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Bunny Party (5/7)

by Briar

Bunny Party (5/7)

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Working the party was a blast. Ever since he'd chosen the butt plug tail, he'd considered himself committed to taking Ann's advice to act on the bunny thoughts the lozenge was feeding him. He was happy and bubbly, flirted with guests both male and female, and he quickly developed a sexy swing to his hips as he walked. Every so often he would catch Becky's eye, and they would smile widely at each other, or blow one another a kiss. On a couple occasions they even got to talk. They kept their conversations brief, and avoided sharing any details lest they be overheard, but together they marveled at Keith's transformation into Kelly, laughed about how much fun they were having being bunnies, and tried to tease out clues about what the other had picked when offered the Choice, as they named it, since neither wanted to say outright. These were all accompanied by compliments about hair, makeup and nails, all of which made Keith feel surprisingly proud of his appearance. Each of these encounters ended with a peck on the lips, which always drew looks and smiles from the guests, but was chaste enough to prevent actual suspicion.
This standard continued until Keith saw something strange. Roughly an hour after he'd come downstairs, when some of the guests had started to leave, he noticed Becky leading a couple from down the street up to the second floor. This seemed very odd, since they'd generally marked the upper floor as off limits for the party. Keith tried to ignore it and go about his duties, but he couldn't stop his mind from drifting back to the couple. It was a few minutes before Keith realized that his mind wasn't just wandering, these were bunny thoughts. As soon as he saw that, his mind was made up. He finished refilling the glasses at hand, restocked a candy bowl he noticed was low, and headed upstairs.
It wasn't hard to tell where Becky and the couple were. Every door down the hall was closed, but he could see shadows in the light escaping from below the door to the guest bedroom. He crept toward the door and listened for a moment. He could hear some soft moaning and a few grunts coming from inside. Without further thought, he opened the door.
Becky and the couple all looked at him from their arrangement on the bed. Becky sat between the two guests, the man's dick in one hand, and the other slipped beneath the woman's short skirt. The couple's eyes were wide with shock and horror at being discovered, but Becky's were filled with anticipation.
“Oh, Fiona, sweetie,” Keith said as he stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. “You should have said something. You know how much I love a back room.”
Becky smiled back. “Oh, I made sure you'd see us on our way up here. Knew you couldn't resist following my bunny trail.”
“What kind of bunny would I be if I missed this?” Keith strutted over to the woman sitting next to Becky on the bed. She was dressed in a white minidress, with a little red cross adorning each barely covered breast. Her white stockings were held up by visible red garters, and her feet were encased in shiny, white, 6-inch heels. A small white nurse's cap sat atop her head. “Looks like you could use some special attention, huh?” Keith asked. Still surprised by this turn of events, the woman only nodded. Keith made his way around the bed and crawled across it to sit behind the woman, feeling the plug slide further into his ass as he rested his weight on his tail.
As Keith slid his stocking-clad legs around the woman, Becky scooted closer to the man, who was dressed as Waldo. His pants were around his thighs, and his striped shirt was already a bit askew. His hat was probably around somewhere, but had been lost. Probably for the best, Keith thought.
“Which leaves me to focus all my attention on you, big guy,” Becky said, licking the man's wife's juices from her fingers. The man was barely more responsive than his wife had been. This made Becky smile, and she started to lightly drag her crimson nails up and down his thighs while reestablishing her grip on his still erect cock.
Meanwhile, Keith continued to settle around the woman. He threaded his arms under hers, pulling her against him, pressing his breasts against her back. He ran his hands down her sides, then up her thighs, lifting her dress, before sliding one into her already wet panties while the other teased the revealed tops of her breasts. He slid his own stockings against hers, enjoying the hyper-feminine visual. Apparently the woman did too. Keith began to rub her clit, picking up where Becky had left off. The woman's head fell backwards, resting on Keith's shoulder, so he could press the side of his face against hers while he rubbed.
