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Enchanted Keyboard Part 1

by skullbull123

Enchanted Keyboard Part 1

Now, I usually wouldn't be into hypnosis. However, it had been a while since I got laid (Casey broke up with me three months ago) and, well, I needed to get off. My name's CJ, by the way.

So here I was, scrolling through random file after random file on this site, looking for something fun. I wasn't really a fetishist, I like normal stuff with a little spice. Don't think I'm a prude, though, I'm open to a lot of ideas. So, as I scrolled through furry file and feminization file, turning filters on and off, I saw something that caught my eye.

The file was called Curse Enchanted Keyboard. For those that don't know what it is, after listening to the file whatever you wrote down on a notepad or a Word document followed by the words 'THE END' would become your reality. I was excited, as it wouldn't have any future repercussions. I could write that I would have an build up of arousal followed by an intense orgasm. How could someone resist that?

The file was by the owner of the site, EMG. I listened to a few of his basic induction files before to see how susceptible I was, which it turned out I was very much so. After my second attempt at one of his files, I fell into trance only to come out when he counted me out of it.

So I downloaded the file and before listening to it I wrote a list of practice experiments to test if it worked. Stuff like 'I will walk to the other side of the room' and 'I will make myself a sandwich'. Normal stuff.

I plugged into my headphones and laid back on my bed. EMG's voice was very calming, and I felt myself getting very relaxed quite quickly. I couldn't remember what happened after that as the next thing I heard was EMG counting me out of trance. I was quivering with anticipation as I sat up in my bed. I grabbed the notepad and pen and wrote on the first page 'I will walk to the other side of my room'.

I took a deep breath and then wrote, 'THE END.'

It was sudden, as if my body was kicked into a higher gear. I stood from my bed and walked to the other side of my room. It wasn't as if something had taken control of me, more like I had the extreme desire to do it because it felt so... right.

I almost woke up the old guy in the apartment next to me with my cheering. It worked! Without thought, I rushed over to my notepad and scribbled 'I will make myself a BLT, THE END'. Sure enough, that worked too! I was ecstatic, there was so much I could do with this, so much fun I could have.

Not wanting to risk a failure, I listened to the file a couple more times with the hopes of increasing the effectiveness of it. Once the sun had set and most of the city had gone to sleep, I opened my notepad once more, this time with erotic intentions.


I came multiple times that night, each one more and more intense. Some even left me writhing on the floor, moaning with pleasure. My fun was cut short, however, when I saw the early morning light began to colour the horizon. It was Friday, meaning I had college classes. I was exhausted!

That's when an idea came to my mind. Opening my half used notepad, I wrote 'I will feel rejuvenated and energized for classes, THE END.'

And it worked.

The day went by slowly, I was impatient to get back home and experiment more. The final bell rang and I sprinted from the lecture hall. Please make note that I got back to my apartment in record time that day.

Tonight would be a lot more fun. This time I was interested with memory loss; waking up somewhere in my apartment with no idea how I got there until I returned to the notepad, where I would see what happened.

Memory loss worked fantastically. I was getting from my bedroom to the kitchen, then the bathroom, then all the way outside the apartment block, without any idea how I got there.

Night set, and an idea struck me. I was running low on pages in my notepad now, so these last ones would have to be good until I bought a new one. I put my pen to paper and-

I jerked awake, and yelped at what had happened. I was in the bathroom, stark naked and sitting on the toilet facing the WRONG WAY. My legs were bound around the toilet. What made it worse was my chest, lower torso and legs covered completely in cum. I was scared, how could my mind come up with something like this? I couldn't reach round the toilet to untie myself. I looked at my cum-covered body again and felt a strange desire overcome me: I wanted to scoop all the cum into my mouth and swallow it all. This time I couldn't resist. The taste was disgusting but the thick, slimy texture just turned me on and gave me a hardon.

Once I 'cleaned' up the mess, I knew how to get out of this predicament. Hosting myself to the top of the toilet, I was able to swing my legs free and untie them. Spotting my clothes strewn over the other end of the floor, I made a mad dash to put them on.

I walked into my room, and saw the notepad.

What was I thinking when I wrote this?


Re: Enchanted Keyboard Part 1 - darkenedav

love it and potential for more :D esp if it wasn't written by the original notepad owner!

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