.
It was safe to say, that they were terrible people in that regard, and they even made me look the part.
I now had triple D size breasts, a big ass, very wide hips, very smooth curves, and an hourglass figure; all of which made me look like a goddess.
But, this whole package came at a price: My intelligence. I was reduced to a mere bimbo; only able to think of things like sex and shopping for sexy clothing.
I was still a Jirachi at this point, now with the name of "Jirachi Slave"; talk about uncreative.
But again...this was only my second master...


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