Out of the corner of his eye, Keith saw Becky continue to jerk the man's cock with one hand, while the other wandered around his abdomen. Up and down his thighs, under his shirt, through his pubic hair, until it came to a stop cupping his balls. At this point, Becky leaned over and started kissing his thighs. As she tugged on the man's cock, she slid off of the bed, and settled on her knees between his legs. The man reached down and rested his hand on her head, gently guiding her mouth toward his dick. She approached slowly, stopping every few inches to kiss his thighs, or overshooting his cock slightly to kiss his stomach. Eventually, she started to teasingly lick the man's dick, flicking her tongue over the head here, or up the shaft there, before she opened her lips wide and sealed them just around the head.
As Keith watched her doing this, he noticed the mans wife watching too, and clearly loving every minute of it. Keith decided to take advantage of this interest, and started to sync the rhythm of his rubs with those of Becky's strokes, licks and bobs. The woman was very appreciative of his efforts.
Over the next several minutes, Keith and Becky expertly pleasured the couple. They teased, tugged, rubbed and sucked until their hard work culminated in back-bending simultaneous orgasms from both the man and his wife, leaving both of them limp.
Keith cradled the woman in his soft, smooth arms, holding her against him, letting her nuzzle against his cheek as she caught her breath. Becky pulled away from the man's cock, swallowing his seed and smiling up at him before lying next to him, her hand under his shirt, playing with his chest hair.
“That was amazing.” The man said.
“Mmmm,” the woman moaned in agreement.
The two bunnies smiled. “I'm glad you liked it,” Becky said. “We had a good time too, didn't we Kelly?”
“Oh, definitely.”
“I'm Will, by the way.” said the man, turning his head to look at Keith. “I introduced myself to Fiona here, but I didn't get a chance with you. This is my wife, Maddison.”
“Please, call me Maddie,” the woman corrected. “Pleased to meet you. Kelly, was it?”
“Yep, that's me. And the pleasure's all mine.”
“Oh, I doubt that,” said Maddie, smiling and leaning into Keith again. Will and Becky laughed.
“So, do you two work together often?” Will asked. “Seems like you've got this routine down.”
“This is the first event we've worked together, actually,” Keith said. “But we spend lots of quality time together on our own.” He gave Becky a very public, knowing smile.
“Ah, that explains it,” Maddie said. “You're a lucky girl.”
“Oh, I know it.”
“It doesn't bother you, being with another couple like this?” Will asked.
“No,” said Becky. “It's something we've been thinking about for a while, you know, spice things up a bit.” This took Keith by surprise, but the lozenge kept his bunny thoughts at the forefront of his mind, preventing it from showing. “How about you two?”
“We do it pretty regularly, actually. This is our first time with two girls though. There's another couple down the street we usually swing with. Speaking of which...” Maddie trailed off, and looked across the bed at Will.
“Oh, yeah, that'd be fun,” Will replied. “Would you two bunnies be up for another go, all six of us? That other couple is downstairs. I could go get them?”
Keith giggled. “We're up for anything.”
“Yeah, we're here for you after all. We'll do whatever you two ask.” Becky leaned in to plant a kiss on Will's neck.
Will turned to look at Maddie. “What do you think, Mads? Go for it?”
“Absolutely go for it.”
Will smiled broadly then stood up, tugging his pants back on. “Alright, I'll be right back,” He said, and ducked out of the room.
Keith felt Maddie start to adjust and instinctively shifted himself so that he was sitting to her left, rather than behind her, with Becky on her right. “So,” Becky asked, “was this your first time with bunnies?”
Maddie laughed. “Yes. You're notoriously hard to catch, after all.”
“Well,” Keith said, “now that you've got us, you'll have to make the most of it.” As he said it, he leaned in for a kiss, which Maddie turned to reciprocate. Seconds later, Becky put a hand on Maddie's shoulder, signaling her approach, and Maddie turned again to meet her. As they kissed, Keith leaned in front of Maddie, and Becky broke off the kiss to press her glossy red lips against Keith's, centimeters from Maddie's face. While their tongues explored each other's mouths, their hands were busy with the zipper on the back of Maddie's dress, tugging it down, and baring her breasts. The kiss ended, and the bunnies turned to lick and suck the newly revealed nipples until Will returned with the other couple from down the street.


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