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Pamper Town

by xxx3135

Pamper Town

Daddy decided that this weekend we were going to visit Pamper Town. All I knew about it was that it was an actual town meant for only the ABDL lifestyle. The owner won the lottery that had a large jackpot & used the majority of his winnings to invest into various lands with large acreage in Montana. It was considered private property, & the lands were about 3 miles away from each other. That's all I knew.

The weekend came & we flew into the nearest airport & we had to drive about 2 hrs to the town. We noticed there was a small city around it then it became land again, the town currently had 2 areas, the West town which was about 350 acres with a lot more land around to purchase if needed & the East town at this time was about 130 acres with plenty of empty land on either sides... One was on your right the other was about 3 miles down the road on your left. The community was huge, & private. You had to have special access to it. It was gated so there was privacy & kept the Vanillas away.... The East town was the commercial area, where you would find everything you needed, restaurants, supermarket, stores, a decent mall & 2 small hotel chains along with 2 commercial buildings for offices, & ... All owned by Daddies or Mommies & Sir Don already had intentions of expanding since Pamper City was definitely getting bigger.

As we approached we noticed that East Town had a large wall about 15 feet high, & the entrance was closed off like if you were going into a parking garage with Security guards at the front. Our car was already set to go in by the sticker on the front window. All residents had a barcode sticker on the side of the passenger window which allowed them automatic access to both East & West Town & all pre-registered guests are mailed a sticker that is to be left on their windshield during their stay.

The security guard named, Joey he looked barely 20, wearing his uniform along with wrist cuffs & we noticed he had a small collar on that clearly said “Property of Mommy Sue”. He wasn’t nervous or anything, we assume because he had already seen the sticker.

“Good Afternoon Sir. Welcome to Pamper City, East Town. Do you have your confirmation letter?” he asked. “Sure do young man”, Daddy responded and handed him the paper work. All guests are sent confirmation letters verifying we are real Mommies/ Daddies & babies & not some Vanilla weirdo who’s going to disturb the peace of this new community, the city is by “referral” only. During registration, we are required to give a password to complete the process, a password that ONLY people within the lifestyle will know. Daddy handed him the paperwork, he checked the computer & re-verified the password with Daddy, once verified we were given our personalized wristbands, a map of both towns & he showed us how to get to our hotel. There was only one way to the hotel, it actually took us around one part of East Town, where we can see the scenery and the stores on the way there. One hotel was on one side of the town & the other was on the other side, a couple blocks down. We drove into the parking garage after swiping our garage card, parked, took our bags out of the car & went to the lobby to check in. As we checked in, the girl at the front was wearing a short khaki skirt & a white blouse, as well as a collar with the same inscription like Joey’s, her Daddy was Daddy Dave. She quickly checked us in with our confirmation letter & our wristbands & gave us the keys to our room along with the access cards for access to the West Town area, that is where all the recreational area was located. She briefly turned around to get us our special gift bag & it was obvious she had a decently thick diaper under, she didnt even seem phased that we noticed or looked at her diapered butt. Thats when I started to realize how comfortable people were living in this awesome community.

As we walked to our room, we noticed everything was set up for Mommies/ Daddies & babies, all the public bathrooms were “family” bathrooms, the pool had a child’s pool & the area for towels were stacked with baby swimming diapers for those going to the pool. Our room was facing the pool so that would be fun to see all the others hanging out as well. As we walked in we were amazed, it was set up as a small apartment with TV room, kitchen with countertop & a high chair, a play yard in the middle of the TV room. As you walk into the bedroom it was a master suite, neutral colors on one side & where the crib & changing table were it was in pink with a princess on it. Of course they knew I was a baby girl so therefore gave us a room suited for a girl. There was a Daddy/ Mommy closet & a baby closet, the adult closet was empty but the baby closet did have stuff in it, dresses, stockings, mary jane, things for her hair. As we walked over to the changing table, everything you need for a diaper change is all there. Along with plastic pants && locking pants. Stacks of diapers… every kind you can think of. This was truly diaper heaven. Daddy was impressed, but again for the amount you paid to be here, they should give ya all these diapers. The crib did have cuffs on them & a top that locked. Daddies bed was the same way, remember it was an ABDL & BDSM community. The bathroom of course had alot of precautions on it, since most “parents” didnt want their babies using the potty, therefore there was a special code Daddy would create to open the bathroom door & then even the toilet was locked & would use a special code so it would unlock the toilet bowl, pretty cool!!!

