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The Dream

by Bama13

The Dream

I wake slowly, lazily, in a soft fog of deep relaxation. A slight shift of my body reminds me of the satin lingerie that swaths my body in sissidom. I wait for you.

I feel the brush of something, cloth, no satin. Flittering over my skin like a drizzle of wax leaving me on fire. It moves like snake and slithers over me, making me shiver in a fever. It finds my wrists and loops them, gently tugging until they are crossed and then the satin ties itself taut, binding me completely.

I'm still not opening my eyes, not wanting this delicious moment to disappear. I feel your heat, smell the perfume of your warm bare skin but I don't feel you on the bed. You are with me but I am alone.

Another cloth, another satin, is it your slip perhaps in vibrant red? It slides around my body, caressing me everywhere and then making its way beneath me, solving the puzzle of me and the bed to find the front of my nighty, then my panties, then inside... it strokes my rigid cock before enveloping it and tying itself off around my base like a cock ring.

I feel the first touch, cold and wet, the head of a thin glass dildo. It toys with my bottom, covered in taut satin panties. Probing it has urgency, a powerful desire to be inside me. I squirm in delight and need.

My satin panties begin to vibrate around me, stroking me, pushing me, pulling me, magically filling my mind with their tight femininity and how frilly, girly, sissy they make me feel. Without your touch they begin to move, to slide down my body, revealing my bottom to your gaze, ending up pooled then binding tightly around my ankles. I squirm in utter pleasure.

The dildo returns, much more bold, sliding around my cheeks and zeroing in quickly on my rosebud. It is cool and slick and finds an eager home within moments. I feel it slithering in and out of my bottom, each time feeling it a little larger, a little longer. I'm widened by it, prepared like any proper sissy, ready to accept whatever you, whatever my Mistress wishes to do with it. Before it disappears, it is huge, making my ass ache with the stretch of it, forcing my thighs apart to widen and accommodate it in my bottom, even as my ankles stay bound by my panties.

But disappear it does and I'm left in silence, panting on the bed, body tense and electric with erotic desire. I crave more from you and I stay still, obedient, hoping more will come.

I do not expect the very real cock that slides against my rosebud and begins to push in. I must be dreaming as there is no man on my bed, no movement of the covers of a lover. But it is hot, soft around a hard core, thick meat seeking my ass.

"fuck me..." I moan and I am punished by the press of a pungent rubber ball pushed between my lips. Silenced from speaking I can only moan like a pathetic slut, which is as it should be.

The cock pushes in my ass and I feel a sort of pressure on my ass when it is all the way inside. The pressure of being filled is so much I have to snort out an exhale, as if to make more room for the meat. I feel the balls bumping against my skin and thighs pressing my cheeks before the cock begins to slide out again.

I shift my body, ready and aching for what is coming. The cock invades me, the body slams into me forcing a guttural, animal groan from me, the utter meeting of my desire... again... and again... the rhythm of being fucked, hard and stiff by a real cock has my mind spinning. I'm squirming in my bonds and lingerie, my cock thrusting between me and the bed, trapped in a satin bag and prevented from cumming.

I am a receptacle, a sissy bitch, a repository for his lust and cum. I embrace the role and disappear into it. Time disappears, I am nothing but this sissy, I exist for nothing but this moment of feminized fulfillment.

Losing track of time causes it to slip away too quickly and I am roused from my delirium of sexual excitement by a change in tempo, a speeding up of the cock, preparation for eruption. I groan louder to encourage him, wanting to feel his cock throbbing and swelling deep in my ass, feeling the heat and moisture of his load of cum inside me.

Underneath me I feel a hand slide over my satin-encased cock. It grips me tight, as if I were thrusting into the tightest pussy, making me cry for release as my balls ache more and more and more.

The cock in my ass hits hard, shaking me all over and stops. I feel it swell, the balls lifting, and then the pulsing throb deep inside. A crashing wave strikes me as if steaming cum were blasting all over my body, covering me, coating me, drenching me.... and then I return to the feeling in my ass... I feel the very real eruption inside me... filling me with a huge load of cum.

The hand around my cock releases the binding and I explode...

...when I come down I'm laying in bed, still dressed in my nighty and panties but my bindings and lover are all gone. My panties are filled with cum and my body is still ringing with intensity.

Your hand slides over my waist under the covers to say good morning and find my hot, soaking panties.

"What a bad girl," you tease. "Time for punishment." You get out of our bed to fetch the strap-on and I smile.


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