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Serina's Origins

by Kingclass101

Serina's Origins

Changes. They happen. They happen all the time. Doesn't matter when they happen. Doesn't matter why they happen. We are tested everyday on how we react to these sudden changes.

Changes can be anything from a new phone or a new friend, to more extreme things like loss of job or loss of residence. They come in many different forms. So many forms, yet so little time to react.

My name is Serina Hezoroth, wife of Houdour Hezoroth. Some of you may know me, the rest of you may not. For those that don't know me, I am a Dominatrix. To the layman, that means I a female that loves to dominate males. Granted, I do so a little differently then others. But I am a dominatrix at heart.

But, for those that do know me, well that's a different story. Yet, regardless of if you have heard of me or not, that matters none. What matters is a single question: What ever happened that made me want to become a Dominatrix?

As I'm sure many of you know, april first is known as the holiday "April Fools day", which is a day where harmless pranks are played on others to gain social status.

But what if I told you, that day is why I decided to become a dominatrix? What if I told you that some pranks are more harmful then you may think they are?

It all happened one day on the first of april in 2003; and that's where my story begins...


RobtheMorpherreturns presents: Serina's Dominatrix Origins


Before I was a dominatrix, I was a sub, like most females are considered to be in today's world. I wanted to be dominated and frankly liked it too.

But the date of April 1st, 2003, was the turning point for me.

One day, while getting ready for school, I got a call from my best friend Jacob (surname removed). Jacob was a common study buddy of mine, and even gave some of the hardest questions. Suffice it to say, we were quite the formidal pair, but I'm getting side tracked.

When Jacob called me, he said that today is nudist day at school. Now, let me pause right there for a minute and say that there is no such school day. Why? Well, had I known what day it was that day, and why everyone was being pranksters during the past 11 years of my life on April 1st, then I'd gladly say that this was an april fool's joke.

However, I was never informed about this strange prank day; no one ever even bothered to tell me about it. So, I arrived to school naked only to get suspended along with Jacob. In addition to us getting suspended for 3 weeks, April Fool's day became banned state-wide across where I used to live for 5 years. No one probably even remembers it either, and to be honest, I don't remember where I used to live.

But my parents, they had enough of me being a submissive girl, and were going to put me straight by abusing me. That's when I called 911 on them.

About a week later, I was put into foster care wit a single live-alone woman who was steril as can be. For those that don't know what that means, it means she was unable to have children.

And this...this is where it really began for me...

This was when I was raised into the dominatrix I am today...


I was living happily with my new mom. She even started to home school me. She didn't want me to fall victim to any drama until I was strong enough to handle it. I have to admit, she was a rather nice lady. She made my old mom look bad, and that's saying something.

However, this was to change. One day, I was studing for my mom's test quietly in my room with nothing but the AC going. I suddenly swore that I heard someone say "OW!" in a really load voice. I stopped studing and went to investigate this strange sound. I came to my foster mom's room and put my ear on the door. I heard her and some male in there. I undid the door handle and the next thing I saw would've scarred me for life.

My foster mom was right there with Jacob, my old study buddy. But it wasn't just who she was with, it was what she was doing.

...She was dominating him and making him pay for what he did to me.

If this wasn't bitter sweet, I would've called the cops. However, while I was silently staring at the bitter sweet revenge that my mom was doing to Jacob, she saw me.

"S-serina!" She said to me.
"Serina? Is that you! Help!" Jacob said.
"Quite you!" My foster mom said before whipping him.
"OW!" He said.
"Mom? What the heck are you doing?" I asked.
"I'm teaching this 'friend' of yours a lesson straight from a Dominatrix!" She said. Now let me pause right here.

I was only 12 years old at this point in my life. I had no idea what a dominatrix was, or even does for that matter. But the visuals of her dominating Jacob were tipping me off to thing that she was dominatng him.

"W-what's a dominatrix?" I asked simply.
"One day, when your strong enough, I'll tell you more. Now please, leave me to teach this boy a lesson in behavior." She said. If I had simply done that, well...I wouldn't be here today...
"Mom, may I...I..." I was nervous. For the first time in my life, I felt like becoming dominate...I felt like I wanted to be in control...I felt like I wanted to be the one in control...
"Just...go!" She said.
"But mom...I...I...I want to...I want to..." I stuttered more.
"Stop stuttering and spit it out already!" She commanded.
"I WANT TO BE A DOMINATRIX!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "There! I said it!" I turned to leave when...
"Serina?" My foster mom said, stopping me.
"Y-yes?" I said.
"Class is in session." She said. I turned back to her, tears in my eyes. They were happy tears. Before my assent into Dominatrix territory, Jacob said one thing.
"I'm...gonna get it now...aren't I?" He said simply. Oh boy was he ever!

"S-serina! P-please! D-don't do it!" Jacob pleaded. This caused me to slap someone for the first time in my life. That slap, was to him.
"SHUT IT!" I yelled. "...Wow! That feels good!" I said.
"I knew I saw a dominatrix in you." My foster mom said.
"R-really?" I asked. "Th-that's funny...I've been a submissive girl all my life so far." I said. She suddenly started rubbing my shoulders.
"Don't say that. You know you've wanted to be a dominatrix since you were born. Let her out." She said. Strange as it was, I did. I let all my submissive side die...I was soon growing in dominance. My smile grew. I soon opened my eyes; my eyes brimming with dominance.
"S-Serina! D-don't li--" Jacob was unable to finish as I slapped him. HARD.
"SHUT IT! That's MISTRESS Serina to you!" I said with pride, and didn't miss a beat.
"S-serina?" He said before I slapped him even harder.
"M-mistress Serina!" He said.
"Again." I commanded.
"Mistress Serina." He said.
"One more time." I commanded.
"Mistress Serina." He said. I put my foot on his back.
"And don't you forget it!" I said.
"Y-yes mistress Serina." He said.

Throughout the night, I was taught more and more ways of how to dominate males. And then, my foster mom taught me how to dominate my own gender.

Yes...this was the end of submissive Serina. Dominatrix Serina was now born.

And this is the end of my origins...I hope you enjoyed it

*I throw you to the ground and then put a foot on your face* OR ELSE! GOT THAT? GOOD!


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