Since it had been a long trip Daddy thought it was best for me to take a nap in the crib & have my bottle with all my special vitamins in it then I’d get a change once I woke up so we can go over to the activities center for the nightly activity. Daddy noticed that my diapers were pretty soaked though I was wearing 2 Molicares, a stuffer in between & a Bellisimo over that, he decided to put me into one of the Fabine that the hotel had for us. I was so excited, but sheesh was I thick. Just how daddy liked it. Of course my milk bottle had my usuals- Daddies protein, diuretics, laxatives and of course my sedative to have me nap, since I didnt like to nap much. In addition he made sure to add a suppository to my bottom before adding the Fabine and my special egg in my lil girl’s place. I noticed it was only 2:30PM, I always got at least a 2.5 hr nap, so I knew it was gonna be a long afternoon. But I couldnt control it. Soon I was right asleep.

By the time I woke up, it was a little past 5:00PM, I was waking up from an orgasm. Thats how daddy loves to wake me up, he knows Im messy & he wants me to enjoy my messy self. I usually wake up humping the bed from how horny I am & not being allowed to touch myself, Daddy usually will pat my diapers to make sure I am really messy. As I wake up, Daddy takes me out of the crib & onto his bed, makes sure my wrists are locked in place & he decides to feed me his special bottle as the egg is churring inside of me. Daddy likes to take a while before he gives me my special milk but once he does, he unties me & gives me my bottle of juice which of course is filled with diuretics. Daddy ordered room service, once the order arrived, Daddy had a steak & baby had steak & rice, but her steak was cut very little, with her jar of baby food & 2 bottles, one was milk & the other juice, what was inside of them, I had no idea, but Im sure I would soon find out.

Once dinner was finished it was bath time. I was ready to get out of those diapers. Yuck! After a year with daddy, I still couldnt get used to being in a messy, even though being messy would always bring me the most amazing orgasms. Daddy trained me to only enjoy & have the best orgasms while messy, all other orgasms outside of a messy would never be satisfying. While I was waiting in the bathroom to get my diapers removed, I heard daddy talking on the phone & saying “OK, thank you, see you soon!”, I had no clue what he was doing. He came back & we ran the tub with the bubble bath, but before that, daddy took me to the shower so he can wash off my dirty bottom before getting into the tub. Once in the tub there was duckies & shower crayons to play with. I got to play for about 10 mins while daddy caught up to his emails & different daddy accounts online & finally started to wash my hair. My hair was long, almost to my hips. Daddy preferred long hair, easier to braid & leave in pigtails & Daddy says I looked sexier in long hair. Every other day he washed my hair with a special horse shampoo that helped my hair grow longer, faster. Once I was done with my bath, I was taken out, dried & put right back into my diapers. Daddy made sure we wore as much of these new cool diapers as possible, he decided that I should be good for the night in an Abena & stuffer, with a slit then a bambino with a slit then a dry & locking pants, but he also wanted me in a plug til bedtime. Daddy always makes sure I mess during the night, he likes to know I am helpless & he likes to know that I’ll be waking up messy, just more of a reality of me being a baby. He then picked out a cute pink dress, of course short enough that my diapers will be visible. By now it was near 6:45PM & the meeting was at 7:30. Daddy said I can stay up tonight to go see the special show they have at West Town.

Daddy was finally ready & the front desk called to let us know that the shuttle had arrived & would be departing to West Town in 15 minutes. Daddy got my bottles together & put them in a small bag, we knew we didnt need diapers because there would be no changes til the morning. We headed out the door & to the lobby where we ran into 2 other Daddies & a Mommy with their babies. We met Daddy John with his baby Joey, Daddy Bob with baby Rose & Mommy Sharon with her daughter Cassie. This was the daddies first time here but Mommy Sharon had been here before & she was back to settle business & buy her land/ house. As the shuttle arrived it was a small bus, with regular chairs for the adults & car seats next to the windows for the babies. As we all walked in we were scanned & verified through our wristbands & we were all put in our car seats & the driver went off. Of course the bus had tints so no nosey vanilla people can look in. The trip was about 5 minutes before we pulled into the main gate & we had to go to the main meeting center, on the way there we saw a park that had a playground, an area for dogs & picnic tables with a BBQ area that was covered from the sun & rain. As we kept driving, we passed by different “subdivisions” where it was all houses or townhouses or apartment buildings. The driver stated that we would get a tour at a later time. The only thing that you found in West Town was a Gas station & a car wash right next to it, other than that it was all residential with the various recreation centers. WE finally arrived at the meeting center & Mr. Don & his staff were waiting for us. Seems like we were the last group to arrive for the meeting. Mr. Don took the adults to one room as the babysitters took the babies to another room. It was huge, there were about 30 babies in the room.

