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the messy diaper girl

by andrew100

the messy diaper girl

My story starts when i was 16. I was a cheerleader in the 9th grade. One night my friend Julie wanted to have a cheer leading sleep over at her house. Julie is probably about 5’2 with DD size breast and a nice fit body that would drop a bird out of the sky. I always had a crush on her and never had the guts to tell her. Anyways getting back to the sleep over we were all in the living room her mom comes in and tells us shes going to bed and that she loves us and that shes gonna see us in the morning. With about 8-12 girls in there ranging from ages 15-17 you can imagine it getting really loud in there. Well we all started to watch a movie when one of the girls had to go the bathroom. Well Julies family was doing renovation to the house meaning there was only one bathroom to use while the other 2 where getting fixed up. Well while one of the girls was in the bathroom Julie had to go really really badly. At this time i was in the kitchen and Julie comes running in and pees all over the floor right in front of me. Now i was thinking in my head that that was sexy as fuck and it was turning me on really badly. She started to cry and i walked over to her telling her everything was gonna be okay. She looked up at me and smiled. She gave me a kiss…on the lips. We were both in shock. We did it again but more, meaningful this time. I was getting so wet and we started to make out. I almost lost it. After our little meet in the kitchen she told me to follow her to her room. We were in there quite a while before someone noticed we were gone. While we were in her room she was changing, right before my very eyes. It was so amazing i didn’t know what to do. Well another girl was wondering where we were so she came to Julies room and knocked on the door.
Julie just got her clothes on as fast as she could and told her friend to come in. She was wondering what we were doing and Julie told her that she was showing me her new room. Really not the truth, but we are keeping it on the down low. It was probably about 1:00 am after everything is said and done. All the girls got in there sleeping bags and went to bed.

The Next morning we woke up to the smell of bacon,eggs,and tater tots. I know tater tots sound weird with breakfast but it was actually good. After everyone was done eating most of the girls have left except for me and another girl, but her mom just showed up so we were saying our goodbyes and then after Julie closes the door she looked at me with a crazy look in her eye. She told me to follow her to her room. I do so and when we get in there she told me to get on her bed and that she had a surprise for me. She climes on top of me and starts to kiss me very passionately. Then i hear the hissing sound and then i feel the warmth. Shes peeing right on me while kissing me. She whispers to me that she has been holding it in all morning and waiting patiently for everyone to leave. She takes her shirt off and her DD boobs just sitting there in front of me. I was dazed about how her boobs looked. She then took her bra and pants off, but left her panties on. I started to suck on her nipples and then she took my shirt off and bra and my boobs pop out. I got up to take off my pants and panties and when doing so Julie started to finger herself threw her soaking underwear. i get on top of her and she told me to pee myself. I sat there for a second and then the dam broke and pee was flooding out of my pussy. Right after I was finished Julie pulled my pussy up to her face and started eating me out. I was moaning so much and couldn’t stop. I started to play with my boobs and boy was I in for a treat. Little did I know she had a tongue. Not any kinda of tongue ring but a vibrating one. As she turned it on my pussy was oozing with juices. She was enjoying it, probably more than me.I told her i was about to cum and don’t stop. As she hit the one spot my pussy started shooting pee and cum all in her face. I got off of her and returned the favor. She told me to hold on as she was reaching under the bed for something. She had a dildo. Not one of those cheep kinds but more expensive kind that you buy online. When she turned it on it was moving everywhere and i turned it on full blast and shoved it in. I held it with my pussy so i could feel it too and suck her nipples. Me and her where about to climax at the same time. I couldn’t be leave what was happening! We were both rubbing each others titties and we both cummed at the same time. We shot each other in the face with it. Then we started to kiss and we layed there for a good hour before cleaning up. She peed about 2 times while laying there and i peed once. She then realized that she has somewhere to be and that she needs to clean up. So I stay and help her clean and then as my mom shows up we just finished cleaning. She gave me a goodbye kiss and told me she would see me at school tomorrow. As i was leaving she texted me and told me she had a great time and wish we can do it again sometime, maybe next weekend?

To be continued…..


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