“Good evening little ones! I am Miss Elle & this is my helper Jay, & Sasha. We will be giving you all dinner & tell you about what to expect this weekend or week while you are with us. “ With that we were all sat in little benches in front of 2 large tables. We were fed chicken nuggets, french fries & apple juice in bottles. Once we were done with that we were each given an ice cream cone with either vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Lots of messy babies by the time we all finished but the sitters were great with us. Helped clean us all up & got us ready to go watch a movie while the adults finished with their meeting.

By the time the meeting ended most of us were sleeping already as it was past our bedtime. Our mommies & daddies came to get us & we were all escorted out to the buses which took us all to the recreation center, it was huge. Bigger than the meeting center of course. It had different rooms where they had different activities set up. They had a dance room, music room, a eating area which had a kitchen as well, which took us out to the enclosed patio that had tables & chairs, outside of the patio you can see another playground. This one was huge, it had every type of toy for us to play in, but it was closed since it was past sunset, we also saw a pool. Though the majority of the pool was 4 feet, eventually there was a line with floaters that said “Mommies & Daddies ONLY” & it went to 7-9 feet deep. Looked fun. I later found out we had an indoor pool too so we can enjoy the pool all year long.

Towards the back of the recreation room there was an exit to another building within about 500 feet away, when we walked in it was a 2 story gym. Just like those big fancy gyms, they had one here too & towards the back is where they had 2 basketball courts, one for adults & other was for kids, & 2 tennis courts. The downstairs had all the major machines, all the free weight machines were down stairs, with all the machines upstairs with a wide variety of cardio machines as well. They also had 3 rooms for working out, one was a spinning/ bicycle room, the other was anything mediation & the other was the boxing/ aerobics & Zumba. I think each room would fit about 80 people without any issues. I guess they wanted to be ready & big enough for when we were full capacity in Pamper City.

So we went back to the rooms where Girls & boys were separated into 2 groups & we were all introduced to each other, & were asked to get to know each other. There were 20 girls & 10 boys, after about 30 mins, they divided up some of the girls to meet the boys for a few minutes & then the 2nd group went. Once we were all introduced we ended up playing with toys & playing hand games. I wasnt into playing with toys, as I was more of a DL with some AB tendencies. So I just sat around & watched til baby Cassie came over to talk… of course as babies we werent allowed to talk like adults so our talks were in baby talk. I asked her how she liked the city since shes been here before & she said she loved it. That she couldnt believe that someone finally came up with an idea for a city for us so we can all be comfortable in our fetish/ lifestyle. She was excited to move to the city & start her life with her mommy. Her Mommy had her own business & was bringing her business to Pamper City, actually about 5 miles up the road. She had bought her own land where she was going to build various warehouses where she was going to be producing ABDL diapers, bottles, paci’s, etc & furniture which would be sold to the new residences in the city & also sold to others around the country. So she was here to figure everything out with Mr. Don & also buy her lot to start building her house. Her house was going to be built in the subdivision “Estates 1”, there were 2 others named Estates 2 & 3 & 2 named Villa’s, where the houses in Estates were anywhere from 2,400-3,200 square feet & Villa’s were houses from 3,300- 4,600 sq feet. I also found out that they had subdivisions that built normal size houses but were still decent size of 1,600-2,200 sq feet. I didnt realize how big & the extent of this city til Cassie told me about all this information. After about 15 mins, they called all of us to go back to the main room & meet with our mommies & daddies.

As we gathered back together I noticed Daddy had a decent size bag filled with stuff, I couldnt wait to hear what he learned from here. By now it was well past 10 PM & they wanted to end the activities so we can all get to bed & start fresh in the morning as we would have a long day. As we all walked out I noticed Daddy met with Mommy Sharon & they were laughing saying they would speak again the next day however they both got seats next to each other on the bus back to the hotel.


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